Sunday’s sportsbook betting and sports updates

It was a pretty busy day for the NFL preseason yesterday, with some great sports action and good pointers to pick up team-to-team, and while today’s online sport betting certainly doesn’t have the amount of potential wagers, there are plenty more great opportunities to make a profit betting on sports. Tonight’s duo of NFL preseason games is a strange change of pace from a normally filled day of football on Sunday, however the action in the MLB should be enough to keep sports betting fans busy throughout the afternoon. I’ve decided to place a wager on the Tampa Bay Bucs vs. the New England Patriots, and also the Bengals over the Lions today. Going somewhat against my word preseason NFL wagering, while not a sure bet by any means, is certainly a nice change from betting on baseball everyday of the week. That being said, there is still always a good time to be had betting in our top sportsbooks for Major League Baseball, and a few good games are in store for sports fans today.

Currently, I’m engaged in the Boston Red Sox vs. the Toronto Blue Jays this afternoon from Fenway Park in Boston. It’s been tough to stop this BoSox team in the second half of the season, as a mid season shake up has definitely had this team looking a long way into the postseason. However, with the Blue Jays playing inspired ball, and great pitchers like Josh Beckett not living up to their names, this year, the door is becoming more and more open for the likes of an underdog Toronto team, and I’m excited to see a change in the usual guard on top of the AL East. With Toronto just putting up a 6 spot on Josh Beckett in the first inning today, my sportsbook betting for this game looks great already, and I’m waiting for even more run to pile up!

The Yankees grabbed another big win today against the Kansas City Royals, which could very get them another game closer to the AL East lead, as the BoSox already do not look to be in good position to win today. Moving away from the AL East, another great game to watch this night pits the Chicago Cubs against the Florida Marlins. The Dodgers and Brewers also get down to business today, and a stop by one of our best online sports betting sites would certainly be in order if you haven’t already gone to one yet! Great games as always await those looking for online sports betting, so take your chances today and get into the action on our best online sportsbooks here at

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