Sportsbook wagering at for Thursday

I’m very glad to say that it is almost the weekend, in what has been another long and very exciting weekend of sports and online sportsbook betting! A lot has happened in the NBA and NHL playoffs, and as the playoff rounds continue on, the betting becomes even more intense for sports fans looking to place a few wagers and score some easy cash. Thursday night continues the excitement even further as there are plenty of great match-ups to choose from in our featured online sports books reviewed here, including more action for the NHL once again, continued NBA playoff wagering, and persistent choices for betting on sports for Major League Baseball. For Thursday, the best online sportsbook featured for today is (read the review of Superbook), a site that always provides a simple, easy experience for betting on sports.

In the NHL tonight, the Canucks and Blackhawks square off once in the first game of Conference Semifinal action, in what is sure to be a fast, hard-hitting, and intense series from start to finish. Being biased for my favorites, the Vancouver Canucks get the nod for my sports betting today, as they are on home ice, in front of a great crowd tonight, and hopefully will continue to make me proud of a least one Northwest area team this year! Make sure that if you are looking to do some online sports betting tonight that you get down to the sportsbooks before the start of this game this evening, which will be starting at or around 7:00 ET. I already can’t wait for the action to begin, as my Canucks are looking to find a way around the young and talented Blackhawks, who have impressed the hockey world by coming back into the world of playoff hockey, where they have been long absent. It will be all eyes on Roberto Luongo, and Nickolai Khabibulin who will both need to put on career performances to stave off two equally impressive offensive units.

Major League Baseball is also furnishing some quality sportsbook opportunities for online bettors, and you will no doubt be able to find some good match-ups to do a bit of online sports wagering today. With 8 games to choose from, and some key choices up for betting on sports for MLB baseball, there is undoubtedly at least a few possibilities to add excitement to a Thursday evening, and certainly has all the wagering choice available for today’s action. Check out these games and many more today, enjoy the upcoming weekend, and as always thank you for choosing Casinoreview for reviews of the best online sportsbooks found anywhere on the web.

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Playoff excitement rolls on with more sportsbook betting choices for Wednesday

If you happened to catch a few of the NBA or NHL games played on Tuesday night, you were certainly in for a treat. All night long, teams battled back and forth, with heartbreaking endings and spectacular come-from-behind wins. Unfortunately for 3 teams in specific Tuesday was a bittersweet ending, as the New York Rangers, the New Jersey Devils, and the San Antonio Spurs were all on the heartbreaking side of things, losing in their respective series, and getting bumped from the playoffs. With my online sportsbook betting for Tuesday just about annihilated overall, Wednesday is another great day for betting on sports, and hopefully a little more luck will roll around for the two NBA playoff games today, as well as the bevy of Major League Baseball betting opportunities at the sportsbook (read the review of BetUS).

The game between Denver and New Orleans could be a series decider today, as the Nuggets are at home with a 3-1 advantage in the series. The Hornets have seemed to be outmatched in each game of the series so far, and my sports betting for today picks the Nuggets with the line, and a big win in this game today. With the Atlanta Hawks and the Miami Heat also in NBA action today, sports betting fans should be able to cash in on the fact that Miami is a poor road team, and the Hawks have been a very good home team throughout the season. Taking the Hawks with the line as well, my betting on sports for basketball is done for the day. Make sure to check out these two games, go over the player match-ups and statistics available at the one of the top sportsbooks reviewed here, and get in on some winning action today!

There are also some great series in Major League Baseball today to look out for, so just because the playoffs are very appealing for sports fans, don’t count out the MLB to provide sports bettors with great wagering chances as well. Joba Chamberlain and the New York Yankees face the Detroit Tigers on the road, Tim Lincecum and the SF Giants take a shot at a rare victory against the explosive Los Angeles Dodgers, and the KC Royals look to get a win at home against a Toronto Blue Jays team that is off to a great start. Find these games as more at, and until tomorrow, enjoy the great sports betting action tonight, and we wish you the best of luck as always!

