Sunday NFL Football on tap at Sportsbook

After a great Saturday of online sportsbook betting Sunday and the NFL Football Week 2 roll around to open up a whole new host of online sportsbook betting opportunities, and promise to keep myself and many others away from anything other than sports. For this Sunday’s online sportsbook betting, I’m taking a journey back to one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed here at, (<a href=””>read the review of BetUS</a>). This website has been a long time favorite of mine, and I can’t wait to get back to the site and start placing bets on NFL football right now. It’s going to be a fairly tough weekend of betting on football for Week 2, but a number of great options standout, and some great analysis can be found on the statistics pages, and links to sports articles found at

For the first game wagering on today, check out the New York Jets against the New England Patriots to be an exciting addition to your stable of sportsbook bets. The Jets look very good in week 1, and without a solid running game from the Patriots offense, I’m banking on the Jets Linebacker corps and secondary to be the key factor in this game. Count on the Steelers v. Bears to be another classic, gritty, grind it out, low scoring affair. Lastly, my favorite game coming later on today, the San Diego Chargers and the Baltimore Ravens should up the ante on tough picks for sportsbook betting, but no doubt will be a great game to watch and wager on. Any which way you slice it, find your horse and get out those wagers before the games get underway!

It’s another great Sunday afternoon of online sportsbook betting here at the best websites reviewed here at, and it is more than worth your while to get in on the action and try to make a few extra bucks today! With NFL football, and the usual smattering of Major League Baseball games with playoff implications, I’ll be firmly parked for the rest of the afternoon, and just underway now is the start of football for the day, which I’ve been waiting for all week! With great teams on the field today, don’t miss out on the great sports betting action at our top sportsbooks, and catch all the NFL games today as they are sure to be quite an improvement over the opening day kickoffs!

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NCAA Football featured for sportsbook betting at

There is nothing better than having a quiet Saturday all to yourself, watching and wagering on the exciting sports action from the comfort of your own home. At 9:30 in the morning on a Saturday, it’s time to watch the height of sports rivalries and the great uncertainty that is, NCAA College Football. I don’t even bother with grammar today, it’s just time to kick back, check out some of the greatest rivalries in all of sports, and throw down some money to try and win some money while not having to really work for it. This is going to be a great week, with only a few ranked teams matching up against each other, and plenty of chances to cash in on some big wins by ranked teams. It seems almost like hunting with a few of these games, and I’ve completely stocked up on sportsbook wagers at Intertops Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of Intertops</a>) in preparation for a day spent anxiously waiting for the outcome of the games. It’s definitely one of those days where you should head to one of our best online sports betting website here at, and take advantage of some great football action.

I’ve been waiting for one game for about a week now. The USC vs.Washington game in Seattle, which should be the most anticipated game of the day in the Pac-10, and I for one just half to throw out a prayer on the Huskies, in the hopes that they will be the ones to spoil the Trojans season today. Not likely, but it’s probably more worthwhile than a lottery ticket! Upset alerts for today should be noted for the game between Florida State and BYU, as FSU is a big conference team even though they haven’t been as good in recent years, while BYU I still think is highly overrated and overranked coming out of a week conference. Keep another alert out for #18 Utah who marches their undefeated streak into Autzen Staduim to face the Oregon Ducks. Win one loss, I still think the Ducks are the best team in the Pac-10, and my overall vote for the Rose Bowl this year�or so I hope.

With even more great Major League Baseball action, and great English Premiere League Football in store for today, make sure to branch out your wagering away from just Football, to truly grasp all the opportunities for betting on sports today. Otherwise, enjoy the games today, thanks for checking out the site for featured online sportsbook reviews and opinions, and for visiting the great sports betting sites we have for all your sportsbetting needs. Remember while you’re on the sportsbooks to look at the NFL lines today if you haven’t already done so for Sunday. There are some choice games being played across the nation, and like any good football fan, you can find me, on the couch, watching the best sports action of the year. It’s great to be a sports fan!

