MLB sports betting for Tuesday

It’s a great day for baseball this Tuesday, as I’m fortunate to get a little vacation time away from Los Angeles, and there are a number of great online sports betting choices for baseball fans today on our best online sportsbooks reviewed here at Getting started right away, there are a few great series getting started, and tonight should be a perfect night to catch at least one of the games, and hopefully make some good choices betting on the contests at hand. I know that my two games of choice for the evening will include watching the Tampa Bay Rays take on the L.A. Angels from Anaheim tonight, as well as the New York Yankees who will be up against the Toronto Blue Jays once again. Going to for today’s online sports betting (read the review of, you can be sure to find these two games, and plenty of other betting chances at their website.

In other great baseball action, the excitement in the AL Central refuses to end as the Minnesota Twins and the Chicago White Sox battle it out this week to try and hold on (or take over) the top spot heading to the post season. This playoff race will most certainly spill over into the Wild Card Race as well, which currently has the BoSox, Yankees, and Twins hunting for the final spot for the playoffs. I have to wager on the game between the White Sox and Mariners, just because it’s almost money in the bag, and the Twins should be rolling over an Oakland team that has also fell completely off the table. Whatever the outcome of all the games today, I wish you the best of luck, and cheers to you for trying to call the winner in a few of your bets!

On the other side of the league, more online sports betting action can be had on some match-ups in the National League, including games between the Dodgers and Colorado, Braves and Mets, and the Brewers vs. the Astros. I’m throwing another parlay wager together for a bet on these contests, and hoping that I might turn in a few sportsbook wagers into a bigger pile to use on sportsbook betting throughout the coming week. Enjoy the great action this evening, and check out our top sportsbooks soon to find the best match-ups, odds, and selection for betting on sports.

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