Almost the weekend, place your sports bets for all the exciting action to come!

There are great days of online sportsbook betting, and then there are some days that you wish you would have hopped into an online casino instead of wagering on sports. Thursday’s betting on sports for this writer happened to head a bit south for my sportsbook betting, as a couple of wagers placed at decided to end badly late in the evening with two West Coast games collapsing a pair of parlay bets. For wagering action last night, I chose to go with a couple three team parlay bets, wagering a small five dollar bet on each of them. After winning a little extra cash over the weekend, there certainly wasn’t anything more at stake other than a bit of already won money in my account. Besides, I’ve happened to have had good luck recently betting on Major League Baseball, and the parlay wager has been back in my corner as a quick, cheap way to make a bit of extra cash online.

For the first wager of the day the right decision to take the Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays seemed easy enough. Also adding the Cincinnati Reds to win, along with the Yankees, who are on a solid homestand seems like a good call today. Although the L.A. Angels have been unchallenged at the top of the AL west, they will need a lot of help heading into New York this coming weekend, however riding high after winning 5 out of their last 6 games. All in all, today’s online sports betting won’t be much in terms of dollars spent, but spreading some wagers around the league will definitely be a good way to get in on all the sports action set for today

Such is the life of online sportsbook wagering. You win some and you lose some, however, for this writer, as long as the wins come before the losses it really makes little difference to me. I love betting online on Major League Baseball, even if some days are better than others. Besides, when online sports betting gets a little tiring there’s always the multitude of great online casinos to choose from here at Hopefully your luck was a little better than mine was today, but you and I both know I’ll be back at in again tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow�Make sure to place your online sportsbook bets early and enjoy the up and coming weekend away from work. Stay tuned for more sports betting updates then, and from all of us here, thanks for checking out our website, where you can find the best online sportsbooks and casinos offered anywhere.

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MLB Baseball throws a curve, but always great betting action to be had

For Wednesday’s online sportsbook betting, admittedly I figured in for a sure win with two of the best teams out there, but unfortunately for me and my online sportsbook account balance, things didn’t turn out to plan, such is the ebb and flow of sportsbook wagering. With one wager placed on the Brewers at home against the Cubs, and another bet to take Josh Beckett and the Boston Red Sox to overcome the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (still, they are NOT from Los Angeles ps�), I figured that Wednesday’s sports betting had a pretty good chance of landing a good outcome in the sportsbooks. However with the Ryan Dempster of the Chicago Cubs just shutting down the Milwaukee offense at home, and Beckett getting lit up pretty bad at home, like Freddie says�another bites the dust. It is very true that you win some and you lose some, and if you’ve got a bit of money saved up from previous online winnings sometimes it’s fun to break up the monotony of relatively safe bets in favor of some more ridiculous wagers. I certainly don’t mind losing a few five spots in my online sports betting account, just so long as there are plenty of opportunities to recoup the money on down the road!

For Thursday, it’s as always a great chance to get down to your favorite online sports book and find some Major League Baseball action to wager on. The L.A. Angels vs. Yanks match-up will be something spectacular, and I hope we’re going to see plenty of runs in tonight’s game from Yankee Stadium. It could go either way, but as long as points keep going on the board, it’s all rosy for my online sportsbook betting tomorrow. Florida should be a good pick tonight for putting point on the board, as they are both in a hot streak and playing a terrible road team in the Rockies. And the Dodgers�the Dodgers have gone out and gotten Manny Ramirez from the Bosox�just in time to face division leading Arizona. Looks like there is one team whose management decided to make the 50th year anniversary a winner�

There are certainly some tough calls for tomorrow, especially with team riding winning and losing streaks. Betting with the flow is always a good way to go about things, of course until the team you are riding on decides that the winning streak or losing skid is ready to come crashing to a halt. For Thursday, place your bets wisely, and make sure to not follow too closely to my online sports betting advice. Sometimes I like to get a little crazy; sometimes it pays off, other times not so much. Either way, it’s always a fun time betting on sports provided you don’t shoot to break the bank on every wager placed. Enjoy Thursday’s games, and as always thank you for stopping by our website and betting on the best online sportsbooks and casinos the internet has to offer.