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Elimination games make for great sportsbook betting

With the first round of NBA basketball and NHL already drawing near a close, you’ll definitely want to take a trip down to one of the great online sportsbooks reviewed on our site, and get into the action today. After an exciting finish to the Anaheim vs. San Jose series, and another disappointing finish for the Calgary Flames making an exit in the first round for the fifth time, NHL hockey rapidly approaches the end of the first round, and today’s games could be the last chance at conference semi-final action for online sports betting. Even for the NBA, the Lakers closed out with a win at home over the Utah Jazz last night, making that the first opening round series to end. Tonight, and very surprisingly, the San Antonio Spurs also face possible elimination for the first time in over a decade. There is no better time to hop online for a few minutes and get in on this action before it’s all gone!

Looking forward to tonight’s games, there are 4 great games in store for NBA basketball fans, with Dallas and San Antonio obviously being the big game to watch. Traveling to (read the review of for betting on sports today, it’s admittedly a tough call to make on that game, but I have to think a great team goes for the jugular when they have a 3-1, even if on the road. I’m going to bet on momentum, so my money’s on Dallas to finish off the Spurs today. Elsewhere, the Trailblazers face elimination at the hand of the Rockets, the Bulls v. Celtics will always make for an exciting wager to pace, and the Magic look to break the tie playing at home a bit later on. If it’s basketball you like, and sportsbook betting intrigues you, take a trip down to one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed here, and check out the offerings listed at a great site like

Equally exciting action continues with the games between the NY Rangers and Washington Capitals, and also the New Jersey Devils and Carolina Hurricanes, both of which will be all the excitement any game 7 offers sports fans. From the NBA and NHL playoffs, to MLB baseball, to tennis and golf and all the great futbol games taking place across the European continent, you can find it all at your fingertips at the top sportsbooks found here. Find your favorite game, enjoy the exciting of online sportsbook betting, and good luck wagering tonight!

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Monday kicks off a next week of great action for betting on sports

Monday is once again at our fingertips folks. Yet another start to another work week, undoubtedly way too long, and often filled with a ton of work that was left over from the week before, no one really likes going back to work and having to give up their leisure time to be back in the office. Fortunately however, this Monday had some great sports match-ups in store for those wishing to do a bit of online sportsbook betting, including a few great playoff hockey and basketball contests, bringing a bit of excitement for those getting off work. To get things started for betting on sports today, the first of the two hockey contests slated for this evening start off with the Chicago Blackhawks against the Calgary Flames, in what will surely an exciting and hard-hitting contest down to the wire. Calgary needs an outstanding game to avoid losing the series here in a definitive Game 6, and at home, My wager says the Flames hold off the ‘Hawks for at least one more day, and win tonight on home ice. This has certainly been a great series so far, and with my bet placed at today, (read the review of Intertops) hopefully the first bet will turn out victorious, and leave me with a big smile on my face, and an instant cure for a long day of work.

The late game of the evening, taking place at the Pond in Anaheim, will be another game that should not be missed for sports fans wagering on sports action today. If you haven’t had the opportunity to catch the Sharks vs. Ducks series in action this post season, make it a point to do so soon, as this could possibly be another series ending game, as the Ducks are up 3-2 at home. Relying on heavy hitting, great goaltending, and a strong power play, the Ducks are looking more and more like they have just what it takes to make a serious run at the Stanley Cup this year. The Sharks continue to look tired, flatfooted, and cannot convert on their power play opportunities. However, look out for exciting hockey tonight in this game, and make sure to hit up a few of our best online sportsbooks like the ones at for more exciting hockey wagering choices.

With more playoff action in the 3 games slated for the NBA, make sure to make room for the three NBA games being played, including the contests between the Lakers and Jazz, the Nuggets and Hornets, and the Hawks and the Heat. With 14 more baseball games for the day as well, it should be no problem finding a couple wagers to suit your fancy today, which can hopefully take your mind off another case of the Mondays! No matter what your sports fancy happens to be, you can find great sports betting opportunities at out best sports betting sites reviewed at Until next time, good luck with your wagering and have a great week betting on sports!

