Thursday night is another great night for Baseball action

The College World Series has certainly been a surprise for sports fans such as myself, especially those wishing for a playoff season to make up for the relative lack of action provided by the NBA Championship series between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics (which I happen to still be a little bitter about). However, this NCAA tournament has really turned some heads this year, and given a fresh outlook on college baseball as a legitimate sport to watch and wager on. With Wednesday’s games completed, one half of the final series puzzle was complete as the Stanford Cardinal easily handled as surprised #1 ranked Miami after jumping ahead way ahead with a 4 run 5th inning, to eventually go on to win 8-3. On the other side of the bracket, North Carolina’s game with LSU would be postponed until Friday, which will no doubt make for a great online sports betting opportunity for Friday night. It’s been a crazy journey for these teams the second time around, and the solid play and consistently perfect defense from the two teams has really paid off.

So for Thursday night, betting on sports would certainly have to take in a few wagers in the Major League Baseball action for the evening. Naturally, my online sports betting would hopefully repeat the success had last night in a few online sports betting chances, and luckily enough for me, and for all of the Dodgers fanbase, the boys in Blue pulled off an exciting 7-4 victory over Cincinnati, holding off the Reds to sweep the three game series starting earlier this week. I will have to continue to bet on the Los Angeles Dodgers, as even though they have been under .500 for the year for a while, they are in essence my ‘lucky horse’. Any which way, tonight’s baseball action was alive and well, and more action in the top sportsbooks featured at will be on tap once again tomorrow!

With great baseball action all around, there is plenty of great action at our best online sportsbooks featured here at This weekend will definitely have more of the same great wagering opportunities, so check out our online sportsbook reviews, peruse some of our great sites offered here, and place your bets on Major League Baseball, the College World Series, and much, much more. Thanks for checking us out here at, and good luck betting on sports throughout the weekend.

Aaron G.

Wednesday comes with more exciting baseball wagering

There are times when you get really lucky betting in online sportsbooks, and there are times when the outcomes are almost unbelievable. Upon taking out a few wagers last night at our featured sportsbook at (read the review of BetUS), I was banking on solid performances from star pitchers to collectively score a three-team parlay wager win for Tuesday night. Little did I think of the possibility that all three pitchers I was banking on last night would come up with no runs scored against them, including 3 separate 7 inning performances, by the pitchers for the Brewers, Red Sox, and Yankees. Although shutout pitching doesn’t always make for the most exciting games to watch, these games certainly were some of the best games to watch when it comes down to pure pitching. With Andy Petitte, Jon Lester, and Manny Parra all pitching at the top of their game last night, certainly baseball fans were treated to 3 games with pitching at it’s finest level.

Elsewhere, John Lackey came through in the clutch, throwing a great game in the Angels win, as Johan Santana could not help the struggling New York Mets get by in inter-league play against the Angels. I certainly can’t expect to be that lucky every night in my online sports betting, however I’ll take it whenever I can. With a little extra change off of yesterday’s parlay win, I’m throwing some money on Ben Sheets and the Brewers once again, as the fantastic Mr. Sheets goes for his 8th win tonight against the Toronto Blue Jays. Betting on sports for tonight’s game takes place at another one of the best online sportsbooks and casinos at (read the review of, and you can be sure that the tried and tested sports book at this website will provide the most up to date lines, and great opportunities found anywhere, all with the best support and one of the nicest website interfaces on the internet.

If you haven’t had an opportunity for online sports betting on the College World Series, now is certainly that time. The games up until now have been back and forth excitement, and really have brought some great match-ups to the table. While I’m looking for underdog Stanford to go along ways this year, all the remaining teams are well-built ball clubs, and anything can happen on any given day in college sports. Nonetheless, head down to one of our best online sportsbooks here at, and find out for yourself how exciting the College Baseball World Series really is. I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

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NBA Finals wrap up in Boston, crown the 17th title for the Celtics

