Baseball and more baseball for online sports betting on Monday!

After a long weekend with plenty of great sports activity, sports fans flock back to the usual work week, hopefully with a bit of extra winnings to supplant their incomes. However, even though the week has started anew, there are still great sports betting chances to be had at our featured sports books here at Major League baseball will provide just a small amount of online action between the 4 games in total available for Monday afternoon and evening. Fully set on the New York Mets vs. St. Louis Cardinals match-up for online sports betting today, I travel to my favorite online sportsbook at (read the review of, in preparation for this game, and a few others in store for fans today. I like the Athletics at home against the Giants in an in-state, inter-league game taking place today, and make sure to also check out the Rockies vs. Angels game (with Colorado looking for an astonishing 17th win out of their last 18 games), and also the Cubs and Braves who get underway as well this evening.

Moving along to another key baseball game in question today, in College World Series baseball action the LSU Tigers take on the Texas Longhorns in Game 1 of the best-of-three series taking place in Omaha. The one thing, and just about the only thing I know about this match-up, is that you should expect some scoring. I’m not sure if you had the opportunity to watch LSU’s heart of the line-up get going, but I can tell you that there is at least one or two names in there that will be repeated in future Major League games, and they can just flat out hit. Take the young guys on the Tiger team, many of whom are all pro-caliber athletes, with a team that is batting .375 collectively in the playoffs�and you have a monster on your hands that is just waiting for 89 mph fastballs coming down the pipe. Texas will need lots of good pitching here, so definitely check out who’s on the hill before wagering on these games!

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