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Sunday sportsbook betting features key NBA and NHL playoff games

It’s an exciting time of year, and an exciting time of this week’s playoff action, as NHL Hockey and NBA Basketball get ever closer to finishing off the first round of Conference playoff games. In store for sports fans today, the NBA’s signature series between the Boston Celtics and the Chicago Bulls heads to Game 4 in Chicago tonight, and I for one am just baffled as to what to pick in this one. Being a tit-for-tat series thus far, one would expect the Bulls to even things up at 2 games apiece, however it’s tough to say whether Boston decides to all of a sudden show up and just destroy the underdog Bulls in this series. My opening wager today says Chicago keeps it close, taking them with the line at read the review of Superbook). Cleveland already looks to finish off their series with Detroit today, and my money says they will definitely do it. Detroit should be in the post season, and Cleveland just may win it all. The writing is on the wall for the Pistons tonight. With the Magic vs. 76ers, and the Rockets vs. the Trailblazers, count on NBA action for great online sports betting action today.

Switching over to the NHL for Sunday’s betting on sports, I still haven’t counted out Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals to even out the series with the New York Rangers at three games a side. In need of a huge win, I like the challenge, and am taking the Caps for the win on the road in an underdog situation. In another Game 6 schedule for today, the New Jersey Devils look to close out on the road against the Hurricanes, and I like their odds on the road as well. It’s going to take a great performance from Cam Ward, the Carolina goaltender, and from Eric Staal’s front line against the Devils tonight, so place your bets on this game and the other, and join me in relaxing on the couch with sports on the tube for just one more day before work beckons once again.

With continued action in Major League Baseball featuring the Marlins vs. the Phillies, the Yankees and Red Sox, and the Cardinals and the Cubs, check out the great amount of opportunities for betting on sports, and see why is one of our highest reviewed online sports betting sites we’ve found to date. My sportsbook is closed for the day, so make sure to get your wagers in before the day’s action is all started! Good luck in your sportsbook betting today, tomorrow, and always at the top sportsbooks reviewed here!

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Sports betting action kicks off a much needed weekend

After a great Friday night of online wagering, it’s time for this writer to take a little break back to the couch, and enjoy the sports action offered on Saturday without taking part in today’s online sports betting festivities. With a clutch win by the Washington Capitals yesterday, I’m fortunate to have an extra chunk of change in my online account for betting on hockey today, which will get used on the three great games in store for fans right now. For today’s sports betting on hockey at (read the review of Calgary needs to win a game at Chicago to stand a chance in their series, Pittsburgh could close out their series today, and the Ducks (I still can’t believe it) could close out in San Jose against the Sharks. As this is still the start of playoff season, there we be plenty of great online sports gambling opportunities in store for today, but tomorrow, there will be fewer games for sports betting enthusiasts�so don’t miss out on the best sports betting choices right now!

Of noteworthy news heading into today, the NBA playoffs have been shaping up to be quite an unexpected series of events. Dallas has jumped out to a surprising 2-1 series lead over the San Antonio Spurs, which is no doubt making every Mavericks fan go completely nuts (seeing as though no one has been able to knock the Spurs out in round one playoff action. Dirk Nowitzki is carrying Dallas all along the way, and I for one can’t help but root them on to knock out Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and all the other Spurs who expect to be in the playoffs each year guaranteed. Elsewhere the Lakers take on the Jazz in Salt Lake City tonight, and the Heat head home to get a hold of the Hawks in game 3. Online sports betting doesn’t get any better than when you don’t have anything else to do, and today will certainly be a great day to head over to one of our top sportsbooks and drop a few wagers on the multitude of sports events in store for fans today.

It will be a great, and hopefully very long week in the world of online sportsbook betting, and it only continues to get better as more and more exciting match-ups pop up every day for the sports betting enthusiast. Sunday will be all about Major League Baseball, with a number of great series getting underway, including the ever-so-exciting rivalry between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. Also in action is another classic series between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago Cubs, so make sure to enjoy the nostalgia with some sportsbook action today. Have a great rest of the weekend, enjoy not working for one more day, and thanks again for dropping in at for the best reviews of the best online sportsbooks offered of the internet.

