Stanley Cup Wraps up as the NBA Finals Begins tonight!

Being the hockey fan that I am, I must admit that this year was an interesting season, with. The new additions to the game created a faster, more intense sport that was much more balanced between teams than ever before, however the league parity due to the salary caps put in place have caused there to be a glut of good teams, and a general averaging out of the league. Although the Stanley Cup game in Pittsburgh last night ended with the Red Wings finally closing out the series, there was plenty of great action on the ice, and fans were given a high-flying treat to end the season on. Congratulations are in order for the Detroit Red Wings, who not only scored me a bit of extra cash in my online sportsbook account, but also bounced back from giving it all away to clinch the series in hostile territory. It is true that to win in any sport, it takes great team play, great leadership, and a great fanbase to bring home a title. Detroit certainly showed that they had everything it takes by winning last night, and was very visibly the stronger, more playoff ready team. While I’m sad to see the NHL conclude, we all know what’s ahead for tonight’s sports action�

The NBA Finals are at hand, folks. A great series between a few dynasty teams in square off in Boston as the Lakers and Celtics get down to business, which should definitely be worth taking out a couple of wagers at our best online sportsbooks here at With only a few more hours before game time, make sure that you get some money down on the opening game, and finally, all the hype for the series can stop and we can get down to the action that sports fans really want to see! We’ll just have to wait and see what happens, but I can assure you that you will not want to miss out wagering on this series this year�after all It’s the last 7 (potentially) games of the NBA Season!

In other sports action today, The Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Devil Rays get into business in Beantown, with Jon Lester on the hill for Boston vs. youngster James Shields. Look for the Dodgers to upset the Cubs at home tonight and the Mets over the struggling Padres. There is plenty more baseball action still left for all you sports fans today, so hop on one of our top sportsbooks and place your wagers before time runs out. It should be a great evening of sports, so place those bets, and grab your favorite seat in the house for Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Good luck in your online sports betting tonight, and cheers to another weekend just around the corner!

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NBA Finals just around the Corner, Stanley cup Finals Game 6 action for Wednesday

It’s one step closer to the start of the NBA Championship series between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics, and I for one couldn’t be more excited, as playoff basketball in general is great to watch and bet on, but the Finals are always the most exciting for any sports fan. What’s great about this series is that the two are a classic rivalry harking back to days where names like Bird, McCale, Magic, and Abdul-Jabaar were the talk of the NBA, and now there is a new generation of All-Star caliber players squaring off in a new day. For an overall take on this series, it’s really anyone’s Championship to take, and I would imagine most people would agree that there will be some tough online sports betting choices to make in preparation for this series. As the first game of this Finals series begins tomorrow, I thought it would be wise to check around our best online sportsbooks here at to find the right wager to place on this game, and get my money down before it’s too late tomorrow. looks to have the right wager for me today, as it is one of my favorite online sports betting sites on the internet. I’m taking the Lakers with the 2 � points buffer, as I’m feeling that they will keep it very close in the first game. As usual, the match-ups have been analyzed non-stop for the past week, but I still can’t help from thinking that the Los Angeles Lakers are just a faster, younger team that will be resilient enough to come back from any deficit to win. That being said, if Boston pulls of both game 1 and 2 at home don’t be surprised to see this series over in 5 games, and some serious crying in Los Angeles. If the Lakers split the series at Boston, I expect the series to get to seven games, and be one hell of a series to watch.

Last but certainly not least, the NHL Stanley Cup finals come down to game 6 tonight, with Detroit going back to Pittsburgh after not being able to clinch the series at home. Check out this game and more as tomorrow is another day for betting on sports, and I’m back with another couple of parlay wagers for tonight’s baseball games, along with betting on the NBA Finals. for these and other great games to choose from on our best online sportsbooks here at Thanks for checking in, and make sure to drop by tomorrow for more sports updates!

Aaron G. takes center stage for baseball wagering

With the NBA Finals still a few days away, and a spectacular Stanley Cup Playoffs game between Pittsburgh and Detroit pushing a game six on Wednesday, this Tuesday is an all-in day for Major League Baseball, and I for one plan to capitalize on some extra cash won yesterday for use in today’s online wagering. With a total of fifteen games on tap for today, betting on sports should definitely find sports fans taking at least one or two baseball games, as there happens to be some pretty decent match-ups tonight across the league. My betting for today will take place on (read the review of, which is certainly one of the best online sportsbooks we have ever featured here at Tonight, just for fun as well, I’m taking the same winning combination as last night, and hoping for the Cubbies, Angels and Dodgers to pull through once again.

Elsewhere in the Major Leagues tonight, there should be an pretty good pitching duel taking place as Randy Johnson and the Arizona Diamondbacks take on Seth McClung and the Milwaukee Brewers. Although McClung’s ERA stands at just north of 4, I like the way this big guy is pitching as of late, and hoping for a win for the Brewers in an upset. Also, check out Texas at home, who is gunning to get above .500 as well as being a legitimate contender for the first time in years in the AL West. Yankees at home are looking to do the same thing, and their match-up with Toronto should be a very well contested ball game, as the Blue Jays are certainly a better team than they used to be.

