Saturday’s sportsbook bets on NCAA, NBA Hoops, NHL and English Premier league games

It’s another great day to be a sports fan, and an even better day to be a sports fan getting into the excitement of online sports betting at the top sportsbook sites found anywhere on the web! For Saturday, it’s another peak in the week of sports, as for starters we’re treated to 143 games in NCAA basketball, and plenty of great hoops contests to squeeze into your sportsbook betting right now! Without too much jibber-jabber, let’s get started breaking down the action, and the sports betting for today, at one of the best online sportsbooks, at Oddsmaker sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>). Oddsmaker is one of my day-to-day online sportsbooks, and without a doubt is a quick, easy, and secure way to wager online at any time, for anything. Hands down today, the first wager on NCAA basketball will feature the hottest match-up on the day, between #13 Kansas State, who look to lure in and bump off yet another top team as #2 Kansas marches across the state for the contest. This one will be close folks, but I for one don’t think lightning strikes twice in one month, and will take Kansas straight up for the opening wager.

For continued action in the NCAA, check out a Top 25 clash between #1 Kentucky, and #23 Vanderbilt. Kentucky is nasty at home this year, or any for that matter, and in this battle of SEC undeafeateds, look for Kentucky to get off to an early and often type start, and secure their rightful place in sole possesion of the SEC.  In yet another top game, one perhaps the biggest for fans on the east coast of the U.S., #7 Duke faces its biggest challenge so far this year heading to face #11 Georgetown. With the spotlight focused on this game today, look for the Hoyas to prove to the nation that they are back, and staying at the top of the NCAA field. For my pick, Hoyas straight up. With Baylor vs. Texas getting underway soon, as well as Northwestern against #5 Michigan State and Marquette against #19 UConn, it’s tons of action all-around, and the only trouble will be figuring out which teams you’ll want to take in your wagers!

Lastly for today, round out your betting on sports with a look at NHL Hockey, which has definitely been exciting to watch and wager on all year long. Perhaps the only problem with the NHL is the lack of parity, as there are so few truly bad line-ups, and just about anyone is capable of victory on any given night. However, do a little research, check out the great games like the Los Angeles Kings vs. Pittsburgh Penguins, Montreal against Ottawa and/or the Rangers taking to the desert to meet the Phoenix Coyotes, and cash in on the fastest game around. To finish off another great day at sportsbook, find a bevy of early action in English Premier League futbol, with teams from Chelsea to Liverpool to Tottenham Hotspur all providing great chances to win a bit of extra cash today!

Aaron G.

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