College Football, Baseball sports betting for Thursday

I can’t tell you why I’m an Oregon State football fan. I grew up under the Purple and Gold of the Washington Huskies, but for some reason, I have always admired the heart and strong play each and every year, regardless of ranking, that is exhibited from the OSU Beaver football squad. With that in mind for Thursday, sports fans get treated to possibly one of the biggest games on the West Coast taking place this year, between #1 ranked USC, and a very less known Beaver squad with little to no national press. However, for tonight, online sports betting gets a little more exciting as the Thursday game of the week happens to be one of the best that will be offered all year in the Pac-10, and should pique the interest of anyone looking to do some betting on sports at our top sportsbooks reviewed here at OSU gets a very tough challenge from all-around dominant, and very talented team out fielded from USC (some say USC has ruined the PAC-10 for stealing all the good recruits that would normally go to other teams in the division), however traveling to Oregon is a feat for any team to over come, and OSU certainly will have upset in mind, and no fear going into this game with nothing to lost. While I can’t go with an upset call here, heed the warnings. If there is one big upset in the Pac-10 this year, this is the best chance to see it.

Switching back to the Major League Baseball for the evening, the playoff picture is still very much in doubt, even if the American League is all but wrapped up. The New York Yankees are out (with their lavish 200 million dollar payroll making the Steinbrenner clad look incredibly foolish), and the AL East is all but in Tampa Bay’s hands. However the real story still remains in the National League Wild Card race, where all kinds of hell is starting to break loose. For tonight’s online sportsbook betting, I’m riding the Mets to win while the Brewers seem destined to flounder. I’m really rooting for the Mets to get in right now, because they have certainly shown more heart than any other team in the NL (except maybe the Philadelphia Phillies), than any other team headed towards the postseason. Best case scenario: a tie for the wild card this year. I love drama in sports, and playoffs before the playoffs could be a very interesting time indeed.

It’s going to be a great weekend coming up for sports fans, and as always there will be great online sportsbook betting at our top sportsbooks here at Until next time, good night and good luck, and thank you again for checking out the online sports betting reviews and websites right here.

Aaron G.

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