Thursday sports betting looks to future action in store for the long weekend

Happy Holidays to you from us here at! Enjoying the first day in a series of days off, I happen to stumble across a fairly saddening realization, even in times of great joy and happiness all around.  With the holidays comes a break in action for each of the professional and collegiate leagues playing games this time of year, and for today’s sports betting action in store, one will only be finding one game taking place today, that being the third-tier bowl game between Southern Methodist and Nevada.  While definitely wishing for more action in place today, one can always look to games taking place this weekend, next week, and so forth, to start mapping out some potential money making at one of the top sportbooks reviewed right here. Without further ado, and with a day of lounging around and eating good food with family ahead, a few wagers have to be placed, one for today’s single game, and for a few games coming up in the next few days.

What better way to spend a day with few choices on the line, than to experiment with a new website? So goes my thought process today, as once again has added another sportsbook to the trusty stable of the top online sportsbooks available for whatever your betting style might be. Going to WagerWeb Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of WagerWeb Sportsbook</a>) for a first visit is a great way to start a slow day of wagering, just like slowly wading into a pool as a youngster. At first glance, WagerWeb offers fans a simple and elegant design, perfect for easy surfing across any of your wagering choices. The other thing that strikes me first off as well, is their excellent bonus initiatives, offering 30% on initial buy-in, as well as promotional offerings that will pop-up with more use of their website. Though I’m only getting started here, I can already tell that the casino games, as well as the multitude of wagering options will be a fun way to spend any given night.

Looking forward to Christmas tomorrow, count on a couple of key NBA games in store for sports fans, as well as a three game offering in the College Football bowl season. With a great new website to check out, there is no better time than now to get down to and check out any and all of the great sportsbook betting choices, as well as the poker and casino games, and even horse racing. Enjoy another great day (hopefully without work), Happy Holidays to you, and good luck on any of your wagering at one of the best online sportsbooks like today!

Aaron G.

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