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I must admit that going back to work doesn’t feel nearly so bad after having a long and prosperous weekend, and extra money in my online sports betting account. When you’ve got more money in two separate sites than before you started the weekend, betting on sports for the actual week becomes a lot more fun! The sportsbook gods must have known I needed it (going 4-8 on wagers during all of last week, eesh) and paid me back for quite a bit lost. So let’s just hope the roll keeps on going�anyway getting down and dirty for betting on sports tonight, we’re taking the under wager for total points in the Monday Night Football game between the Tennessee Titans and the Houston Texans at the Playersonly Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of Players Only</a>). This game might not look like a close match-up at first, and is leaning easily to Houston at home,  but Tennessee is breaking out of their funk (Vince Young is actually starting to impress a little even), and will be able to control the Texans if they can contain Andre Johnson and Matt Shaub today. Big if, so I’ll bet on good defense tonight between the two clubs.

For other sportsbook betting opportunities tonight, The NBA has four games, three of which look good for a parlay wager tonight. Even the mediocre L.A. Clippers can muster a win from Minnesota, Memphis – ditto to Sacramento, and San Antonio at home against Milwaukee is yet another lopsided contest, but worthy of padding a parlay. The only worthwhile game of the evening to watch happens to be up in Portland, as the Bulls and Blazers will be a good one. Since my home team is gone (the Sonics), it’s a lean to Portland, and I’ll back them tonight in sportsbook betting.  Lastly for this ol’ guy, I’m checking out some of the top sportsbook action for NHL hockey, as a full plate of games will definitely make for good wagering at the Sportsbook. One thing to note in the NHL, choose your wagers wisely; there are currently only 5 teams under .500 as of right now, and almost every game can look like a toss-up. Good ol’ NHL parity in action�dive into some stats at Playersonly, or anywhere on the web, and find out why the NHL is such a fast and fantastic sport!

Both the NHL and NBA are quickly showing which teams will be formidable this year, and wagering on either the NBA or the NHL should make for an exciting time for any sports fan today and for many weeks to come. Thankfully, betting on sports at our featured sports betting sites have already proved much more fruitful so far this weekend as compared to last, and with some great match-ups in the week to come, I for one can’t wait to get my hands on some potentially winning sports betting opportunities. For us at, have a great rest of the week, thank you for stopping by as always, and we’ll see you tomorrow with more exciting updates for sportsbook and online casino action!

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