Sunday is a perfect day for online sportsbook betting!

From the NFL to the NBA, to the NHL to the NCAA, it’s one excellent time to hit up one of our best online sportsbooks featured here at, and throw out a sportsbook wager or two on any number of the great games in store for betting on sports today. We have #12 Tennessee squaring against #10 Gonzaga in NCAA basketball, which should be a great game for any College Hoops fans to check out, and I certainly won’t be missing out on this one. Gonzaga is terribly tough at home, so my opening wager of the day takes the ‘Dogs over the Volunteers in a close battle. Upset watch for the day is #3 Louisville traveling to W. Kentucky. While I expect the Birds to win on the road, I also expect this to be a gritty game that should come down to a close finish. With that in mind, I like Western Kentucky with the points here, and I’ll take that for my second choice of the day.

Did I mention that there is football today? Sunday couch potatoes will be in hog heaven today, for there is a full assortment of NFL football games this afternoon! There are a number of key match-ups against teams fighting for playoffs, and it’s a good day for heading to an online sports betting site, and placing a wager on one of the teams heating up for a chance to keep playing after three more weeks. (<a href=””>read the review of</a>) has my NFL wagering choices for today, with a few random wagers including Green Bay upsetting Carolina at home, Indy on the road over Cleveland, and Tampa Bay over New Orleans in a close one. You can find a number of great choices for betting on sports for NFL football action today, so make sure your wagers are placed before kick off this morning, check out the game breakdowns for the need-to-know player and team information prior to game time, and put your luck on the line for more great football action!

Along with the NFL and NCAA action in store for today, there is plenty more wagering to choose from across our featured online sportsbooks reviewed here at Check out the NHL Hockey, NBA Basketball, and all the other wagering possibilities at the best online sportsbooks and casinos featured on our site. Guaranteed to make any day of sports more exciting, stop by any one of the best websites reviewed here, enjoy the sports action scheduled for today, and have a great Sunday evening of rest and relaxation before the work week starts again. Thanks again for stopping by, and good luck as always when betting on sports!

Aaron G.

Huge day of College Football highlights sportsbook action for Saturday

I hope that you are all enjoying today’s NCAA College Football action, and hopefully you’ve taken the opportunity to log in to one of our top sportsbooks reviewed here at If you aren’t, you are missing out on some of the greatest football action of the year, with divisional championships up for grabs, and BCS hopes won and lost on this day alone. Any which way you slice it, between all the sports action offered in football, basketball and hockey, it’s a great weekend to be a sports fan, and an even better weekend if you are signed up at one of our best online sportsbooks and casinos reviewed here. For today’s online sports betting, I’m back at (<a href=””>read the review of PlayersOnly</a>), as it has been a perennial favorite of mine, and has put me in the positive figures since I became a member about 2 years ago. From football to baseball, hockey to golf, to whatever your fancy may be, you certainly will be able to find something worth while to bet on at when the season beckons it.

On to football for today, my upset of the week has to be Oregon State getting dropped by Oregon, who will be doing battle against one another today in the 112th Civil War. The Beavers could end up clinching the Pac-10 birth for the Rose bowl with a win today, but something just tells me with the way the Pac-10 has been a contstant disappointment this year, OSU’s hopes get shattered today. I don’t know if this is a smart bet (certainly not one to follow mind you) but for some reason I just feel like Oregon should win today, which would most likely allow USC to squeeze into a bowl game. Expect a tough game for the Big 12 showdown between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, as well as another big in-state fight between Florida and Florida State, which shouldn’t be close, but should be fun to watch.

I for one am getting offline so I can enjoy a peaceful day of online sports betting, and great sports action. With football all day, baseball all night, and plenty of other great action at our top sportsbooks in between, who could really ask for anything more? Thanks once again for dropping by our site to check on all the best online sportsbooks offered on the internet. Get those bets placed today, and as always we wish you the best of luck. Catch us again tomorrow for more sports betting updates, and enjoy all the great sports action today.

