Sunday hosts NFL Pro Bowl, Basketball, Hockey and more for betting on sports!

With another short weekend coming and going rather quickly, at least sports fans can revel in the opportunity for betting on sports, at one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed right here. With a host of options today including the NFL Pro Bowl, as well as continuing NBA and NCAA basketball action, and also NHL Hockey and Futbol action all over Europe, it’s a great day for testing your luck today! For today’s betting on sports, we’re traveling to the sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), for all bets placed today. One of the finer online sports books reviewed, sportsbook can be relied on for great service, easy betting, and sure payouts each and every time. If you’ve yet to get into the world of online sportsbook betting, make your first stop at a classic, at

With my attention turned mainly on basketball today (admittedly never much cared for the Pro Bowl), you can find 9 games in the NBA, including key match-ups like Boston hosting the Los Angeles Lakers, San Antonio facing Denver, and the Rockets at home against the Suns. What continues to astonish me in this bunch is the road record of the Phoenix Suns, which presently stands at 9-15. Giving up massive points in each game has been a red flag for taking an over wager on total points, provided the Suns play a team with a good scoring presence. With Aaron Brooks leading a surprisingly strong Rockets attack minus Tracy McGready and Yao Ming, I like the Rockets chances, and expect to see some busted total points wagers tonight. The OKC Thunder should be a shoo-in win taking on Golden State, and the Raptors and Pacers should also see heavy scoring in the light of lackluster defenses on both sides. Anyway your bets fall today, get in on the NBA action at the top sportsbook at before the early games get underway!

For NCAA Hoops, 29 games in total, including 7 games with Top 25 teams in them stand out for betting on sports. Florida tests out #14 Tennessee, and South Florida has the upset alert on as they host #17 Pittsburgh on home court. In the NHL, just about every game today is a great one, with match-ups including the Devils vs. Kings, Red Wings and Penguins and Coyotes vs. Stars. With Futbol ever-present for fans of the European and South American leagues, find a slew of games from one side of the world to the other, to provide you with plenty of excitement on Sunday. Thanks for stopping in for our reviews of the best online sportsbook, checking on sportsbook, and good luck in all your wagers any way you place them!

Aaron G.

Saturday’s sportsbook bets on NCAA, NBA Hoops, NHL and English Premier league games

It’s another great day to be a sports fan, and an even better day to be a sports fan getting into the excitement of online sports betting at the top sportsbook sites found anywhere on the web! For Saturday, it’s another peak in the week of sports, as for starters we’re treated to 143 games in NCAA basketball, and plenty of great hoops contests to squeeze into your sportsbook betting right now! Without too much jibber-jabber, let’s get started breaking down the action, and the sports betting for today, at one of the best online sportsbooks, at Oddsmaker sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>). Oddsmaker is one of my day-to-day online sportsbooks, and without a doubt is a quick, easy, and secure way to wager online at any time, for anything. Hands down today, the first wager on NCAA basketball will feature the hottest match-up on the day, between #13 Kansas State, who look to lure in and bump off yet another top team as #2 Kansas marches across the state for the contest. This one will be close folks, but I for one don’t think lightning strikes twice in one month, and will take Kansas straight up for the opening wager.

For continued action in the NCAA, check out a Top 25 clash between #1 Kentucky, and #23 Vanderbilt. Kentucky is nasty at home this year, or any for that matter, and in this battle of SEC undeafeateds, look for Kentucky to get off to an early and often type start, and secure their rightful place in sole possesion of the SEC.  In yet another top game, one perhaps the biggest for fans on the east coast of the U.S., #7 Duke faces its biggest challenge so far this year heading to face #11 Georgetown. With the spotlight focused on this game today, look for the Hoyas to prove to the nation that they are back, and staying at the top of the NCAA field. For my pick, Hoyas straight up. With Baylor vs. Texas getting underway soon, as well as Northwestern against #5 Michigan State and Marquette against #19 UConn, it’s tons of action all-around, and the only trouble will be figuring out which teams you’ll want to take in your wagers!

