Sportsbook wagering for Saturday’s nest egg of sports!

Today is a great day. Mostly, because it’s not Monday. A close second to that, is the fact that another day has passed, and I don’t have to go to (real) work! So as we have another day before having to go back to work, it call for more online sports betting, and today’s top sportsbook happens to reside at (read the review of Saturday maybe for partying for most, but I will be the first to tell you that there is money to be earned on this online sportsbook, and paying for 10 dollar drinks doesn’t sound so good when you could be winning that money at home instead with Oddsmaker! Sometimes it’s just a good idea to kick back, place a few sportsbook wagers, watch some sports all day long, and play a few hours of games�I don’t care if I sound old, because there is money to be made right in the comfort of my own home!

Anyways, for today’s online sports betting action, there are just a few NCAA Basketball games, a handful of bowl games which should see some tough wagering calls, and a host of NBA and NHL games. In the Champ Sports Bowl, Florida State and Wisconsin battle in the Champs Sports Bowl, and I’ll take a Florida team over Wisconsin any day. I’ve always liked the West Virginia Mountaineers (even though my all-time record betting with them isn’t even that great), and for that reason I’ll take them over North Carolina. In a battle in the Emerald Bowl between the should-have-been-Top 25-but-aren’t, California takes on Miami, in what actually should be a pretty good game. I say one name, and that is Jahvid Best. Watch this kid folks. This is a game maker right here, and all you have to do to back that up is to check out the 8.1 yard average he put up during the year. I can’t call this one straight up, so I’m taking the over wager on total points for this one.

There are some great games scheduled across the NBA and NHL which are more than worthy of a bet, especially if you enjoy fast paced action backed by exciting sports betting. With all this action, there is an assurance that no matter where you live or who your root for, at least one game in one sports league will offer just the right risk/reward for you, and the best of luck to you in pursuing that balance in our top online sportsbooks! With that in mind, I’m off for the day with just one more parlay wager for the NBA, so we’ll see you tomorrow on for more sportsbook and online casino action. Enjoy your evening and good luck placing those wagers!

Aaron G.

Back in sports betting business for a fantastic Friday off

Everything�is�okay. There is hockey, and there is basketball, this is good. And, there’s a bowl game, albeit a shaky one�yes. This will do nicely. Finally things are getting back to normal, and for betting on sports today, each and every online sports betting website reviewed here is full of solid action, and great chances to make some dough on a day off (at least I hope you have today off as well!). The NBA is rolling along after a fun day yesterday that saw Boston lose their streak, and made me look like I actually might know what I’m talking about�only problem was loosing those couple other wagers�.yeah. Anyways today is another day, and another day that I can wager against Oklahoma City. I’m sorry. For all that live in Oklahoma City, it’s not about you. It’s just about the team. The Pistons should have no troubles at home, and improve my wagering against Oklahoma City to 27-3 on the year.

For today, it’s a trip to (read the review of Superbook), as it is another one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed here. Top quality service, prompt payments and good bonuses are a key to repeat business, and I have no problem giving my time to website like Superbook for all my sports betting needs. Today I actually like the Jazz at home against the Mavericks, who are coasting on nice little runs of wins, as they square off in Salt Lake city a little later on. Ever the fan of a stinkfest, I’ll have to wager on the T-wolves vs. Knicks, and I could see a high scoring affair to determine this one, and as such take over on total points. On the flipside, and in an actually solid contest, the New Orleans Hornets host the Houston Rockets, which will make for a tough gut call in sports betting. I have a weakness for wagering with the home team in games played against well-matched, and very good teams, so I lean towards the Hornets in this one. Likewise, the Nuggets match-up well against the struggling 76ers, Memphis is at home in a battle of the equally sub-par, and I like the direction the Heat are going, especially against a slumping Chicago Bulls team.

I’m just squeezing one last round of betting on sports for the NHL later this evening�so as I am already dropping in on for my favorite Texas Hold ‘Em action, later, I might as well give them a little love on my NHL sports betting as well. No matter what sports you are watching today, or where you’re wagering among the top sportsbooks reviewed here, you can be sure that leaves you with tons of options for choosing your favorite sports bets, as well internet casino games that would rival any real casinos selection. Enjoy your evening, good luck in all your wagering and I hope you come back and see us soon!

Aaron G.

Quick round of online sports betting before Christmas madness

It has to be a short and sweet session for me today, as today is of course Christmas. And a merry one indeed for all who celebrate! And to everyone dropping by our site, Happy Holidays to you and yours! Briefly, I pause in the early morning festivities to get back to�.you guessed it�more sportsbook betting! Now with football fading away, and no hockey games, college bowl games, and no college hoops coming up on tv, at least the NBA offers sports fans the opportunity to catch a couple great match-ups, and place a few wagers at our top sportsbooks featured here on our website. Without question, the treat for today’s action is the Los Angeles v. Boston contest, held right here in LA (at least it rained today�kinda snow?). I have to go with the home team tonight, as Boston’s streak just has to end. 19 in a row? Stop it. Staples center will be going off for the game today, and if there is anyone in the league that is up to the task of taking down the Celtics, it is this year’s class of Lakers.