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Friday night offers more great sportsbook betting at our best reviewed sites

At, there is always something new every single day to get you into the fun and exciting world of sports wagering and casino gaming. Whether it be checking out a new featured sportsbook you haven’t tried yet, placing a wager on whatever sports suits your fancy, or just hunkering down at the tables for some good old poker, we have it all for you. What that means for every sports betting enthusiast, is a constant supply of new sportsbook betting opportunities to wager on, and a seemingly endless amount of casino game types to try out (and hopefully master some day). With Thanksgiving done with, and a few inches added to the collective wasteline of the American public, it’s a perfect lazy Friday for checking into some great sports action, and taking it easy for what is hopefully a long weekend for you all. With 11 hockey games set for tonight and 11 NBA games, I am ready to place a few bets, and hopefully get in some cards at out best online casinos before the evening is over.

For Friday Night betting, there is a multitude of options and a plate full of games to choose from, and thus my night will be mostly spent with some quick wagering at our featured online sportsbooks, then a trip to our online casinos featured at While I generally stick to the wagering I am most comfortable with, there is something that keeps pulling at my leg to try wagering out of my comfort zone. Maybe it’s the overwhelming amount of options offered by our featured sportsbooks and casinos, but new sporting events are calling all the time, begging me to play. However, in the mean time, I revert to my favorites and placed one parlay bet for this evening on NHL hockey at (<a href=””>read the review of</a>). Tonight, this writer will be rooting for the red hot Boston Bruins (and taking over on the total points) against the NY Islanders, the Ducks over the visiting Blackhawks, as well as Caps at home over the Canadiens. I’ll keep my fingers crossed on those bets, and hope for a good showing tonight.

With a few NBA wagers placed, my bets are done for the day, and it’s just a matter of time to sit and watch for the outcome. Whether it’s wagering on the NBA, NHL, College Basketball, Soccer or whatever your fancy, leaves you with tons of options for choosing your favorite sports bets, as well internet casino games that would rival any real casinos selection. Enjoy your evening, and thanks again for choosing us for the best online sportsbooks and casinos the internet has to offer.

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Thanksgiving sports action takes center stage for wagering at

This could be one of the most exciting times of the year for wagering on online sports betting, as the NBA and NHL is off and running, college football is nearing the bowl season, the NFL is close to the playoffs, and online sports betting has never been better! Every single night of the week, fans are bombarded with multiple games to watch, attend and wager on in the vast amount of sportsbooks across the internet. Luckily for you and me, has the best of what the internet has to offer, and wagering on our featured sportsbooks is always safe, secure, and exciting.  Being a member at every single one of the sportsbooks and casinos offered on our site, I can explain with confidence that every website is guaranteed to give you a great sportsbook and casino experience for your wagering dollar. For today, I’ve decided to concentrate wagering on a number of different types of bets ranging from parlays, to line wagers, to straight up money. The sportsbook of choice for today is (<a href=””>read the review of Superbook</a>), which happened to be one of the first (not to mention one of the finest) online sportsbooks I have used on  It’s all about NFL football for opening wagers at this website, and with that, a quick throwdown for Tennessee, Philadelphia, and Dallas and my wagering is done, easy-peasy.

For my next online wagering stop, I turn to the NBA and the NHL where only two games a piece are being played this evening, and I’ll throw down another five dollar parlay taking a very good Orlando team over a very bad Washington team, as well as New Orleans visiting Denver in what will be a much closer contest that I have to take a gut check on for the right call (we’ll see if that works out!). On the NHL side, one of my favorite match-ups takes place today, with the Calgary Flames visiting the Vancouver Canucks. Having watched the Canucks last year at home against the Flames, and seeing the damage done to netminder Mikka Kiprusoff, I’m betting that this one goes to Calgary, as Vancouver is without their ace in the hole, Roberto Luongo. In the other game, I like Ottawa at home against Toronto, in yet another classic match-up.

I’ve got a couple wagers placed across our featured websites at and as well this evening, just to round out the sports betting love across a few of our great online sports betting site. The six ranked teams in action for NCAA basketball aren’t  looking to likely to face upsets, so I’ll throw ten bones on a parlay taking Gonzaga, Georgetown, and Wake Forest to win outright in their games this evening. That’s twenty bucks altogether well spent in my opinion, and now I get to kick back and enjoy some great sports action tonight. We’ll see you again on, enjoy your Thanksgiving, and thanks for taking the time to check out the best online sportsbooks and casinos on the internet!

Aaron G.