Lastly for today, round out your betting on sports with a look at NHL Hockey, which has definitely been exciting to watch and wager on all year long. Perhaps the only problem with the NHL is the lack of parity, as there are so few truly bad line-ups, and just about anyone is capable of victory on any given night. However, do a little research, check out the great games like the Los Angeles Kings vs. Pittsburgh Penguins, Montreal against Ottawa and/or the Rangers taking to the desert to meet the Phoenix Coyotes, and cash in on the fastest game around. To finish off another great day at sportsbook, find a bevy of early action in English Premier League futbol, with teams from Chelsea to Liverpool to Tottenham Hotspur all providing great chances to win a bit of extra cash today!

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End of the week, start of great online sportsbook bets at

I’ve gotten into the habit of openly stating it far more times than is probably necessary, but thank goodness it’s Friday, and thank goodness there is great online sports betting action in store for sports fans today! With a quick trip in the early morning to start off a day of online sportsbook betting, Betonline Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of Betonline Sportsbook</a>) gets the call right away for us here at, and provides a refreshing new experience for any seasoned sportsbook fans who have used staples like (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), and  and Bodog Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of Bodog Sportsbook</a>). As per usual, NBA leads the action for friday’s online betting on sports, and provides an excellent chance to drill down your focus, check all the betting trends, and read up on analysis of the games before the action gets started!

With a few heavily biased games, parlay wagering could be a great choice for wagering on basketball today, and for starters I have to go with Cleveland on the road against the Pacers, as the 18-8 road win record for the Cavs makes their points spread, or at least an outright win very attractive. LeBron goes nuts in this game, Cavs win big. The Lakers meanwhile are a little shakier of a road team this year, as admitted on many occasion by head coach Phil Jackson. Luckily for them, the Philadelphia 76ers own one of the worst home records in the NBA, and Kobe and crew should have no issue disposing of them tonight. In what is sure to be a well-fought contest, the Boston Celtics travel to Atlanta to finish off the season series with the Hawks, so be sure to at least check that game out in some form or another later on this evening. With even more great games lined up for betting on sports, capitalize on the Denver Nuggets riding their 8 game win streak into Oklahoma City, the Houston Rockets trying to close a 3 game skid at home against the Portland Trailblazers, and the Heat looking to get to .500 on the road in Detroit against a struggling Pistons team.

Each and every day, the Betonline sportsbook provides great opportunities to get into all the action in store for sports, and wagering at one of the best online sportsbooks we’ve reviewed will guarantee to provide you with an exciting boost to the end of the typical work week. With great action to come on Saturday as NCAA Basketball gets into full swing, and English Premier League football on deck later on this evening (if you’re a States resident), enjoy one of the best online sports betting sites at, and hopefully make some valuable additions to one of your online sportsbook accounts. Wishing you a great weekend, we here at thank you for visiting all the top sports betting sites reviewed here, and get after those great wagers!

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Sportsbook betting action for Thursday at

Yet another weekend approaches, and not a moment too soon! Thursday starts off as a solid day for betting on sports at one of the top sportsbooks reviewed on our site, and for any sports fan, finding something worth wagering on shouldn’t be any problem, especially when going to one of the best online sportsbooks with one of the most eclectic offerings found anywhere on the web. sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>) has been a favorite of mine for years, adding a little comedic relief to the average wagering day. With the usual bevy of sports betting options standard, sportsbook also adds great non-sports wagering options, just in case you might feel like wagering on something completely ridiculous at one time or another. For Thursday, count on sportsbook to be your one stop shop for all the day’s action, backed up by a great track record, and one of the easiest (if a little dated) websites to navigate.

