Saying goodbye to ’09 with a final round of online sportsbook betting at!

From us at, please let me be one of the first to say Happy New Year!!! We thank you so much for stopping by our website, for reviews on all the best online sportsbooks and casinos the internet has to offer, and hope that you’ve found our input useful! Before we close down another year, I have to say it’s been a dandy of a 2009 for betting on sports online, as we’ve added more great online sportsbooks, and had more fun with all the great sports action than ever before! To continue the trend, but to also honor one of the best online sportsbooks around, we take a trip to a favorite at the sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>). My first online sportsbook ever, is a special place, and for good reason…I’m running in a nice little bit of black at my online sportsbook account, with no reloads for an entire year! Lucky to have bought in and utilized my initial funds well over the year, what better way to bet than to use up some house money at the end of the year! Well, let’s hope to make more of it I suppose…

We have yet again more action in College Bowl games, as well as NCAA hoops to get your university spirit going today, and first off, make sure to check out the Stanford vs. Oklahoma game, in the Sun Bowl later tonight. If you haven’t seen Toby Gerhart run for the Cardinal before, now may be your last time in this uniform. A possible redefinition of a power back, this kid has got crazy power, and moves that will certainly surprise an eye trained to expect only brute force from a bulky white kid. This will be a great match-up, and I would expect plenty of points to be had. With more great match-ups in NCAA basketball for making quick cash, look for Memphis vs. Tennessee,     Ohio St. vs. Wisconsin and St. Johns vs. Georgetown to be some of the highlighted games to watch and wager on today.

Without a doubt, we must close out the year with a couple wagers on NHL Hockey, which has been a fun addition late in the year of online sports bettin. In Hockey action today, find 11 games for the fastest game around including the Avs vs. Red Wings in Detroit, the Devils traveling to Chicago to face the Blackhawks, and the Sharks and Coyotes battling out in Phoenix (hopefully with laser beams strapped to their friggin’ foreheads…silly desert hockey). With the final wager placed at the Sportsbook, it’s just a matter of time before the games get underway, and then the great festivities ahead. Wishing you a Happy New Year and a great 2010 ahead, thank you for stopping by our site, enjoy some great online sportsbook betting action at the top sportsbooks reviewed, and come see us again sometime!

Aaron G.

One step closer to a New Year, one more day of sportsbook bets to close out 2009

With only two a day left after today before the start of a New Year, and a new outlook on sportsbook betting ahead, it’s a time of reflection, and also a time for action to get into the fun and excitement of sportsbook betting before 2009 ends! With sports contests ranging from College Bowl games to Premier League Football, and from NCAA and NBA basketball to NHL Hockey, there is no better time than right now to head down to one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed right here, and get in while the gettin’ is good! For me, and for today, the sportsbook hat says….. sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>)! A stable in the stable of sportsbooks right here, and tried and tested by yours truly for the last 3 years, is one of the most trusted, highly-regarded, and highest reviewed sportsbooks anywhere. Listed as a featured sportsbook with companies like ESPN, you know it’s first in sports as well.

For betting on sports today, take a peek at the two College Bowl games, first between Bowling Green and Idaho, and second pitting #20 Arizona vs. #22 Nebraska. After a win for the PAC-10 last night, UCLA proved at least one team out West can win, but I’m unsure of this one. The Huskers are playing at a different level than the Wildcats, and with a sterling defensive squad, Arizona better respond with an equally great defensive effort of their own. My prediction: Nebraska 24, Arizona 10. For the Idaho v. Bowling Green game, it’s really anyone’s call, but my call is points, and lots of them. Points, Points, Points! Okay, apologies…gettin’ a little excited. Staying with the NCAA, but switching to hoops, look for an interesting clash between #10 UConn and Cincinnati, as a potential upset. This game could have a resounding impact on the Big East, With both teams sitting 8-2 to start, and this being the first in-conference game of the year for both. South Florida v. Louisville should actually be a good game as well, and make sure to check out big mismatches today for quick cash.

To finish off the sportsbook betting for today, look to NHL Hockey, as well as a few games in English Premier League action to highlight your sports betting experience. The Penguins and Devils will make for a great game of the night on the ice, and in other great contests the Kings and Flames do battle, along with the Capitals and Sharks. Arsenal and Manchester United are both in action on the pitch, which should round out betting choices nicely. Check out all the best bets today and any day at, where the action is always hot in the sportsbook, and the excitement makes a bland day great again!