Wednesday’s sports betting update, wagering at

Wednesday has certainly turned out to have just what I’ve been looking for everyday of the week. More great online sports betting action at our featured sportsbooks! It will certainly amount to a couple of parlay wagers for myself, and a journey to a few of our best online casinos, as I’m a sucker for playing Texas Hold ‘Em on any night of week in our top sportsbooks. For Wednesday, is all about parlay wagers for the quick and (hopefully) easy way to build some cash quickly. For the NBA basketball and NHL hockey leagues, sports betting fans have plenty to choose from at our top sportsbooks featured here at, and you would be hard up not to be able to find some great action for this Wednesday night of sportsbook betting online.

Heading down to our featured online sportsbook at tonight (<a href=””>read the review of Intertops</a>), I’ve once again ventured into one of the most insane displays of online sports betting on the internet. This site has got it all for you, whether you like sports bets, social bets, or any other number of ridiculous things to bet on. For me tonight, I’m only here for the sports bets, and NHL hockey and NBA basketball is where my wagers will lie. I like the match-up between Boston and Buffalo once again, which is a tough call for wagering, but will be a great game between two teams already pre-destined for the post season. Although it may be the case here the Boston is the better overall team this year, I’m going with the Sabres tonight, who are starting to look better and better with each game played at home, and Ryan Miller has been outstanding in goal. I must say it’s tough calling early season NHL games, and I’ve been a bit under .500 thus far this year, but throwing around 5 to 10 dollar bets here and there certainly won’t break my bank (knock, knock). Also for tonight, I look for a 15th win of the year, betting against Oklahoma City once again in NBA play. Phoenix looks to end their losing streak tonight against a helpless Minnesota team, Detroit has a favorable home match-up against the Knicks tonight, and San Antonio and Utah are good picks with home games this evening.

Keep an eye out for more great sports betting opportunities at our featured top sportsbooks for the rest of this week, and as always, good luck in your sports betting endeavors. Thursday football is in full swing for Thanksgiving, so get those bets placed early for more great NFL football action all day long. offers a sports fan a great opportunity to read up on our best online sportsbook reviews, find the best online sportsbook wagers each and every day, and hopefully make a little extra cash while having a good time doing it. Until tomorrow, good night, good luck, and thanks as always for stopping by!

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Great opportunities for betting on sports continues on Tuesday

On Tuesday night, a handful of games are available for wagering on in our featured sportsbooks, and across a number of leagues, sports betting fans get the opportunity to once again enjoy a plethora of choices for betting on sports at our best online sportsbooks reviewed at First off, with just 3 games in play for NHL Hockey action, it’s a perfect shot at a three-team parlay wager, albeit with a few tough calls to make. Atlanta travels to Toronto, where the struggling Maple Leafs just don’t pose the same threat at home as the used to. Nashville hosts St. Louis, a team which has fallen back down to normal after a great opening start to their season. Last on the NHL docket, Calgary gets Los Angeles, another team regressing back to their average, at home in the rockin’ Saddledome tonight. I like Atlanta, Nashville and Calgary in tonight’s games, which is my first wager at one our best online sports betting sites, (<a href=””>read the review of BetUS</a>).

Elsewhere in sports for Tuesday there is exciting action in the NBA that will make for a few solid potential wagering opportunities in our featured sportsbooks. I like Dallas over the visiting Indiana Pacers, as well as the Cleveland Cavs traveling to New York. The dismal Wizards get a bit of new life with a new coach, and I’m betting that the 2-9 Wiz can take down the GS Warriors, who are off to a very disappointing start already. There are plenty of great teams to wager on in NBA basketball, and I’m pleased to say that once again I’m above .500 for this year’s NBA basketball wagering at our top sportsbooks, which is a great start for someone with less knowledge of the NBA, than any other sport available for wagering on. Check out the five games in action, and place your bets before it’s too late!

Sports action for this week will certainly be full of exciting wagering opportunities on our featured sportsbooks at  I for one can’t wait for the start of the Pac-10, SEC, Big-12 and ACC Football battles that will all be taking place over the course of Saturday. Make sure that you get a chance to hop on an online sportsbook or two, because you certainly won’t want miss out on some practice wagering before the college football gets underway, as this will be the best football in the NCAA before the bowl games begin around the holidays. Check back with us tomorrow for more sports updates, and hopefully for myself and everyone else, better luck will be just around the corner. Have a great night, and thanks again for using for the best online sports books and casinos the internet has to offer.