Getting things started today with NBA hoops action for betting on sports, just three games are in action, but a couple greats are amongst the mix. The Orlando Magic take on the Boston Celtics, as both teams look for their 30th win of the season on top of their respective divisions. With Kevin Garnett back in the line-up for the Celtics, but not yet at 100%, I give the nod to the Magic, anchored by Rashard Lewis and Dwight Howard. In the second big game of the evening, the Dallas Mavericks head down to Phoenix to do battle with the Suns, in what typically means a high scoring affair in excess of 200 points. While the Suns can’t seem to do anything on the road this year, or on defense for that matter,  however they seem to be able to at least score enough points at home to win on just about any night against any opponent. I’ll give the nod to Phoenix, and hope for at least a little D in this one. With the Raptors playing great ball recently with Chris Bosh just tearing opposing teams up, the New York Knicks will have to counter with high scoring offense…something they aren’t accustomed to. Expect to see some points score in this game, as neither team focus on the defense, while the Knicks keep it close on home court.

For NCAA basketball games, 67 contests are in action for online sports betting, including Top 25 action as #16 Wisconsin travels to face #12 Purdue in a Big Ten showdown. With great games in all corners of the U.S. today, there’s no doubt that the sportsbook will have some wagers worth your while to provide an exciting addition to watching today’s sports competitions. With a handful of NHL Hockey games to mull over, including the Ottawa Senators looking for their 8th straight against a big challenge in the Pittsburgh Penguins, as well as the San Jose Sharks hosting the Chicago Blackhawks, there’s no better time than now to try your luck on the fastest sport around. With more and more action each and every day at, find out why this website is one of the best online sportsbooks, making it simple, quick and easy to jump into all or some of the games taking place.

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Mid-week online sports betting update, more wagering at the Players Only Sportsbook

With a Wednesday outlined with a bunch of different options for betting on sports at one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed here, sports fans should have no problem finding a few ways to get into the action, and hopefully make a little extra cash towards the end of the week. For today’s foray into online sports betting, the Players Only sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>) is front and center, providing bettors with a solid website, quick and easy sign-up, plenty of bonus opportunities, and 100% satisfaction when requesting payouts at the end of a session of wagering. For Wednesday, we can break down a bunch of sports action from the NBA to the NCAA, as well as NHL Hockey to European Football. English Premier League football should be first to focus on today, with matches starting in just a few short hours. As such, for your opening wagers, take a look at the hottest contests in the league, including Aston Villa and Arsenal and Chelsea at Birmingham. Always a fan of squeezing in a few English Premier League games, check out the action today, and through the rest of the week!

For NCAA hoops, fans can find a number of great wagers to be had, and even further some great games to watch later on this evening. Another couple of upset alerts are in play for betting on sports at, including #23 Vanderbilt at #14 Tennessee (Vandy has been pesky all year against Top-ranked teams, whether at home or on the road), and #19 Connecticut facing a tough road trip to Providence to take on the Friars.  Elsewhere, check out #3 Villanova looking to keep their Big East record perfect facing Notre Dame, as well as #6 Texas hosting Texas Tech, and #10 BYU getting a tough conference test as well against New Mexico. With games like these in store, as well as plenty of others found around the league, find your niche for betting on NCAA hoops, and cash in on another great day of top sportsbook betting choices.

With many further games for watching and wagering on in the NBA and NHL, today is as good a day as any to head down to’s sportsbook, put together a few wagers, and sit back and wait for the excitement to get underway. Games to look forward to tonight in the NBA include the San Antonio Spurs hosting the Atlanta Hawks, The Portland Trail Blazers at home against Utah, the Nuggets and Rockets and Heat vs. Raptors. Rarely are so many good match-ups taking place in the same day for the NBA, so get in while the getting is good! Thanks for stopping by today for reviews on the best online sportsbooks found on the web, and as always good luck playing at the Playersonly Sportsbook, or any one of the other fine sports betting sites we have for you right here.

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Bodog Sportsbook highlighted for online wagering on NBA, NCAA, and NHL contests

With a host of great online sports betting sites at your fingertips, we pick apart the action each and every day, choosing another great sportsbook for daily wagering, in order to fully test and work through all the top sportsbooks found around the internet. For today’s journey, we’re back at one of our favorites, at the Bodog Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of Bodog Sportsbook</a>). A fixture on our website for the last 3 years, Bodog is world-renowned as a great entertainment provider, and it translates appropriately as soon as you step into their online sportsbook, casino, or horse wagering section. For this day of online sports betting, count on Bodog to not only meet anybody’s expectation of what makes for one of the best online sportsbooks, look for it to surpass in design, ease-of-use, overall options, and great support. If this happens to be your first day getting into the exciting world of betting on sports, let Bodog sportsbook be the one to guide you on your first steps into all the fun happening each and every day.