After a fairly successful Monday night of online sports betting, Tuesday would seem like a great day for online sports betting as there is continual baseball action to be had betting on Major League Baseball, as well as the NBA Finals game 6 between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics. After what became a brutal game for the Lakers, where it seemed just about every Laker player was playing the worst game of the year, the Celtics eventually took hold of a crushing 131-92 victory to claim the first championship for Boston in over two decades. With the NBA aside (placing a previous bet the night before) for tonight, my sportsbooks bets would focus primarily on pitching in Major League Baseball, as a number of good hurlers are up on the mound tonight in some key match-ups across the MLB. For betting tonight, first and foremost I would like to point out what a great website happens to be, as it is not only my chosen website for the evening, but has consistently been one of my favorite online sports betting sites over the past few years. I have had nothing but great service, great online casino opportunities, and quick payouts since beginning a relationship with this company. That being said, for Tuesday I headed back to their site, where my first wager has to fall on the Los Angeles Dodgers. Where the Dodgers have slumped a little in run production, there pitching staff has made up for it pretty well, and I have been lucky to catch them at good times so far this year.

I’ve managed to bet on Chad Billingsley in a few of his outings so far this year, and for me, this kid has almost been a sure bet every time, even if his record happens to be sub .500. For tonight’s game against the Reds in inter-league play, I’ll be taking the Dodgers with the line, and hoping for another solid outing. Elsewhere, the always exciting Jon Lester has started to turn up his season for the Boston Red Sox, and I’m hoping that he will be up to the task tonight against the unpredictable Philadelphia Phillies. Throwing in the Angels vs. Mets game tonight will be another superstar in Johan Santana, who is without a doubt one of the best pitchers in baseball right now, even if his team hasn’t been there to help out. Hoping for a bit more of the same, I’m taking all these teams together in one wager, and banking on getting the regular out of each of these pitchers in order to carry my wagers to victory. It’s not too often that MLB baseball has so many big guns throwing on one night, but Tuesday night definitely has some great pitching to watch for sports fans, which should make betting on sports a must for this evening.

Adding to this already prestigious list of MLB pitchers, there are a few others on the mound tonight that should raise some eyebrows. Jake Peavy, throwing for the San Diego Padres, and Ben Sheets for the Milwaukee Brewers should also add some great online sports betting chances for anyone betting to come. Perhaps the actual team match-ups might not be all that exciting this evening, some great superstar pitching should more than make up for it. Being a real fan of the game’s intricacies, baseball certainly has it all for me this evening with the hot hands that are taking the mound. I hope that you’ve been able to get to one of our featured online sportsbooks and place a wager or two this evening, as Major League Baseball always makes for exciting and interesting online sports betting action. We’ll catch up with you again tomorrow, and as always, thanks for stopping by

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Back to the daily grind, back to more MLB wagering

This weekend turned out to be a great one for baseball fans, as the College World Series has had some great games, and Major League baseball has seen some great match-ups over the course of the last few days. Also, even the U.S. Open provided sports fans with a special treat, as Tiger Woods and Rocco Mediate took to a showdown with an 18-hole playoff Monday afternoon. With perseverance and uncanny strength, Tiger Woods pulled off an amazing win in sudden death to secure what will most likely be a final victory for the year before going through reconstructive surgery on a badly worked knee. In other news, with the best online sportsbooks completely full with potential baseball wagers, I must admit that for a baseball fan, this time of year is some little slice of heaven. With Monday always bringing the gloom of another long work week to mind, it is nice to know that plenty of baseball games will be waiting for us when we all get off work, and the online sportsbooks featured at our site always have great up-to-date information and sports betting advice to kill those lulling times of the day. Although I’ve already placed one wager on today’s College World Series match-ups between Rice and LSU and Fresno State and North Carolina.

For today’s bets, I’m going entirely on West Coast games for a three-team parlay wager at, which if you haven’t tried out is one of our best online sportsbooks we offer here at There are some fun bets to be had with inter-league play, even if the stats between certain teams aren’t as telling as match-ups between league and even divisional contests. However, the Angels vs. Mets game should provide some good action for betting on sports, along with the Boston vs. Philadelphia contest, and the Florida Marlins who shouldn’t have too much trouble taking care of my hometown Mariners tonight in Seattle.