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Friday is for MLB Baseball, with NCAA, NFL Football waiting in the wings

It’s almost that time again for the weekend to hurry up and get here, and so to kill another evening off, I’ve decided to focus back in at one of my very favorite sports betting websites. For Friday, it’s a full night of betting at (<a href=””>read the review of</a>)with a few online sportsbook wagers, combined with a trip to their fine online casino for a bit of gambling action. allows its players to bet on normal everyday sports like baseball, soccer, tennis and golf, but also has a great arena for poker and other casino games as well. Regardless of your betting types, has a great selection for any sports fans or gambling preferences, so whenever I get to playing on this site, it generally is a few hours before my curiosity and/or wagering money has run dry!

Being a baseball purist, and sticking to my guns, my online sportsbook betting tonight, banking on a big win from Miami in NCAA Football yesterday. Betting today will be expanded to center around a couple of parlay wager sand a few loose bets on the MLB. For starters in the parlay wagering at, I certainly can’t help throwing in a wager on Felix Hernandez and the Mariners who host the New York Yankees tonight. While the M’s may be out of the playoff chase, King Felix always shows up to the game, and with luck may very well deliver an underdog victory against the visiting Bronx Bombers tonight. Flipping quickly to National League action, make sure to check out the Giants v. Dodgers game in Los Angeles tonight, and with a win San Francisco could move to within 2 � games of the Wild Card position.

With great baseball action all around, there is plenty of great action at our best online sportsbooks featured here at This weekend will definitely have more of the same great wagering opportunities, so check out our online sportsbook reviews, peruse some of our great sites offered here, and place your bets on Major League Baseball, especially as the season is getting insane with just a few games left before the post season! Thanks for checking us out here at, and good luck betting on sports throughout the weekend.

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A little NCAA Football, a bunch of MLB action at Players Only Sportsbook

It’s always a treat when you get a chance to check out two top teams go head to head in any league, and for major league baseball, a three or four game series between two good teams is almost like getting to catch a playoff series well before the actual playoffs come around. Case in point, tonight’s match-up between the Los Angeles Angels and the Boston Red Sox. With the Boston Red Sox riding a 7 game winning streak, and with the Angels looking to avoid getting swept, tonight’s game between these two titans is, well, like a clash of the titans! A fine match-up and series it has been (unless you’re an Angels fan), count on this game to be the anchor leg in any of your online sportsbook betting, and one of the best games to watch on television later on this evening.

With few games tonight having real implications for playoff standings, I have to include the one other game that could help decide the AL Central race, between the Detroit Tigers and the Kansas City Royals. It simply seems like either the Tigers want to have a longer off season this year, or the Royals have their number. With Zach Greinke getting the call for the Royals, I’m skeptical of a Detroit win to save the series, and heading to one of our best online sportsbooks at (<a href=””>read the review of Players Only</a>), I’m leaning to KC for the win tonight. With my Seattle Mariners at home against the Chicago White Sox, count on a close game that I hope stays low in scoring. Lastly in the AL, the Orioles and Rays get underway, in what should be another win for the Tampa Bay team.

With one featured game in NCAA Football tonight, check out Players Only Sportsbook for a pick on the great match-up between #20 Miami and the #14-ranked Georgia Tech Hornets. A solid ACC game on a Saturday, to have a game like this during the work week is a true treat that no sportsbook betting fan will want to miss out on. With Miami at home and a good young QB in Jacory Harris, I’m going out on a limb and taking the Hurricanes to regain some glory they’ve let slip away in the last few years. WIth great sportsbook betting like this each and every day of the week, all your sportsbook fun can be found right here by using the featured online sportsbooks at Check out Players Only Sportsbook today, and good luck in all your sports betting today!