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Tuesday Night sports betting at

After a fairly successful Monday night of online sports betting, Tuesday would be more of the same, as there is continual baseball action to be had betting on Major League Baseball. For tonight, my online sportsbooks bets will focus primarily on pitching, as a number of good hurlers are up on the mound tonight in some key match-ups across the MLB. First and foremost, I would like to point out what a great website happens to be, as it is not only my chosen website for the evening, but has consistently been one of my favorite online sports betting sites over the past five years. I have had nothing but great service, great online casino opportunities, and quick payouts since beginning a relationship with this company. That being said, for Tuesday I’m going back to their site, where my first wager has to fall on Dodgers once again up against the anemic offense of the San Francisco Giants. Where the Dodgers have slumped a little in run production, there pitching staff has more than made up for it, and a big thanks comes to the work-horse performances offered by the solid Dodger pitching staff throughout the year.

I’ve managed to bet on the Dodgers and be pretty successful in most of their outings so far this year, and as my current 8-1 betting record on the Dodgers shows, you can make decent headway in top sportsbook betting, even on a team right at .500 ball. For tonight’s game against the Giants, I’ll be taking the Dodgers with the line, and hoping for another solid outing. Elsewhere, the always exciting Johan Santana has started to turn his season around for the New York Mets, and I’m hoping that he will be up to the task tonight against the unpredictable Houston Astros. Throwing in the Red Sox vs. Braves game tonight will be another superstar in Josh Beckett, who is without a doubt one of the best pitchers in baseballm but struggling a bit this year. Hoping for a bit of good luck, I’m taking all these team together in one wager, and banking on getting the regular out of each of these pitchers in order to carry my wagers to victory. It’s not too often that MLB baseball has so many big guns throwing on one night, but Tuesday night definitely has some great pitching to watch for sports fans, which should make betting on sports a must for this evening.

Adding to this already prestigious list of MLB pitchers, there are a few others on the mound tonight that should raise some eyebrows. Jake Peavy, throwing for the San Diego Padres, and Ben Sheets for the Milwaukee Brewers should also add some great online sports betting chances for anyone betting this evening. Perhaps the actual team match-ups might not be all that exciting this evening, some great superstar pitching should more than make up for it. Being a real fan of the game’s intricacies, baseball certainly has it all for me this evening with the hot hands that are taking the mound. I hope that you’ve been able to get to one of our featured online sportsbooks and place a wager or two this evening, as Major League Baseball always makes for exciting and interesting online sports betting action. We’ll catch up with you again tomorrow, and as always, thanks for stopping by

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A return to the work week with more great sports betting on Major League Baseball

As is the case every weekend, it must come to an end at some point in time. With Mondays usually being the longest day of the week, it’s always nice to have plenty of sports betting action available, and a couple of Major League Baseball games to watch when work is finally over. For this Monday, it happened to not be such a lucky day for this writer, as a few placed wagers at our featured online sportsbook at didn’t turn out so hot. On the tail end of one four team parlay wager sat my Seattle Mariners, who are in a series this week with the Texas Rangers. Thinking that Seattle would have no problem scoring a win against the dismal Rangers team apparently was a bad idea, as Seattle blew a lead to lose 8-7 in Arlington Monday evening. The Dodgers crushed the Astros, while the Reds and Rockies clutched up, however my home team let me down in what would have been a nice little Monday evening payoff on our of our best online sports betting sites. Instead, out 10 bucks on the first bet, I just barely broke even on the day with the Yankees and the Braves both winning to secure a small wager parlay bet.

There are a number of great potential divisional races going on right now, and there is really no better time to get into Major League Baseball action than at the present. Breaking down the action around the league, Boston and New York have synched up together, and presently have seven and a half games between them for the lead in the AL East. The Yankees will look to gain ground as they continue their series with the Royals, however, with Boston winning against Cleveland and not dropping games as before, it may yet be too early to think that the Yanks will catch the BoSox in the race for the AL East. Meanwhile, the races in the AL Central and West divisions now have two teams within two games of the lead, and with both the Indians and the Mariners failing this evening to gain ground, it is up Detroit and the L.A. Angels at the moment to distance themselves in first place. One thing is for sure is that the race for the AL wild card will get awfully crazy come closer to October, as there is no telling who will be on top of their respective divisions by then.

