NFL preseason on tap for Saturday, with more great sports betting chances abound

It’s no use lying about it. I love football. Not to take away from Major League Baseball, or even this year’s Olympics, but in football every single game counts, and every year seems to be more exciting than the next with a steady flow of new talent and team rebuilding. I know that it’s only the preseason, and football is really still 2+ weeks before beginning the real season, but waking up Saturday morning and seeing 9 NFL games available for wagering on (including my Seattle Seahawks!!), and knowing that the regular season IS just a short time away is one very comforting feeling. Getting very lucky in the past few days, I’m taking a full-on preseason assault on the betting options for today, and seeing if my betting philosophy on the lesser teams stands up over the course of the day. As such, I like the two worst finishing teams of last year to win today, with San Francisco taking on Green Bay, and the Miami Dolphins getting together with the Jacksonville Jaguars. However, on the flipside, I just can’t get behind the Atlanta Falcons any which way, as I believe they will continue to regress before moving forward in the wake of last year’s devastating team issues.

In the American League Playoff hunt, there seems to be six teams that are going to hammer it out for the pennants and the wild card spot. I’m taking Toronto today at (read the review of BetUS), which happens to be in my opinion one of our best online sportsbooks here at Hoping the Blue Jays will prevail against the Red Sox with Roy Halliday on the mound, as well as the Tampa Bay Rays over the Texas Rangers, my 10 dollar wager would not account for too much of a profit, but one nonetheless. The AL west division could tighten up a little further with this outcome, and would certainly put a smile on my face today´┐ŻLastly on today’s betting docket, I’m taking a rallying Arizona Diamondbacks team over the Houston Astros, as well as Milwaukee over the Dodgers. Hopefully my luck will be up to the task, as I’m a little concern about the Brewers and when they might begin a rally down the home stretch (when CC isn’t on the mound!).

Wherever you look today, make sure that you get in at our top sportsbooks for my online sports betting action. Whether you want to try your hand at the more volatile wagering on the NFL preseason, or whether you play it safe betting on the stronger teams in Major League baseball, all your betting can be done using the best online sportsbooks here at Place your bets, enjoy the weekend, and as always we at wish you all the luck when betting on sports.

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