World Series continues, full schedule of online sportsbook betting at

We’re back in business folks, as Game 3 of the World Series gets underway today, and Saturday’s lineup of sporting events has any type of sports fan licking their chops at the great action to watch on TV (or attend if you’re that lucky) and wager on at a top sportsbook reviewed right here. With a solid pitching duel between veteran Andy Pettitte and youngster Cole Hamels in tonight’s game between the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies, it’s another tough call in a game that is again a must win for both teams. A 2-1 lead for the Phillies could bode very ominous for the Yankees, facing two more games at Citizen Bank Park, and would give a huge boost to the lower part of the Philadelphia rotation, which could use the confidence against a strong Yankee batting order. Either way, I expect a couple gems from each pitcher, and am counting on that duel to keep the runs low in this one. For betting on sports today the Players Only sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>) gets our knock on the door, with a few wagers on this game to get the ball rolling.

Moving right along for further sports betting, NCAA Football is in fine form, with numerous games inside and out of the Top 25 for potential cash-ins. With few big match-ups this week, and a number of lopsided games coming (even the Florida vs. Georgia game this year should be no contest), cash in on multiple favored teams in parlay wagers. For my wagers, I’m looking to Penn State, Texas Tech, Florida and Cincinnati to all win big, and turn a small, pretty riskless wager into some good cash. It’s been an interesting year for College Football, as there is a handful of undefeated teams, yet none who have stood out as truly dominant in all parts of the game. However, it’s quickly shaping up to be a Florida, Texas and Alabama type of year, as the south seems to be where the talent lies this season. Any which way you choose to attack today’s offerings for NCAA Football, try your luck at sportsbook, which is a quick, easy, and trustworthy way to get into the action.

With NBA basketball just getting started, choose your wagers wisely, and use any and all statistical research on teams to put forth your most educated bets possible. For NHL, find a complete listing of great games, with teams like the New Jersey Devils, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and the Buffalo Sabres creating some serious buzz tonight, and during the start of the season. For any and all games, one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed here at will be a sure fire way to enjoy the sports choices today, so get online with them, and get into the fun!

Aaron G.

It’s Friday! Place your wagers today for all the weekend’s great sportsbook action

I don’t know about you, but this Friday comes at just the right time! With just one more full work day before a weekend full of great sports action, sports fans can take a trip down to one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed here, place their wagers for the best choices on the line, and kick back to watch the outcome of all the games you’re playing on. For Friday, there is a surprising amount of sportsbook betting options, including the newest addition to betting on sports; the NBA! A basketball fans’ dream, 13 games are front and center, and with a trip to one of our featured top sportsbooks such as the Diamond Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of Diamond Sportsbook</a>), you can quickly and easily pick out your choices for who’s going to come out victorious today.

For starters on sportsbook betting today, look quickly over the match-up in NCAA Football, as Noel Devine and West Virginia have an interesting match-up traveling to South Florida to face the Bulls. Starting 5-2 out of the Big East, USF is a definite spoiler alert for Friday with home field advantage. Moving on to the 13 games in store for NBA Basketball, key games to watch and wager on include the Chicago vs. Boston game, the Dallas Cowboys vs. the Los Angeles Lakers and the Washington Wizards against the Atlanta Hawks. It’s early in the season, so once again I’m turning to many of the home teams with good lineups to determine possible wagers, and tonight there are at least 3-4 wagers that have a high confidence level baked in and a good possibility for success. Cash in on a few of the top home teams tonight, and see if the home crowd brings you good luck in your sportsbook bets!

With 8 games in play for NHL Hockey tonight, fans of the fastest game around will be happy to see contests like the Montreal Canadiens vs. the Chicago Blackhawks, as well as the Colorado Avalanche vs. the San Jose Sharks. The Canucks and the Ducks (sorry, loving saying that) get down in So Cal tonight, and I for one will excitedly be in attendance (never miss a Canucks game when they make it down south!). Take a bet on your favorite teams playing tonight, and visit the Diamond Sportsbook for a tried-and-true sports betting adventure. Until next time, good luck, have a great weekend, and see you again soon!