It is just about the same in the National League at this point, as teams like the Cubs and the Phillies are now starting to challenge division leads that have been in place since the start of the year. Out in the NL West only a few games span from first to second place, as the Dodgers and Dbacks will be in a fight to the finish for top honors in their division. Check out all the teams making a move this week, and capitalize on some streaking teams to payout when betting on sports. You can always find a large helping of Major League Baseball games to wager on in our featured online sportsbooks here at

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Online sportsbook betting on baseball is great weekend fun!

It’s not too often that one can be lucky enough to win all bets in a single day, especially when one is an amateur online gambler such as myself. Fortunately for me, Saturday’s wagers on MLB baseball ended up coming through for me at our featured online sportsbook at (read the review of, leaving a very big smile on my face and more room for betting on Sunday afternoon. As predicted, the New York Yankees pulled out a wild win on Saturday, carried by yet another home run for Alex Rodriguez, who is having a an outstanding month of July thus far, and going 2-4 in this game with 2 RBIs. Tom Glavine did not have a good start at all for the Mets suffering through seven runs given up in only four innings of work. Although the starting Yankee pitching didn’t far much better on Saturday, the offensive juggernaut has definitely been awoken for the Yankees, as they scored two runs per inning from the second to the sixth to get the win. Earlier in the season people were constantly wondering what was wrong with the Yankees, and it’s seems like they finally have responded with their bats. It is yet to be seen however if they will be able to carry their sub-par pitching staff on that alone, but they are doing a good job right now.

In the Los Angeles series between the Dodgers and the Giants, the lack of offense for the Giants did turn out to be the Achilles heel in Saturday’s game, as the boys in blue won 3-0, with the Dodgers only scattering five hits. Between this game and the New York contest, Sunday all of a sudden look a lot more fun for my online sports betting, as I have a bit of extra cash to play with today. I’ll throw some money at the a few of the other great Major League games in store for a quiet Sunday afternoon of rest and relaxation.

Once again Major League Baseball has surprised me, having some of the best competitions over the weekend, and a few very close games. If you’ve never done any sports wagering on the MLB, check out some of our featured sportsbooks for sports betting advice, and take out a few small wagers for a few of the up and coming games. You won’t be disappointed with the action that has thus far been just about non-stop. From all of us here at, enjoy the rest of your weekend, and enjoy betting in our top sportsbooks we have offered. Everyday is a great day for online sportsbook wagering, so get into the action today!

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Saturday evening sports betting action features great baseball once again

If there is a day to play around on the featured online sportsbooks we have at, today is certainly as good a day as any to do just that! Hopefully Saturday has been a relaxing one for you, and you are able to get online for some good times in our best online sportsbooks and casinos featured on our website. While I wasn’t as lucky as some might have been on Saturday’s online sports betting, I was fortunate enough to squeeze in a couple parlay wagers placed on (read the review of yesterday night and break even on betting. I love the parlay bet, as it is a low-cost, potentially high yield way to bet. Winning these two sportsbook bets would have most certainly helped to aid my bankroll, but for Sunday I’d have to settle for an about even split. Nonetheless, for the rest of sports betting enthusiasts out there, it should have been a great day to sit back and watch some sports, and a chance to catch some great MLB action.

I head to back to later this evening as I have always contended that this website is a frequent favorite of mine, and is certainly one of the best online sportsbook and casino on the internet. I may be a little boring due to the fact that I usually stick with no-limit Texas Hold ‘Em on this website, but it’s just too good of a time to pass up and if you are making money, why stray away right? I have had great success here, and I will be the first to say that with all the great wagers offered on MLB baseball, show them some love and sign up for their great website today. I’ve been playing and wagering on this site for about 2 years now, and I haven’t once had one significant difficulty with their site or their service. I certainly am an amateur when it comes to betting on sports, but I do know a good online sportsbook when I see one.

