Wednesday has its ups and downs, but great sports betting action as always!

Some days, everything just goes right. You hop online, and head to a favorite online sportsbook to take out a few wagers, and within a few hours, you’ve got extra money in your online account. Other days, things don’t turn out so well. Unfortunately for myself, Wednesday has gone a little bit off-kilter for my online sports betting, and I’m certainly hoping that everyone else faired a little better than did I after today’s baseball-filled action on our best online sportsbooks. For wagering action last night, I chose to go with a couple of parlay bets, after winning a little extra cash on Tuesday night and having a bit of change to throw around. Heading to one of our best online sports betting sites at (read the review of, I threw down the first wager of the day, taking the Yanks and Diamondbacks to win, along with the L.A. Angels. Silly Angels, and their losing to Washington! Further, Roy Oswalt couldn’t hold my second parlay together, as the Rangers just clipped the Astros 3-2 in the intrastate contest.

For the next wager of the day, my worst-in-the-Majors Seattle Mariners would be first on my list to be beat tonight by the Mets´┐Żand look at that, they did! The irony to this being of course, that my only plus to the day was the money earned on the Mariners giving up 8 runs to New York, which makes me a terrible fan. The baseball gods certainly do work in mysterious ways, as this game, along with Tampa just crushing Florida 15-3 makes for a small consolation to my other, bigger losses). If anything is to be learned out of all this, it’s that small bets do pay off, even if you’re on the losing end. Placing just 5 dollar wagers on each bet, 10 dollars between two parlays doesn’t seem so bad in the long run, and perhaps it’s time to stray a little from parlay wagering online.

Such is the life of online sportsbook wagering. You win some and you lose some, however, for this writer, as long as the wins come before the losses it really makes little difference to me. I love betting online on Major League Baseball, even if some days are better than others. Besides, when online sports betting gets a little tiring there’s always the multitude of great online casinos to choose from here at Hopefully your luck was a little better than mine was on Wednesday night, but you and I both know I’ll be back at in again tomorrow. Stay tuned for more sports betting updates then, and from all of us here, thanks for checking out our website, where you can find the best online sportsbooks and casinos offered anywhere.

Aaron G.

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