Olympic Hockey Finals, great basketball, football for top sportsbook bets

It’s a bittersweet day for hockey fans today. On the one hand, one of the most exciting games ever to take place in the world of hockey takes place this afternoon, between the United States and Canada for the gold medal at the 2010 Olympics. On the other hand, it’s the closing of another great Winter Games, with tons of sporting action each and every day for the past two weeks. Nonetheless, living in the moment sports fans will get to take part in the biggest and brightest point of all the Olympics today, as literally two neighbors duke it out for 60 minutes, to set bragging rights for the next 4 years at the least. Make no joke of it folks; despite the American’s 5-3 victory over the Canadians in the last match-up, you can count on the best players in the world to learn from their mistakes. With Roberto Luongo at home in front of his home crowd, and with the likes of Sidney Crosby, Jonathan Toews and company looking to cap a great effort by the Canadians this year overall, there is no bigger game this time of year that this one. To start the online sports betting today, we’re visiting yet another top online sports betting site reviewed here, at Betonline Sportsbook (<a href=”https://casinoreview.org/sports_betting/betonline.html”>read the review of Betonline Sportsbook</a>), and kicking off a wager on the Gold Medal game. Pick your horse, and kick back for what will be a great nightcap to an excellent 2010 games!

With basketball action all around, check into the featured games for NCAA hoops today, including the big match-up of the day between #3 Purdue and #14 Michigan. After both Kansas and Kentucky fell on the same day, Purdue looks to be next on the chopping block for a loss, and with a huge Big Ten battle against Tom Izzo’s crew. In another great match-up, though featuring two lesser known teams in the Atlantic 10, the two 11-2 teams of #24 Richmond and Tournament regular Xavier get down to business in what should be a down-to-the-wire contest with plenty at stake. With just one other team standing close to an A10 title this year (Temple), there’s no doubt this could be the best game of the day to watch and wager on, with likely plenty of scoring and lots of fanfare for a smaller-known set of teams. In yet another more classic match-up, Seton Hall and Marquette help round out some of the better games on tap for NCAA basketball, so definitely take a look at these when visiting a top online sports betting site today.

In the NBA, games today include top teams like Los Angeles vs. Denver and the Phoenix Suns vs. San Antonio Spurs. Other great match-ups include the surprising Milwaukee Bucs, who crossed the .500 mark after the half way point of the season for the first time in 7 years, facing off in a tough battle on the road against Atlanta. The Magic seem unstoppable lately, and even with D Wade’s return to the court, expect an Orlando victory on home court tonight. With even more great games, check out the action in the NBA today at Betonline Sportsbook, enjoy the final moments of the Vancouver Olympics, and good luck in your online sports betting in this coming week!

Aaron G.

A great Saturday of top sportsbook betting highlighted by Olympics, Basketball, Football!

As the Olympics wind down, there’s certainly no end in sight for the great opportunities for betting on sports, and this Saturday is one of the best days for online sports betting of any. With NCAA basketball in full swing with 145 games for starters, as well as great action on the European continent with English Premier League and English League Championship matches, the tip of the iceberg already looks like a huge dose of excitement for sports betting fans today! Since there happens to be just two more days of Olympic competition, a true sports nut just might find themselves checking into an online sports betting site reviewed here, placing a few wagers on some oddities on a site like the Intertops.com sportsbook (<a href=”https://www.casinoreview.org/sports_betting/intertops.html”>read the review of Intertops.com</a>), and relishing in the closing days of what has been a great sporting spectacle.

For NCAA basketball action today, the two biggest and most active games for betting on sports have to be the two Top 25 match-ups pitting  #1 Kansas at Oklahoma State and #2 Kentucky at #17 Tennessee, however certainly not to be forgotten is the contest between #4 Syracuse and #8 Villanova. With all these top teams in action, someone big has to go down, and my upset for today’s online sports betting has to be on the Kentucky v. Tennessee match-up, as the Vols are looking to add another huge upset to their repertoire, after previously having bumped off undefeated Kansas. Either way folks, this one should be a tight one, so swinging the points spread for Tennessee is my wager to start with on NCAA hoops. In other top 25 games, find a big Mountain West showdown as #11 BYU faces #12 New Mexico in a likely high-scoring, tight game. New Mexico looks for an impressive 6-0 record against ranked teams with a win, indicating something that most smaller conference, high win teams don’t have. Finishing off today’s NCAA bets with #23 Texas A&M looking to continue in-state foe #21 Texas’ woes, I’ve got a well-rounded set of parlay bets for college hoops, but with just a few more wagers in mind at Intertops.com sportsbook before closing the ol’ browser.