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Work week almost done, finishing it off with sportsbook betting at

I’ll be the first to say that I, like the most of us, need a break from the daily grind. With Thursday upon us, and Friday looming ever-so-close, Thursdays’ great choices for online sportsbook betting will be a much needed dose of excitement to an otherwise anxious wait for the last few ticks before 5:30 pm Friday. With exciting NBA action opening up a whole new section of betting on sports, today will continue the fun with another home opener as the Chicago Bulls, a team I’m very interested in seeing grow, host the San Antonio Spurs, a traditional powerhouse. For online sportsbook betting today, it’s the sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>) that we here have come to know, love, and frequent weekly for any type of sportsbook betting excitement. To kick off wagering, it’s the two NBA games as the Bulls and Spurs as well as the Denver Nuggets and Portland Trailblazers. Sometimes the action is even more exciting when focused on only two or three great teams, and this is a perfect night to test out a parlay wager on the new season!

Sports fans will also be able to turn to the lone NCAA football game between #13 Virginia Tech and North Carolina, which should be a pretty decent ACC match-up for College Football tonight. Heavy favorites Virginia Tech should have no problem at home, while putting up a solid defensive effort. I’m counting on a low scoring game, and personally am giving Virginia Tech a 10 point spread over the Tarheels. With further sportsbook betting options available on the NHL games taking place today, make sure to check out for great contests like the New Jersey Devils and Boston Bruins, as well as the Canucks and Kings. The Capitals are rolling to start the year, getting to 7-2 very quickly, and with a Thrashers team that hasn’t shown their true potential yet, I’ll throw them in a wager today as well. With the NHL showing many team’s true colors very early, count on consistency from a few of the best to be the backbone in your parlay wagers each week.

Lastly, and definitely not least, game two of the World Series between the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies gets underway this evening, and you certainly won’t want to miss out on taking a crack at wagering on the final baseball games of the year. Check out for all your wagering wants and needs today, thanks once again for stopping by for reviews on the top sportsbooks found on the web, and good luck as always! Have a great weekend too!

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Wednesday’s online sportsbook betting excitement at the Sportsbook

What was a great night of sports action turns into yet another great day of solid offerings for betting on sports, and fans will once again be treated to Major League Baseball’s World Series, as the New York Yankees were shocked last night at home after an outstanding performance by Philadelphia star pitcher Cliff Lee. Going 8 innings and giving up only one run in a 6-1 win, Lee has done what all Phillies fans hoped he would; give the Phillies a sporting chance. In tonight’s game, it’s a must win for the Yankees, who couldn’t head to Philly down two games and expect to come out without at least giving up one game, which would put them up against the wall for all remaining games. However, with A.J. Burnett getting the call from the Yankee rotation in tonight’s game, I just can’t imagine the Yanks slipping up with another ace pitcher against an opponent on the mound that the Yankees are very familiar with (that being the aging veteran Pedro Martinez). With the first wager of the new day, it’s gotta be New York to even this bad boy up, and hopefully give sports fans just one more game possibility before the season closes for good. Betonline Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of Betonline Sportsbook</a>) gets the call from our stable of online sports betting sites, and for good reason. A top sportsbook with all the trimmings and willing to meet any of the expectations of the most critical online sports betting guy or gal, check out and find out what we’ve been raving about most recently here at

Jumping sports today and looking towards the games in the recently started NBA,  there are a number of great sportsbook bets to be had with 12 contests up for wagering on. I expect a few big starts from home teams tonight, especially with the likes of Orlando opening against Philadelphia (who in my mind hasn’t improved a bit this year, at least from what’s been seen in the preseason), and the Boston Celtics hosting the Charlotte Bobcats. Further, the Utah Jazz and the Denver Nuggets should make for a great game to watch and wager on, between two of the top teams out West. The Atlanta Hawks should be a decent wager on the road against the Indiana Pacers, as the Pacers were yet another team falling flat in preseason, while Atlanta shined. Check out the head-to-head match-ups in each of the games tonight, as the early games of the regular season will be very dependent on which stars will be showing up to anchor their team’s attack. With a number of seemingly very mediocre teams around the league this year at season start, I fully expect a small handful of very good teams just as we had last year. Pick those teams early, and cash in on the mismatches that will surely be in abundance.