Our best online sports betting sites have all the Major League Baseball games at your fingertips, so if you aren’t able to have your choice of what games to watch, you can still get in on the action online. With everyday being a great day for wagering on baseball, make sure to check out all the sports betting advice online, and utilize any online sports websites to get all the pertinent facts for betting on gameday. I’ve been pretty successful so far this year with baseball betting. I certainly owe a lot of that to the wealth of information available to sports fans online, and have definitely seen the benefits of utilizing online stats pages and sports write-ups. So hop on to one of our great online sportsbooks here at, and enjoy a great Tuesday full of Major League Baseball.

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MLB, Stanley Cup on tap for sportsbook betting on Monday

Monday night plays host to yet another NHL Stanley Cup hockey game, as the Pittsburgh Penguins head to Detroit this evening for what could be the last game of the NHL Season. For the game, which is now just underway, my sportsbook betting for Monday found me back once again at one of our best online sportsbooks at (read the review of BetUS), taking out an under wager on total points set at 5. I really can’t imagine how the Pens are going to come back in Detroit down 3-1, but stranger things have happened, and I’m still rooting for them to win just to see the series carried on. Anything for good hockey action I say! For you, hopefully this NHL game is in your online sports betting, and if not, check out tonight’s game for what will certainly be the hardest fought game in the series thus far.

In Major League Baseball on Monday night, there’s plenty of games, great pitching match-ups, and competitive teams going head-to-head to make baseball a worthy choice for betting our our top sportsbooks reviewed here at The Yanks look to get back above .500 as they face Minnesota, while Boston looks to take down Baltimore at home, and Milwaukee and Arizona do battle in Nation League play. Games yet to start this evening include the Angeles vs. Mariners, Dodgers vs. Rockies, and Padres vs. Cubs, all of which could be good opportunities for a quick parlay wager. The Cubbies have Victor Zambrano on the hill tonight, Ervin Santana goes for Los Angeles, and Colorado can’t win a game on the road. This should be some good sports betting action to tide you over Monday evening, and certainly make sure to get your wagers in soon!

It’s an anxious wait for the NBA Finals starting on Thursday evening however our best sports betting sites featured at offer sports fans plenty of wagering opportunities to wet your whistle while you wait for the showdown between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics! Look for more great MLB action in our top sportsbooks this week, and as always, thank for stopping by and checking out our sports betting reviews and featured online sportsbooks here at We’ll see you again tomorrow.

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Major League Baseball action takes center stage for Sunday

Although this weekend has seemingly flown by, there has been some great sports competition over the past few days as the playoff races in the NBA and the NHL come ever closer to deciding a champion. Now that both the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics have secured their NBA Championship appearances, the stage is set for one very classic-up, with a new-school feel to each team. With both teams looking to re-establish themselves as an NBA dynasty, I believe the course of the series could be a dog fight to the end, but it all depends on what happens in the first two games. However, with the NBA Championship not beginning until Thursday, those betting on sports will need to look to Major League Baseball for their sports betting fancy, as the remaining NHL hockey season could be coming to a close as early as tomorrow night. Last night’s action was devasting for the Pittsburgh Penguins, who badly needed to win at home and push the series to two games apiece. Now the Red Wings smell blood, and it’s all over for the Penguins I’m afraid�

Switching over to Major League Baseball, this was a great weekend packed with so many great sports betting choices, that it has been an easy choice of entertainment for any sports nut. On Sunday there was some very exciting finishes in Major League Baseball, as a handful of games were decided in the last inning of play. San Francisco just clipped fellow basement dweller San Diego, stacking three runs in the 10th inning to counter the 2 scored by San Diego. Hero of the night pinch hitter Fred Lewis tripled to hit in 2 runs and tie the game off San Diego closer Trevor Hoffman, and later was knocked in to score the final run for a final of 4-3. Finally out of their slump of 7 straight losses, it’s a much needed win for a bruised Giants club. In other action, Detroit rallied with 4 runs in the 9th to clip the Mariners, Johan Santana sat down the Dodgers 6-1, and Milwaukee mashed Houston 10-1. Good time for onlines sports betting, great times to be baseball fans�

Major League baseball has been getting more and more exciting every week, and our best online sportsbooks at have a wide amount of betting opportunities every day for sports fans to choose from. Make sure that you get in the baseball action this week, and check out the Stanley Cup Finals on Monday night between the Pitsburgh Penguins and the Detroit Red Wings, as it may be the last hockey game of the year to wager on!. The action is always exciting when betting on sports at the top sportsbooks reviewed at, and you can bet that tomorrow will be another great day of sports action and wagering online. Thanks for stopping by, and have a great night!

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