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Sportsbook wagering doesn’t get any better than at

It’s been a pretty quick ride this week to Wednesday, and to mark the starting point of the end of the work week, it’s a venture down to my all-time favorite online sportsbook, the aptly-named (<a href=””>read the review of</a>) for today’s sportsbook bets. With action in Major League Baseball, UEFA Champions League Football, and a coming game in NCAA Football tomorrow, there should be plenty for any sports fan to wager on this evening, and some particularly good opportunities to be had in each league. However, with this week again being one of the last before the start of the postseason in Major League Baseball, each and every game counts for the teams, and for you and I. Come about 2 � weeks or so, the work week gets awfully thin until NHL Hockey and NBA Basketball come around�

That aside, for Wednesday night, online sports betting will be as good as ever with continuing series between some of the best in the business right now. Check out the St. Louis Cardinals in action against Josh Johnson and the Florida Marlins, as the Cards face a tough road ahead to pull even in the current series today. The Colorado Rockies continue their important series with the SF Giants today, with two great pitchers, Jorge De La Rosa and Matt Cain getting the call for their respective teams. Again though, my favorite game of the day is between the Boston Red Sox and the Los Angeles Angels, which should be an opportunity to cash in on two powerful offenses, and hopefully a breach of the total points wager posted at

With the last games in most present series finishing up today, it is definitely worth taking a look at our best online sports betting sites, and choosing some wagers on Major League Baseball. If you haven’t gotten your wagers placed yet, head on over to one of our featured online sportsbooks and get on it! There’s a few more hours left before the last of East Coast night games start, and as always, playoff implications makes watching the MLB very exciting at this time. Wishing you the best of luck this evening and always, thanks again for checking out the best online sportsbooks and casinos reviewed here at!

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Major League Baseball highlights sportsbook betting for Tuesday

It’s yet again back to the daily sports grind, as football has concluded for a  few days, meanwhile as always there are a number of great online sports betting choices for baseball fans today on our best online sportsbooks featured here at Getting started right away, there are a handful of great games taking place tonight in Major League Baseball, and I for one have a trip down to the old faithful sportsbook at (<a href=””>read the review of BetUS</a>). With fifteen games and a couch begging me to hang around for the evening, I’m opening up my addition to the great games in store with a few parlay wagers, and a little bit of online poker play before the late games get underway. For me, the Rockies v. Giants is the game of the night, in a NL West duel with serious Wild Card implications in this series.

In other great baseball action, the excitement in the AL Central refuses to end as the Minnesota Twins continue to gain on the Detroit Tigers for tops in the division. This pennant race is crucial for both the Tigers and Twins, who without winning the division stand no chance at the pennant, being both right around the .500 mark in wins. For a great chance to see some great pitching, make sure to check out Cliff Lee starting for the Philadelphia Phillies tonight against the Washington Nationals. A lopsided game no doubt, it’s still worth it to drop some coin on a pretty much sure wager for Lee tonight at him. I’d go with a shutout or close to, and therefore some very low numbers on the board in a total points wager as well. The Rangers face yet another must-win game against Oakland, while the Angels and BoSox do battle in a great series that could end up being a post-season preview.

With a few last bucks set aside, more online sports betting action can be had on some great match-ups both leagues tonight, including the Blue Jays and Yankees with Roy Halladay on the mound for the visitors (could be a solid wager on the away team), Cubs and Brewers, and the Marlins and Cardinals underway shortly. I’m throwing another parlay wager together for a bet on these contests, and hoping that I might turn in a few sportsbook wagers into a bigger pile to use on sportsbook betting throughout the coming week. Enjoy the great action this evening, and check out our top sportsbooks soon to find the best match-ups, odds, and selection for betting on sports.

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Monday Night Football, MLB sportsbook betting for Monday

Another year, another great opening Sunday of NFL Football! Yet, the action in the NFL doesn’t have to stop there! Today, sports fans are once again treated to more football action on this fantastic Monday, with not one but two games to add to the excitement of online sportsbook betting! While it’s great to get a free Sunday afternoon to wager on football and relax carelessly, having two games to come home to after a long a stressful day of work is by far the biggest reward one could ask for. An East coast showdown between the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots starts the bidding, and in the later game the San Diego Chargers head to Oakland to take on the Raiders. With a quick trip to a top sportsbook at Bookmaker Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of Bookmaker Sportsbook</a>), it’s as easy as one two three and my mark is placed for what should be some great action on each side of the US!