Aaron G.

College Bowl games, College Hoops highlights betting on sports at

I’m not used to Tuesday’s being this well rounded for betting on sports, however I for one am delighted to say that online sportsbook action is on and popping today at the Bookmaker Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of Bookmaker Sportsbook</a>)! One of my current favorites in the best online sportsbook line-up I like to frequent throughout the week, is a great sportsbooks amongst a sea of competitors. What makes so nice is simplicity. You know what you want, you want to the right tools and the ease-of-use, and you get it. Done deal. Therefore, for my quick jaunt into betting on sports today, the sportsbook dishes me up two Bowl games, 7 NBA contests, 15 College hoops match-ups, 6 hockey square-offs, 2 Premier League games….and a cherry on top! Whew. That’ll do ya.

To get things started, UCLA and Temple start off the Bowls today, with UCLA hopefully pulling out a win for the PAC-10, a conference in need of some good performances this year anywhere they can get it. However, for sportsbook wagering, I’m interested in busted points totals in this one, as hopefully the ol’ College D will step aside, and let the offense duke it out. Quite the opposite in our next game, with #15 Miami vs. #25 Wisconsin in the Champ Sports Bowl. This is my underdog pick for today, as I still don’t fully trust that Miami has returned to their elite status of old. Wisconsin has a great ground attack and a solid defense, which will be the difference in this one. Either way you slice it, it’s not a bad call to shoot for a low point score, as I expect both teams to feature the run, and play stingy downfield.

College Hoops is in great form today, with 12 Top 25 teams in action, with games including #5 Syracuse vs. Seton Hall, as well as #24 Texas Tech against #17 New Mexico. #6 West Virginia will get a test against Marquette, who is a team with a pretty tough schedule, doing pretty well (8-4). Kansas, Texas, Kentucky and Purdue should all run away with victories tonight, as all but Purdue are at home, and the opponents relatively unknown. Finding lots of mismatches up on the sportsbook lines board at will be easy today, so make sure to cash in on some lumped favorites, and turn small wagers into great payouts. With another great online sports betting site at your disposal in, join us at their site today, get into the action, and start winning now!

Aaron G.

No work for Monday, back on the online sportsbook train at!

I for one, love me some holidays! With no work scheduled for the next week plus, it’s time to get down to sports betting action, and poker room challenges with no time constraints! To get started in today’s fun, we take a quick click over to the Sportsbetting sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), as it will play host to our featured sportsbook betting this afternoon and evening. As with just about every day around this time of year sports fans get treated with more and more College Bowl action, and to kick off sports betting before kick off on-field, we’ll take a look at the Georgia vs. Texas A&M match-up, in today’s Independence Bowl. A tough season for a typical Top 25 Bulldog squad, no matter what, Georgia will get up for a bowl game. With experience in these games, and facing a lackluster Aggies squad that hasn’t done much in bowl games in the last 10-15 years, I’m counting on the Bulldogs to come through in the first game of the sportsbook betting day.

For NCAA and NBA hoops action, we start with the handful of College games available, including Pitt vs. DePaul (how is Pitt still unranked?), as well as UNV vs. Rutgers. Expect a couple big wins, but like not much scoring from the underdog opposition today. Switching quickly over to the NBA, it’s two parlay wagers up for me, featuring the Lakers vs. Suns (let’s see some points!), as well as the Celtics over the Warriors, and Blazers to top the 76ers. Certainly for sports fans’ viewing pleasure, make sure to watch and wager on the Los Angeles vs. Phoenix game, as these are by far the two hottest teams in the West. Otherwise, expect the usual offering of good chances to pool resources together on favored teams, and work the parlay route to success!

Premier League fans are extra fortunate today, as 6 match-ups are in order at the sportsbook. Admittedly, I’m not the best when it comes to anything but going with what the analysts say, however either way betting on English Premier League games has been one of the best and most exciting additions to the sportsbook betting repertoire.  For my pal Angela abroad I’ll take the Spurs over West Ham, I can never stray from Chelsea, even if heavy favorites, and go with Manchester City to round out the day. And lastly in NFL Football, don’t forget Monday Night action, as the Vikings and Bears take on a freezing cold Soldier Field in the Windy City. With plenty of action around the world available with a few clicks at, join me today, pick your winners, and find out how much more fun Monday can be with a dash of sports and sportsbook betting!

Aaron G.