To round out another great day of online sportsbook betting, 10 NHL games featuring some of the best teams in the league land on the website at, and should be worth a few wagers. With my last parlay wager set on the Penguins, Flames and Sharks tonight, I must bid you adieu, and wish you good luck today in your sports betting wagers. Thanks for checking in, enjoy another great sportsbook at, and please catch us again tomorrow!

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Another exciting sports season starts with NBA Basketball wagering at

Oh Happy Day! With the start of the Major League Baseball World Series tomorrow, and with the beginning of the NBA’s 2009-10 campaign, this Tuesday happens to be unlike most Tuesdays, offering sports fans some great wagering choices at any of the best online sportsbooks reviewed right here. For Tuesday, I’m headed back to a site I haven’t seen in a little while, but one that is definitely among the top sportsbooks I use on a regular basis throughout the year. Oddsmaker sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>) features all the great wagering options you’d expect, plus pretty good bonuses, great customer support, and plenty of variety from poker rooms to casino games to horses. For Tuesday check out and you won’t be disappointed.

For a preemptive session of sportsbook betting on tomorrow night’s World Series opener between the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies, fans will be treated to one of the best pitching duels of the post season, between Phillies’ ace Cliff Lee, facing off against the ever-dominant C.C Sabathia of the New York Yankees staff. If there is one game Philadelphia needs to win in order to set the tone, it’s this one. If the Phillies ace can’t shut down the All-star Yankee cast of batters, I’m just not sure anyone can, least not while playing in New York. However, with a potent offense behind him, and with plenty of rest, I’m taking the Phillies as the underdog today, and riding Cliff Lee for a win and hopefully at least a split of the games starting at the New Yankee Stadium. This is going to be a great game, and hopefully a great series between the true two best teams the MLB had to offer this year, and you certainly won’t want to miss watching and wagering on this one!

For the NBA basketball getting underway, take caution in your wagers today, as opening day is just about anyone’s game as I’ve found in years’ past. One thing is for sure, the home team will have extra incentive to get their fans, and their team starting off on the right note, and as such there are a few teams that stand out today for betting on sports, including the Lakers and Trailblazers who have favorable match-ups. The best game of the opening night will be the Boston Celtics vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers in a playoff repeat, and you won’t want to miss seeing who kicks off the year right! Enjoy the games, enjoy a trip to the best online sportsbook at, and we’ll see you on the flipside.

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World Series set for Yankees and Phillies, Monday Night football gets underway!

As the seasons change, so do the gears of the ever-turning world of sports, and after last night, one more point in the Major League Baseball season comes to an end. With the New York Yankees downing the Los Angeles Angels in Game 6 of the ALCS, sports fans are now only a maximum of 7 baseball games away from the end of the season! A sad realization for any true baseball fan for sure, but Hockey, NFL, NCAA  and European Football well underway and NBA Basketball on the horizon, betting on sports has never been more exciting right now! For today’s sportsbook betting it’s a trip to the tried and true, best online sportsbook in my stable, at Betus Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of BetUS</a>). Count on some wagering on the NFL’s Monday Night Football game, and NHL Hockey to anchor your sportsbook betting today, and to be a great sportsbook betting website to place your wagers.

Tonight’s showdown pits an up-and-down Washington Redskins team looking for some kind of bright spot in an otherwise sub-par start, and getting a win tonight would have to come at the expense at a pretty decent Philadelphia Eagles. The only real bright spot for the Redskins and their anemic offense is their home field advantage. In a battle of two quarterbacks still trying to prove to fans that they can truly play ball, both Donovan McNabb and Jason Campbell will be in the spotlight to pull their teams to victory. Any which way though, another great MNF game awaits sports betting fans, so hopefully you have your chips in place for this game tonight as it should be a hard fought contest!

As always, thanks for checking out our best online sportsbooks and casinos featured here at, and hopefully you are able to cash in on some of the best online sportsbooks, with some well-placed wagers on the featured games happening each and every day. With the start of the NBA season looming ever-so-close, get prepared for even more opportunities for betting on sports, and yet another season to have to study up on!

Aaron G.

NFL Football, Game 6 ALCS, and plenty of Premier League Football for Sunday!

