NFL Football, MLB baseball wagers for Sunday sportsbook betting

Like any sports fan, I for one am more than anxious to see the outcome of the day’s NFL games, as well as the rest of the Major League Baseball action in store for today! It’s another great Sunday afternoon for betting on sports, and like every day has all the hottest action reviewed, and only the best online sportsbooks make the cut. Checking out Week 3 of the National League’s Football action is a sure fire way to get excited about the sportsbook action on tap for today, so for all you sports fans, make sure to bookmark your bets at one of the top sportsbooks found here before the games start in just a few hours! With action underway shortly, take a little time to peruse the offerings here at our site, and get involved on the action for one of the best days of sports during the week!

For Sunday’s sports betting at one of our top sportsbooks, I chose (<a href=””>read the review of Players Only</a>) for betting on sports, squeezing in a few baseball games and a few football games to immerse myself in as much sports action as possible. With the NL Race for the playoffs still not finished, I just couldn’t resist betting on the teams still involved, and ended up wagering on the San Francisco Giants to win their game today against the Chicago Cubs, as well as the Phillies to capture a victory against the Milwaukee Brewers. Great pitching is also in store for sports fans, with Matt Cain on the hill for the Giants, Zack Greinke with the start for the Royals (pretty much the only time I’ll wager on KC), and Andy Pettitte against Boston. The Yankees look to clinch the AL East today with a win, and with how they’ve been playing so far this second half of the season, I expect them to finish off the AL East in style with a win over their Red Sox rivals.

For the Football side of things, it’s most certainly still on tap this morning, so make sure to check out some key match-ups in the NFL, at’s great online sportsbook, not to mention a few key European Football games in store (namely the Premier League game between Sunderland and Wolverhampton). In the NFL the Giants, Saints, Jets, Ravens, Broncos and Colts all look to keep their opening winning streaks alive, and as such make for good wagers in sportsbook betting today. Check out these teams, along with all the others in MLB action, and European league football, and enjoy a pleasant Sunday of betting on sports and checking out the exciting action either live or on tv!

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