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It’s just about that time at to get back to one of the best online sports betting sites at Bodog (read the review of Bodog), and what better way to get into a new day of online sportsbook and casino betting than by visiting one of the best sites around and dropping a few online sportsbook wagers today! Although this website has been in action for years, Bodog is one of the few sites that consistently updates itself with new interactive features, great casino games, and always solid customer support. With an online sportsbook and casino with such a great history and reputation for being user friendly and reliable, Bodog offers what every sports bettor looks for; consistency and fun! So far, after playing on this site for over a year, has been among the best at payouts, bonus offerings, and has a great reputation and years of outstanding service. has grown to be one of the best all-around sports betting websites, and I’m excited to get to play my hand on the site today!

Monday Night Football in any form is a great opportunity for any sports betting enthusiast, and the night’s match-up between the Seattle Seahawks and the San Diego Chargers is especially cool for me, being a die-hard Hawks fan. I’ve got my scratch down for the Hawks (of course) tonight, and I’m hoping to see what will become the makings of a playoff run for the boys from the Sound. Last season was a pretty big disappointment for the Hawks last year in the playoffs specifically, and with an improved team helmed by Matt Hasslebeck with another year of experience, my expectations for this team are high. Also, in Mike Holmgren’s presumed final year, this is a big season for the Seahawks to get it done. On the other side of the ball though, the Chargers should be up for another outstanding season, and I’m looking for a career best from LT after a somewhat stagnant (by Tomlinson’s standards) year last season. This will be a close one tonight, as two solid defenses should keep the game tight most of the evening.

Of quick note, in Major League Baseball this week, there are once again great chances to make good money betting on sports. The White Sox and Baltimore have a double header today, with a pretty good chance that the White Sox will take two in these games. Also, the Cleveland Indians are starting to get hot, and face Detroit tonight. These series and the multitude of others will undoubtedly keep baseball fans happy, and the online sportsbooks full of people looking to get in on the great action. Get in for yourself this week, and prepare yourself for the upcoming start of NCAA College Football season. It’s exciting times here at and it’s more than worth your while to head to one of our best online sportsbooks and get in on the action today!

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