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Well folks, it’s Monday again, and once again the really only bright spot in an otherwise long and dreary day at the office is to hop online and take some wagers on the best online sportsbooks we’ve tried and tested right here at! I personally have been following the trials and tribulations of baseball teams trying to make it to the postseason, no team has been harder to watch than my own hometown Seattle Mariners, who are back and forth, up and down, in and out of Wild Card contention. It’s a tough one for them against the Angels today even at home, as the visitors today always seem to play the M’s well in Seattle. I remember personally watching some heavy scoring between these two teams at Safeco Field not long ago, and wouldn’t be surprised on seeing some big numbers on the board to perhaps sway a over wager on total points�

Besides my obvious personal picks (being a native of the Seattle area, and current resident of the Los Angeles area), there are a number of great baseball match-ups today, and a great opportunity to head down to one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed for an afternoon of exciting sports betting’s sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>)  will offer great betting opportunities on all the contests today. For starters, check out the good road match-up for Roy Oswalt, who faces the Chicago Cubs in a favorable go for him against Rich Harden. The Braves and Marlins showdown in a game pitting two teams vying for one Wild Card Spot in the National League, and with Marlins’ ace Josh Johnson at home, one might lean his way. However, I for one am going for a low scoring game in this contest, and hoping for a win in this piece of my parlay wagering this afternoon.

No matter what type of sports betting you prefer, there is no question that taking part in the action on a Monday can leads to a much brighter start to the average everyday grind of the work week. For today, make sure to check out, and/or a few of our newer online sportsbooks and casinos on our website, including Diamond Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of Diamond Sportsbook</a>), and Bookmaker Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of Bookmaker Sportsbook</a>), two of our most recent additions to a fine family of top sportsbooks and casinos. Primed with great online sports betting advice, excellent reputations, and awesome websites, these two sites are a perfect choice for the amateur sports betting enthusiast. Check them out today, enjoy another great day of sports betting, and thanks again for stopping by!

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Sunday’s featured sportsbook for sports betting,

While it’s close to the return of the work week, sports fans will be fortunate enough to cash in on another possible day of online sports betting without actually being stuck working for someone else. With football wrapped up for the weekend save for one game tonight (a fun one between the Chicago Bears and the Denver Broncos), those looking to do a little betting on sports for Sunday will find things back to the usual and ever-present tide of Major League Baseball bets, which has become increasingly exciting the closer it gets to October. As a big fan of baseball, and a big hometown supporter of two different cities now, it’s been fun watching the two L.A. teams, who have maintained the best records in their respective divisions, and likely headed towards a post season berth. Meanwhile the Seattle Mariners, my other hometown team continue their up and down ride through another season. Barely clinging to a possible wild card slot in the American League, they face a tough challenge against the K.C. Royals ace, Zack Greinke.

While my online sportsbook betting at (<a href=””>read the review of</a>) features my favorite teams, count on this sportsbook to have wagering opportunities for your favorite teams as well. In today’s baseball action, there are 15 different games to be a part of, and with a click of a button over at the sportsbook, you can get in on the action all around the league today! A number of series will be finishing up today, which have a number of teams needing to pull out victories to either stay in the pennant hunt, or just hold on to a lead in their respective divisions. Teams engaged in divisional battles include Oakland vs. the L.A. Angels, Colorado vs. San Francisco, and the Blue Jays vs. the Red Sox to name a few. Check out the offerings, and easy wagering to be had at today.

No matter what the outcome of this weekend is, there has been tons of new action, and plenty more to come in the near future for all sports betting fans, amateur and professional alike. I’m counting down the days until September 10th, when the NFL regular season officially starts, and I’m sure that everyone else would concur that these are very exciting times to be a sports fan. Join me today with a trip to one of the featured online sportsbooks here at, where you can find great action, solid sports betting advice, and all the statistics and sporting match-up breakdowns you could possibly ask for. Here’s to one more day without work, and to beating the heat if you’re in any type of weather like we have in L.A. Until tomorrow, thanks again for visiting our site and for betting on sports at our best online sportsbooks reviewed right here!

