Continued weekend sportsbook betting at

It’s not even noon yet, and already the excitement of NCAA basketball is in full swing with more conference action from coast to coast, giving sports fans plenty of action at the best online sports betting websites on the internet. For early action in basketball today, #1 Pittsburgh just managed to bounce back against Seton Hall to crush the Pirates chance at an upset at home, but the 9 point win for Pitt ends with a score on my first bet of the day taken at (read the review of Taking the Tarheels big over Georgia Tech, the Duke Blue Devils over the Virgina Tech Hokies, and Oklahoma over Texas Tech, I’ve got my hands full for a few more hours, and I can’t think of anything better than to sit on the edge of my seating for some great college sports action, and exciting sportsbook betting.

Looking to a few of the west coast for later games this afternoon, and more betting on sports, I’m checking out the #11 Arizona State Sun Devils traveling to Pullman to take on the WSU Cougars. Strange things happen in Pullman, so be wary of upset here. #17 Gonzaga takes on a decent San Diego Toreros team�but I’m not calling upset in this one. Gonzaga certainly doesn’t want to give up their perfect conference record, and San Diego is not the team good enough to challenge them. For my second parlay wager in one of our top sportsbooks at (read the review of, I like the Zags over San Diego, UCLA over Cal, and Washington to win over Arizona as well. Sometimes, its fun to make a few risky bets, as long as the money isn’t pushed too strong in your online sportsbook bets, and besides, I just can’t resist wagering on my home-state Washington teams�

Saturday is a great day for all kinds of sports fans, even if basketball is front and center today. From basketball to hockey, to golf and soccer, just about anything can be had by taking a trip to one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed here at I don’t know about you, but it’s a cloudy afternoon, there’s plenty of sports action on the ‘tube and still tons of opportunities for betting on sports across the internet. Hopefully you can cash in on some good luck today, and get into the exciting action that online sports betting adds to any day of great sports. Have a great rest of the weekend!

Aaron G.

Friday sports betting update, quick wagering at

It’s that time once again to put a smile back on your face, and head down to one of our featured online sportsbooks for a bit of added excitement for a well-deserved weekend! I for one took advantage of the great games in the NBA on tap today, and placed a few wagers across some of our featured sportsbooks. For my first wager of the day, I checked into another one of my personal-favorite online sports betting sites at (read the review of Players Only), and placed a three team parlay taking Orlando, Boston and New Orleans to win their respective games. All three are favored to win, and with the way these teams have been playing of late this should be an assured victory. As long as I just didn’t manage to jinx myself there, it’s going to be a great night of NBA action with these great teams in play.

The one game of the night to look for would have to be between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Denver Nuggets, with the Nuggets standing very good chance of winning at home and taking one of the few losses the Lakers will likely accumulate over the year. All I know is that the Nuggets play the Lakers well at home, and you can be sure that I’ll be checking out this game on the TV at the local pub. Hopefully for me, I don’t have to eat my words tomorrow, and once again get hounded by all my friends from Los Angeles who don’t understand why I’m not Laker purple and Gold. Regardless of this outcome tonight, I don’t have to go to work tomorrow, and that is worth any of the money I’ve placed on sports wagers tonight! It’ll be a great west coast game for checking out at the bar tonight, and I can’t wait for action to get underway!

Tomorrow is another thing all together, and I have to squeeze in a little bit on NCAA basketball offered for sports fans. Get prepared this evening for a great day of college hoops Saturday morning by placing your wagers tonight in our top sportsbooks reviewed at You’ve got about 90 games or so to choose from, and plenty of Top 25 action with teams vying for a spot at the NCAA tournament, so finding something to wager on shouldn’t be a problem. So have a great evening, whatever it is your doing, but make sure to be back around tomorrow for more sports and wagering updates. Thanks again for checking in with us.

Aaron G.