Beat a case of the Mondays this week by heading to one of our feature online sports betting sites for some great baseball action. If you have a chance, check out a few of the later College World Series match-ups which should be a couple of exciting games to watch, especially for College fans. As always, thanks for dropping by our site for great online sportsbook reviews, and links to the best online sportsbooks offered on the internet.

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Happy Father’s day on a great day for sports fans and online sports betting

It’s not too often that one can be lucky enough to win all bets in a single day, especially when one is an amateur online gambler such as myself. Fortunately for me, Saturday’s wagers on the College World Series and MLB baseball ended up coming through for me at our featured online sportsbook at (read the review of, leaving a very big smile on my face and more room for betting on Sunday afternoon. As predicted, the New York Yankees pulled out a wild win on Saturday, carried by a solid performance by Mike Mussina and yet another home run for Alex Rodriguez, who is having a an outstanding month of June thus far, and going 2-3 in this game with 2 RBIs. Youngster Wandy Rodriguez did not have a good start at all for the Houston Astros, after being unable to shut down the Yankee order after the ‘Stros jumped to a 3 run lead in the first. Although the starting Yankee pitching didn’t far much better on Saturday, the offensive juggernaut has definitely been awoken for the Yankees, as they scored crooked numbers on a few occasions to keep the game out of reach. Earlier in the season people were constantly wondering what was wrong with the Yankees, and it’s seems like they finally have responded with their bats. It is yet to be seen however if they will be able to carry their sub-par pitching staff on that alone, but they are doing a good job right now.

In the Los Angeles game between the Dodgers and the Tigers , the lack of offense for the Dodger did not turn out to be the Achilles heel in Saturday’s game, however, the lack of pitching certainly did, as the Tigers won 12-7, with both teams combining to scatter a phenomenal 28 hits. Between this game and the New York contest, Sunday all of a sudden look a lot more fun for my online sports betting, as I have a bit of extra cash to play with today. I’ll throw some money at the College World Series at one of our top sportsbooks, as there is just two games today, between Rice and Fresno State, and LSU vs. North Carolina. These should make for a couple of great game to do some online sports betting on, and I will have to take Fresno State in the one, and LSU in the other, which will make for great sports betting, and great games to watch.

Once again College Baseball has surprised me, having some of the best competitions over the weekend, and a few very close games. If you’ve never done any sports wagering on NCAA baseball, check out some of our featured sportsbooks for sports betting advice, and take out a few small wagers for a few of the up and coming games. You won’t be disappointed with the action that has thus far been just about non-stop. From all of us here at, enjoy the rest of your weekend, and enjoy betting in our top sportsbooks we have offered. Everyday is a great day for online sportsbook wagering, so get into the action today!

Aaron G.

Saturday’s Major League Baseball sportsbook betting

Saturdays are great day for betting on sports. Today is certainly no exception to that rule, as there is a whole host of betting chances spread out across MLB baseball, which has plenty of great match-ups in store for sports fans, as well as Final round action from the U.S. Open golf tournament at Torrey Pines. For today’s online sportsbook betting, I have ventured over to one of the best online sportsbooks we have at, and placed a few wagers on today’s MLB games at (read the review of BetUS). Normally I wouldn’t consider myself to be a huge College Baseball fan, however after watching a few games in the super-regionals competition I have certainly grown an interest in this league as there has been exciting come-from-behind victories, huge game changing home-runs, and as always in College sports, great fans in the stands. With the games between Stanford and Florida State, and Georgia and Miami in for today, there is a host of previous College World Series winning teams to wager on in our top sportsbooks.

As has also been the case in the Major Leagues, there are plenty of great potential wagers to be had for Saturday afternoon, and being the big fan of baseball I am, nothing sounds better on a Saturday than taking out a couple of online bets, then relaxing while switching back and forth in between games. For today’s MLB action I’m going again with the great match-up between the Philadelphia Phillies and the St. Louis Cardinals, as well as the Los Angeles game between the Dodgers and Tigers. Since the Dodgers did happen to snap the win streak as I had planned last night, I will have to place my online sports bet on the Blue this evening, as I’m sure they’ll be bouncing right back. For the Houston vs. Yanks game I’m taking Mike Mussina who shoots for his 10th victory today, against a struggling Astros team.