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Saturday sportsbook betting at

I, like anyone else love a good Saturday afternoon watching sports from either the comfort of my own couch, or perched on a seat at the local pub. Not only is it a chance to get away from work for a few days (hopefully), but it’s a great opportunity to get down to business on one of our featured online sportsbooks and casinos for a solid line-up of online action. With the NFL season now just over a week away and with Major League Baseball streaking toward the post-season, what better way to spend a little bit of time and money than by trying to cash in on some exciting online sportsbook betting? For this evening, we’re back to one of the staples of online sports betting here at at one of the top sportsbooks reviewed, Betus Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of BetUS</a>). With plenty of baseball in store, as well as a few European Football leagues in action today, and not to mention a shot at some guess-work betting on NFL preseason action, count on Betus Sportsbook for a great time on a packed Saturday.

For a little wagering on football today, I think we’re starting to see which teams are already not going to be in great shape for the regular season, and which teams could possibly dominate the league overall. It’s been a pretty successful venture betting on the home team this preseason, so for today and through this weekend I would recommend doing a bit more of the same. I like the Browns at home over the Titans, Falcons against the Chargers, and Cowboys against the 49ers. I remain skeptical on Tennessee’s QB situation any which way you slice it, and the Browns will have Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson in this game tonight fighting for coach Eric Mangini’s one and only starting role at Quarterback for the regular season.  While the preseason only really matters for testing out strengths and weaknesses with little more at stake than saving a bit of face, it has seemed that home teams want to give their fans a little something extra and generally have come out on top. Hopefully that theory will continue for Saturday, as I know that anybody could use a bit more change in their online sportsbook accounts, just like I could!

For baseball action to finish out today’s online sportsbook betting, there are some tough picks to be made, so I’ll look for some dominant pitching match-ups for a few parlay wagers at Betus Sportsbook. There is just over a month remaining for Major League Baseball before the post season, so count on today to be just as good as any for some exciting action of watching and wagering on baseball. With a weekend full of sports betting action, it’s a good time to get down to one of your favorite online sports betting sites, and get your wagers placed. Have a great weekend, and thanks as always for using the featured online sportsbooks and casinos for your online betting excitement!

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Friday night sportsbook betting for College Football, MLB Baseball!

Friday is another day and yet another great opportunity to get down to business on one of our best online sportsbooks reviewed for a night of great online wagering action. With the NFL season now within about two weeks from starting, College Football starting on September 3rd, and with Major League Baseball streaking toward the post-season, what better way to spend a little bit of time and money than by trying to cash in on some Friday night sportsbook betting? With that in mind for this evening its back to one of the staples of online sportsbook betting here at at the featured site (<a href=””>read the review of</a>). With two NFL preseason games taking place today as part of the final flurry of games before the regular season starts, I for one can’t resist throwing a little money on these games and sitting back with the delighted notion that I don’t have to be at work tomorrow!

For sports betting today, the two NFL football games give a good look into a few potentially very good teams, as the New England Patriots, who match-up against the Washington Redskins, and the Green Bay Packers vs. the Arizona Cardinals. These two contests will be a tough choice for any sports bettor to choose a winner on especially in the preseason, but it’s not a bad idea to root for some decent bets on point totals, given the potency of at least 3 of the 4 teams’ offenses. Since the preseason only really matters for testing out strengths and weaknesses with little more at stake than saving a bit of face, it has seemed that home teams want to give their fans a little something extra and generally have come out on top. However for today’s match-ups, I for one would love to see some heavy scoring in the Arizona v. Green Bay game, and for the Redskins to keep it close in a loss to the Patriots. Either way, a great set of games, and great wagering action on preseason football is available for betting on sports at today!

For baseball action tonight, there are some tough picks to be made, so I’ll stick to a few easier calls en masse. Philly hosts the Atlanta Braves this evening as Tommy Hanson and Jamie Moyer will make for a great veteran v. youngster duel worth watching. I have to take King Felix Hernandez with another victory in the Mariners v. Royals game, as well as the Giants ala Tim Lincecum over the Colorado Rockies. With a weekend full of sports betting action like this, it’s a good time to get down to one of your favorite online sports betting sites, and get your wagers placed. Have a great weekend, and thanks as always for using the featured online sportsbooks and casinos for your online betting excitement!

