Tuesday’s NHL games add excitement to sportsbook betting at Oddsmaker.com

With the basketball and hockey seasons quickly coming to a close, and so many very good teams in contention, you would be hard pressed not to find something exciting to wager on in our best online sportsbooks reviewed here at CasinoReview.org. The only difficulty for the day was deciding which wagers to place on what games, as there are still so many teams fighting for remaining playoff spots. On the brink in the NHL Eastern Conference, the Montreal Canadiens are home against the Atlanta Thrashers, and look to snap a recent skid. The Washington Caps take on the Toronto Maple leafs, as Alex Ovechkin looks to add to his already impressive 50 goal total for the year. Out West, the Canucks looks to further dim Dallas’ playoff star, as a win by Vancouver tonight almost guarantees closure on any playoff hopes the Stars once had. For tonight’s opening wagers at Oddsmaker.com (read the review of Oddsmaker.com), it’s the Caps, Canucks and Canadiens in a tidy first wager of the day.

Switching gears over to the NBA, there are 4 games on tap for betting on sports at the top online sportsbooks, and each offers a good chance to cash in on Tuesday night. The Lakers are huge favorites over Oklahoma City, and rightfully so. Even with the monster spread, take the Lakers in this one, and be happy about it. The Chicago Bulls take on the Pistons in a classic match-up, however at home the Bulls are actually quite good, and certainly have my eye for betting on sports for the NBA. Speaking of good at home, the Jazz host the Rockets, and good money should go towards Utah overcoming in front of a great crowd, and an altitude advantage. Lastly, the Spurs are at home against the Golden State Warriors, and money has to ride on the better team, at home, in this one today.

For any sports fan, giving hockey a chance as a great sport to watch and wager on should certainly be a priority, especially heading into playoff season. The NHL will have great sports betting action in the week ahead, so stay tuned for the last games of the season, and capitalize on some teams making a run for the playoffs. Look for more great action ahead, and a great playoff season to fuel exciting wagers at our best online sportsbooks featured at CasinoReview.org. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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