Now, with that in mind, I head back to another favorite website at Bodog (read the review of, it is has the best of what the internet has to offer, and wagering on this featured sportsbook is always safe, secure, and exciting. For the small amount of wagering I’m taking today, I like the Lakers over Boston, The Magic with the points, and the Suns at home over the Spurs. The Trailblazers host the Mavericks tonight, and I’m counting on Brandon Roy and company to put up big numbers to break the total points. I’m certain the Mavericks will put up their share of points, as they have come out swinging with a nice little winning streak built on keeping the score high.

That’s twenty bucks altogether well spent in my opinion, as I’ve spread a bit over a few wagering types, and parlayed a few games out of the 5 NBA contests taking place today. If you’re betting on sports today, make sure to check into one of the great sportsbooks today like the one at Bodog, and make you get to kick back and enjoy some great sports action throughout the day. We’ll see you again on, and thanks again for stopping by!

Aaron G.

Sports betting update, bowl wagering at

Ahhhhhhh�what a relief to have the holiday rush be over! Today marks a great day for sports fans and online sports betting enthusiasts, as the bowl season continues, and many sports leagues around the U.S kick up the competition once again. To my delight, and I’m sure to all the other sports fans out there as well, we have yet�.another NCAA bowl game! It’s Hawaii versus Notre Dame in today’s match-up, and to be perfectly honest, this isn’t a real great match-up. Both teams are hovering at near .500 on the year, and honestly don’t deserve a matchup in a bowl in my opinion. But, whether this game is necessary or not, it’s going on, and online sports betting can be resumed! This game looks like a points brawl, since it’s in sunny Hawaii, and the Rainbow Warriors should be able to put up at least some points in their home state. I fully expect a big Notre Dame win, and Charlie Weiss better as well to snap ND’s 9 game bowl losing streak, and hopefully give him another year as head coach.

There isn’t much else left to wager on today, so for the brief time I have during the day before family activities start during the evening, it’s off for a little bit of Poker and Casino action at (read the review of BetUS), with the hopes of a little something extra for my stocking this year. was the first of the best sportsbooks and casinos I started with at, and to this day it remains one of my very favorite places to spend time when online. Whether betting on sports, playing a little cards with other online members, or enjoying any of the multitude of casino games offered at Betus, you can be sure that it is not only one of the most secure places to place your wagers, but is also time tested and approved by yours truly. There’s certainly a good handful of other folks joining in the online festivities here, so come on down and join in the fun before the relatives start taking over!

For Christmas Eve, hopefully you have no work to do, and have plenty of free time to check in to one of the top sportsbooks listed on our website, and I hope that any and all betting you do on those sites turns out to be profitable! Enjoy your evening, check out the lone bowl game tonight, and Happy Holidays from all of us here!

Aaron G.

Online Sportsbook and Casino fun at

Tuesday kicks off one more day in the NCAA Bowl Series, and for online sports betting fans, We’ve got a couple of basketball games in store for the NBA and NCAA, along with 13 NHL games, so I’ll make my wagers at one of our top sportsbooks featured here, and get down to business at the casino and poker room at (read the review of Intertops). What makes the holidays so great is the excuse to sit back without (hopefully having to ever go to work), place a few online sports bets, and enjoy almost non-stop sports action at anytime of the day. As the bowl season heats up with the first of what seems like one hundred different games, it certainly makes me happy as a sports fan, and eager as an online sports betting enthusiast, to see each day with a new opportunity to cash in on some sportsbook wins. Whatever your taste in sports betting, it can be found with just a few simple clicks to our online sportsbook reviews, and a trip to the best sportsbooks and casinos on the internet.

For my online sports betting action today, I just love the bowl matchup between #9 Boise State and #11 TCU. Boise State could finish a perfect season with a victory, and either way this one should be a tough call for any sports betting fan, whether professional or amateur. Between two teams of this caliber, I’m banking on both teams trying very hard not to make mistakes, and thus the under side for total points looks good. The Los Angeles Lakers vs. the New Orleans Hornets contest looks to be a good start for betting on sports for the NBA, and the way both these teams have been scoring, I’ve got to take the over wager on the points here. Going to again (read the review of and placing my first wager for the NBA, I certainly expect to see some fast paced basketball, which hopefully will cover the modest total on this game. As per usual, I’ve got to bet against Oklahoma City, per the fact that they stole my home team, and since that is so lopsided, this will be part of a little parlay along with Houston to win again, and Boston at home in what should be a landslide.