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Preseason NFL Football, MLB baseball for sportsbook betting on Thursday

There are times when you should be excited about betting on sports and being a sports fan in general. Then there are those times when a new season starts (maybe it’s one of your favorites) and a whole new world of online sportsbook betting opens up for you. Well look no further folks, because I’m certainly one happy camper to announce that NFL Football is only a short two weeks away and I for one am all over taking out a few wagers and watching some great football action tonight to celebrate the quickly coming end of the preseason! There are a three good games in store for watching and sports betting action today, so any self respecting football fan should find themselves parked at the television, and at least making one playful bet for their home team in today and tonight’s football games. With the Miami Dolphins playing well in preseason ball, I like them over the Buccaneers, who have struggled with a weakened team this year. Michael Vick makes a debut for the Eagles against the Jaguars as well, and lastly the Rams and Bengals should put up some points, with neither team having very good defensive packages thus far.

For betting on sports today, I’ve taken the liberty of going to my favorite online sportsbook and casino at (<a href=””>read the review of Betus</a>) and taken a parlay bet for the three teams in NFL action today. For further wagering, look to MLB baseball, with 13 games in store for you rabid sportsbook betting fans. Some of the key match-ups of the day include the final game of the series between the two Sox teams, Boston and Chicago, as well as the Rockies and Dodgers and the Yankees and Rangers. Lastly, but certainly not least for online sportsbook betting today, check out the action in the UEFA Europa League qualifying games, as there is a bevy of great opportunities to cash in at Betus Sportsbook today. With one more day before the weekend, count on Thursday’s sportsbook betting excitement to hopefully fuel a great weekend of more sports betting chances and more money for you and I in our sportsbook accounts!

With all this excitement of Football and Baseball today, I must remind everyone that there is NCAA College football just around the corner for online sports betting, as well as the usual bevy of Major League Baseball contests. It is a great day to be a sports fan, and as always a great day to learn about the best online sportsbooks and casinos here at Until tomorrow, good luck in your betting, and have fun with all the great sportsbook action in store for you!

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Wednesday night online sportsbook wagers at Oddsmaker Sportsbook

For this Wednesday, it’s a full night of betting at (<a href=””>read the review of</a>) with a few online sportsbook wagers, combined with a trip to their fine online casino for a bit of gambling action. has been a staple of online sportsbook betting for years, and for me has always been one of the few sites that I have returned to on a frequent basis due to it’s solid sportsbook layout, quick payments, and a lucky draw over the past year. With Wednesday night being packed with Major League Baseball games, and more NFL preseason and College Football games up and coming, there will no doubt be at least a couple of online sports bets that I’ll stumble upon this evening.

Being a baseball purist and sticking to my guns, my online sportsbook betting tonight will center around a parlay wager and a few loose bets on the MLB. For the parlay wager, I certainly can’t help throwing the New York Yankees for a win tonight, with Andy Pettitte taking the reigns against the Rangers. I like the Dodgers v. Rockies match-up, in a very crucial National League West game, with the Dodgers looking good to win with Randy Wolf up and throwing well these days. Josh Johnson and the Marlins also should make for a good winning wager, as they look to hand the New York Mets a fifth straight loss on their way to another disappointing season finish. I’ll call that good for the parlay bet, and hope that choosing favorites again won’t come back to bite me as it has done a few times recently. I’m also looking forward to a great game between the Yankees and Rangers, with both teams fully in playoff contention in their respective divisions.

With great baseball action all around, there is plenty of great action at our best online sportsbooks featured here at This weekend will definitely have more of the same great wagering opportunities, so check out our online sportsbook reviews, peruse some of our great sites offered here, and place your bets on Major League Baseball. Those playing in the big games this week should be providing a few fireworks as teams are counting on their big guns to get to the post season, so count on some exciting MLB baseball betting throughout the next few weeks. Thanks for checking us out here at, and good luck betting on sports throughout the weekend.