Thursday features for sportsbook excitement

After splitting my wagers yesterday, and just barely breaking even in the poker rooms at, it’s time to move on, and there’s no better website to move on to than (read the review of for continued sportsbook betting on Thursday. I must tell you that although the monetary payoffs were not big for me last night, I did manage to play a number of table games and poker hands at this featured online casino, which was nothing but a good time. Getting in essentially three hours of casino play without it costing a dime can never be something to complain about. And besides, if I didn’t make any money last night, I bound to make some tonight, right? Well, I certainly can hope, and with some great games to choose from on our best online sportsbooks for Thursday, I am banking on a host of wagers to boost my bank account, and fund another trip to the card tables.

First off for the day is the action in the NCAA. Expect a wild game between Pac-10 greats #11 Arizona State and #21Washington, with Washington being tough to beat at home. I’m banking on the Huskies to cover the points, and have gone onto one of my favorite online sportsbooks at, and included #14 Wake Forest over N.C. State just to slide another wager in. Purdue and Michigan square off in what could be an interesting match-up, with Michigan being a little underrated and a potential money maker for betting on sports. Make sure that if you’re going to bet on sports tonight, you check out a few favorable-looking wagers on NCAA Basketball.

Elsewhere in sports action, there are just a few NBA games (i.e. two), but those games happen to be great match-ups to checkout. As well as the always exciting NHL, which will have some good wagering opportunities for fans, the Cavaliers vs. Rockets, and the Suns vs. Lakers games will be solid sports action for you to watch and wager on. With the Lakers in Los Angeles tonight, the Suns stand no chance, and I’m counting on a big victory from the Lakers hopefully give me some hometown love on the sportsbooks. Last time I wagered on the Lakers at home was a long forgotten loss, so I figure that this time they owe me a win! Or at least to beat the points they are given�For both the NBA and NHL, there are a number of great wagering opportunities to be had at our featured sportsbooks at I hope that you can find a winner tonight, as there are some tough calls out there, and that your wagers turn into hard cash in your online accounts. So good night, and good luck, and we’ll catch you again tomorrow.

Aaron G.

Mid-week sports betting update, more wagering at

From the NBA to the NCAA, to the NHL, right now teams are vying for remaining playoff and tournament spots, which happens to make for great sports wagering action in the best online sportsbooks we have reviewed here at If you are unable to find a great wagering opportunity, then you have been missing out on many dramatic games, with highlight-reel-worthy plays, and down to the wire action. This Wednesday, I’ve decided to take out a few wagers with a three team parlay bet for the NBA, and a quick wager on the Sharks v. Red Wings in the NHL. With the weekend quickly approaching, hopefully I will be able to cash in on some quick money with a couple of wins in our featured sportsbooks that will give me fuel for casino play later.

For the NBA this evening, I have gone over to one of the top sportsbooks at none other than (read the review of Intertops) to place my three team parlay wager. For the first match-up taken between the New Orleans hosting the Detroit Pistons, I gotta go with home team, especially when the home team is 19-9 in front of the home crowd. It is probably safe to say that the Pistons will give them a good run for their money but hopefully for me, they’ll give it a good shot and wear out at just at the end! In other match-ups for possible sports betting, the Charlotte Bobcats take on the Sacramento Kings�and I love me a stinkfest! And with that, the Bobcats are my winner in this one, as the Kings aren’t even really a team this year (kinda like the California government that resides in the same city!). Spurs have been beaten this year at home�but that isn’t going to happen tonight. Spurs by a lot. I like Atlanta tonight for some reason, so that’s my call�on the road, in Denver. Take it or leave it�

Elsewhere in sports, the College Basketball world is getting anxious towards the coming of the NCAA tournament. UConn and Marquette make for the game of the evening, and I can’t advise to bet against the Huskies, even if they are playing a pretty good #10 ranked Marquette team. However, with Coach Calhoun’s 800th career win looming, they’ll want to make it a special one, on the road against a solid opponent, such as the Marquette Golden Eagles. #7 Duke v. Maryland, #13 Clemson v. Va Tech in the ACC, #24 Texas v. Texas Tech in Big 12 action. For betting on sports today, these match-ups make for some great games to catch on the tube, as well as some choice opportunities for online sports betting. I’ve placed my wagers, and you should too! For Thursday, another great handful of games are available for the NCAA, but rest assured they will inevitably have an effect on the tournament coming up in just a few short weeks. So for today’s games, get your wagers placed for some great sportsbook action at one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed here. Thanks once again for checking in with us, and have a great evening.