For Tuesday, there happens to be a little smattering of wagers across each NCAA, NBA and NHL sporting leagues, and me for one being a sucker for spreading out the wealth, have to take a few wagers on the choice games of the day in each different game. Starting things off in NCAA hoops, look for 5 Top 25 teams in action, including a further 14 games spread around the league. #1 Kentucky gets their first game as the new #1 in the NCAA, and their first test comes on the road against the South Carolina Gamecocks. While I don’t expect too much trouble from the ‘Cocks, I do expect them to have the no-expectations fight that has become typical of unranked teams facing the elite in the NCAA, and beat the points spread, which is modest at Bodog Sportsbook. Further, it’s always fun to check out a heated in-state rival, and today’s match-up features Michigan hosting #5 Michigan State, with the Wolverines looking to ruin what has been another great season for Tom Izzo and the Spartans. In this game however, I don’t expect things to be as close as the Kentucky vs. South Carolina contest, and will shoot for Michigan State to win this one outright as part of a three team parlay.

Moving on to the NBA games today, the game of the day (and one of the only worth watching) happens to be the Charlotte Bobcats vs. the Phoenix Suns, which per Suns usual, should feature a lot of points. I don’t remember the last time the Suns were involved in a game where both teams scored under 100 apiece. With 8 games in the NHL, Hockey action is alive and well on Tuesday, with match-ups including the Detroit Red Wings vs. the Phoenix Coyotes, and the Ottawa Senators looking to roll on with their current win streak, taking on a big test in the New Jersey Devils. Sports action is great all around this week, with continuing basketball and hockey action leading the way, with a bit of European and South American football peppered in to make things even more exciting. Enjoy all the action and the sports betting choices at Bodog Sportsbook, thanks for stopping by, and we’ll catch you again soon!

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SuperBowl XLIV set, Monday brings more new action for online betting on sports!

After a fun and exciting Sunday afternoon and evening of NFL Football’s League Championship games, Monday brings sports fans an opportunity to place their first wagers on the upcoming SuperBowl XLIV taking place in Miami, and also gives a few added chances for online sportsbook betting on NCAA and NBA Basketball action, as well as continued NHL Hockey, and even a few Futbol matches taking place on the European continent. With a brand new day comes a trip to another one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed on our website, at (<a href=””>read the review of</a>). A leader in the extensive field of online sports betting sites, is one of the most relied-on and heavily used sportsbooks found anywhere online, and after 8 years of use personally, I have come to know and love betting on sports at their solid, easy-to-use website. For Monday, if you haven’t ever journeyed over to, try your hand their today, cash in immediately on some solid sign-up bonuses, and see what all the fuss is about!

To get the online sports betting started on Monday, first look to NCAA hoops action, with 23 total games taking place, including a few better match-ups between #3 Kansas and Missouri, who stands in second place behind KU in the Big 12 Conference. Kansas is extremely tough at home, but Missouri should be up to the challenge of at least covering the modest 12 point spread today, listed on’s online sportsbook. In the other big game of the day, check out #14 Georgetown getting a big test away from home, taking on the #5 Ranked Orangemen of Syracuse. Georgetown looks for a big upset to push them into the Top 10 once again, however Syracuse will be extremely tough playing on home court. With another modest 6 point spread given to the Hoyas in this one, look for them to keep it close, and hopefully make those wagers on the spread for GTown a winner! With a handful of random NCAA games, pick and choose wisely, before moving on to the 9 games offered in the NBA for today’s online sports betting.

