Cure a case of the Mondays with top sportsbook betting action!

As is the case every weekend, it must come to an end at some point in time. With Mondays usually being the longest day of the week, it’s always nice to have plenty of sports betting action available, and a couple of Major League Baseball games to watch when work is finally over. For this Monday, it happened to be a very a lucky day for this writer, as a few placed wagers at our featured online sportsbook at (<a href=””>read the review of</a>). Scott Kazmir led the charge today, shutting down the Oakland A’s in the first game of their series at home, and further Detroit just mauled the Kansas City Royals in a 19-4 bloodbath. With those two games in the bag, it was all up to the Milwaukee Brewers, who clutched up in the tenth inning to win both their game, and my online sports bets placed at

There are a number of great potential divisional races going on right now, and there is really no better time to get into Major League Baseball action than at the present. Breaking down the action around the league, Boston and Tampa Bay have now gotten themselves into a three way division race with  New York have synched up together, and the three are separated by only 3 � games in the super competitive AL East. The Yankees will look to gain ground as they continue their series with the Twins at home, however, with Boston facing a miserable Seattle Mariners team and probably not dropping any games in the Emerald City, it may yet be too early to think that the Yanks will catch the BoSox or Tampa Bay in the race for the AL East. Meanwhile, the races in the AL Central and West divisions now have two teams within two games of the lead, and with both the White Sox gaining ground, as well as the Tigers. One thing is for sure is that the race for the AL wild card will get awfully crazy come closer to October, as there is no telling who will be on top of their respective divisions by then.

It is just about the same in the National League at this point, as teams like the Cubs, Brewers, Phillies and Cardinals are now starting to challenge division leads that have been in place since the start of the year. Out in the NL East, only 6 games span from first to fourth place, and the NL Central is just as tight already. Check out all the teams making a move this week, and capitalize on some streaking teams to payout when betting on sports. You can always find a large helping of Major League Baseball games to wager on in our featured online sportsbooks here at

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British Open, MLB baseball highlight sports betting on Sunday

It’s always nice to get a day to yourself. Instead of the usual chores, errands, or whatever you might have to do, Sundays should always be reserved for kicking back, watching some sports, and placing a few wagers on our best online sports betting sites here at For Sunday, the British Open highlight a great comeback run by Greg Norman, who looked posed at the end of Saturday to possibly take a shot at the defending champion Padraig Harrington. Unfortunately for him, Padraig Harrington had other things in mind, coming out shooting a final round 69 to Norman’s 78. Becoming only the second Irishman in history to win the tournament in the first place, Sunday was certainly a great day for him and golfing fans once again, even if some of the bigger names in golf didn’t show up this weekend with good rounds. My wager for the weekend tournament placed at (<a href=””>read the review of Intertops</a>), may not have won me any money this weekend, however this was a magical weekend at Birkdale, and something that all golfing fans could get behind.

Sunday’s online sports betting for Major League Baseball included some great action and from coast to coast, baseball action is picking up bigtime, first with the Yankees starting to make a serious run after winning their game against Oakland today during their home stand. Now 8 games over .500, the Yankees are a serious threat once again, and look to another possible home sweep against the inbound Twins, who do not match-up to the Bronx Bombers well at Yankee Stadium. The Mets on the other side of town are looking great for betting on sports, as they grabbed another win today in ten innings against the Cincinnati Reds. The Cards and the Rockies both swept their foes at home, while Tim Lincecum could not (again) get any support in the San Francisco loss to a rising Milwaukee team.

Regardless of the outcomes in online sports betting, Sunday had some great games in store for betting on sports, and you can always bet that for each and every weekend of sportsbook action, you can find all the best right here at our website. For all the great action, and great sports betting advice, look no futher than our best online sports betting sites here at There will always be great wagers to cash in on, so grab as much information as possible and place your bets at your favorite online sportsbook.

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Excellent Saturday MLB action on the best sportsbooks around

Major league baseball is where it’s at in July, whether you like it or not.  The fact is, it’s quite easy for a punter to win betting on baseball.  I’ve had fantastic luck with some of my wagers so far this baseball season, and I’m looking forward to this beautiful day to keep the winning streak alive!

I’m liking the San Francisco Giants – easy money against the Padres.  The Washington Nationals have been fairly consistent lately, and the point spreads on their games are very favorable.  The Pittsburgh Pirates have had very easy betting lines, as well.  You can get some great parlay bets going for some awesome long odds.