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Friday closes the work week, opens up great sports betting action at

It’s that time of the week again, and Friday is most certainly a welcome break from a stressful and busy work week, not to mention a great time for online sports betting at one or more of the top sportsbooks for you here at! In store for sports fans on Friday are a Game 5 in hockey action, three basketball games, and the usual myriad of baseball games to choose from, making Friday night a great night for dropping a couple of sportsbook wagers and kicking back for at least a few of the games available. Don’t have time to sit this Friday out? Get your online sports betting out of the way early, and pick your best wagers before heading out for a night on the town. Sometimes making money without having to go through the nervousness of watching the sporting event you’re betting on is a welcome change of pace, especially if you happen to be anything like me, and find yourself betting on sports just about every night of the week Nonetheless, I press on with another round of sportsbook betting, and for the NHL tonight’s wager takes the Washington Capitals with their backs up against the boards, down 3-1 at home. My online sportsbook betting finished for the NHL today with a quick set of clicks at (read the review of, so it’s safe for liftoff to the local pub, where a very good friend of mine behind the bar doesn’t mind throwing on the hockey game while the drinks go down. Ahh, Fridays are great days indeed.

If you happen to be more of a NBA or MLB kind of person tonight is just as good for you, as there are a few great match-ups taking place this evening. Of noteworthiness, the game between Houston and Portland should be a must see, and a must wager on game. Rockets at home = win. Portland is pretty outmatched in this series even though winning 1 of 2 games at home, however tonight and I’ll be taking the Rockets with the line tonight at the Sportsbetting sportsbook, which is one of my favorite drop-in-get-out-quickly sports betting sites reviewed at In other games, Detroit finds itself purely outclassed, and should be dropping game 3, on their way to getting swept by Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. I also like the Orlando Magic on the road against Philadelphia, so make sure to check these games out for online sportsbook betting today!

Well it’s a great Friday night, and if you haven’t placed your bets at our top sportsbooks, you’re going to be missing out on some great sports betting action this evening. I certainly hope that you have a fantastic Friday night, and an even better weekend, and we’ll hopefully see you tomorrow with more updates from the exciting world of online sportsbook betting. Cheers from us at, and thanks for dropping by and checking out all the great online sportsbooks on our site.

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Sportsbook action on Playoff Basketball and Hockey today!

Sports fans are once again treated to playoff games for online sports betting on Thursday, and there are indeed some fantastic games taking place later on today. For today’s wagering, we pick (read the review of as the featured top sportsbook reviewed on our website. As always one of the best sportsbooks amid a sea of skeptical, often poorly designed and maintained sportsbooks out there. A trusted site for years, and the sportsbook most often referred to for live odds (featured on Yahoo! and ESPN even�) you’re guaranteed smooth transactions and customer service at anytime. Anyhow�on to the matter at hand. Playoff action in the NBA and NHL!!!

As the first round of the playoffs in the NHL start to get to the end of the series (Vancouver, eh hem�already through!), we get to see the obvious forerunners in the race to the Stanley Cup Finals. While my favorite, the Vancouver Canucks are through with a miracle 4-0 sweep of the St. Louis Blues, Detroit is the team I’m really concerned about in the Western Conference. Up 3-0, Detroit looks to put Columbus away, and as my overall pick to win the Stanley Cup again, I’m betting on the Red Wings to finish it out in style tonight with an opening round sweep. Check out the Penguins at home with a chance to win the series in 5, and the Sharks to get two in Anaheim as they try and pull back from a big wake up call. A pivotal game 5 between the Devils and Hurricanes takes place tonight, which rounds out some nice wagering opportunities when betting on sports.

In the NBA, the Utah Jazz are down 2-0, but with the comforts of home in SLC, even the Los Angeles Lakers will have a very tough time against a dog of a Jazz team on their heels. Deron Williams, this is the time to get your game face on. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Lakers pull one out in only very close fashion, and it’s the way I’m leaning at Sportsbook with the money. In a 1-1 tie, anything is possible for the Celtics v. Bulls Series, but as the pundits seem to point to, the fates of the Bulls rest on their Rookie of the Year Derrick Rose’s up and done performance, in an admittedly very tough spotlight. Celtics look primed for a win, as I still think this is just a warm-up series for the Celtics. Spurs v. Mavericks is a tough call for me to make, but I always like a team at home in the playoffs, even against the favorite San Antonio Spurs in this instance. With this and more, enjoy the bountiful offerings for sportsbook betting today at, and enjoy our other top sportsbooks reviewed here with a sense of security and a quick way to get into great action anytime!