Mr. Tom Brady comes back to his team to start the 2009-10 campaign, and with home field advantage, what better way to test out the will of your Hall of Fame QB than to put him in front of a great crowd, and a questionable Buffalo secondary. 35-21 Patriots today. In the other game, the Raiders are no match for the Chargers, even with an out of step star running back, and a secondary that still needs work. With another click of a button at Bookmaker Sportsbook, it’s the Chargers with a win, only a few baseball wagers left before heading to the couch for the games! With a great match-up between the Yankees and Angels to just mark the tip of the iceberg, count on the 11 games on tap to be just what you need to take a long day of work and make it an exciting night of sports action!

Hopefully you’ve been able to get your bets placed before tonight’s games, and you’re sitting around pondering a bet for the second game of Monday Night Football. I’m so happy this time of year has finally come, as this last weekend has been one of the best for sports and sportsbook betting in quite some time! Enjoy the football and late baseball games still available for betting on sports, have a great rest of the week, and as always thank you for coming to our site for the best sportsbook reviews to the best online sportsbooks and casinos on the net!

Aaron G. hosts all the NFL Football action on Sunday!

It’s a good day, once again, to be a football fan�.Back up at the crack of dawn to get ready for all the pre-game analysis,  then watching football until the last play of the last game on Sunday night is probably one of the best ways to completely waste away a day that I can think of! For Sunday’s football action, sports fans and those people betting on sports in our best online sportsbooks reviewed are to be treated to a number of great games, player debuts, and hopefully spectacular plays on both sides of the ball that are typical of Sunday morning, afternoon and evening with the NFL. With a bunch of potential shoot-out games in store early, Saints vs. Lions, and Cowboys and Buccaneers is what I’m talking about. Drew Brees and Co., check. Tony Romo and Co. Double check. While I like the Bengals in the preseason, it’ll take me a few games to warm up to them this year, however one thing I expect out of them is a well played defensive battle. The Bengals may end up having one of the most underrated defensive units in the league, and could end up winning games for their team even with an anemic offense. However, only time will ultimately tell�

Right away, I had to go with a two-team parlay wager for two nationally televised games I’m getting today between the Denver Broncos and Cincinnati Bengals as well as the Miami Dolphins v. Atlanta Falcons. It will be interesting to see what the Denver Broncos come up with this year, with a new Quarterback and an improved defensive unit. I for one am also excited to see what happens with Atlanta this season, who I believe to have potentially one of the most potent offensive attacks in the league. Any which you slice it today, the games are packing the top sportsbooks, so check out the betting action specifically at (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), one of our best online sportsbooks reviewed in the last few years.

If anything can be said of this weekend, it is that this only begins the amazing winter sports season run (with NBA Basketball, NHL Hockey, and tons of European Football in store soon!) and you can bet that there will be much more to come, both today in NFL Football and Major League Baseball, tomorrow night for Monday Night Football, all the great NCAA Football action into the future. You can be sure that the best online sportsbooks reviewed here will be the places to make your wagers throughout the season, and if you haven’t seen the sites listed here, you owe it to yourself to find the best online sportsbooks, tailored to your liking and betting preferences. Enjoy opening day in the NFL, and may all your wagers be successful by days’ end today!