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Tuesday’s Major League Baseball sportsbook betting at Intertops Sportsbook

After a fairly successful Monday night of online sports betting, Tuesday would be more of the same, as there is continual baseball action to be had betting on Major League Baseball. First and foremost, I would like to point out what a great website happens to be, as it is not only my chosen website for the evening once again, but has consistently been one of my favorite online sports betting sites over the past five years (<a href=””>read the review of Intertops</a>). I have had nothing but great service, great online casino opportunities, and quick payouts since beginning a relationship with this company. That being said, for Tuesday I’m going back to their site, where my first wager has to fall on the Texas Rangers vs. the New York Yankees, taking Kevin Millwood to sneak a win on the road against Joba Chamberlain.

For tonight’s game pitting the St. Louis Cardinals against the Houston Astros,  I’ll be taking the Cardinals straight up, and hoping for another solid outing from the crafty Adam Wainwright against the equally talented Wandy Rodriguez. Elsewhere, the always exciting Carlos Zambrano comes off the disabled list for the Chicago Cubs, and expecting a rusty start, I certainly like the Nationals for a rare chance at victory. Hoping for a bit more of the same winning ways I’ve experienced so far this week, one more wager taking the Phillies, Royals and Giants with a ten dollar parlay wager seems like a random and fun way to blow a little bit of the hard-earned cash from this weekend. Well, maybe it’s not so hard earned, but it’s also not often that wagering money can stretch through a weekend and three days into the week without me finding a way to blow it on a ridiculous wager. Take my advice: if you’ve won a bit of money, remember to put some of it aside before betting any further. It’s always nice to have a bit of change to fall back on instead of blowing all your winnings right away!

There are quite a few good games in store for online sportsbook betting tonight, so take a look at some underdogs this evening to potentially cash in on some unlikely wagers. Being a real fan of the game’s intricacies, I really don’t care who’s playing, as long as there is good hitting, good pitching, or both on a given night.  I hope that you’ve been able to get to one of our featured online sportsbooks and place a wager or two this evening, as Major League Baseball always makes for exciting and interesting online sports betting action. We’ll catch up with you again tomorrow, and as always, thanks for stopping by

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Monday Sportsbook betting on Football, Baseball action at Bodog

It’s just about that time at to get back to one of the best online sports betting sites at Bodog (<a href=””>read the review of Bodog</a>), and what better way to get into a new day of online sportsbook and casino betting than by visiting one of the best sites around and dropping a few online sportsbook wagers today! Although this online sports betting site has been in action for years, Bodog is one of the few sites that consistently updates itself with new interactive features, great casino games, and always solid customer support. With an online sportsbook and casino with such a great history and reputation for being user friendly and reliable, Bodog offers what every sports bettor looks for; consistency and fun! So far, after playing on this site for over a year, has been among the best at payouts, bonus offerings, and has a great reputation and years of outstanding service. has grown to be one of the best all-around sports betting websites, and I’m excited to get to play my hand on the site today!

Monday Night Football in any form is a great opportunity for any sports betting enthusiast, and the night’s match-up between the New York Jets and the Baltimore Ravens should be a good one, with a couple young quarterbacks at the helm of each team (Mark Sanchez, Joe Flacco respectively). This will be a close one tonight, as two solid defenses should keep the game tight most of the evening. For sportsbook betting, it’s a safe bet to always be cautious when wagering on pre-season football, however adding a little fun, and a small wager on Monday is an exciting way to break the ice on a new season coming just ahead. Speaking of football on Monday though, definitely be sure to check out the Premier League match-up between Liverpool and Aston Villa, which should make for a great contest to watch and wager on today.

Of quick note, in Major League Baseball this week, there are once again great chances to make good money betting on sports. The White Sox and Red Sox do battle today with a pretty good chance that the Red Sox should overcome against Jose Contreras, who is just awful this year. Also, check out Cliff Lee on the mound for the Phillies to get a win tonight, as well as Justin Verlander for the Detroit Tigers, as well as a good match up between Roy Halladay of the Blue Jays, and Jeff Niemann of the Tampa Bay Rays. These series and the multitude of others will undoubtedly keep baseball fans happy, and the online sportsbooks full of people looking to get in on the great action. Get in for yourself this week, and prepare yourself for the upcoming start of NCAA College Football season. It’s exciting times here at and it’s more than worth your while to head to one of our best online sportsbooks and get in on the action today!

