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It’s been a long day folks, and I will be the first to admit that Friday couldn’t have come soon enough this week. Getting off late tonight, but making sure to lock in all of my online sports betting at our top sportsbooks earlier today, I’ve hustled home to check out the remaining games undecided in Major League Baseball hoping for some positive news in the playoff race. What I’ve found is that the National League Wild Card as well as the AL Central are still very much up for grabs, with the New York Mets fighting with the Milwaukee Brewers for the final spot, just as the Philadelphia Phillies have moved to clinch the NL East division. I’m hoping to keep riding Philadelphia all the way into the post season, and they have certainly clutched up for me today with a win against the Washington Nationals, as well as in almost every wager I’ve placed on them since the All-Star Break. Although I had also hoped this year to see a resurgent St. Louis Cardinals team, I’ve been very fortunate to see one of my other favorite teams, the Phillies, get as far as they have. Great team chemistry, the will to win, and youthful excitement are always great qualities to look for in a team, and Philadelphia has as much of that as any team.

For online sportsbook betting on Friday, all betting would be done at (read the review of, before taking a much needed night off from all activities, work and sports related. has always been one of the most consistent, efficient, and solid sportsbooks offered for review at, and after years of playing around on this site, I’ve got nothing but good things to say about it. This site is usually the first place I go to check out the sports betting lines, and more often than not on any given day some type of sports betting or casino action takes place on this site by yours truly. With that in mind, if you haven’t been around the online sports betting world for all that long, should be one of your first stops, as it is definitely one of our top sportsbooks we review on our site. I’ve been lucky enough to win much more often than not on this site, which being an amateur gambler is a great feat to accomplish at any rate.\

Without futher ado, I’m taking the rest of the night to relax, enjoy the last blips of the baseball games on the West Coast, then get ready for a long day of great sporting contests and more online sports betting tomorrow. If you haven’t already done so, check out all the action in NCAA football, and MLB Baseball. I haven’t been this excited for sports all year, as Hockey comes back, NFL and NCAA Football are in high gear, and the MLB postseason is just days away. It just doesn’t get any better than this for sports fans, and there is no place better to cash in on some online sports betting than at our featured sites here at

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