Hopefully you’re off of work, and if you’re not like me, hopefully it isn’t too far before you get to spend a few days at home, not doing pointless work day in and day out! Instead, enjoy the great online sports betting offered at the top sportsbooks on our site, and get in the action today before time runs out on the best betting Tuesday has to offer! Wishing you the best for the holidays, we at thank you for visiting our site for online sportsbook and casino reviews, and hope that you can find enjoyment betting on sports at our featured sports betting sites, and cashing in on all the great sports action available this holiday season. Relax, kick back, and enjoy!

Aaron G.

Classic matchup for MNF football highlights sports betting action

It’s almost time for the holiday madness to really get underway, and what better way to spending a Monday evening than with a quiet night on the couch with a great game Monday Night Football and online sports betting! It’s the Packers taking on the Bears from Soldier Field, in what should be a scrappy, hard fought contest in cold and windy Chicago. While admittedly only the Bears have any stake in this game as far as having it mean anything for their season (Green Bay actually gets a better draft position if they just lose�), there is nothing Green Bay would like more, than to ruin those chances to close out their poor effort sans Brett Favre. I like Chicago to clutch up in this one, in a close one, but for betting on sports tonight at (read the review of, the under bet on total points seems like the ticket to go with.

Monday night sees six games in the NBA, and another four games in the NHL, which should do nicely for a few added parlay bets this evening. Using small wagers featuring a few of the choice matchups in each the NBA and NHL, I’m all set for online sports betting, and ready for the action to begin just as soon as I get home for the evening. The Magic, Rockets and Nuggets round out a three team parlay for basketball wagering, and in Hockey I have to go with my Canucks at home over the Ducks, Edmonton at home, along with the Sabres. Nothing is easier than stopping by one of our feature online sportsbooks and dropping a couple quick wagers to blend with action on the television, and within 10 minutes time, my bets are placed, fingers are crossed, and nothing could be better for a sports fan!

With a crazy week ahead, both on the field and with family for the holidays, make sure to enjoy all the time you can catching some of the great games in store for online sports betting fans, as bowl season continues, the last week of the NFL decides the playoff picture, and as always there is tons of great Basketball and Hockey to choose from just about each and every day. Until tomorrow, enjoy Monday Night Football, thanks for checking out the top sportsbooks and casinos reviewed here, and check back with us again soon!

Aaron G.

Week 16 of NFL Sunday makes for great online sportsbook betting

Sundays during the holiday season are one of my most favorite days of all. It’s cold (well, relatively in LA, at about 55 degrees), and many games being played today will be taking place under inclement weather conditions, many having lots of snowfall for gametime. This Sunday happens to be a great opportunity to break the grueling pace of the holiday season, place some wagers at our featured online sports betting sites, and kick back for some well-deserved NFL football. It’s week 16, the playoffs are on the line, and there is really no place I’d rather be than cozy on a couch, while the cold weather outside just passes on by unnoticed. This morning getting up, I’m already hearing reports of Soldier Field having some nasty conditions for game time, so the Green Bay vs. Chicago game might already be a pass for my sports betting today�

My first wager of the day will take the teams looking to prove something in today’s game. First and foremost, that means the Houston Texans, who are looking to finish at .500 or above for the first time in team history. Against a shoddy Oakland Raiders team, my online sports betting says they come up with a win in the Bay Area today, on the strong running game featuring rookie sensation Steve Slaton. Cleveland also needs a win at home, if only to save a bit of face in front of their home crowd. Cincinnati is horrible, and a victory for the Browns should be a good call. Another great game I’m checking out, as it’s the first game on tap for Fox Sports today, is the Arizona Cardinals vs. the New England Patriots. Arizona is horrible on the road, and especially bad on the East Coast, and with pretty bad conditions scheduled for game time, I would go so far as to predict a complete Patriots blowout in this one.

No matter what your sport of choice is on any given day, Sunday is for football, and there are no better places to do some betting on sports than at our featured online sports betting sites reviewed here at There are some classic match-ups in NFL football this afternoon and evening, so I highly recommend heading to one of our best online sports betting sites, and get in to the action before its too late today!

Aaron G.

NFL, NCAA, NBA and NHL action�oh my!

As most people make their ways home for the holidays, there are plenty of great chances at our featured online sportbooks and casinos for passing a little spare time, and taking advantage of all the great sports lined up from NFL Football, NCAA and NBA basketball, NHL Hockey, as well as a few others here and there. For Saturday’s action, sports fans are lucky to have one NFL game up for grabs, as the Dallas Cowboys continue to move towards the postseason, and face a surprisingly good Baltimore Ravens team today in the last home stand at Texas Stadium. While Dallas is playing at home, Baltimore’s D should all but level the playing field, and keep this game close. Teams are certainly gunning for the Cowboys, and it’s undoubtedly a tough match-up for sportsbook betting today, but I’ll take Dallas to squeeze one out here, and help fast track them into the post season.

