Sportsbook betting on Monday Night Football helps ease the start of another week

It’s a solid night of online sportsbook betting opportunities, and starting out with NFL football on a Monday night after work seems the perfect place to do a little betting on sports early on today, then kick back and catch the game this evening . From what I know about Steeler football, combined with a much tighter Denver Broncos defense, this game is going to be fought and won running the ball. While I’m not sure if offensively one team is better than the other, as both teams have good receiver corps and a few budding talents in the backfield, I do know that Pittsburgh has been able to shut down any offense at anytime this year, at home or on the road. Denver may already be 6-1, and a playoff contender as it stands, but the Superbowl champion Steelers get my vote for a win, and my wager at’s fine sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>) today.

Along with a few more wagers taken on the various games in NCAA and NBA Basketball action, as well as NHL Hockey wagers in store, taking a trip to the poker tables also seems like a great way to spend a Monday night, especially if it comes after winning a little bit of extra cash in the online sportsbooks reviewed here at I enjoy doing a little multi-tasking of entertainment items at the start of the week, just to make things interesting. If you haven’t checked out’s site at anytime before, chances are you’ve heard me raving about the Texas Hold ‘Em on this website and the great selection of play offered.  Play anyone, anywhere, for any amount of money you wish to wager. I still get a kick out of playing with people from around the world, who help make games part of an online community. The tables are often full at, which gives players a chance to hone their skills in tournament-style play at anytime of the day.  Being able to watch some games while playing online in our featured casinos is a great time to be had on any day of the week, and I’m stoked to be back on the tables tonight.  If you have the same love of the game for Texas Hold ‘Em as this writer does, come check out this site. Not only is their casino a solid place to play, the sportsbook is well laid out and easy to navigate, and normally the first place I go daily to check lines.

Nonetheless, however you get along with betting on sports today and tonight, count on for all your sportsbook, casino and poker room enjoyment, and definitely make sure to start getting into the NBA and NHL seasons, which are now starting to show some team’s true colors, exposing easier bets to come. With a couple parlays wrapped up at today, that’s it for my online sports betting, and I’m off to catch a few games on the TV tonight. I can’t wait for NBA wagering tomorrow, and you can bet that I’ll be back here again with more wagering updates, and more sporting news. Enjoy the games, the sportsbook betting, and hopefully an exciting night watching some great sports action!

Aaron G.

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