With summertime just about officially here and baseball action happening all day everyday, sports fans have plenty to choose from in their favorite online sports betting sites. I highly recommend checking out the NCAA World Series this year, as day in and day out has exciting action, even if the outcome is just about never guaranteed, making it a bit harder to place wagers on. We at hope that you have a great weekend, with plenty of luck in your online wagers, and stay tuned for more sports betting updates each and every day.

Aaron G.

Friday night sportsbook betting at

It’s really never a bad day when it’s a Friday and you have plenty of online sports betting opportunities to choose from. Today certainly is no different, as the great weekend series in Major League Baseball will have all sports fans rushing the best online sportsbooks on the internet, and looking to cash in on all the excitement. Luckily enough for this writer, I’ll be able to catch some first-hand action tomorrow night, as I make a (hopefully) quick venture down to the O.C. for the Los Angeles Angels vs. the Atlanta Braves game, which should be an interesting contest being as though these teams have never met in inter-league play before. But for tonight, there’s plenty of great baseball action to bet on in our top sportsbooks, and I’m off to (read the review of to drop a couple of wagers on the key rivalries getting underway in a few short hours.

Joba Chamberlain is back on the mound this evening for the New York Yankees, as he goes for another win in an already impressive first season in a starting position. They will certainly hope that the Cincinnati Reds will be successful tonight at home against Boston, which would move the Yankee within four games of the AL East leading Red Sox. The Yankees look like a good pick to win tonight , especially with Joba on the hill, who is a very talented young fire-baller. I’ve got my dough riding on the Mets tonight at, as I’m counting on the New York Met’s to shut down the incoming Texas Rangers, as I know they’ll be looking to win in front of a home crowd. It’s certainly a risky bet judging by the way the Mets have been playing (and considering the newly improved Rangers team), but if anyone is in need of a win, it’s the Mets. Also, check out the great game between Philadelphia, who is just tearing opponents apart as of late, and St. Louis, who are equally an impressive team.

No matter what wagers you are looking to place, you’ll find plenty of great sports betting action in Major League Baseball tonight and through the weekend. I’m certainly excited to get the betting focus back on the diamond, after a very long (albeit amazing) NBA playoffs season. Hopefully not only for me, your online sports betting will become more prosperous, as baseball has certainly been more predictable and straightforward for betting online. Enjoy some of the great American Pastime this weekend, and check out all the great information and sports betting advice on our best online sportsbooks reviewed here at We’ll catch up with you tomorrow, and until then, good luck and happy betting!

Aaron G.

Lakers and Celtics, Game 4, good times for online sports betting fans!

As the fourth game of the NBA Finals comes knocking on the door, sports fans get a great opportunity to check out what might pan out as the deciding game in the NBA Finals Series between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers. With Los Angeles down 2-1 in the series, they control their own fate tonight at home by either winning and squaring the series at two games apiece, or heading back to Bean Town with an impossible hill to climb down 3-1 after a loss at home. I fully expect this game to be the best contest of the series, as we should look forward to seeing the best from both teams in such a decisive game. The Lakers will need a strong captain tonight to keep them going the entire game, and Kobe Bryant needs to carry the torch for his team. Paul Pierce is one of the best captains of NBA basketball, if only for his ability to rally his troops with merely his presence on the floor. Benches will need to produce, rebounds will definitely tell a tale in this ball game, and there will be some great online sports betting to be had for this one!