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MLB sportsbook betting at Bookmaker Sportsbook

It’s Sunday once again, and as such we sports fans get just a little bit more excited for the prospects of NFL Football kicking off the regular season in just a few short weeks. Though we’re still in preseason ball right now, it’s one of the best times to check out roster depth, see the changes in personnel both on and off the field, and start lining up the teams that will undoubtedly be your workhorses throughout the NFL season, betting on sports. While this Sunday doesn’t happen to have any NFL action underway, the football that is in action rests on the European continent, and that action will be bolstered by the usual slew of Major League Baseball games on tap at the top sportsbooks reviewed here. For today’s action I’m off the Bookmaker Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of Bookmaker Sportsbook</a>), one of the best online sportsbooks found anywhere. Taking a few initial wagers on the early morning (for us US fans) European football action I’m ready for a trip to the pub, and hopefully a few wins at the hands of Chelsea, Tottenham and Everton.

For Major League Baseball today, there are plenty more great online sports betting opportunities to be had at Bookmaker Sportsbook, and great match-ups to watch. Sunday afternoon is a fantastic time to head down to this top online sportsbooks and drop a few wagers before sitting back and enjoying the last evening of freedom before the work week starts back up. I’m certainly interested in the Toronto Blue Jays at home vs. the LA Angels, which should be a good chance to wager on the Jays and Ricky Romero on the hill, even though the Angels are the superior team. Other good pitching match-ups has Scott Feldman for the Rangers going against the Rays at home, and C.C. Sabathia against Josh Beckett in a Yankees v. Red Sox game you won’t want to miss. Good games to do a little betting on are just about everywhere you look, so head to one of our best online sports betting sites reviewed here today, and get into all the action this weekend!

It’s certainly been a great weekend of sports thus far and the possibility of the upcoming week filled with more NFL action, the NCAA College Football season starting, and the stride towards the MLB postseason will undoubtedly make online sports betting all the more exciting. Check out our online sportsbook reviews here at, and choose the right sports betting website for your online sportsbook wagering. Enjoy the rest of the evening, and as always good luck in all your bets. Thank you for choosing our website for your choice of the best online sports betting sites anywhere.

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A packed Saturday of great sportsbook betting options at Diamond Sportsbook

This Saturday, after a long and tedious work week, will be for throwing the ol’ feet up on the table, heading to one of the best online sports betting sites on the web, and dropping a few wagers before the games begin. For sports fans, it’s time to check into one of the best online sportsbooks we’ve reviewed here, and a relative newcomer to our site at Diamond Sportbook (<a href=””>read the review of Diamond Sportsbook</a>). With great options for sports betting fans, solid bonus opportunities, and good customer service/overall satisfaction, count on Diamond Sportsbook to be amongst your top sportsbooks for secure and exciting online sports betting. With a carry over of cash from a few clutch victories yesterday, I’m down at Diamond Sportsbook right away this morning, ready to take advantage of some of the better match-ups available for betting on sports.

After an explosive Yankees v. Red Sox game last night, today is a chance for redemption for Boston, who found themselves embarrassed at home, giving up a 20 spot after a lousy performance by Brad Penny. I can’t imagine that Boston will take such a heavy loss lying down, and fully expect a rebound win today, even with A.J. Burnett on the hill for New York. For my opening wager, I’m going with Boston to win outright, and adding in Rays over the Rangers, and the Mariners over the Indians in a parlay wager at the Diamond Sportsbook. Hoping to keep the winning ways going for the Mariners, while the other AL West teams drop a few games, I’m glued to these games today as my center of a attention in the sports world.

Switching to the NFL action for preseason competition, fans will be treated to 10 games for sports betting excitement, and as teams continue to define how they might behave in the regular season, it’s a great chance to take some small wagers, and see what happens when teams put out their up and coming stars, as well as those players looking to make a mark before it comes time to pick the season starters in just a week or so. All around there is more and more great online sportsbook betting opportunities, and this will be a great weekend for that. Enjoy your time off, and thanks again for choosing the best online sportsbooks and casinos through our site at

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