NFL Football takes precedence for sportsbook bets at

With the NFL regular season winding down to the final two weeks of play now is a great time to place your wagers on the best games happening right now in the NFL, at one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed right here. (<a href=””>read the review of</a>) opens the doors to an overwhelming display of sports betting options today, and if NFL Football suits your fancy, you’re especially in luck today. With teams jockeying for position in the playoffs, or merely trying to add a high note to an otherwise sub-par year, picking your sportsbook wagers for the NFL must be taken with some caution and it would be wise to make sure to know who’s playing in which games, and how the team vs. team comparisons break down. If ever there is a time to be diligent about your research before betting on sports, today’s bevy of NFL games beckons that investment of your time!

I love a good grind-it-out game just as much as any high scoring one, and the toughest fought game featured for sports betting has to be the Pittsburgh Steelers against the Baltimore Ravens. With both teams trying to cling to life for the postseason, this will be a grinding, hopefully low -scoring affair today. I like the under wager on points today, but am hoping for big action out of the Ravens running game (as yours truly just happens to be playing Ray Rice in Fantasy Football today ;). As sad as it is for me to say it and speaking of big running, Green Bay should have no trouble with my Seattle Seahawks, who have struggled to find any package that can stop the run (or the pass for that matter), Green Bay gets a good spread, and for good reason, but knowing my Seahawks and how they’re playing, it’s a good bet that they’ll get pantsed today. With a victory, the Packers could clinch a playoff berth as the AFC Wild Card, and as much as I would love to see that not happen at the expense of Seattle…well, it’s probably going to.

With the Patriots and Bengals each looking to clinch their respective divisions today, I like them both as part of a parlay wager, and will be including the Philadelphia Eagles to win at home in the evening game against the Denver Broncos. With their win and a Dallas loss, the birds will be headed to the post season as NFC East Champs. With all this great NFL action in store, it’s easy to overlook the vast amounts of sports betting in store for today, including 1 bowl game (Clemson vs. Kentucky), Manchester United and Arsenal each in action in English Premier league Football, and NCAA, NBA and NHL action to boot. With a tried and tested sportsbook at, you can count on a great website, great bonuses, and great statistical information to keep you betting on sports smoothly today. Enjoy your bets, the games, and good luck as always!

Aaron G.

Holiday sports betting at Diamond Sportsbook for Saturday

It’s a another great day, after what has been a great few well-deserved days off, and Saturday greets sports fans with more ways to spend your free time by betting on sports, and watching some exciting sports action from the comfort of your own couch (or possibly even a seat at one of the games?). For me, it’s an early trip to the local pub to find some loud and obnoxious football (soccer) fans going nuts for their teams before midday. Yes, it is awesome. Kicking off Saturday’s games for English Premier League Football,  Diamond Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of Diamond Sportsbook</a>) gets the call to action, as one of the best online sportsbooks we’ve added to our reviewed section as of late. My wagers fall on Chelsea and Liverpool today, and for one of my co-workers working abroad, I’ll take her Spurs over Fulham to round out a nice little parlay wager today. While admittedly not a seasoned bettor when it comes to European Football, there is always time to try something new, and this year has been an exciting foray into wagering outside of the standard U.S.-based games. If you haven’t gotten into the action of European Football this year, there is no better time than right now!

For College Football today, there happen to be three pretty solid games worth checking into, including the contests between Pittsburgh and North Carolina, USC vs. Boston College, and Marshall vs. Ohio. While my bowl betting bracket stuffed with 125 entrants (a new record for our group of friends and family!) has just two of the three games counting, I have to wager on them all, for I am a sucker for sportsbook bets on any and all college bowl games. With that in mind, I’ll go with my picks (Pitt and USC), and hope that Marshall can pull out a victory in my ‘wild card’ pick of the day, if you will. While there may not be all that many games to choose from in College Football right now, having a bowl game featured every night from now until the BCS Championship on January 7th makes for an exciting addition to the otherwise typical offerings for betting on sports. Check out these games today, with a visit to Diamond Sportsbook.

For the remainder of my allotted funds for online sportsbook betting, I’m always game for the NHL, with a full plate consisting of 13 games. Ever the fan of the Ottawa Senators vs. Buffalo Sabres match-up, today’s game finds Ottawa limping into Buffalo with a number of players sitting this one out.  I usually wager on Buffalo anyways, but most especially today with the Sens disadvantaged offensive attack. With Captain Daniel Alfredsson out for a month with a separated shoulder, and Jason Spezza lost to a knee injury, it would seem all the more reason to rally behind the red-hot Sabres. Last year, if you would have said that the Phoenix Coyotes against the Los Angeles Kings would have been a top match-up for any given night, people would have laughed at you. However tonight, that’s a different story, with Phoenix looking to win their third in a row, and Los Angeles fight a three-way race with the Coyotes and the Sharks out West. With great hockey action like this all over to round out a full day of sports betting at Diamond Sportsbook, you should have no problems finding great games for your betting on sports this Saturday!