Not to be overshadowed by any means, Major League Baseball, as always, has a cornucopia of sports betting options today, and a few sports bets placed on the games will be a nice addition to an other wise fully night of sports action with the NBA finals. Good match-ups tonight include the Oakland vs. New York Yankees game in the bay area, and Andy Petitte will once again be on the hill for the Bronx Bombers. With him in mind, New York looks to be a good wager in this one in West Coast action tonight. Speaking of West Coast ball, Jake Peavy goes for San Diego at home against the Dodgers, and I can’t think of any reason why he wouldn’t notch up another win against the anemic offense of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Also today Jamie Moyer, the wily veteran pitching for the Philadelphia Phillies, will go up against the Florida Marlins in a great NL match-up. I’m riding the Philly train all the way in this one, as they are just playing good baseball no matter where they are.

On a another quick note in Major League Baseball, there have been some exciting late-in-the-game comebacks recently, which has certainly made wagering on baseball in our best online sportsbooks more exciting. One wager placed last night on the Padres seemed all but lost after Jake Peavy gave up 5 runs in the seventh inning, however in the bottom of the ninth, San Diego came rallying back to clip the Los Angeles Dodgers 6-5. Add this game to the number of close calls so far this year, and I’d say Major League baseball is definitely an exciting game for sports fans to watch and wager on. Make sure to check out all the great sports action this weekend, and stop by a few of our featured online sports betting sites here at Have a great Friday, and we wish you all the luck in online wagering this weekend.

Aaron G.

2007-08 NBA Regular Season Standings

Eastern Conference
1 z – Boston

66 16 .805 35-6 31-10 14-2 41-11 100.5 90.3 +10.3 Won 4 9-1 52-30-0
2 y – Detroit 59 23 .720 7 34-7 25-16 11-5 37-15 97.5 90.1 +7.4 Won 4 8-2 45-36-1
3 y – Orlando 52 30 .634 14 25-16 27-14 12-4 38-14 104.5 99.0 +5.5 Won 3 6-4 49-29-4
4 x – Cleveland 45 37 .549 21 27-14 18-23 7-9 28-24 96.4 96.7 -0.4 Lost 1 5-5 36-44-2
5 x – Washington 43 39 .524 23 25-16 18-23 10-6 29-23 98.8 99.2 -0.3 Lost 1 5-5 46-36-0
6 x – Toronto 41 41 .500 25 25-16 16-25 10-6 29-23 100.2 97.3 +2.9 Lost 1 4-6 39-42-1
7 x – Philadelphia 40 42 .488 26 22-19 18-23 7-9 25-27 96.6 96.2 +0.4 Lost 4 3-7 43-37-2
8 x – Atlanta 37 45 .451 29 25-16 12-29 9-7 24-28 98.2 100.0 -1.8 Lost 3 5-5 36-44-2
  Indiana 36 46 .439 30 21-20 15-26 5-11 24-28 104.0 105.4 -1.4 Won 1 7-3 39-41-2
  New Jersey 34 48 .415 32 21-20 13-28 4-12 26-26 95.8 100.9 -5.1 Lost 1 3-7 33-48-1
  Chicago 33 49 .402 33 20-21 13-28 11-5 24-28 97.3 100.4 -3.1 Won 2 5-5 36-46-0
  Charlotte 32 50 .390 34 21-20 11-30 7-9 19-33 97.1 101.4 -4.4 Won 1 5-5 37-43-2
  Milwaukee 26 56 .317 40 19-22 7-34 6-10 18-34 97.0 103.9 -6.9 Lost 8 2-8 35-47-0
  New York 23 59 .280 43 15-26 8-33 5-11 20-32 96.9 103.5 -6.6 Lost 3 3-7 38-42-2
  Miami 15 67 .183 51 9-32 6-35 2-14 8-44 91.4 100.0 -8.6 Won 1 2-8 33-46-3
Western Conference
1 z – LA Lakers 57 25 .695 30-11 27-14 12-4 37-15 108.6 101.3 +7.3 Won 4 8-2 47-35-0
2 y – New Orleans 56 26 .683 1 30-11 26-15 10-6 34-18 100.9 95.6 +5.3 Lost 1 6-4 51-30-1
3 x – San Antonio 56 26 .683 1 34-7 22-19 10-6 33-19 95.4 90.6 +4.8 Won 2 7-3 37-43-2
4 y – Utah 54 28 .659 3 37-4 17-24 10-6 33-19 106.2 99.3 +6.9 Lost 1 7-3 44-35-3
5 x – Houston 55 27 .671 2 31-10 24-17 8-8 33-19 96.7 92.0 +4.7 Won 1 6-4 48-33-1
6 x – Phoenix 55 27 .671 2 30-11 25-16 10-6 31-21 110.1 105.0 +5.0 Won 2 7-3 39-41-2
7 x – Dallas 51 31 .622 6 34-7 17-24 10-6 33-19 100.4 95.9 +4.5 Won 1 6-4 36-43-3
8 x – Denver 50 32 .610 7 33-8 17-24 10-6 31-21 110.7 107.0 +3.7 Won 2 6-4 43-39-0
  Golden State 48 34 .585 9 27-14 21-20 10-6 28-24 111.0 108.8 +2.2 Lost 2 4-6 34-48-0
  Portland 41 41 .500 16 28-13 13-28 11-5 26-26 95.4 96.3 -1.0 Lost 1 3-7 43-39-0
  Sacramento 38 44 .463 19 26-15 12-29 3-13 21-31 102.5 104.8 -2.3 Lost 2 6-4 45-36-1
  LA Clippers 23 59 .280 34 13-28 10-31 5-11 13-39 93.8 101.1 -7.3 Lost 7 2-8 33-49-0
  Minnesota 22 60 .268 35 15-26 7-34 3-13 14-38 95.6 102.4 -6.8 Won 1 3-7 40-42-0
  Memphis 22 60 .268 35 14-27 8-33 2-14 11-41 100.7 106.9 -6.2 Lost 3 3-7 35-47-0
  Oklahoma City 20 62 .244 37 13-28 7-34 6-10 12-40 97.5 106.3 -8.8 Won 2 3-7 40-41-1

