College Football kicks off a new season of online sports betting!

As sports fans, a new season of games means a fresh start to a new type of online sports betting, and is a great opportunity to get into the action on our best online sportsbooks reviewed here at I’m pleased to announce that today marks the start of the full brunt of the NCAA College Football season, with plenty of games for all you NCAA Football fans to get behind. There are some pretty heavy mismatches today, so pulling together a number of teams for some parlay wagers seems like a good way to go for this Saturday. What will be a very good game today however, is the match-up pitting California against Michigan State, taking place in Berkeley, CA this afternoon. .Both teams look to have good offensive capabilities, if possibly lacking in their secondaries. I’ve got to take the Golden Bears to win today in my online sports betting at (read the review of BetUS), and hoping that the PAC-10 gets a win here today. Either way, this will be a great game for West Coast football fans, with some action in one of our best online sportsbooks.

Though not as many sports betting fans will be paying attention to Major League Baseball today seeing as though College Football is getting underway, there are a number of great games with playoff incentive that are worth taking a look at. Again the Chicago Cubs take on the Philadelphia Phillies, which has my bet landing on the Ted Lily and the Cubbies in this one, who are rallying on a current winning streak. The Cubs look to take the National League Pennant this year, and Philly is in an all out war for a spot in the playoffs, contenting with the Mets and Brewers for a possible Wild Card spot. With only about 20 games left in the year, your online sports betting just gets more exciting as October quickly approaches.

Poke your head into one of our featured online sportsbooks this afternoon, and find the right bets to suit your sports betting style on a day filled with opportunities. I’ve been waiting a long time to see the online sports books branch out from Major League Baseball, and today is certainly an exciting time to be a sports fan. Good luck in your online betting, and hopefully you will get to cash in on some early NCAA Football betting. Cheers to a long weekend, and hopefully you will be enjoying some of the great games while not having to think about work until Tuesday!

Aaron G.

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