Friday night sportsbook betting at Bodog

Another weekend has finally come around, and I’m happy to say that it’s Friday night, and all I have to do tonight is kick back, relax and enjoy some online betting at one of our best sites here at Now I’ve been playing in the casino and betting on sports at Bodog for about 3 years now (read the review of Bodog), and I always know what to expect when making my way over to this site. For Friday, though I may be a bit of a party pooper, I’ve decided to have my Friday night action on the online casino tables, rather than go out and blow all my money at an overpriced bar with no chance to get any money back. So the first thing to be done after coming home from work is to drop into the online sports book, and place a few wagers for tonight Major League Baseball games before hopping into the casino and trying out my luck.

I’m making a point to check into wagering on the Subway Series, and hoping for C.C. Sabathia to take a commanding victory in their game tonight. In Chicago as well, their two teams do battle, with the Cubbies and White Sox making for an exciting match-up to watch and wager on. Cleveland and Cincinnati get underway in the Ohio inter-league game, as do the Marlins and Rays down in Florida. Always a fan of betting on sports whenever there is in-state action, make sure to join me today at Bodog for all the great sportsbook betting excitement that games like this provide sports fans. With plenty of games to choose from tonight, no one looking to do some betting on sports should be empty handed at our featured sportsbooks here at

Without further question, my last online sportsbook bet of the night will go for the Cubbies to beat the White Sox in the Chicago in-town match-up, and hopefully make my online casino experience a bit less of a need-to-win situation. Either which way it goes, online sports book betting is always a great option any day of the week, even if it’s on Friday night! Have a great weekend, and thanks for checking out the best online sports betting sites here at We’ll catch up with you tomorrow for more sports betting updates and more MLB baseball action.

Aaron G.

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