Great sportsbook betting action on NBA, NHL, NCAA, Premier League Football

With over 90 games to wager on in our featured online sportsbooks at today, you would be hard pressed not to find something to wager on for this Saturday’s online sports betting. From the great College Football match-ups, to the NHL and the NBA’s blossoming seasons, and the 5 games in English Premier League Football, this Saturday’s contests will get any sports enthusiast excited for betting on sports. For my Saturday bets on NCAA Football, I’m keeping it relatively simple and taking two parlay wagers, one for each coast. With a trip to the great sports betting site at OddsMaker (<a href=””>read the review of OddsMaker</a>), I’m ready to catch a few good match-ups in the early games and hopefully be up by noon today! I quickly hopped over to their website, and placed my first parlay bet for NCAA Football, with a few teams I like, namely LSU and Penn State. I just have to wait and see how these wagers turn out, as both teams face tough match-ups today (Alabama and Ohio State respectively) and each should be a well fought ball game�but you never know with college football. One thing I do know though, is that online sportsbook betting rarely gets better than on a Saturday, so check into Oddsmaker Sportsbook to see what all the fuss is about!

For the second parlay wager of the afternoon, I switch to California vs Oregon State game, which I’ve been waiting for a long, long while. Being a Pac-10 fan, this should be a great game to check into, and I’m going for an OSU upset today over the #20 ranked Bears.  To place my wager and mix it up, I switched sportsbook websites to (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), taking 3 more teams for a more modest little round of sports betting. I’m shooting for a long shot upset with Arizona State at home against USC, hoping the Trojans get fully knocked out of the Pac-10 championship, as well as any hopes of a BCS bid. With that all set, Saturday afternoon is perfect for kicking back (especially if you were like me and had to work this morning!) and enjoying some exciting college football action. Like I said earlier, you’d have a difficult time not finding something to bet on this afternoon so place those bets and take a seat in your favorite chair then enjoy!

With a few scattered wagers on the great NHL, NBA and English Premier League Football, you’d be likely looking at great day of sports, and great opportunities for making some extra cash at one of the best online sportsbooks on the web. Check out all the action at either Oddsmaker Sportsbook, or Sportsbok for some good picks, and good resources to use to make the right bet before the games have come and gone. Needless to say, if you haven’t placed your wagers, you are only a few clicks away from betting on one or more of our featured online sportsbooks. Enjoy the Saturday sports action, and I wish you all the luck for the great match-ups today!

Aaron G. plays host as our featured online sportsbook for Friday

At, there is always something new every single day to get you into the fun and exciting world of sportsbook betting and online casino gaming. Whether it is checking out a new featured top sportsbook you haven’t tried yet and betting on your favorite teams, or just hunkering down at the tables for some good old poker or other table games, our top sportsbooks reviewed here have it all for you. What that means for me each and every day, is a constant supply of online sportsbooks to come and go from, and a seemingly endless amount of casino and poker games to take part in. With 6 hockey games set for tonight and more than enough NBA action for online sportsbook wagering, one thing is for sure; it’s time to get down to our of our best online sportsbooks reviewed here, and get into the sportsbook betting action!

For Friday’s sportsbook betting, the focus is definitely on the NBA and the NHL, and thus my day hedge mainly on those two leagues before moving into the fun world of casino and poker games. While I generally stick to the wagering I am most comfortable with, there is something that keeps pulling at my leg to try wagering out of my comfort zone. Maybe it’s the overwhelming amount of options offered by our featured sportsbooks and casinos, but new sporting events are calling all the time, begging me to play. However, in the mean time, I revert to my favorites and placed one parlay bet for this evening on NHL hockey at<a href=””>read the review of</a>). Today, the Avalanche, the Sabres, Devils and Panthers fit in for parlay wagering nicely, and all I can do is wait to see some (hopefully) good outcomes later on tonight.

With abundant NBA action later this evening, there is plenty more betting on sports in store for all your sports betting pleasure, as the Heat and Nuggets, as well as the Celtics and Suns square off in the best games of the night. leaves you with tons of options for choosing your favorite sports bets, as well internet casino games that would rival any real casinos selection, and with plenty of both today, there is no doubt in my mind you’ll find something great to whet your sportsbook betting whistle! Enjoy your evening, and thanks again for choosing us for the best online sportsbooks and casinos the internet has to offer. Check out the late west coast NBA basketball games tonight, as the wagering is fading fast for evening games. Have an enjoyable weekend, and enjoy betting on sports at our best online sportsbooks reviewed on our site!