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Great match-ups in Major League Baseball for betting on Friday Night

It’s always a treat when you get a chance to check out two top teams go head to head in any league. For major league baseball, a three or four game series between two good teams is almost like getting to catch a playoff series well before the actual playoffs come around. Case in point, this weekend has the New York Yankees coming into Oakland to face the Athletics in what should be a great series with great pitching match-ups. Mike Mussina gets the nod tonight, and I certainly like his chances in this one facing Greg Smith, who has been struggling a little as of late. It’s always fortunate when a good contest is televised in your area, which always makes online sports betting a little more worth while. Even though it’s a West Coast game, I’ve got to go with the east coast Yankees for betting on sports in this one though, as Mussina always seems to turn it on late in the year, and could possibly even hit 17-18 wins this year.

Another quality match-up for Friday night finds the Florida Marlins looking to square off against the rallying Philadelphia Phillies, with the wiley old veteran Jamie Moyer on the hill for the Phillies. Two solid pitchers will be starting in this game as well, as on the other side of the ball, youngster Ricky Nolasco has been a great addition to the Marlins starting rotation. The Phillies really have been playing excellent ball as of late, which seems to have become a promising trend for the city of Brotherly Love. Seeing as though their pitching staff has settled in a bit, and their power has returned to the batting order, I’d be reluctant to bet against Philadelphia tonight, especially as they fight with both the Mets and the Marlins for tops of their division. Going over to one of our featured online sportsbooks at (<a href=””>read the review of Superbook</a>), I’ll take a few wagers on this game, and a few others as well.

One more can’t miss game is in store for this evening, as a match-up between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Arizona Diamonbacks Red Sox is always a classic summertime affair, with both teams fighting for supremacy in a weakened NL West Division. It’s been surprising to watch the Dodgers struggle and then come back again, as they have this year, considering they still have good pitching, good hitting, but apparently just a not-so-clutch team overall. As you can see, this just scratches the surface of online sports betting tonight, so find these games and even more great baseball for betting on sports tonight, and great sportsbook bets can be found right here by using the featured online sportsbooks at For all of us here, thanks for stopping by, and good luck in all your online sports betting this week.

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It’s back to great sportsbook wagering on the MLB, and it’s almost the weekend!

It’s not everyday that every sportsbook bet placed turns out to be a winner, so capitalizing on that type of day is crucial, and online sportsbook betting on Major League Baseball is perfect for stretching out a couple wins into even more winning sports bet. With my last wager at (<a href=””>read the review of Players Only</a>) on a few parlay bets, that in turn has give me proper fuel for tonight’s few MLB games as the second half of the season gets underway. For betting on Thursday night, I love the New York Mets against the Cincinnati Reds, as both these teams are hot with bats right now, not to mention the winning streak the Mets are currently riding. I hope to see some big scoring this evening, as my wager of the night here has the over bet on total points!

Other great Major League Baseball games in store for Thursday night include the Baltimore Orioles playing host in a series against the Detroit Tigers, who come into town looking to get their ball club back over .500 ball. With Kenny Rogers on the mound for the Tigers, against Garrett Olson who has an ERA of almost 6, I would be reluctant to bet against Detroit, and with that in mind have taken another wager for the Tigers to win with the line given at (<a href=””>read the review of</a>). With two other games between San Diego and St. Louis, as well as Pittsburgh vs. Colorado, it’s a pretty tough call either way since San Diego is well matched with Jake Peavy on the hill, and Colorado can actually play pretty well at home. I’d expect scoring in the second game, not so much in the first of these two�

Our best online sports betting sites have all the Major League Baseball games at your fingertips, so if you aren’t able to have your choice of what games to watch, you can still get in on the action online. With everyday being a great day for wagering on baseball, make sure to check out all the sports betting advice online, and utilize any online sports websites to get all the pertinent facts for betting on game day. I’ve been pretty successful so far this year with baseball betting. I certainly owe a lot of that to the wealth of information available to sports fans online, and have definitely seen the benefits of utilizing online stats pages and sports write-ups. So hop on to one of our great online sportsbooks here at, and enjoy a great day of Major League Baseball!

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A Great (and very long) All-Star game gives everyone something to cheer about!

The All-Star game this year, needless to say was one of the best experiences I’ve ever witnessed, and I’m certainly hoping that you were able to catch last night’s superb performances from both the National and American League pitching staff. After 15 grueling innings, which tested every single pitcher in either bullpen, the American League pulled out a victory for a decidedly American League audience at Yankee Stadium. With all the excitement of a home-team victory, in an historic baseball shrine set for destruction in a few short months, this year’s All-Star game was certainly something that all baseball fans young and old will remember for a long while.