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College Football, Major League Baseball makes for great sportsbook betting

Welcome everyone to another great weekend of sports and online sportsbook betting at our top sportsbooks here at! We sports fans are once again blessed with another week of NCAA College football in a much too short season (or so say!), and you would have to be crazy, or not a sports fan at all to not be down at one of our best online sports betting sites, and wagering on a few of the games slated for today! We dig right into the action found right here at Superbook’s Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of Superbook</a>), and get down with some wagers in Top 25 action for starters. If there is one thing fun about the mass of heavily lopsided match-ups (cases in point Florida v. Troy or Texas v. Wyoming), it’s trying to guess just how bad the run-up will be. In serious action though, sportsbook fans will find themselves faced with the game of the day, and possibly even the entire NCAA Season, between #3 USC and #8-ranked THE Ohio State. Oh my. Los Angeles is alive with both OSU and USC Jerseys everywhere, and I like them can’t wait for the game to start!!!

Superbook sportsbook holds all the best up to the last minute this morning so if you haven’t yet taken a wager out today, or even ever, try out one of the tried and tested, as has held this one in high regards for years. I’m hoping to string together a nice little payday on some favored teams, and taking the points in each of three potential blowout games including the two mentioned previously, and #9 BYU against Tulane. Oklahoma and Virginia Tech also have blowout games today, and should put up more ridiculous numbers to bust a total points margin. One game any fan of football nostalgia should be interested in as well is the Notre Dame vs. Michigan, in a game of tradition to not miss out on today.

With even more Major League Baseball action in store today as well, and NFL sportsbook betting still hot on the table at the top sportsbooks, it’s a great day to be a sports fan, and specifically a college football one at that! There is still time to wager on some of the later-afternoon games today, and there are plenty of good wagering opportunities to be had in order to add a little extra cash in your sportsbook accounts. Check out all the great offerings at our best online sportsbooks this weekend, and enjoy a nice change of pace from all baseball all the time (even if baseball is really starting to get good now). We’ll catch you again tomorrow, and as always good luck in your wagering and thank you for playing at our top sportsbooks reviewed at!

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Friday night online sports betting at Diamond Sportsbook

Like anyone else who works the 9 to 6 routine, Friday comes with a great feeling joy just to be able to be away from the office for a mere 60 hours in total. Sad really. However, my free time being money, and with great action to be had for online sportsbook betting today, I hope to cash in on the Major League Baseball games being played in the hopes that a few wagers placed earlier today might indeed net a little bit of profit just in time for the weekend. With NCAA College Football tomorrow, and NFL Football on Sunday, sports betting fans such as myself will need all the extra cash in order to line up all the great possibilities for betting on sports soon to come. With a number of baseball games taking place this Friday, it seemed like a logical choice to head to our of our best online sports betting sites here at and drop some parlay wagers on a few of the baseball games that I wouldn’t be fortunate enough to watch today while at work.

Trekking to one of our top sportsbooks here at Diamond Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of Diamond Sportsbook</a>) my first three team parlay bet of the day also includes some of the National League action taking place on the west coast. With Matt Cain pitching, the San Francisco Giants host the Los Angeles Dodgers who travel just a hour or so North for the game in the Bay Area. I’m on the fence with Hiroki Kuroda, who while pitched very well the last time I saw him at Chavez Ravine, is rocky every second outing. However, the Dodgers own the Giants in the season series, and I like them in a tight one at Pac Bell Park. Meanwhile in other NL West action, the Rockies are on the road in San Diego, hoping for a should-be win and a Dodgers victory. With only about 20 games left, and just a few games separating the Rockies and the Giants for the NL Wild Card, every game will be crucial down the home strech. Lastly in the NL out West’s way, I’ll back Braden Looper on the road in Dback territory, as Doug Davis = no good this year.

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to squeeze in some online sportsbook betting at our top sportsbooks here at, and are well on your way to enjoying a much deserved Friday night. Make sure to hit up our featured sportsbooks before tomorrow, and get in on all the NCAA Football action coming up. It’s going to be a wild weekend, and I just can’t wait for tomorrow and Sunday to get going. Its Football season for sure now, and there is no better way to get in on all the excitement than by getting online and heading to one of our best sports betting sites and placing a few wagers. Until tomorrow, good luck in your sportsbook betting, and have a great Friday night!

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