Aaron G.

Monday’s top sportsbook action at

For Monday evening there are a few bits of sports action worthy of wagering on at the top sportsbooks at, and specifically for this guy, that means a trip to Intertops’ sportsbook (read the review of Intertops). In store for sports fans in the NBA are some great match-ups for potential money making, including Phoenix vs. Philadelphia (Phoenix is just about .500 on the road, Sixers are playing well), Rockets vs. Bucks, and the Charlotte Bobcats vs. L.A. Clippers which should make for the better games of the day, at least to wager on. In the NHL, it gets even better with two very solid match-ups. The Northwest Division-leading Calgary Flames take on the Montreal Canadiens, with both teams wanting wins to help solidify their current places in the playoffs. In the other game, The New Jersey Devils host the N.Y. Rangers, who are on a currently 2-5-3 record in the last 10. I don’t see it getting any better tonight, and I expect a confident Devils team at home, so taking them with the spread seems a solid wager.

With one last stop for NCAA hoops today, Intertops’ sportsbook has me dropping a dime one the Kansas v. Missouri contest, in a Big 12 showdown that you just know is going to be a good game. I’m not going to even try and call this one, but you just have to think Missouri is gunning to hand Kansas their first conference loss, and at home as well�the math looks good. Still though, Kansas has always been a big game team that travels well, so it’s basically going to take a good shot of luck getting this bet right. Liking a challenge as I do from time to time, I’ll take Missouri here, and cross my fingers. To make it just a bit more interesting, I’ll throw #4 Pitt in for the win over West Virginia, and check out the games in just a little while.

It’s been another great weekend for sports, and I hope that you have had some luck playing in our best online sportsbooks and casinos reviewed at You can guarantee that tomorrow will have more great sports action to choose wagers on, and that best online sportsbooks always offer a good time for the casual to the aspiring full-time player. So good luck tonight and tomorrow if you have wagers placed, and thanks again for swinging by.

Aaron G.

Place your bets now, today’s great sports betting starts early!

I will start by saying that this weekend was especially good to me when it came to sports wagers placed online. Out of a total five wagers placed across a few of our featured online sportsbooks on Saturday, I came out on top in four of them including two wins college hoops, one on the NBA, and one on the NHL. Being rarely this lucky to cash in big on the weekend sports action, I decided to see if I couldn’t continue on my winning ways in the poker room at Bodog (read the review of Bodog), and maybe double up on the tables, as I had done in the sportsbooks on Friday and Saturday. And after about 3 � hours of play, with numerous ups and the occasional downs, I ended up, get ready for it…exactly 1 dollar ahead of where I started! Nonetheless, I did have a great time playing cards, watching and wagering on sports, and I am back to what I had starting the weekend, which I guess can’t be all bad.

For Sunday evening there is even more exciting sports action worthy of placing wagers on. In store for sports fans in the NBA are some great match-ups including Boston traveling to Phoenix to take on the Suns, and the Cavs at home against the Pistons. In early action in the NHL today, it gets even better with an Ovechkin v. Crosby showdown for sports fans, as the Washington Capitals host the Pittsburgh Penguins. As it’s been of late, it’s all the weight on Sidney Croby and Evgeni Malkin, and with their mediocre play as a team since the break, I like Washington at home in this one. The Washington Capitals are striding towards the post season, while it seems that the Pens are simply complaining their way to no show in the post season.