Welcome to yet another perfect opportunity for never leaving the house today! Sunday is any type of sports fan’s dream, and online sports betting action hardly gets better than wagering on the any of the great NFL, NHL, MLB, Premier League Football or Golf action in store today. To make for an exciting day of crashing on the couch and watching sports, the addition of some sportsbook wagering at one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed at is a must. With the earliest games in Europe already underway, and NFL action set to begin in just a few hours, definitely make sure to hop down to one of the top sportsbooks here, and place your bets now! For sportsbook betting today, join me at one of our newest reviewed sportsbooks, at Bookmaker Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of Bookmaker Sportsbook</a>). A newcomer, but a winner nonetheless, Bookmaker has a great sportsbook, easy to use interface, and great customer support that you should demand from a top online sportsbook.

Back to the NFL Football games on hand today, this morning we have a handful of great games to choose from, starting with the Minnesota Vikings vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers. This should be hard-fought battle, but being in Pittsburgh, I’d find it awfully hard to bet against the Steeler D, even with the offensive attack of the Vikings. There are further some great chances to make good money on the Chargers v. Kansas City game, and the Patriots v.  Buccaneers match-ups, which should be lopsided enough to all but guarantee wins for the favored teams. For further betting on sports today, I have to give the nod to the Yankees over the Angels, as I just can’t see Anaheim lasting any longer in this series. For Premier league football, check out the Liverpool v. Man. United game for the best betting of the day. With West Ham and Arsenal ahead, and Manchester City v. Fullham also in action, count on a great day of sports around the world for your online sports betting today!

With one of the best days of the week here, and all the sports betting options available in our top sportsbooks reviewed here, you can count on a lot of excitement today by taking out a few wagers and getting into the action first hand. I hope that by now your online sports betting is all wrapped up, as we’ve got the first kickoff of the day set for about 15 minutes away! There is a ton of online sports betting action throughout the day here at our best online sportsbooks, so if you haven’t wagered today on something, head on down to one of our featured sports betting sites and get into the action!

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Weekend sports action features MLB playoffs, NCAA Football, NHL Hockey for sportsbook bets!

I can’t stress it enough how great of a day, and a weekend of sports we sports fans have in store for us! For Saturday, the usual bevy of online sportsbook betting action centers around NCAA Football, however along with that, sports fans have betting chances on NFL football, NHL Hockey, and even the upcoming regular season games starting this coming Tuesday are ready for your online sportsbook betting! To get this day started right, we’re taking a trip back to the Bookmaker Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of Bookmaker Sportsbook</a>) for all the days’ hottest action online, and you should hop along with us! For starters, the possible final game before the MLB World Series is scheduled for today, though there is a high chance of rain for the New York area as the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim look to avoid going down four games to two in the American League Championship Series. The Yankees, to my dismay, look to have finally found the package that will win them the big trophy at the end of the year…funny though I might add that it cost them 400 million in contract money to do so. 😉

Moving along with sports action today, check out the best action in the NCAA, as College Football is finally starting to show who are the best teams in the entire country. Though unranked currently Tennessee should give #2 Alabama a run for their money at home today, in order to try and throw a branch into the Crimson Tide’s undefeated streak. I also like the ACC match-up between #10 Miami and Clemson, which should be a tight game, even with the Hurricanes being pretty heavily favored. TCU vs. BYU should be a great match-up out in the Mountain West Conference today, meanwhile USC looks to redeem itself against Oregon State, after the 2008 loss that proved to be a heartbreaker for the Trojan’s perfect season. If you haven’t as of yet found your way into betting on sports for NCAA football, now is a great time, with tons of games to watch and wager on.

Lastly for today’s online sportsbook betting, check out the games in NHL hockey, as well as the upcoming Sunday NFL Football games taking place tomorrow. With a full plate of great sportsbook betting opportunities, now is as good a day as any to get into all the excitement, and turn a normal weekend day into a profitable one. Enjoy another solid weekend, check out one of the best online sportsbooks at, and as always, thanks for checking out our site!