Aaron G.

Monday Night Football, more great sports betting excitement at

It’s a surprisingly busy day for betting on sports this Monday, as handfuls of games are slated for College and NBA Basketball, NHL Hockey, and my personal favorite; Monday Night Football! For MNF tonigh however, tonight’s match-up should be a major shoot-out between two high-powered offensive teams, both with relatively poor defensive units. The Green Bay Packers are given the edge in the spread, even while traveling to New Orleans for the game, however I’m not so sure that the Pack can put up the back-and-forth fight that is no doubt going to ensue this evening. Going to (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), my first wager of the day would be on the Monday Night Game, and I like the over bet on total points, or even NO to win the game this evening as the best options to take in this game. I certainly count on Drew Brees outperforming Aaron Rodgers at QB, and if the score runs up, so do the chances of a Saints victory this evening. That completing betting on sports for NFL footballs this week, elsewhere in the sports world there were plenty of other great opportunities to enjoy the online sports betting options offered at our best online sports betting sites.

Going back to the wagering at seems like a great way to spend a Monday night, especially after winning a little bit of extra cash in the sportsbooks in the past few days. If you have checked out this site at anytime before, chances are you’ve heard me raving about the great selections of play offered for all types of sports betting and online casino gaming fans.  Play anyone, anywhere, for any amount of money you wish to wager. I still get a kick out of playing with people from around the world, who help make games part of an online community. Whether you are simply betting on sports or playing one of the many casino and poker games, is a great place to feel secure about your wagers, and find good competition for table games any day. Being able to watch some games while playing online in our featured casinos is a great time to be had on any day of the week, and I’m stoked to be back on the tables tonight.  If you have the same love of the game for Texas Hold ‘Em as this writer does, come check out Not only is their casino a solid place to play, the sportsbook is well laid out and easy to navigate.

Back to the world of sports, the NBA and NHL action is in full swing this evening, with a many great match-ups to wager on . Top teams in College Basketball also tip off, including the game of the night between #2 Connecticut, and #19 Wisconsin. I can’t wait for more NBA wagering tomorrow, as I’ve cashed in today on a few parlay wagers already, and you can bet that I’ll be back here again with more wagering updates, and more sporting news. Until then, thanks for checking us out at, and have a great night.

Aaron G.

NFL Football means great online sportsbook betting on Sunday

With every passing week it sinks in just a bit more that the year 2008 is almost over, and with it, the large majority of the NFL Football season. Week 12 comes with some interesting match-ups for online sportsbook wagering, but in an amongst the crowd is a handful of solid picks, and definitely some great games to catch from the couch! Sometimes there is nothing better than getting a weekend to just hang out, relax, and do whatever you want to do.  This is especially true when you have plenty of sports action to choose from on television, and have a host of online sportsbooks and casinos to play around on throughout the day. For this Sunday, my first sportsbook wager goes down at (<a href=””>read the review of</a>) taking a handful of games in parlay, and a few singles here and there. The game I’m truly interested in is the Jets vs. Titans contest, which could be just about the only week I see the Titans standing a chance at losing. Either way, I see a gritty game here, with a pretty low score, so I’m taking the under bet on total points here. I like Green Bay over New Orleans’ raggedy defensive squad, and Houston over Cleveland. As per usual, count on the Chiefs, Lions and Rams to lose their respective games, and as such any team playing them is good for a possible parlay wager.

For Sunday in the NBA, there was little shortage of solid wagering opportunities to be placed on our featured sportsbooks at For my wagers today, its a few separate parlay bets, one at (<a href=””>read the review of</a>) and the other at (<a href=””>read the review of BetUS</a>). Lakers are an almost automatic win at home every night; Boston is automatic anywhere they play, and Detroit is at home against one of the worst teams in the league, playing Minnesota. Denver hosts Chicago in what should be a high-scoring game, and Golden State travels to Philly to take on the 76ers. Anyway you go with that game, good luck. Any which way, the NBA is settling into stride with teams having shown their true colors for the most part, which in turn makes wagering a little bit easier for those of us betting on sports.