For the later online sports bets, I’ll be wagering on the New York Rangers vs. Toronto Maple Leafs, as well as the Hurricanes hosting the Avs, and taking the over bet on total points. I’m hoping for big scoring in both games, and I’ll probably need plenty of luck betting on sports for tonight’s action at But, regardless of today’s outcome, it’s been another great weekend for sports, and I hope that you have had some luck playing in our best online sportsbooks at You can guarantee that tomorrow will have more great sports action to choose wagers on in the top sportsbooks, and that the best online casinos always offer a good time for the casual to the aspiring professional player. So good luck tonight and tomorrow if you have wagers placed, and thanks again for swinging by.

Aaron G.

College hoops kick of an exciting Saturday of sports betting

If you like sports, I don’t have to tell you that Saturday is the best day of the week for catching NCAA hoops action. Every single weekend gets better towards March Madness, and you can be sure that all the games taking place today will have effects down the line for the NCAA tournament brackets. There are sixteen Top 25 games in store for us this Saturday, and I’ve placed my wagers early today to guarantee some action on today’s games. For my sportsbook wagering, I’ve gone over to (read the review of BetUS) for online sportsbook betting purposes first, and I will probably also end up in their online casino during the course of the hoops games. I’m too much of a sucker for Texas Hold ‘Em on this website that anytime I go to, I wind up on the tables. Luckily for me I have a won more than I’ve lost, which is probably the reason I keep going back in the first place.

Over the the NBA today, I can’t reinforce how much better my wagering has been now that the second half of the season has spurred great play from teams with playoff intentions. Now is certainly the time to get in on this great action, as teams are becoming more predictable and sportsbook wagering is potentially more profitable because of it. If an amateur bettor like myself can come out with wins, then so can just about anyone. Take the time to know what you are wagering on, mix with a bit of luck, and hopefully your winning bets can fuel future bets. There is nothing better than wagering on our featured sportsbooks with money won on those sportsbooks.

Game time is just underway this morning, and I’ve crawled out of bed and onto the couch for the morning NCAA games. While this may seem extremely lazy, there is just too many good basketball match-ups to miss even a little bit of it. Placing my wagers in our featured sportsbooks is most certainly the easy part. I’ve got a few parlays taken out across two of our best online sportsbooks reviewed here, and I hope that my hoops luck continues. Sitting though college basketball games and knowing the potential for upsets gets to be an exciting event when you’ve got money in the top sportsbooks. Basketball is such a great sport, and watching college sports action is a great way to spend a lazy Saturday, free from the monotonous work week. Thanks again for using for finding the best in online sportsbooks and casinos the internet has to offer.

Aaron G.

An exhausting week comes to an end with an exhaustive list of sports betting ahead!

First of all, wishes you a happy Friday, and hopefully a long weekend filled with plenty of great sports action and lucky sportsbook and online casino wagering. Coming off a couple of busted wagers in the NBA and NHL action Friday certainly looks more upbeat, as a couple of losses on total points wagers for Thursday took down a couple of seemingly well-placed wagers. Now I will admit that it stings just a little to lose in such a fashion, however, I was fortunate enough to be wagering in our best online sportsbooks reviewed here with money I had previously won off the ‘house’, making the loss not nearly so painful. Besides, now it’s just an excuse to get right back up, and win some money this weekend on all the great NCAA and NBA basketball action. As per usual, just getting to choose from almost one hundred Saturday bets can get any sports fan excited for the weekend.

To ease my pain just a little, I’ve taken the rest of Friday night to kick back in our featured online casinos. Going with Texas Hold ‘Em as my game of choice on (read the review of, I’m hoping that my cold streak on the ice will turn into a hot one on the tables. Being one of my favorite online casino games, Texas Hold ‘Em is a great time, especially when you have the opportunities to keep antes low and play many hands. Taking advantage of the multitude of wagering, you can get a huge bang for your buck playing in the online casinos. If you want to go big and play large ante poker, it’s offered for you on’s online casinos reviewed on site. Conversely, if you are looking to learn new games, or just trying keep your money around longer, playing for small antes can raise your experience, and will definitely give you more bang for your buck. Sometimes it isn’t all about winning, but how much you can learn from the bets placed.