Oklahoma City Thunder 2007-2008 – ATS History

Game Date Opponent Score SU Line ATS Over/Under
10/31/2007 at Denver 103-120 L +11 L O 216
11/01/2007 vs. Phoenix 99-106 L +10.5 W U 222.5
11/04/2007 at LA Clippers 101-115 L +6.5 L O 208
11/06/2007 at Sacramento 98-104 L +2 L U 208
11/07/2007 vs. Memphis 98-105 L 0 L U 218
11/09/2007 vs. Utah 101-103 L +6 W U 211.5
11/11/2007 vs. Detroit 103-107 L +6.5 W O 196
11/13/2007 at Orlando 76-103 L +10.5 L U 209.5
11/14/2007 at Miami 104-95 W +6 W O 191
11/16/2007 at Atlanta 126-123 W +7.5 W O 204.5
11/17/2007 at Charlotte 84-100 L +8.5 L U 197
11/19/2007 at Memphis 108-125 L +6 L O 219
11/23/2007 vs. New Jersey 93-98 L +3 L U 195
11/25/2007 vs. San Antonio 101-116 L +10 L O 198.5
11/27/2007 at LA Lakers 99-106 L +12 W U 217
11/28/2007 vs. Orlando 94-110 L +8 L U 208.5
11/30/2007 vs. Indiana 95-93 W +1.5 W U 213
12/02/2007 vs. Golden State 96-109 L +6 L U 219
12/05/2007 vs. LA Clippers 95-88 W -3 W U 194
12/07/2007 vs. Milwaukee 104-98 W -1 W O 200
12/09/2007 at New Orleans 88-91 L +8 W U 195
12/11/2007 at Chicago 96-123 L +8.5 L O 192
12/12/2007 at New York 117-110 W +5 W O 198.5
12/14/2007 at Minnesota 99-88 W +2 W U 200.5
12/15/2007 at Utah 75-96 L +12.5 L U 211
12/19/2007 vs. New Orleans 93-107 L +3 L O 190.5
12/21/2007 vs. Toronto 123-115 W +5.5 W O 196
12/25/2007 at Portland 79-89 L +7.5 L U 200
12/27/2007 vs. Boston 96-104 L +9.5 W O 192.5
12/29/2007 vs. Minnesota 109-90 W -6 W U 201
12/31/2007 vs. Philadelphia 90-98 L +1.5 L U 191
01/03/2008 at Phoenix 96-104 L +14.5 W U 218.5
01/06/2008 at Washington 86-108 L +8.5 L U 202
01/08/2008 at Cleveland 79-95 L +8.5 L U 194.5
01/09/2008 at New Jersey 88-99 L +8.5 L U 197
01/11/2008 vs. Dallas 70-90 L +9 L U 195
01/14/2008 vs. LA Lakers 121-123 L +5 W O 208
01/16/2008 at New Orleans 92-123 L +10.5 L O 198.5
01/18/2008 at Memphis 100-124 L +6 L O 216
01/19/2008 at Dallas 96-111 L +15 P O 203
01/21/2008 at Houston 89-96 L +12 W U 195.5
01/23/2008 vs. Houston 107-109 L +6 W O 195.5