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ZWorld Series ends with Yankee win, sports fans move to new sportsbook betting today

It’s a solid night for online sportsbook betting, as there is action to be had around a few different sports leagues, with plenty of good competition to watch after a long day of work. After watching a sad end (for non-Yankee fans like myself) to the World Series, it’s time for Philly fans, and Major League Baseball enthusiasts to shake off the end of the baseball season, and look forward to many newly started leagues and great sportsbook betting choices ahead. For Thursday’s football action in Europe, fans will be treated to a ton of UEFA Europa League contests, as the second round of competition gets underway around the European continent. Taking a trip to one of the tried and true online sports betting sites at (<a href=””>read the review of Intertops</a>), my online sportsbook bet is ready to go for European football, with a few wagers on my favorites today, AS Roma, Ajax Amsterdam and FC Basel.

NHL Hockey and NBA basketball are just about all a sports bettor could ask for to go along with a good game of football. Even though for me the football game gets the spotlight, I like the idea of having a few games riding that I can flip between while the football game pans out. However, devoted hockey fan and basketball fan, and an avid bettor myself, I like spreading around the wealth when such great opportunities arise. With two games in NBA play today, I like the game between the Utah Jazz and San Antonio Spur, with Utah in need of a good win at home to avoid a 1-4 start. Cleveland vs. Chicago will be a tough call to make today, but a bet on the home team just may be the right wager in this contest, should you choose to accept the challenge!

I don’t know about all of you, but I can’t wait for this weekend to come! I’m heading out of town for a while, and am trying to cram as much betting on sports as possible at our featured online sports betting websites. Whether it is from the NHL, NBA, NCAA, European or NFL Football, sports fans can always find what they are looking for at our top sportsbooks reviewed on our site. Check out all the great wagering possibilities at our best online sportsbooks reviewed, and hopefully your Friday at work passes by with thoughts of sports betting and playoff games. Until then, thanks as always for stopping by and getting in to all the great sportsbooks and casinos on our site.

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Game 6 World Series, more NBA, NHL sportsbook wagering in store today

Wednesday starts out with a trip to one of our best online sportsbooks reviewed here, and getting in on some of the great choices offered for sports betting fans today. Going to Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), my first wager of the day includes one more wager on the World Series game (taking the over wager on points this time), as well as a scattered set of wagers on the great NHL and NBA games ahead. While the spotlight will be on the New York Yankees against the Philadelphia Phillies in what could be the last game of the season, further focus should land on the 10 NBA games and 6 NHL games as well. With the Buffalo Sabres, Colorado Avalanche, and New Jersey Devils just rolling through opponents to start the year, I for one see at least three good opportunities tonight for betting on sports in the NHL.

For the basketball wagering today, check into the Phoenix Suns vs. the Orlando Magic for a great contest, albeit a tough wagering choice. The Lakers and Rockets should be a fun match-up as well, but money stays on some of the lopsided match-ups such as the Celtics v. Timberwolves, Nuggets v. Nets and Hawks vs. Kings. The second teams in these match-ups just have not found any groove yet, and against the good teams they face, should continue to lose heavily for at least another week or so. Therefore, starting out today’s wagers, check out the teams kicking out of the gate strong to stay strong, and those with a lackluster start to continue to flutter until (maybe) reaching some sort of stride in the weeks to come.

I managed to have some good luck yesterday with online sports betting on basketball, so I’m anxious to see if I can get a little hot streak going before the weekend starts and football needs all my money again. Although we are rapidly approaching the finale of the MLB season, look forward to full days and full sportsbooks packed with the best online sports betting action of the year. Its high time sports fans had a full plate to choose from each and every day, and sites like feature a great sportsbook to immerse you into the exciting world of betting on sports. Enjoy another great night of online sportsbook betting, and all the sports action for your viewing pleasure!

Aaron G.

Online sportsbook betting and casino excitement at

With another long day of the office grind looming fresh in my mind, quite frankly I am so glad to finally be home, and getting the opportunity to throw some notes down on tonight’s NBA and NHL match-ups! Going into today, I have to head back to a tried and true sportsbook betting site at Intertops Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of Intertops</a>), which happens to be one of our best online sportsbooks featured and reviewed on our website. I haven’t had the opportunity to spend much time as of late at this online sportsbook and casino, but I’ve got this evening to place a few wagers at their site and I hope for some more good luck!  NBA basketball is in full swing tonight, along with a host of NHL hockey games, so stopping by one of our top sportsbooks, placing few wagers, then crashing for the games just seems like the perfect way to spend an evening.

Since there are 9 games being played tonight in the NBA, I’m lumping a few handfuls of games into two parlay wagers, and a few single bets at one of the top sportsbooks at The Nuggets are rolling to start the year, and should roll on against the Indianapolis Pacers, who host Denver today. The Heat and Suns make for a hot match-up (yes, pun intended, sorry), but one of the undefeated will have to fall today. The Suns, while on the road, look to have a good match-up advantage in this one, with less reliance on a single start (ahem, D-Wade). Since I have no hometown team anymore (yes, I’m still bitter OKC,), I have to switch loyalties this year to Portland, who have a great team, and face a tough challenge today against the Atlanta Hawks. Rooting for some point production from both crews, I’ll take over on total points and watch the fireworks display between a few of the better teams in the league who I expect will both be in the mix come playoff time.

