Friday night is for NFL football betting action!

Even though the course of my vacation time finds me wrapped up preparation for a friend’s wedding, and little to no time for playing around on the computer, Friday night sports betting action should always be considered prior to a night of activities, since some of the best sports action gets underway today! With four NFL games, the closing days of the Beijing Olympics still kicking, and MLB baseball always on deck, Friday is a perfect day for any type of betting on sports, and I for one have spread around my bets at a few different sites, on a few different sporting bets. I’ve got money riding on the NFL today, carried over from earlier this week and I’m sticking to my best-teams-have-the-worst-preseason record scenario. I like Detroit to beat Cleveland, who is still figuring out a QB situation, and Philly over the Pats, who have no need to beat up good players to fill empty slots on offense and defense (because�.there really are none!).

In the games for Major League Baseball this afternoon, the Boston Red Sox have opened up a can on the Toronto Blue Jays, beating them handily 8-4 while stretching out the Wild Card lead for the BoSox. The second game of choice for today has to be the Dodgers and Phillies, who I can’t ever seem to get away from betting on. Greg Maddux gets the start for his new club today, however with the powerful bats of Philadelphia at home, I’m reluctant to wager on the crafty ol’ veteran. I’m thinking over on total points in this one, which is a pretty decent wager at 6.5 today at (read the review of Intertops). Keeping with the NL, check out Tim Lincecum going for his 14th win of the year�a fantastic feat considering the bats in his offensive support. He’s up against the equally-struggling SD Padres, and a bet on the young star would be indeed wise.

Finally, a powerhouse showdown between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Chicago White Sox looks should be a great contest to watch, if you’ve got the MLB Extra Innings set up (or happen to live in Chicago or Tampa Bay, or get WGN in LA!). I’ve got money riding on the Rays tonight, as I’m hoping my online sportsbook bet gets a bit lucky, and won’t go down as so many have when betting against White Sox at home. All around there is more and more great online sportsbook betting opportunities, and this will be a great weekend for that. Enjoy your time off, and thanks again for choosing the best online sportsbooks and casinos through our site at

Aaron G.

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