With plenty games on national television today, everyone should be able to find some great sporting events to check out, and hopefully make some wagers. We at wish to thank you for checking out a few of the best online sportsbooks and casinos offered on the internet, here on our site. Hopefully the knowledge learned from our sportsbook reviews, as well as the occasional piece of sports betting advice helps you to choose the best wagering experience possible. So kick your feet up today and relax, place some wagers at one of our featured websites, and we hope you have fun!

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Friday night sportsbook betting at

It’s really never a bad day when it’s a Friday and you have plenty of online sports betting opportunities to choose from. Today certainly is no different, as the great weekend series in Major League Baseball will have all sports fans rushing the best online sportsbooks on the internet, and looking to cash in on all the excitement. Tonight, I’m going with a first bet on the cross-town series between the Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs. Both teams are struggling this year, despite have pretty good lineups, but I can never resist betting on an in-town match up. But for tonight, there’s plenty of great baseball action to bet on in our top sportsbooks, and I’m off to (read the review of Players Only) to drop a couple of wagers on the key rivalries getting underway in a few short hours. As noted yesterday in sports betting news, there are a couple of great series on both coasts being played that will guarantee to bring big crowds, great pitching match-ups, and plenty of action worthy of placing a bet or two on. Look for the Boston vs. San Diego inter-league game, as well as the Oakland vs. NY Mets game to bring plenty of action to the online sportsbooks here at

Matt Cain, probably one of the most underrated pitcher is back on the mound this evening for the San Francisco Giants, as he tries for only his third win against the New York Yankees at home tonight in the bay area. Cain will certainly hope that the San Francisco Giants will be successful tonight with the bats, as his dismal 2-8 with an ERA in the low threes suggests that he receives no support. San Francisco will need to produce some runs in this game, which they have struggled to do in many games so far this season, but I’m hoping that struggling pitching for the Yankees will help out in this one and give the Giants the win. Nonetheless, to be safe in this game I’ve got to go with the points spread on the Giants, as I just don’t know if good pitching will be enough in this game. For my last bet of the evening, I’ve got my money riding on the Mets tonight at, as Tom Glavine is on the hill at home against Oakland. These should be a couple of good match-ups to check out, and are only a bit part of the great betting opportunities offered at our best online sportsbooks this evening.

No matter what wagers you are looking to place, you’ll find plenty of great sports action in Major League Baseball tonight and through the weekend. I’m certainly excited to be wagering on baseball and hopefully not only for me, your online sports betting will become more prosperous, as baseball has certainly been more predictable and straightforward for betting online. Enjoy some of the great American Pastime this weekend, and check out all the great information and sports betting advice on our featured online sportsbooks here at We’ll catch up with you tomorrow, and until then, good luck and happy betting!

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A perfect Thursday spent at a perfect website;

Everyday is a great day for betting on baseball, and this Thursday is no different as there are a number of great possible match-ups available for wagering across our best online sports betting sites featured here at Today happens to call for a few parlay wagers, as there are not too many outstanding match-ups between teams, but a bunch of good chances to pile some good teams together to prevail against a few less than great teams. With my (read the review of account ready to do some wagering, the first bet of the day will go on the double header between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Baltimore Orioles. Pitching will rule the day folks, this is for sure. I’m honestly only unsure of one match-up today between the KC Royals and Tampa Bay Rays, so I’m going with total points here. Pittsburgh looks good at home, and I just have to take Zambrano tonight with the Cubs vs. the Marlins. The 10 game skid means nothing, because this Cubs team is downright good.

