All Star game gets down to business, place your bets!

It’s a fact that the American League has dominated the National League over the past few decades, however tonight, once again all bets are off as game time draws nearer each minute today. For all sports betting fans, the All-Star break may not seem to be all the great of way to spend time betting on sports, however with this year’s game taking place at Yankee Stadium, sports fans of all types should use this game as a reflection on the great sport of baseball, where it came from and where it is heading in the future. Since I’m an American League type of baseball fan, I have to go with them for the game of course, and (<a href=””>read the review of</a>) is my preferred online sports betting website of choice. With the AL favored for this match-up, it would take a fair chunk of change to see a decent profit on the game, so with a big sigh and a quick click, I’m hoping the win streak stays alive, and the balls stay in the park!

After a brilliant performance by a number of young, relatively unknown players in last night’s Home Run Derby, I for one am excited to see the face of the game changing, and see that there is some outstanding young talent at all positions, not just the typical, center field/first base/dh type of steroid jock that defined the game for the past few years. Seeing that roster devoid of any big names, and further big arms, was a very interesting gamble for the MLB, however I can certainly attest to how much more enjoyable it was this year, than in the last 6-7 combined. Although Josh Hamilton didn’t win, we were all treated to the new generation of players, with new types of power�quicker, stronger and more athletic all-around. I for one love to see it, and can’t wait to see the crop of the game’s finest show off their skills tonight!

I hope that you are all able to check out this year’s All-Star Game, and also hope that the right wagers came around for you. Make sure to place your bets at some of our top sportsbooks featured on our website, as it will be back to full-steam MLB action soon. One thing you can bet on is that you can always find a great wager on any and all of the great action at our best online sports betting sites featured here at!

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