With just a few extra wagers available on NHL hockey tonight, find what you are looking for right at, and enjoy the bevy of sportsbook betting possibilities right at your fingertips. While this is where I must part ways with you, for everybody who’s tired of work and happy to be home, I encourage you to get those online sportsbook wagers placed this evening, kick back and relax, and maybe get online in our featured casinos. All I know is that it’s a lot more fun than being at work, and potentially much more rewarding as well. So have a great night, and I wish you all luck, and thanks again for visiting us at

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World Series Baseball, Monday Night Football for great online sportsbook action!

Online sportsbook betting is an enjoyable venture on most days, but on championship-pending days specifically, betting on sports can be one of the most exciting ways to boost an otherwise dreary Monday in November. With the MLB World Series Game 5 set for this evening, it’s do or die for the Philadelphia Phillies, who face losing, well�said face, at home if the Yankees are able to finish with a sweep on the road and close out the series at 4 games to 1. I’m willing to stand behind Philly for one more game, and with Cliff Lee at the helm, hope that the Phillies will hold on if only because I don’t wish to see Major League Baseball close it’s doors for the year. Call me sentimental, or overly-reflective, but it’s been a great year for online sportsbook wagering on baseball, and I for one would love to continue placing wagers on it, if only for the final two games of the series. Get your wagers set for this one folks, as it may be the last chance to participate in Philadelphia win!

With a trip to DiamondSportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of DiamondSportsbook</a>), today’s online sportsbook betting will be a cinch, as this new addition to the reviewed sportsbooks here comes with a great feature; placing wagers through a solid mobile application. A stellar match-up for Monday Night Football is in store for NFL Football fans, as the New Orleans Saints host the Atlanta Falcons. A shoot-out in the making, count on this game to be a great addition to your stable of online sportsbook picks today. In a game such as this, I for one like to turn to the quarterbacks, and following a Drew Brees-led offense at home, the Saints just have to keep the Atlanta attack in check to win big. Points, points, points in this one, indoors, with two defenses that can get burned in the secondary. Any which way your wagering goes, make sure to catch this game tonight, which will certainly highlight some of the best of what sportsbook betting on the NFL is all about.

With even MORE great sportsbook betting opportunities taking place today in the NHL, and the budding NBA season, count on DiamondSportsbook to be a quick and easy way to place your bets on all the latest and greatest games taking place right now. If you haven’t gotten in to the newly started sports seasons, and haven’t wagered on the World Series or NFL football showdowns taking place tonight, now’s a great time to try a great new site, and find out what all the rave of betting on sports is about!

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World Series Game 4, NFL Football for sportsbook betting on Sunday

This, sports fans, is one day to get excited about online sportsbook betting!!! With World Series Baseball, NFL football, NHL and NBA action, and even one match-up in English Premier League Football, Sunday is a day for sportsbook betting like no other! Having one more day to mosey around at home, and a great excuse not to leave the couch today, I for one have parked myself firmly at 9 am in front of the TV, and am prepared to only leave for 5 minute intervals during any stretch of the day. Because I’m that awesome. But on a more serious note, sportsbook betting action does not get too much more exciting at any point in the year, and while waiting for the morning football games to commence (including the evening game taking place between Manchester City and Birmingham), I’m already venturing for more wagers on the NFL at (<a href=””>read the review of</a>) right now!

In the games today, there are a couple of good match-ups worth checking out, including the contest between the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings. Not only do we get to see two good teams that perennially hate each other duke it out, we also get to see Bret Favre return to Lambeau Field. Boos? Cheers? We’ll just have to wait and see, but if one thing is for sure, the ol’ man has a hot team in front of him, and I’ll bet he’ll have a thing or two up his sleeve in this morning game. As much as I hate to say it, the Cowboys definitely have a favorable draw against the Seahawks, in their bid to stay atop the NFC East with the Philadelphia Eagles (who have a tough draw against the New York Giants at home). Finally if you’re feeling extra saucy, take a stab at the loser game of the week between the Lions and St. Louis Rams. Hell, someone has to win here, right? I go STL any day in this match-up. Couldn’t possibly manage a wager on Matt Stafford’s overrated self�

For a few added online sportsbook bets today, look to some great NBA and NHL action to provide some further excitement, if you haven’t gotten your fill from the smattering of NFL action. Definitely don’t forget to squeeze your wager in at one of the top sportsbooks reviewed here for the World Series Game 4 between the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies! Any which way you look at it, or how you chose to do your betting on sports, it is another great day for sports, and for betting on sports at our best online sportsbooks here at Enjoy the games throughout the day, and good luck in all your sportsbook betting for the week to come!

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