You certainly won’t want to miss out on all the sports action in the month ahead, as college football begins championship week this coming weekend. Betting will be wild, and so will the ups and downs as great teams pair up against one another for a shot at the divisional championships, as well as the BCS line-ups. Online sports betting has never been better at our top sportsbooks, and you can count on all of our featured sportsbooks to deliver excitement with every wager. Check back with us tomorrow, and good luck placing your wagers this week. It’s going to take some gutsy bets to come out on top by next weekend�

Aaron G.

NCAA action takes center stage for a great day of sports bettingNCAA action takes center stage for a great day of sports betting

It’s another great day of online sports betting today, fueled by the few remaining games in the College Football season, combined with some college and pro hoops, and also even a little bit of hockey on deck for sports betting fanatics. Today’s big action though has to be the games in the College Football top 25, especially the big match-ups between Texas Tech and Oklahoma, as well as Michigan State traveling to Happy Valley for a big showdown with the Penn State Nittany Lions. Combine that with a big contest for supremacy of the Mountain West conference between Utah and BYU, and you have three games with huge connotations for bowl games, not to mention the overall top 25 rankings. If you haven’t already, check out the sports betting odds for these three games, and get your bets placed asap!

With a trip back to (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), one of our finest online sports betting and casino sites, I consider my sportsbook wagers well worth it so long as the sports action is exciting, as I’m only dropping a couple of small-money wagers today (after Friday’s few bets placed happened to go the other way on me. Without question, the best game of the day will be between the #2 ranked Texas Tech and #5 Oklahoma, in Big 12 South battle for the title. There is just about no doubt in my mind that if the Red Raiders pull off the win traveling to Oklahoma for the game, they may end up #1 in the BCS polls (as Alabama still has a very tough contest in the final week against #4 Florida). Along with this game today, I’ve lumped in a few football wagers, a couple of hockey picks for later on today, and as always, as wager on the Oklahoma City Thunder to lose again in NBA action (if you don’t know the back story�just know that I’m from the Seattle area originally).

With that little update, I’m ready for some great sports action on the tube today, and await another day off sports tomorrow with even more great NFL football action. So have a great remainder of the weekend, and hopefully for all of us, Sunday will bring great luck for all the exciting sports betting action in store for the day. Thank you once again for using for the best in online sportsbooks and casinos the internet has to offer.

Aaron G.

Friday Night Sportsbook wagering at

Happy Friday from!  I hope that you’re work week went by quickly, and fortunately you were able to wager on some of tonight’s sports match-ups before play begins this evening. I for one took advantage of the great games in the NBA tonight, and placed a few wagers across some of our featured sportsbooks. For my first wager of the day, I checked into one of my personal-favorite online sportsbooks at (<a href=””>read the review of BetUS</a>), and placed a four team parlay taking Boston, Dallas, Utah and New Orleans to win their respective games. All four are favored to win, and with the way these teams have been playing of late this should be an assured victory. Now if I could only find a piece of wood to knock on�

The one game of the night to look for in my opinion would have to be between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Denver Nuggets, with both teams playing excellent ball to start of the NBA season. You can be sure that I’ll be checking out this game, as it should be one of the better contests of the evening. The Lakers do have the home court in their favor tonight, and my online sports betting will have to favor the Lakers with the points spread this evening. Going to, I have taken my wager out for this game, and hopefully for me, I don’t have to eat my words tomorrow, with Lakers ending up with only their second defeat of the year at the hands of Denver, then having explain once again that I’m just an amateur sports bettor with no real analysis skill! Oh well�regardless of this outcome tonight, I don’t have to go to work tomorrow, and that is worth any of the money I’ve placed on sports wagers tonight!

Tomorrow is another thing all together, and I have to squeeze in a little bit on NCAA basketball offered for sports fans, to go with the big day of NCAA football. Get prepared this evening for a great day of college action starting Saturday morning by placing your wagers tonight in our featured sportsbooks at You’ve got about 90 games or so to choose from in our best online sports betting sites, and plenty of Top 25 action with teams vying for a spot at NCAA glory in football, so finding something to wager on shouldn’t be a problem. So have a great evening, whatever it is your doing, but make sure to be back around tomorrow for more sports and wagering updates. Thanks again for checking in with us.

Aaron G.