Online Sportsbook betting features MLB action at Diamond Sportsbook

Tuesday is still early in the week, but lucky enough for sports fans and online betting enthusiasts, it’s another great day for some great wagering, and opportunities abound to make some money! Featured for today is the usual schedule packed with Major League Baseball games, but also the addition of plenty of games taking place on the European continent. I for one am excited about the UEFA Champions League games getting underway soon, which will add a nice addition to the normal pickings for online sportsbook betting. Getting things going for today, it’s a trip to one of the newer online sportsbooks reviewed here at, over at Diamond Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of Diamond Sportsbook</a>). A great sportsbook with all the options, Diamond Sportsbook offers an easy to use website, solid customer support, and plenty of all the great action you’d expect in a top sportsbook.

A few games worth checking into today for the last few remaining MLB regular season would have to include the match-ups between the Twins and Tigers (who continue their series in a race for the AL Central Pennant) and the Rockies vs. the Brewers. I’ll continue to wager on the Tigers at home, and the Rockies look hot on the trail of the coveted Nation League Wild Card slot. With only four or five games to go, and with only a small handful of those with playoff hopes or looking to clinch divisions left, it’s a great time for cashing in on some of the choice match-ups now before there are no more games left to wager on! In addition to the couple of games mentioned, also check out Felix Hernandez on the hill for the Mariners against the Oakland A’s, and also the Angels at home against the Rangers (who could finish the Rangers hopes for a post season if they win).

Any which way you cut it, this week of Major League Baseball will bring some of the best games, and the most exciting online sportsbook betting of the year for this sport. I don’t know about you, but I just love post season baseball, and cannot wait until the beginning of October when the games get underway. With the many top sportsbooks featured here on our website, it should be no problem finding plenty of information about these teams, and choosing a solid sportsbook wager or two to start of the MLB playoff season. So head on down today to one of our best online sports betting sites, and get excited for playoff baseball. I know that I’m already chomping at the bit for tomorrow, and with my sportsbook bets placed tonight it’s just a little waiting game until the action gets underway!

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