01/25/2008 vs. Atlanta 90-99 L +2.5 L U 197
01/27/2008 vs. Sacramento 101-103 L +5.5 W U 215.5
01/29/2008 vs. San Antonio 88-85 W +7 W U 193.5
01/31/2008 vs. Cleveland 101-95 W +2.5 W U 197
02/02/2008 vs. New York 86-85 W -3 L U 201.5
02/04/2008 vs. Chicago 108-118 L +1 L O 193.5
02/06/2008 at Sacramento 105-92 W +9 W U 211.5
02/08/2008 at Phoenix 99-103 L +11.5 W U 217
02/13/2008 vs. Utah 93-112 L +6 L U 207
02/19/2008 vs. Memphis 108-101 W -5.5 W O 206.5
02/21/2008 at Portland 88-92 L +8 W U 191.5
02/22/2008 vs. Portland 99-87 W +2 W U 189
02/24/2008 vs. LA Lakers 91-111 L +10 L U 213.5
02/26/2008 at Golden State 99-105 L +14.5 W U 221.5
02/27/2008 vs. Denver 96-138 L +8.5 L O 213
02/29/2008 vs. Miami 93-103 L +1.5 L U 196.5
03/02/2008 at Minnesota 111-108 W +7.5 W O 194.5
03/04/2008 at Detroit 97-100 L +15.5 W O 194.5
03/05/2008 at Milwaukee 106-118 L +9.5 L O 211
03/07/2008 at Philadelphia 83-117 L +11 L U 202
03/09/2008 at Toronto 106-114 L +12 W O 203
03/11/2008 at Indiana 107-114 L +9 W O 219
03/12/2008 at Boston 82-111 L +18.5 L U 202.5
03/14/2008 vs. Minnesota 116-121 L +2.5 L O 198
03/16/2008 at Denver 116-168 L +15 L O 227
03/19/2008 vs. Phoenix 98-110 L +12.5 W U 228
03/21/2008 at LA Lakers 105-130 L +17.5 L O 220.5
03/22/2008 at Utah 101-115 L +20 W U 218.5
03/24/2008 vs. Portland 97-84 W +8 W U 203
03/26/2008 vs. Washington 99-104 L +7 W U 203.5
03/28/2008 vs. Charlotte 93-96 L +2.5 L U 207
03/30/2008 vs. Sacramento 107-120 L +6 L O 215.5
04/02/2008 vs. LA Clippers 84-102 L -4.5 L U 205
04/04/2008 vs. Houston 66-79 L +9 L U 197
04/06/2008 vs. Denver 151-147 W +12.5 W O 226
04/08/2008 at Dallas 83-99 L +17.5 W U 204
04/09/2008 at Houston 80-103 L +15 L U 193.5
04/11/2008 at San Antonio 74-95 L +15.5 L U 184.5
04/13/2008 vs. Dallas 99-95 W +11 W U 199.5
04/16/2008 at Golden State 126-121 W +9.5 W O 232
Records Points
Straight Up: 20-62
Against the Spread: 40-41-1
Home PF – 4052 (98.8)
Home PA – 4264 (104.0)
Away PF – 3947 (96.3)
Away PA – 4453 (108.6)