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Great sports betting to be had for sports fans at

Getting to watch some great playoff action each and every day is always a great time for sports fans, especially backed by some (I hope) winning wagers on solid bets today! For betting on sports, find the series between the Montreal Canadiens and the Boston Bruins just about wrapped up, as even home ice offers no protection against the second overall pick for the Stanley Cup finals. For my first of two online sportsbook wagers for NHL Hockey, I return to one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed on our site, at (read the review of BetUS). That was arguably one of the best first round match-ups I have seen in many years, and certainly the best series of the year to date. Back and forth action, great team effort, and high-flying action always make for great sports television, and exciting online sportsbook betting. I’m satisfied for the rest of the week, even if I don’t place another wager. Well, that may not be entirely true�.but admittedly anytime your online sportsbook betting comes out with money made, you just have to go back and try for more.

Moving on to online sportsbook betting for Wednesday, the NHL has a few great games in store in playoff action, and the NBA playoffs and MLB baseball games are great targets for wagering today as well. A great series will be over with 2 games in one day, in a double-header taking place between the Minnesota Twins and the Boston Red Sox at Fenway. Whenever I think of Boston at home, I think of a mountain of runs. I like the total in this game for betting on sports, as Boston puts up the numbers with a rabid crowd egging them on, and Wakefield could possibly give up some pretty solid hitting players from the Twins team�.gimme runs! If you have a chance to do a little sportsbook betting today, check out these games, or any of the other mass of baseball action available today at

As is without a doubt, this week will only get better as it goes on, with plenty of great wagering opportunities at the best online sportsbooks at We wish you all the best when placing your online wagers, and if you haven’t decided yet on a sportsbook suited for your needs, take a little time to go over some of our sports betting reviews we have on site, and choose the best online sportsbook for you. Take my word and start with, if you’d like to wade into sportsbook betting with one of the best sites out there. Thank you for checking out our website, and good luck in your future online sports betting!

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NBA Playoffs in focus for betting on sports at

It’s a surprisingly solid day for sportsbook betting online especially being that it is a Tuesdays, and at least for me Tuesdays are my headache days. Why? I’m not sure. Nonetheless, as I write today, I have a nice pounding one, and the over indulgence on Advil isn’t even helping. Enough about me. How about you? Check out any good sportsbooks lately? Check out (read the review of Players Only) for a solid time, with always solid wagering options and solid customer service to boot. For wagering tonight, the early games in the NBA look good for anyone wanting to take a shot at making some money in quick fashion. Being a Northwest guy, it’s the Rockets v. Trailblazers for my liking, as well as my current hometown L.A. Lakers who are taking on the Jazz. The Cavaliers are scary at home, and thus heavily favored to win this evening. I like the Cavs even with the line posted pretty high, and you might want to take a look into that for tonight!

I’m taking my wagers for the favored teams tonight (e.g. Los Angeles and Cleveland), going to one of our best online sportsbooks at in order to do so, and with a two team parlay wager predicting both series to extend to a 2-0 advantage in favor of both the Lakers and the Cavs. I still think that the NBA should default to any team in any conference that has a plus-.500 win percentage, in the light of a team finishing a division in first with a sub-.500 record. With that the Pistons should bow out gracefully with a 4 and out, and exit in the first round with their sad 39-43 record.

With the first round of the NHL Hockey playoffs well underway, and NBA Basketball games with great choices for sportsbook betting, playoff season has already gotten off to a great start in both sports. You can find these and many other games available everyday for online sports betting, and this week will no doubt be one of the best weeks this year for betting on sports�at least until next week rolls around! No matter what your game is, now is the time to check out some of our best sportsbook betting websites and take out your wagers on any of the great action around the sports world!

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