Thursday night Football, Sportsbook wagering on Major League Baseball

It’s so close to the weekend, and this week has been a week of certain ups and downs for this writer, as in the past three days I’ve placed a total of 10 wagers for Major League Baseball, and made an outstanding profit of�5 bucks. Yes folks, if you play as often as I do, those riches could be yours as well! Joking aside, I’m fortunate to get to Thursday having broken even, as a few bets of mine have certainly erred on the side of risky in the hopes of making a good chunk of money in a very short period of time. Nonetheless, Thursday is another day for great online sportsbook betting, and I can tell you that I will be being a little more cautious in my wager, so that I might have the opportunity to make a bit of extra spending money for this weekend’s activities.

Tonight we have a couple of good series in Major League Baseball, and the game of the night once again should be including the Chicago Cubs, who have been putting up huge numbers on the offensive side of the baseball. Boston looks to stay hot with a win over the floundering Texas Rangers, with Dice-K Matsuzaka back on the hill looking for his 14th win with only 2 losses (MVP anyone?). The Mets are backed by Oliver Perez, and are looking to complete the sweep of the Washington Nationals today, with the good money betting that he will be able to do so for the NY Mets tonight. Speaking of sweeps, the Dodgers also look to get a sweep against the Philadelphia Phillies, in what would be their first 4 game sweep of the Phillies in 46 years. Lookout for the Dodgers down the home stretch this season, as they are starting to play some great, inspired baseball, and are certainly in contention for a less-than-great NL West division.

For NFL Football tonight, there are two games, neither of which I honestly have any idea how to wager on. If there is one thing I’ve learned from preseason football sports betting, it’s to never count on a good regular season team to come out on top. As such, I’m taking the Bills over the Steelers in the first game of the day, and following up with Philadelphia over the Panthers in the second game. It’ll be interesting to see what comes of Philadelphia this year, as last season found them barely getting back to .500 ball by the end of the regular season. Any which way however, it should be a good night for sports and for online sportsbook betting. There’s only one more day until another sports-packed weekend, so get online and head to one of our best online sports betting sites to get into the action before it’s too late. Thanks for dropping by, and for choosing the online sportsbooks and casinos here at!

Aaron G.

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