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A quiet Friday makes for a few wagers and great action at the Bodog poker room

Happy Friday to all of you once again from us at! We’ve finally come to the close of another dragging week, and with it, the chance to hop online, check out a few of the top sportsbooks, place a few wagers on sports and take a visit to an online casino or poker room. For Friday night, nothing says party-in-a-website like Bodog (<a href=””>read the review of Bodog Sportsbook</a>), so for me, I’m spending some of my hard-earned duckets placing a few bets on sports early, then coming back for more head-to-head action in the great and busy poker rooms found on their site. There is a reason that Bodog has come to be one of the most respected and widely-used websites for all things betting. With tons of traffic, there’s always a great table full of competitive poker players, and their sportsbook has been a favorite of mine since the first day I traveled to their website. For Friday, do yourself a favor, take a trip down to the Bodog Sportsbook, and see firsthand what everyone has been raving about for years.

With the NBA preseason just about done, sports fans would be wise to take a look at some of these teams playing good ball, as a preemption of things to come in the regular season. I’ve found a couple good horses to follow this preseason, and while generally not really recommended, sportsbook betting for NBA preseason can, and for me this year is, a profitable venture. Besides, with 11 games in action on Friday, the last day before a three day break to commence the new season, teams will be looking to start the season on a high note, and polish their offense and defense with their best players playing throughout the whole games. My preseason picks for teams making the post season (based on what I’ve seen thus far) have to include Boston yet again, Orlando, Atlanta, Denver and Los Angeles, all who will be in action today. The Magic look to hold on to an undefeated preseason at home against the Hawks, the Lakers take on the Nuggets at home and the Mavericks and Rockets should make for another exciting conclusion of the NBA preseason today.

With just three games in the NHL today, it might be worth a little three-team parlay wager for fun, featuring the games like the Penguins vs. Panthers, The Avalanche vs. Hurricanes, and the Blues vs. Wild. With the day hopefully passing by quickly I hope you’ll check out the Bodog Sportsbook today, as it truly is worthy of being one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed on our site. As always, enjoy the sports action, thanks for stopping by, and catch us again soon for more sportsbook betting updates!

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Great weekend of sports coming up, more great sports betting action at today

I don’t know about you….but this week needs to end, and end quickly! It’s been a long and grinding week this week, however with the hopes of another Friday on the horizon, great online sportsbook betting all around, and plenty of action on TV from today through the weekend, it’s starting to look much brighter for me, and should also be for all you sports fans out there looking to kick back with a little betting on sports. For Thursday, we make our way to one of our best online sportsbooks reviewed, at the sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>). Always a fan of this site for their ridiculous amounts of wagering types from sports to really anything imaginable, is a simplistic, easy-to-use website that just about any fan of online sports betting can get behind. For today’s wagering, it’s a number of great games across a number of leagues, but all the bets come at the sportsbook.

For starters, I for one am yet again a sucker for anything and everything College Football, and with an ACC match-up in store between Florida State and North Carolina, at least a little lip service to this game, in the form of a sportsbook bet, is in order I think. While both teams have not started well in the ACC, and Florida State is certainly not the team of old in what may well be Bobby Bowden’s final season at the helm of the Seminoles, Florida State gets the upper hand in this contest, even while playing on the road. UNC still has yet to show it’s a legitimate ACC opponent, so while FSU has yet to shine, I count on them to pull through in this game today. Quickly moving onward towards the NHL, where the hockey season is picking up steam and providing great action, look to a number of games for your online sports betting fancy, and check out the lines, points and totals for each of the games today. I love a good match-up between the New Jersey Devils and the New York Rangers, as well as the Bruins vs. the Flyers, which will be a preview of this years’ Winter Classic from the hallowed Fenway Park in Boston. The Stars and Kings do battle again, this time in LA, and the surprising Phoenix Coyotes host the Detroit Red Wings, in what should be a great contest to watch and wager on.

With the NBA wrapping up the preseason, and teams only 5 days away from starting the regular season, check out a few of the warm-up games, which are available as always for betting on sports. The Atlanta Hawks have had a great preseason so far, and will make for one of the better betting options today. Also check out the Nuggets and Lakers (note the Nuggets don’t win on the road in preseason) and Portland against the Phoenix Suns. Enjoy all the great sports action found at sportsbook, and good luck as always!

Aaron G.