For the online sport betting visit of the day, it’s a trip over to one of our best at (read the review of is certainly one of my favorite online sports betting sites, and is generally the source for my first look into the posted odds for any given day of sports. Getting in on a bit more football action today, the NCAA continues it’s early bowl games with three games lined up for sports betting fans on Saturday. The best match-up looks to be between BYU and Arizona in the Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl, and I’ll go out on a limb for an Arizona upset in this one. BYU has been overrated all year, playing in a sub-par conference, and it’s make or break today in this game. I’m taking USF over Memphis, which shouldn’t be close, and Fresno State to get Colorado State, in what looks to be a shootout game in the St. Petersburg Bowl (where are they coming up with these bowl games?)

Last but certainly not least on today’s schedule are a slough of NBA and NCAA basketball games in store, along with a few NHL games, making this an ideal day for sports fans that like to spread the wealth around a few different leagues or sports. As on online sports gambler, today is certainly a day to get down to one of the featured online sports books here at, and place a few quick bets before heading out for the inevitable drive to find the right presents, or join with the rest of the family in holiday festivities. I certainly hope that today is your lucky day, and once again, thank you for checking out our featured online sportsbook and casino reviews at our site. Cheers!

Aaron G.

Bodog is Friday’s highlighted sportsbook for online sports betting on Friday

It’s getting closer and closer to winter break, and I for one am counting the days before making my depature from Los Angeles, and heading home for the holidays, and hopefully some white fluffy stuff on the mountains for some winter activities! However for today, I’m sticking with to tide me over on a much needed Friday, one of the latest new-comers in online sportsbooks and casinos featured here at From the moment I’ve started wagering at Bodog (read the review of Bodog), I have loved this website. With great graphics, not to mention excellent content and sports betting opportunities, has quickly grown into a powerhouse of betting on sports, and is easily one of the top sportsbooks on the internet today.

With the praise set aside, I’m down for a few online sports bets featuring NBA basketball and NHL hockey, and also might even set aside a few wagers on the upcoming bowl games getting underway tomorrow. I still can’t get over how early these games are starting now, and while the number of bowl games is bordering ridiculous, it certainly makes for a much livelier time betting on sports over the holiday season. For my sports wagering today, I have a handful of hockey wagers lumped into a three-team parlay, with the Anaheim Ducks, the New Jersey Devils, and the Buffalo Sabres looking good to pick up some wins today. NHL hockey is really getting going for the new season, with a bunch of great opportunities in the top sportsbooks featured on our site. Make sure to check out some hockey action in the days and weeks to come, as the best in the league have definitely been singled out, and wagering has become more fun, and more profitable as the season goes on.

So with my money down for a few bowl games and a bit of Hockey action, it’s on to a little online sports betting for NBA basketball, and my money is on Boston, Milwaukee and Cleveland to pull through their games today. There are a number of great match-ups throughout the sports leagues for Friday, and I’d certainly be inclined to head to more of our top sportsbooks�if I wasn’t already heading out the door for Friday night festivities! So long for Friday, and carry on wagering at our best online sports betting sites here at It’s going to be a great weekend indeed!

Aaron G.

Thursday night Football, more online sports betting at

The Indianapolis Colts may be the most surprising team in the NFL this year. After a rough start to the season, the Colts have stormed forward under the solid play of Peyton Manning, and have easily earned a spot in the playoffs, and won’t even need a win to get in against Jacksonville tonight. Nonetheless, it may be a very good opportunity to wager some money at one of our top sportsbooks, as the game could likely turn into a high scoring affair, and I’m certainly counting on a lot of points to go up on the board, especially being aware of the sub-par defenses of both the Colts and the Jaguars, and the potent offensive attack of the Colts passing game, and the Jags running game. My money is down at (read the review of Intertops), and I’m hoping that my current sports betting win streak for this week keeps rolling right along!

In more online sports betting action for Thursday, there are some great opportunites for betting on sports in our top sportsbooks, and NBA and NCAA basketball have certainly got some good games in store for online sports betting fans. In the NCAA action, Gonzaga, Louisville and North Carolina all have favorable match-ups�so why not throw them together for a little parlay wager today? I can’t imagine an upset in any of these games, and while the ranked teams are heavily favored, I’m happy to get some added cash in my online sportsbook account at (read the review of Superbook), should these games come out as expected.

From the NFL to the NBA, and from the NHL to NCAA basketball, Thursday night is loaded with great opportunities for betting on sports at our best online sports betting sites here at Take your best shot at our top sportsbooks featured here, and find out for yourself just how much fun can be added to a sports contest when a little cash is thrown down on the games. I hope you have a great weekend coming up, with lots of luck at our featured online sportsbooks, and thanks once again for visiting

Aaron G.