Speaking of the NBA, make sure to catch key games like Cleveland vs. Miami, Memphis vs. Orlando, Atlanta vs. Houston, and the Suns vs. Jazz. It’s a great day for NBA hoops, and with so many great match-ups in store, you definitely won’t want to miss out wagering on the games at the top sportsbook at As the season reaches the All Star break in just a few weeks, make sure to get in on all the action while it’s still red hot! For even further great online sportsbook betting fun today, 3 great hockey contests are up for grabs, including the Rangers vs. Penguins, Blues vs. Flames, and Sabres at Canucks. Another exciting round of online sports betting, using another one of the best online sportsbooks will be sure to make your Monday an enjoyable one, and hopefully a profitable one as well!

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NFL Championship Sunday games featured for sports betting on Sunday

While the weekend has come and gone again much too quickly, at least for this week, sports fans get to have two great games to watch and wager on as the AFC and NFC Championship games get underway in just a few short hours. Being the two most wagered on games this week in the online sports betting websites reviewed here, there’s no way I at least can get around placing a few additional wagers right before kickoff. For the best online sportsbook featured in today’s wagering, I’m taking a trip to the sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>). With a great reputation, an easy to use website, and good bonuses offered at, I for one have no problem clicking over to their site, and placing  the first sports bets of the day right there. Between the AFC game between the Indianapolis Colts and the underdog New York Jets, to the flip-the-coin-see-what-happens contest between the New Orleans Saints and the Minnesota Vikings, two exciting wagers are just the tip of the iceberg for betting on sports on Sunday!

I’ll spare you too much additional analysis of these games, and call it like I see it. Indy over New York, and New Orleans over Minnesota. Two indoor games, two big scoring contests, two home teams victorious. There’s just something to be said about post season in a closed stadium, playing at home. Three great quarterbacks (with the other a potential great in the making) who will likely throw for 300 + yards each is what I’m hoping on this Sunday, as my wagers say lots of points in each game, and the favored to win, well, winning. Peyton Manning is a 4-time MVP for a reason; no matter what the package is on the field, and regardless of the quality of the secondary playing defense, I’ve never seen a more natural quarterback (except for perhaps Drew Brees) manage a game in the way Manning does. Drew Brees is playing at home with an even more powerful offense than Minnesota has (provided of course New Orleans has a strategy to lock down A. Peterson, which may not even matter), and if this rings true…boy do we have one hell of a SuperBowl XLIV. For the best online sportsbook wagering today, make sure to get in yours on these two games for certain.

In other great sports betting action at the top online sportsbook at, check out some great basketball action, with a few games in the NBA (3), and a handful of Top 25 action in NCAA hoops today as well. Look for a couple of potential upset games in the NCAA, as Seton Hall hosts #11 Pittsburgh, with the Panthers coming off a tough loss to Georgetown, and #18 Georgia Tech having to travel to Florida State to take on a Seminole team looking to get back into the Top 25. With more NHL Hockey, as well as a ton of great Football action in Europe as the Coupe de France and Italian Serie A games are just the start of sportsbook betting fun! Enjoy the action, enjoy the remainder of the weekend, and thanks for checking out the best online sportsbooks reviewed at!

Aaron G.

A mountain of NCAA, NBA basketball to start sportsbook betting at Diamond sportsbook!

After a typically pretty ho-hum week of sports contests this week, waking up and finding a ridiculous selection of sports bets available for NCAA and NBA basketball, NFL and European football,  AND NHL hockey today is pretty much a sports fans best dream come true! 142 games in College Hoops will be the big chunk of the action online today at the top sports betting sites, and though having already placed a few wagers early last night for European football, and NCAA basketball to break down the mass into two manageable chunks, I’m ready for even more parlay wagering today before the early games commence! With a trip to the Diamond Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of Diamond Sportsbook</a>) today, online sports betting is quick and easy, with access to all kinds of trends, stats, and other handy information that will help guide you too some well-selected wagers. With their 12th year in the game, time does tell, and it tells a good story for Diamond Sportsbook. Use it today, and trust that this is one of the best online sports betting websites anywhere.

