Weekend sports betting update for Saturday

Its days like today that make a sports fan really glad to be just that: who else can really appreciate seeing a full lineup of games across Major League Baseball and the National Football League, and fully appreciate how long of a wait it has been for the start of a new sports season? We sports fans have it lucky this week, and online sportsbook betting has never been better in my opinion. You can claim on and on that we’re still only in the preseason rounds of the NFL, or that Major League Baseball is starting to become more difficult with choosing the right sportsbook bets, but I say that the more game the merrier and the tougher the betting gets, the better bettor you will become. Like that? Yeah, I may be a goof, but at least I have fun doing it! Saturday’s online sports betting platter is completely stuffed with NFL games, and if it weren’t for the fact that it is still preseason, this amount of games makes it feel like a regular season Sunday, and I’m going to go ahead and pretend that it is! There are nine games for sports betting on this afternoon, and although at the beginning of the preseason I will freely admit my apprehension towards betting on football before the season starts, it’s been a successful turn of the page that has seen my betting record go to 9-4 before the regular season this year. Needless to say me, as well as my various online sportsbook accounts are very happy so far´┐Ż

I’m actually going to go out on a limb today and take some risk betting on sports in one of our best online sportsbooks at Betus.com (read the review of BetUS). I’ve never felt comfortable betting on the Arizona Cardinal in the regular season, but today will be different. They are up against Oakland today, and the Raiders I don’t believe will be up to show their home crowd that they are firing on most, if any cylinders heading into the regular season. Likewise, the same goes for St. Louis, who is looking for two wins at home in the preseason, and should get it against Baltimore, who is still shuffling for a locked in Quarterback. There is something to be said about saving face at home right now, especially after you’ve lost a few games. I like a lot of preseason play that I’ve seen so far, and for any type of online sports bettor, these games are great precursors to online sports betting in the regular season, not to mention those Fantasy Football picks!

Make sure to check out all the sports betting opportunities at our best online sportsbooks today, as we all deserve to take a little break from work, and maybe even make some money just sitting around! Even if preseason football isn’t your thing, there is always the presence of Major League Baseball, which is now within 40 games of the playoffs. It’s an exciting time to be a sports fan, and as good a time as any to get online to your favorite sportsbook and place a few wagers. As always, thank you for stopping by our website, and getting all the best online sportsbook reviews for some of the best online sportsbooks on the internet. Get your bets placed and get into the action today and tonight, as you won’t want to miss out on all the great sports betting to be had on Saturday.

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