For a few highlights in this one, Michael Young is once again clutch wherever he goes, as his sacrifice fly in the 15th closed the game with a 4-3 victory after Justin Morneau came sliding home from third base. Colorado’s Aaron Cook stood out to me as the high performer, pitching 3 innings for the NL squad and getting out of jam after jam (caused by his teammates no less). Even though Matt Holliday’s solo home run in the 5th, and JD Drew’s 2-run jack in the seventh were really the only true fireworks, I think it’s safe to say that fans were on the edge of their seats from about the 7th inning onward, and that second half of the ball game that played out from then was one of the greatest baseball games I’ve seen in quite some time. With records broken, sentimental fans in the crowd, and an almost magical glow about Yankee Stadium, this folks, was certainly one for the books.

Now that the MLB break is officially over, it’s back to business for all teams and players tomorrow and back to online sportsbook betting at our top sportsbooks featured here at for me right now!. For Thursday, it’s a slow leak for a a few Major League teams getting into action, however there is plenty of sports betting up for grabs for future games today and tomorrow. Heading to ((<a href=””>read the review of</a>), I’m taking out a few sportsbook bets for this week’s coming games, and it’s a perfect opportunity today to browse a new website, or head to a new online casino while we wait for the next session of Major League Baseball action. Check out some of the reviews of the best websites today, as there is always much to be learned when it comes to betting on sports!

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All Star game gets down to business, place your bets!

It’s a fact that the American League has dominated the National League over the past few decades, however tonight, once again all bets are off as game time draws nearer each minute today. For all sports betting fans, the All-Star break may not seem to be all the great of way to spend time betting on sports, however with this year’s game taking place at Yankee Stadium, sports fans of all types should use this game as a reflection on the great sport of baseball, where it came from and where it is heading in the future. Since I’m an American League type of baseball fan, I have to go with them for the game of course, and (<a href=””>read the review of</a>) is my preferred online sports betting website of choice. With the AL favored for this match-up, it would take a fair chunk of change to see a decent profit on the game, so with a big sigh and a quick click, I’m hoping the win streak stays alive, and the balls stay in the park!

After a brilliant performance by a number of young, relatively unknown players in last night’s Home Run Derby, I for one am excited to see the face of the game changing, and see that there is some outstanding young talent at all positions, not just the typical, center field/first base/dh type of steroid jock that defined the game for the past few years. Seeing that roster devoid of any big names, and further big arms, was a very interesting gamble for the MLB, however I can certainly attest to how much more enjoyable it was this year, than in the last 6-7 combined. Although Josh Hamilton didn’t win, we were all treated to the new generation of players, with new types of power�quicker, stronger and more athletic all-around. I for one love to see it, and can’t wait to see the crop of the game’s finest show off their skills tonight!

I hope that you are all able to check out this year’s All-Star Game, and also hope that the right wagers came around for you. Make sure to place your bets at some of our top sportsbooks featured on our website, as it will be back to full-steam MLB action soon. One thing you can bet on is that you can always find a great wager on any and all of the great action at our best online sports betting sites featured here at!

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Home Run Derby, online casino action in store for Monday

It’s one of the great American pastimes to have baseball playing throughout the spring and summer, but it’s an extra special treat when the All-Star break comes around, and fans get a chance to check out the best players in the league, and witness the excitement of the long ball in the All-Star Home Run Derby. Held this week in the storied Yankee Stadium in the heart of the Bronx, the Home Run Derby on Monday night had a spectacular backdrop for the competition, and a quick chance for wagering on (<a href=””>read the review of Intertops</a>) and put my money down on my horse to win the competition. Even if I lost (of course I chose Josh Hamilton!) the betting on this one, myself, and every other fan was treated to the most spectacular display of power I’ve ever witnessed by a Home Run Derby competitor, as Josh Hamilton put up 28 home-runs in the first round of hitting. Jaws to the floor.

For online sports betting on Monday, instead of getting the usual flurry of Major League Baseball bets, it seems necessary to check in to one of our best online casinos, and place a bet on the MLB All-Star Game, as few other worthy competitions would be available for wagering on Monday night. This should be a pretty even match-up between the American League and National League this year, however this writer just can’t bring himself to wager against the AL again in this year’s contest. In a kickoff of the old Yankee stadium, with a seemingly endless supply of pitcher and hitter talent, the American League is my pick to win this year. Could be a coin flip folks, but either way make sure to get in all the great sports betting that this game should provide, as the All-Star game comes but once a year!

It’s nice to have a break from the constant online sportsbook betting in Major League Baseball, and today would be a perfect day to check out a few of our featured online sports betting and casino websites that you haven’t already ventured to. There are plenty of great casinos and other betting types to peruse online, and offers sports bettors plenty of choice even when there aren’t too many games to choose from in our best online sportsbooks. Make sure to check out the All-Star game Tuesday night at 8:00 ET, as we are all hoping for a bit more fireworks from some talented superstars! Thanks for checking in with us and checking out some of the best sports betting websites on the internet. We’ll see you again tomorrow.

