A quick round of sportsbook betting, and plenty of poker room action at Sportsbook.com

Thursday nights in are just about one of my favorite things, as there is only one day left in the work week, and betting on sports could bring some much needed cash for the weekends’ excursions. As such, I figure what better way to spend a Thursday night, than visiting one of the best online sportsbooks, putting some wagers in, and then heading to the poker rooms to get in on the busy action that always shows up later in the work week. For today it’s the Sportsbook.com sportsbook (<a href=”https://www.casinoreview.org/sports_betting/sportsbook.html”>read the review of Sportsbook.com</a>) for betting on sports and online poker, and to get things started, why not go for the quickest and easiest, being the two games set for NBA basketball? Being as it’s two great games in store. Between the Los Angeles Lakers hosting the Phoenix Suns and the Miami Heat taking on the Cleveland Cavaliers, I for one am looking for some fireworks from these top teams, and hopefully some busted total points margins. 😉

There is a nice little crop of NCAA Football wagers in place at Sportsbook.com, including a dandy of a game between two lesser known teams, those being South Florida and Rutgers. It’s been a very long time it seems since Rutgers has been any good, however tonight, I’m looking for them to upset the #22-ranked Bulls, on home field advantage. Northern Illinois can pretty much seal a Bowl berth with a win tonight over Ball State, and for the last game of the evening, Bowling Green should have no troubles with the 1-9 Miami (OH) RedHawks. Licking my chops for Saturdays’ top NCAA teams to be back in action, these games today will at least tide sports fans over in the meantime. And as a reminder, you can always find all the games at Sportsbook.com well in advance, so if you want to get things in order, and even catch some better odds, plan your online sports betting early!

With a handful of NHL games in store, and with the Thursday Night Football match-up between the Chicago Bears and the San Francisco 49ers, it’s another great day for betting on sports, with plenty of exciting choices to take on. With my wagers placed today, it’s off for a session of poker room action at Sportsbook.com, so get those wagers down yourself at any one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed here, and even join me on one of the tables for all the great community fun!

Aaron G.

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