There are plenty of other games to choose from tonight, and since the past few days have been pretty good to me, it’s time to bust one more parlay wager at, one of the best online sportsbooks offered anywhere on the internet. I can’t bring myself to bet against the Mets tonight who face the Phillies at home, so as a start to another parlay wager, this will be a first game taken. I’ve got to take the New York Mets in this game since they’ve really started to turn their season around, and have come right back from a potentially disastrous season to now have a shot for the NL East lead. With the last wager of the parlay bet, I suppose I’ll take San Francisco over Washington, even though they can’t score any runs. Hopefully Matt Cain gets help (good luck buddy!), and hopefully I come out a winner in that battle for last in the division�

Get you online sports bets placed in our top sportsbooks here tonight, as baseball action is always a great way to get into online sports betting. Check out if you haven’t already, as it always offers plenty of action in their online sportsbook and casino. Online sports betting gets a bit more exciting when you shoot for a few low cost parlays, as they have the potential for adding serious coin to your sportsbook account. Check out the match-ups and place your bets for your favorite team(s) tonight at our online sportsbooks here at

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Mid-week online sports betting update

So it’s yet another day, and another great opportunity for online sportsbook betting at our best sportsbooks here at In store for Wednesday is the usual bevy of baseball games, complete with some great National League showdowns between the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Mets, Milwaukee and St. Louis, and the Chicago Cubs traveling to the desert to face off against the Arizona Diamondbacks. What sports fans should be getting excited about is not only the great opportunities for betting on sports that these games provide, but also the eventual National League Divisional races, which are starting to not look so far away. With each team having played around 110 games, contenders are coming out, and betting at our best online sportsbooks featured here does not get any better for making a few bucks online!

For action around the league today, placing a couple of sports bets seems like a good plan, so it’s off to (<a href=””>read the review of Players Only</a>) for a few quick wagers. Boston is a pretty sure bet to score some runs against Seattle, and I really like the match-up with Oakland and Tampa Bay getting down to business in Florida today. Two young, very well matched teams might not make for the best online sportsbook bets, however I like the Rays after their little 7 game slump, and think that this team is bent to prove all the nay-sayers wrong. The Yankees are also a great wager against the Twins today, as they are once again showing that second half of the year turn around. Looking for 10 straight at Yankee stadium, count on a good wager there!

For great sports betting action each and every day it doesn’t get better than the second half of the Major League Baseball season. The American League races get tight in the AL Central and East, and the National League is almost entirely up for grabs as to who will make the playoffs after the final 162. Hopefully you’ll get a chance to squeeze in a wager at one of our featured online sports betting sites today or this evening after work. Wishing you the best of luck as always, thanks once again for stopping in and checking out our online sportsbook reviews and placing your bets at the best online sportsbooks on the internet.

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Major League Baseball showdowns in store for Tuesday sports betting

It’s a great day for baseball on this beautiful day (well, at least it is in Los Angeles) as there are a number of great online sports betting choices for baseball fans today on our best online sportsbooks featured here at Getting started right away, There are great series underway, and tonight should be a perfect night to catch at least one of the games, and hopefully make some good choices betting on the contests at hand. To treat oneself to a trip to one of our top sportsbooks featured here is to find yourself immersed in a never ending flow of potential wagers, and great opportunities to hone your skills at betting on sports. I for one consider the repetition of baseball games to be daunting at first, but then informational and rewarding once the proper betting styles are learned and the money starts flowing!

In great baseball action today, the excitement in the AL Central refuses to end as the Detroit Tigers battle it out this week with the Royals to try and mount a run against the White Sox and Twins. This playoff race will most certainly spill over into the Wild Card Race as well, which currently has the Rays, Yankees, BoSox and A’s hunting for the final spot for the playoffs. For the Detroit game, I had success with Tiger’s starter Kenny Rogers, and so it’s back again with the veteran today against the usually sad KC Royals. Also in the AL Central, the White Sox battle the Texas Rangers with Mark Buehrle looking good to get a win and get to .500 in this contest. As usual, the Yanks should be a good pick to win again at home in their stand against the Twins, as they are coming on strong.

On the other side of the league, more online sports betting action can be had on some great match-ups in the National League, including games between the Dodgers and Rockies in Colorado, Cubs and Dbacks, and the Brewers vs. the Cardinals. I’m throwing another parlay wager together for a bet on these contests, and hoping that I might turn in a few sportsbook wagers into a bigger pile to use on sportsbook betting throughout the coming week. Enjoy the great action this evening, and check out our top sportsbooks soon to find the best match-ups, odds, and selection for betting on sports.

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