College, NFL and Premiere League Football, MLB Baseball on tap today!

The Major League Baseball postseason looms ever-so-close now, and betting on baseball has never been more exciting, there is plenty of action to take up in the football world now that Saturday has arrived, and along with it NCAA College Football gets underway in just over an hour’s time from this post. For Saturday’s sportsbook betting, I’m taking a little of everything under my wing, and choosing three games from the two different to pile together in parlay wagering at Oddsmaker Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>) Since it’s a day for football, I’ve quickly gotten the MLB bet out of the way, taking the Yankees, Rangers, Angels and the Giants to win this afternoon. With less than ten games to play for each team this season, look out for the hottest action in baseball sportsbook betting happening right now!

Back to football, it’s certainly going to be high time for you to head to one of our top sportsbooks, if you haven’t already chosen your wagers for this weekend. My sites for Saturday are set on the Penn State vs. Iowa game, with Iowa still left to face a real challenge this year after starting 3-0. They’ll get one today with the #5 ranked Nittany Lions, and I think Iowa loses in a very close one here. Out West, #6 Cal and Oregon face off in hostile territory for the Bears, as Oregon is still trying to prove to they are indeed worthy of a top 25 ranking this year. I certainly would agree with anyone who says they are. A big Miami vs. Virginia Tech game makes for the hottest action in the ACC today, and you can find a bunch of games to support these top contests in further parlay wagering at Oddsmaker sportsbook.

It’s going to be a great day to be betting on sports, as it will be for just about every weekend from here through the end of the year. If you haven’t placed your wagers today, head over to one of our top sportsbooks and choose the right bets for your liking. Enjoy the great opportunities for online sports betting this weekend, and make sure to grab any and all sport betting advice that is offered across our many featured sports betting sites. We’ll catch you again tomorrow, and may all of your favorite teams come out victorious´┐Żor at least make you a little bit of money!

Aaron G.

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