Great match-ups in Major League Baseball for betting on Friday Night

It’s always a treat when you get a chance to check out two top teams go head to head in any league. For major league baseball, a three or four game series between two good teams is almost like getting to catch a playoff series well before the actual playoffs come around. Case in point, this weekend has the New York Yankees coming into Oakland to face the Athletics in what should be a great series with great pitching match-ups. Mike Mussina gets the nod tonight, and I certainly like his chances in this one facing Greg Smith, who has been struggling a little as of late. It’s always fortunate when a good contest is televised in your area, which always makes online sports betting a little more worth while. Even though it’s a West Coast game, I’ve got to go with the east coast Yankees for betting on sports in this one though, as Mussina always seems to turn it on late in the year, and could possibly even hit 17-18 wins this year.

Another quality match-up for Friday night finds the Florida Marlins looking to square off against the rallying Philadelphia Phillies, with the wiley old veteran Jamie Moyer on the hill for the Phillies. Two solid pitchers will be starting in this game as well, as on the other side of the ball, youngster Ricky Nolasco has been a great addition to the Marlins starting rotation. The Phillies really have been playing excellent ball as of late, which seems to have become a promising trend for the city of Brotherly Love. Seeing as though their pitching staff has settled in a bit, and their power has returned to the batting order, I’d be reluctant to bet against Philadelphia tonight, especially as they fight with both the Mets and the Marlins for tops of their division. Going over to one of our featured online sportsbooks at (<a href=””>read the review of Superbook</a>), I’ll take a few wagers on this game, and a few others as well.

One more can’t miss game is in store for this evening, as a match-up between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Arizona Diamonbacks Red Sox is always a classic summertime affair, with both teams fighting for supremacy in a weakened NL West Division. It’s been surprising to watch the Dodgers struggle and then come back again, as they have this year, considering they still have good pitching, good hitting, but apparently just a not-so-clutch team overall. As you can see, this just scratches the surface of online sports betting tonight, so find these games and even more great baseball for betting on sports tonight, and great sportsbook bets can be found right here by using the featured online sportsbooks at For all of us here, thanks for stopping by, and good luck in all your online sports betting this week.

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