End of the work week, start of great online sportsbook wagering at WagerWeb Sportsbook

It’s finally Friday, and finally sports can truly get into the passion of watching sports, by not being bothered by that pesky work, and instead settling into their favorite chair or couch to vegetable out for a couple of relaxing, easy-going days. Ahh…if only it weren’t already 5:30. However, it is early in the morning Friday, and as it stands, there are at least a few good choices for betting on sports in NBA basketball to give sports fans a hint of added excitement to the games taking place later on this evening. With another newer addition to our website recently, WagerWeb Sportsbook (<a href=”https://casinoreview.org/sports_betting/wagerweb.html”>read the review of WagerWeb Sportsbook</a>) has caught our attention as one of the best online sports betting sites available anywhere. For betting on sports for basketball, WagerWeb Sportsbook has all the games, good lines and total points, and is a quick and simple way to add to the eventual in-game excitement that NBA basketball provides each and every day.

It’s pretty rare to have a Friday chock full of great NBA games for online sportsbook betting, so today is definitely a day to take advantage of the wagering options at WagerWeb sportsbook. In East Coast games, Orlando gets a poor road team in Sacramento, and the Dallas Mavericks should be able to handle the Philadelphia 76ers, who are 7-14 at home. Further East Coast games include the Toronto Raptors hosting the Milwaukee Bucks, the Washington Wizards vs. the Miami Heat, and Boston getting Kevin Garnett back from injury just in time for the Portland Trail Blazers visit. Should be a good one. Moving a bit west to Texas, the San Antonio Spurs and Tim Duncan (who looks for his 20,000th career point tonight) host the Houston Rockets in a great battle as well. To note, it’s been amazing to see Houston reach this point in the season (23-18) minus their two stars, Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady. Expect them to keep it at least close with San Antonio today. Moving even further west to round out NBA sports betting action, look for the Phoenix Suns game against the Chicago Bulls to be a high-scoring, exciting affair either way.

With great basketball action in the NBA all day, make sure to not skip on the three NHL Hockey games also in store, as the New Jersey Devils host the Montreal Canadiens, the Oilers get the Dallas Stars, and the Nashville Predators against the Colorado Avalanche (who look for their 5th straight). With action on the board for tomorrow’s European Soccer as well, WagerWeb sportsbook has the best and most exciting sports betting action found anywhere, right now. Hoping you have a great and hopefully profitable Friday, thanks for stopping by, good luck in your online sports betting today, and see you again soon!

Aaron G.

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