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Well sports fans, it’s that great time of the week when the first day back to work ends, and the one great thing to look forward to is Monday Night Football, and sportsbook betting online at one of our featured online sportsbooks here at Tonight’s match-up between the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles should be a great contest to pull out a sports wager for, and I for one took no time this morning heading to (read the review of and placing a wager�hoping for lots of points! There is nothing like a great night to kick back and enjoy a good football game, and Monday night for any sports fan is better with a little football to occupy the time.

Donovan McNabb looks poised to win a lot of games this year, with a great offense that includes the always strong running and receiving of Brian Westbrook, combined with a new young receiver corps led by DeSean Jackson. On the flipside of the ball�meet the best offensive unit, all-around, in the entire NFL league. There is no angle that these Cowboys can’t utilize to tack on points, from Marion Barber, to T.O., to Jason Witten and beyond. One thing of concern heading into this and every game for the Cowboys remains to be their defensive secondary, and it’s ability to protect against the deep ball. All it takes is an off-day for the offense, and this team could be handed a few untimely and unexpected losses this year. However having said that, expect that no other offense in the league can keep pace with Dallas on even an off-day, so betting on the Big D looks good just about every week (with the total points in mind always).

It’s always a great night for online sportsbook betting, however with Monday Night Football to cure the ‘case of the Mondays’ (as a coveted term from the ever classic movie Office Space), you can rest assured that a lousy day at work can turn into a great night of online sports betting, and watching some great NFL football action. Whatever your wager for tonight’s game, enjoy the excitement, and thanks for checking out our best online sportsbooks and casinos reviewed at our website!

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