I’m taking that philosophy to the tables, in the hopes that I can get back some more of the house’s money, and get a little more training in patience. It’s easy to get on the online casinos and bet away, hoping for a win streak that will put you chip count at a sustainable level. It’s another thing altogether to wait out the cold streaks, and take advantage when you get the cards you’re looking for. Either way, playing cards in our featured online casinos is always exciting. The diversity of the game has players coming online from all over the world, making for exciting action, and interesting exchanges on the tables. Someone once said, ‘It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose�its how you play the game’. When you place wagers on our online sports betting sites and featured casinos found at, you can learn the skills needed to come out on top more often, and for bigger paydays. For this guy, playing online has been an exciting experience, win or lose. Regardless of the ups and occasional downs, playing in our featured online casinos, or placing wagers on our featured sportsbooks is always a good time.

Aaron G.

Basketball and Hockey wagering at

For Thursday night, I have the lucky opportunity to go check out some NBA action at home after a short day of work, and also a handful of select NHL games. I managed to squeeze in a couple of wagers at (read the review of which hopefully will come through for me and make the best out of this already tiring and stressful work week. For starters, there are just two NBA games for betting on sports in our top sportsbooks, with the game of the night being the match-up between the Utah Jazz hosting the Boston Celtics. I’m taking the over bet on total points in this one, as I imagine this will be a close and well fought game either way. In the other game for NBA ball, the Detroit Pistons host the San Antonio Spurs, in what is sure to be another great game for sports fans of all types.

Elsewhere in sports action tonight, there is a large amount of great NHL games available, and there is no better way to enjoy them than by placing a few choice bets and kicking back to watch the fastest game being played today. Getting in on the NHL sports betting action right now is a great idea for making a bit of spare change, as the good keep getting better, and the not-so-good generally lag behind. Parlay wagering is a great source of income betting on likely winners, and the best online sportsbooks offer great payouts for consistent, well-researched bets. For tonight, I’m liking Calgary over the Minnesota Wild, the Canucks over the Sens, and the under total points on the Blue Jackets v. Maple Leafs affair.

For the games tomorrow in our featured sportsbook at (read the review of Players Only) and (read the review of BetUS), I’m noticing that there is plenty of great sports action for Friday and through the weekend that you won’t want to miss out on, and our best online sportsbooks reviewed at are the perfect places to make the sporting action that much more exciting. So hop on over, place your wagers, and kick back because the weekend is almost here already and sports around the league is as hot as ever. Have a great night and an even better tomorrow, and we hope to see you back here soon!

Aaron G.

Wednesday night is all about basketball for online sports betting

It’s a basketball fans’ dream tonight, with plenty of Top 25 action in NCAA basketball and a number of great games in the NBA for sportsbook betting today! For online sports betting, tonight is as great a night as any to head to one of the top sportsbooks featured here at, get in on the action for NBA Basketball. Playing at (read the review of for today’s wagers, I like the Hornets over the Magic, the Mavericks over the visiting Nets, and the Suns on the road over the dismal Clippers.

For other action for betting on sports today, NCAA basketball has a number of great potential wagering options so make sure to check over the Top 25 for great chances to make some quick cash online. UNC takes on NC State in which could be a good game even with the vastly superior Tarheels hosting the Wolfpack at home. In-state rivalries always make for great games to watch on any give night. The upset watch today is on Illinois and Penn State, with Penn State matching up very well against the number 16 ranked Fighting Illini. Louisville is always tough at home, and against Providence tonight, look for a big win and some fast-paced action for online sports betting.

Wagering with one last parlay tonight, and taking a few more NBA and NHL games for added excitement, I’m all set at and ready for a bit of relaxation after an all-too-long day. If you are just visiting for the first time to, please take the time to look through some of the best online sportsbooks and casinos reviewed, and judge for yourself how exciting betting on sports can be. Enjoy all the great sports action tonight, and happy wagering in the future!

Aaron G.