Aaron G.

Happy Holidays from us at!

We here at would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays, and today especially Merry Christmas to those who are celebrating! Either way you choose to enjoy your holiday season, I hope that you are fortunate enough to at least be away from work for a nice long weekend, and hopefully you’ll get to enjoy in some of the great sports action due ahead for sportsbook action at any one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed right her for you. While today will certainly be a slow day for actual wagers, it will also be a nice, slow day to spend in the comfort of your own living room (or perhaps a relatives well-worn couch). I for one have been waiting for a couple great NBA match-ups today, namely those games between the Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic, and the Los Angeles Lakers playing host to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Even the Portland vs. Denver contest should be hotly contested, bringing the total number of great games in store for today above the daily average, even when there are twice as many games! If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Brandon Roy-led Blazers at home, today’s as good a day as any, as they are hot at the Rose Garden and looking for their 20th win of the year. With a trip down to one of the top sportsbooks found anywhere at the sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), I have three wagers set in stone, and ready for some added excitement in each game played today!

The most anticipated game of the month seems to be the Cleveland vs. Los Angeles match-up this afternoon, with a very possible precursor to a playoff series between these two great ball clubs. While reluctantly I’ll admit that L.A. is the best team in the league this year, they certainly aren’t infallible. With only a slight favoritism being displayed in the spread today for the Lakers, I like my chances with the Cavaliers to at least keep it close, but it’ll be a tough call for a win against the LA team with a 16-2 home record. One interesting stat here is that head-to-head, LeBron James actually has a 1 game series lead over Kobe Bryant all time (6-5), so count on this one being close, and exciting all the way through. If you’re an East Coast basketball fan though, you can find the same great contest today in the Celtics vs. Magic contest, held down in Orlando. With an equally impressive home record of 12-2 this year the Magic would seem like the pick to make today, if it weren’t for the Celtics 12-1 road record that looms on the horizon. Nonetheless, I’ll stick with home teams today in both cases, as a win in front of the home crowd on Christmas just seems right to me.

With more great sportsbook betting action in store for the days ahead, including College Bowl games each and every day for two weeks, count on the top sportsbooks like the one at to provide a boost of excitement to a hopefully very cheery holiday season. Wishing you the best for the holidays, and most certainly for all your betting on sports, thanks for stopping by our site, visiting our top sportsbooks reviewed, and have a great rest of the long weekend!

Aaron G.

Thursday sports betting looks to future action in store for the long weekend

Happy Holidays to you from us here at! Enjoying the first day in a series of days off, I happen to stumble across a fairly saddening realization, even in times of great joy and happiness all around.  With the holidays comes a break in action for each of the professional and collegiate leagues playing games this time of year, and for today’s sports betting action in store, one will only be finding one game taking place today, that being the third-tier bowl game between Southern Methodist and Nevada.  While definitely wishing for more action in place today, one can always look to games taking place this weekend, next week, and so forth, to start mapping out some potential money making at one of the top sportbooks reviewed right here. Without further ado, and with a day of lounging around and eating good food with family ahead, a few wagers have to be placed, one for today’s single game, and for a few games coming up in the next few days.

What better way to spend a day with few choices on the line, than to experiment with a new website? So goes my thought process today, as once again has added another sportsbook to the trusty stable of the top online sportsbooks available for whatever your betting style might be. Going to WagerWeb Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of WagerWeb Sportsbook</a>) for a first visit is a great way to start a slow day of wagering, just like slowly wading into a pool as a youngster. At first glance, WagerWeb offers fans a simple and elegant design, perfect for easy surfing across any of your wagering choices. The other thing that strikes me first off as well, is their excellent bonus initiatives, offering 30% on initial buy-in, as well as promotional offerings that will pop-up with more use of their website. Though I’m only getting started here, I can already tell that the casino games, as well as the multitude of wagering options will be a fun way to spend any given night.

