World Series Baseball, Monday Night Football for great online sportsbook action!

Online sportsbook betting is an enjoyable venture on most days, but on championship-pending days specifically, betting on sports can be one of the most exciting ways to boost an otherwise dreary Monday in November. With the MLB World Series Game 5 set for this evening, it’s do or die for the Philadelphia Phillies, who face losing, well´┐Żsaid face, at home if the Yankees are able to finish with a sweep on the road and close out the series at 4 games to 1. I’m willing to stand behind Philly for one more game, and with Cliff Lee at the helm, hope that the Phillies will hold on if only because I don’t wish to see Major League Baseball close it’s doors for the year. Call me sentimental, or overly-reflective, but it’s been a great year for online sportsbook wagering on baseball, and I for one would love to continue placing wagers on it, if only for the final two games of the series. Get your wagers set for this one folks, as it may be the last chance to participate in Philadelphia win!

With a trip to DiamondSportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of DiamondSportsbook</a>), today’s online sportsbook betting will be a cinch, as this new addition to the reviewed sportsbooks here comes with a great feature; placing wagers through a solid mobile application. A stellar match-up for Monday Night Football is in store for NFL Football fans, as the New Orleans Saints host the Atlanta Falcons. A shoot-out in the making, count on this game to be a great addition to your stable of online sportsbook picks today. In a game such as this, I for one like to turn to the quarterbacks, and following a Drew Brees-led offense at home, the Saints just have to keep the Atlanta attack in check to win big. Points, points, points in this one, indoors, with two defenses that can get burned in the secondary. Any which way your wagering goes, make sure to catch this game tonight, which will certainly highlight some of the best of what sportsbook betting on the NFL is all about.

With even MORE great sportsbook betting opportunities taking place today in the NHL, and the budding NBA season, count on DiamondSportsbook to be a quick and easy way to place your bets on all the latest and greatest games taking place right now. If you haven’t gotten in to the newly started sports seasons, and haven’t wagered on the World Series or NFL football showdowns taking place tonight, now’s a great time to try a great new site, and find out what all the rave of betting on sports is about!

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