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Sunday’s online sports betting before the MLB All-Star Break

With the Major League Baseball All-Star break upon us, today is the last day for betting on baseball before the Home Run Derby on Monday night, and the All-Star game on Tuesday night take over for the usual onslaught of betting choices for the MLB. Luckily for baseball and sports betting fans alike, Sunday evening will feature some great match-ups for our online sportsbook betting, including fifteen MLB games, which will undoubtedly show off some of the firepower to come in the upcoming All-Star game. As teams approach the half way point of the season, it always seems as though the spotlight tightens on Major League Baseball, and players who have made it into the All-Star game like to show off why they were put there. Not only with great players performing on Sunday, there will be a couple of contests that you won’t want to miss out on, especially if you are planning to do a little betting on sports for Sunday’s games.

First up for online sportsbook betting today will have to be on the Houston vs. Washington game to start, in which the Astros will look to send the Nationals to their 60th loss of the year before the break. Ouch. Between the Tigers and Twins, as both teams have a couple of good pitchers on the hill. Although I’d say that the Minnesota Twins have the better team fielded this year, I like the Tigers at home tonight. With that in mind, for tonight I’m betting with the Detroit Tigers on gut instinct alone, going over to (<a href=””>read the review of BetUS</a>) for the wager. Consistently one of the best online sportsbooks available on the internet, always offers great wagering choices, a great website layout for easy navigation, and the best customer service. Besides that, I’ve also racked up some pretty good dough on their site in the last year, and I consider it my luck four leaf clover of online sports betting sites.

Other great baseball games in store for today feature plenty of divisional games including the Yankees against the Blue Jays, as well as the Boston Red Sox and the Baltimore Orioles. Los Angeles takes battle with in-state and divisional rival Oakland, and with Justin Duchschere hurling on the mound at home, A’s look to be pretty good in this one. AL West baseball will continue to be hot, especially as Oakland is always known as a late-in-the-season rally team, Texas is finally a competitor, and the Angels are, well, the Angels! Check out these games and many others available at our best sportsbook websites here at to make your Sunday afternoon a little more exciting, and possibly a lot more profitable.

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Solid weekend of sports, great online sports betting action!

I love baseball just as much as anyone and what I love most is a quiet Saturday afternoon, not too hot, and heading out to the ballpark for seeing the game in the flesh. I do admit it’s always fortunate when a good contest is televised in your area which always makes online sports betting a little more worth while, but nothing beats heading down to the ol’ ballbark (very old in LA’s case) and taking in the sights and sounds (and food of course) of the great American Pastime. While Florida got the better of the Dodgers in a tight 3-1 race last night, my online sports betting turned a little sour at Boo to that, however, good thing I gained a little extra at (<a href=””>read the review of Intertops</a>) that made up for the Marlins shutting down the Dodgers at home. So with another wager today and a trip downtown, I’m shortly off too lovely LA open air (yes, sarcasm), overpriced seats, and all-you-can-eat food. God I love baseball.

For betting at our top sportsbooks today and tonight, another quality match-up for Saturday finds the Arizona Diamondbacks at Philadelphia, with ‘The Unit’ Randy Johnson to square off against a suffering Adam Eaton. I’m hoping to see some scoring here either way, but with Eaton struggling and Randy on the hill, Arizona is a great pick here (I hope!). The Mets have been really playing amazing ball as of late, which had been something I’ve been waiting to see for a long while. It seems almost as though something is finally clicking (maybe the departure of former head coach Willie?), and I love riding a team in a slide or a skid. Seeing as though their at home against Colorado, I’d say chances are good here.  Yankees feel to be on a move, and Toronto doesn’t seem to ever pair well against this division rival, so that might be a decent choice to take today as well!

One more can’t miss game is in store for this evening, as a match-up between Endison Volquez and the Milwaukee Brewers takes place. This kid is downright amazing, and with any run support at all from his Reds (he’s 11-3 with an ERA in the low 2’s), the Brew Crew has a tough task ahead of them for sure.  St. Louis and Pittsburgh is always a classic, even if Pittsburgh can’t ever be good. Also Boston and Baltimore could be a good potential wagering point, as Wakefield at home usually gets run support, and Boston is a hands down better team than Baltimore. Anything goes, of course! As you can see, great baseball awaits those betting on sports tonight, and great sportsbook bets can be found right here by using the featured online sportsbooks at I’m off to the ballpark, so have a great night!

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