Looking forward to Christmas tomorrow, count on a couple of key NBA games in store for sports fans, as well as a three game offering in the College Football bowl season. With a great new website to check out, there is no better time than now to get down to and check out any and all of the great sportsbook betting choices, as well as the poker and casino games, and even horse racing. Enjoy another great day (hopefully without work), Happy Holidays to you, and good luck on any of your wagering at one of the best online sportsbooks like today!

Aaron G.

Wednesday’s online sports betting at Bookmaker Sportsbook

With a wind-down eminent for betting on sports over the holidays, sports fans will definitely want to venture to a top sportsbook today, and get in on the action before tomorrow kicks off a day with only one wager to be had! Without further ado, today we travel to Bookmaker Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of Bookmaker Sportsbook</a>) for sportsbook betting action, as it has proven itself worthy to be found among the ranks of the best sportsbooks reviewed right here. With a solid 20% sign-up bonus, and a great feature in mobile sports betting, I like Bookmaker for anyone who is on the go, or who likes a clean, simple, and effective website for placing bets on the top sports action of the day. For today’s opening bet, it’s the one game in store for College Football, that being the contest between #23 Utah, and California in the Poinsettia Bowl from San Diego.

Without a doubt, both football teams in action today have something to prove. For Utah, it’s another notch in a column of legitimacy for their program, and also the Mountain West Conference. For Cal, the Pac-10’s status as a power conference comes under doubt, and a win would be huge, especially after a crushing loss that Oregon State suffered at the hands of BYU yesterday (another PAC-10 v. MWC match-up). However, with Cal missing star tailback Jahvid Best, and Utah looking to cap off their ninth straight bowl victory with another embarrassing loss by a PAC-10 squad, I teeter on the edge of which way to wager in this game. Out of nostalgia for my home conference, and perhaps with a bias for a California team playing in California, I’ll take the Golden Bears for a win, and hopefully bring a little pride to their conference this year. One thing is for sure, this game should be a well fought contest with plenty of scoring, and worth checking into today.

With a full plate of both NBA and NHL games getting underway today, sports fans of any flavor will find exactly what they are looking for with a trip to Bookmaker Sportsbook today. Betting on sports over the holidays is some of the most fun of the entire year, as a full day can easily be spent watching each and every game possible. Wishing you the happiest of holidays, we hope for further success in your online sportsbook betting at, and as always, thanks for stopping by!

Aaron G.

NBA, NCAA, NHL action, start of College Bowl Season in store for sportsbook betting!

I certainly hope that at least some of you have gotten this week off, or at least have only tomorrow to work this week, as the holiday season is primed for great sports action each and every day of the week, starting with today’s kick-off of bowl season! This College Bowl Season starts it off right, with the Las Vegas Bowl featuring #14 ranked BYU against #18 Oregon State. You certainly won’t want to miss out on watching this game, let alone a chance to wager on the first of what should be a series of great games over the next two weeks. For the first wager of the day, I double back to an old favorite at the sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), and after much gut checking, have BYU down for a wager (not to mention my bowl bracket pick), even though I typically go with PAC-10 over Mountain West any day of the week. There just may be a changing of the guard in terms of dominance out west this year, and this game could be the defining example of whether the MWC has finally been ordained into the ranks of the power conferences. My bet says they have.

For continued wagering options at the top sportsbook at, check into some of the great hoops action in both the NBA and NCAA. The game to watch tonight is the match-up between the Dallas Mavericks and the Portland Trailblazers, in what should be an interesting contest. There are plenty of lopsided games featured for the NBA tonight, so while there may not be too many good options for games to catch on the ‘tube, the games listed at the best online sportsbooks reviewed here will be popping with good chances to make some extra cash. Continuing with basketball bets, check out the NCAA as well today, which features #9 Michigan State against #2 Texas, and another interesting contest between #19 Washington and unranked Texas A&M, who look to gain a possible Top 25 ranking with a win and a current 9-2 record to start the season. For tonight’s game though, the Aggies have a tough test on the road against a Husky team that is undefeated (7-0) at home thus far.

With a few wagering chances in the NHL tonight, hockey fans can get into the mix as well, as with each and every day there are exciting match-ups between well-matched teams (yay, league parity!). With the Sharks vs. Blackhawks, Predators vs. Canucks and Ducks vs. Avalanche games available for sports betting at, now is the time to place your bets, root for your home team (or just the best team), and hopefully come out a winner! Good luck this evening, thanks for checking all the great sportsbooks on our site, and happy holidays!

Aaron G.