For starters, check out Top 25 action in NCAA hoops, with games like #1 Texas vs. #21 Connecticut being my most highly anticipated game of the day, followed with other great match-ups including #6 Duke at #16 Clemson in a big ACC battle, #12 West Virginia hosting #25 Ohio State and #9 Kansas State looking to fend off an unranked, but 14-4 Oklahoma State team. Exciting action and great potential for earnings await those looking to do a little betting on sports for NCAA basketball today. Switching to the NBA, find 10 more games to choose from, with the Orlando Magic looking to break Charlotte’s dominance on home court, the Cavaliers hosting a surging Oklahoma City, and the Hornets vs. Nuggets to round out the best games of the day. For online sports betting, basketball is as exciting as it gets, with quick scoring, fast-paced action, and many less variables being an indoor game. With 152 games for basketball wagering in total, start licking those chops, and get into the wagering fun right now!

With 12 games in the NHL as well today, hockey fans will also be happy with today’s selection, as there are so many great teams playing, and a couple of key games to look out for when betting on sports. For once in one seems a lifetime, the Los Angeles Kings travel to Detroit with a better record than the Red Wings, and (gulp) my blessing for sports betting at the Diamond Sportsbook. Washington hosts a great game with the Phoenix Coyotes in town, the two best teams in the league, San Jose and Buffalo, get underway, and Vancouver hosts Chicago in a game close to my heart, and hometown. If you haven’t tried your luck wagering on NHL hockey, preview the action with betting trends and analysis from online journalists, then take your best stab for a new type of sports betting today. Any which way you cut it, online sportsbook is a great and exciting way to add to a Saturday afternoon, and there is no better place to play than at Diamond Sportsbook!

Aaron G.

End of the work week, start of great online sportsbook wagering at WagerWeb Sportsbook

It’s finally Friday, and finally sports can truly get into the passion of watching sports, by not being bothered by that pesky work, and instead settling into their favorite chair or couch to vegetable out for a couple of relaxing, easy-going days. Ahh…if only it weren’t already 5:30. However, it is early in the morning Friday, and as it stands, there are at least a few good choices for betting on sports in NBA basketball to give sports fans a hint of added excitement to the games taking place later on this evening. With another newer addition to our website recently, WagerWeb Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of WagerWeb Sportsbook</a>) has caught our attention as one of the best online sports betting sites available anywhere. For betting on sports for basketball, WagerWeb Sportsbook has all the games, good lines and total points, and is a quick and simple way to add to the eventual in-game excitement that NBA basketball provides each and every day.

It’s pretty rare to have a Friday chock full of great NBA games for online sportsbook betting, so today is definitely a day to take advantage of the wagering options at WagerWeb sportsbook. In East Coast games, Orlando gets a poor road team in Sacramento, and the Dallas Mavericks should be able to handle the Philadelphia 76ers, who are 7-14 at home. Further East Coast games include the Toronto Raptors hosting the Milwaukee Bucks, the Washington Wizards vs. the Miami Heat, and Boston getting Kevin Garnett back from injury just in time for the Portland Trail Blazers visit. Should be a good one. Moving a bit west to Texas, the San Antonio Spurs and Tim Duncan (who looks for his 20,000th career point tonight) host the Houston Rockets in a great battle as well. To note, it’s been amazing to see Houston reach this point in the season (23-18) minus their two stars, Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady. Expect them to keep it at least close with San Antonio today. Moving even further west to round out NBA sports betting action, look for the Phoenix Suns game against the Chicago Bulls to be a high-scoring, exciting affair either way.

With great basketball action in the NBA all day, make sure to not skip on the three NHL Hockey games also in store, as the New Jersey Devils host the Montreal Canadiens, the Oilers get the Dallas Stars, and the Nashville Predators against the Colorado Avalanche (who look for their 5th straight). With action on the board for tomorrow’s European Soccer as well, WagerWeb sportsbook has the best and most exciting sports betting action found anywhere, right now. Hoping you have a great and hopefully profitable Friday, thanks for stopping by, good luck in your online sports betting today, and see you again soon!

Aaron G.