With 7 games in the NBA, including match-ups like the Rockets and Jazz and Bucks and Heat the favored for wagering, check into more options in pro basketball, if the bevy of college games doesn’t quite cover it for you today. Further, English Premier League Football is featuring 5 great matches on the pitch, and today is always a great day for catching some early (for US fans) sports betting on Football in Europe. Enjoy the weekend of great sports action, try out another one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed here, and as always good luck in your wagers today!

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Medal Games in 2010 Olympics, Basketball and UEFA Europa Football at Sportsbook.com

As the week gets longer, the online sports betting action keeps improving, and especially for this year the added bonus of continuing Winter Olympics excitement makes sportsbook betting today all the better! It’s a special treat to get to watch athletes compete on the Olympic level, and especially when there are medals at stake, the action becomes even more exciting both for your home country, and quite possibly for a wager or two at one of the top sportsbooks reviewed here. With competition in Ice Hockey between Canada and the USA women’s teams, a heated rivalry will make for some good sports betting. My personal favorite in men’s hockey this year, Slovakia, takes on Sweden in Quarterfinal action as well, and for starters at one of the best online sports betting sites at Sportsbook.com (<a href=”https://www.casinoreview.org/sports_betting/sportsbook.html”>read the review of Sportsbook.com</a>) the total points wager is looking like solid call today.  As of yet we have not seen Swedish goalie Henrik Lundqvist get scored upon, and while I expect a solid challenge to that today, Sweden is favored and for a reason, and that reason happens to be the man between the pipes. Let’s just hope for some small digits on the scoreboard in this one…

With tons of great games taking place in Europe today, check out the action in the UEFA Europa League, as AS Roma takes on the tops of the Greek Super League in Panathinaikos, and Juventus vs. Ajax highlight third round action for sportsbook betting. With a total of 15 great games between teams all over Europe, the Sportsbook.com Football section will have all the action, front and center, ready for a wager in just a few quick clicks. Switching the sports bets over to basketball, the NBA features 3 games, including the game of the night between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics. A tough match-up for anyone from a seasoned sports guru, to your amateur bettor (such as myself) to call, home turf rules for me, and I’m hoping the Boston offense can put up some numbers…as it’s to be certain that King James and company will do likewise.

An added smattering of Top 25 teams will be tipping off later on,  including #7 Duke taking on Tulsa, with a bloated 19-7 record. Having lost three straight to a handful of the only good teams they’ve played this year Duke is good for a win at Cameron Indoor, and could very well beat the spread in today’s game.  In SEC action, #20 Vanderbilt hosts Georgia, and #2 Kentucky should have a hay-day with South Carolina on home court. With 61 total games from the Top 25 to the most obscure, online sports betting at Sportsbook.com is a great way to make a great night of sports even more exciting, so check them out today, and good luck for your pending wagers later on!

Aaron G.

Basketball games highlight online sportsbook betting at Bookmaker.com

As the 2010 Winter Olympics march onward this week, sports fans are treated with some rarities for online sports betting, with each and every day packing exciting options both to watch and wager on. What has certainly been a surprise thus far in the Vancouver games is the presence of the United States, currently standing at 25 medals behind the great performances of Apollo Ohno, Shani Davis, Lindsey Vonn, and Bode Miller to name just a few. With Germany, Norway and Russia finding themselves in unfamiliar territory chasing the Americans, there’s certainly plenty of action remaining in these games, and lots of chances for any of the usual suspects to win the overall medal count. In today’s Olympic action, be sure to check out the selection of Ice Hockey games, including the Czech Republic against Latvia, Switzerland vs. Belarus, and Canada facing off with Germany. All pretty lopsided in these affairs, it should be worth an opening wager at the Bookmaker Sportsbook (<a href=”https://casinoreview.org/sports_betting/bookmaker.html”>read the review of Bookmaker Sportsbook</a>) taking a parlay bet on these three games. The NBA has picked up some momentum this week, as more and more games have come onto the boards for online sports betting, and will offer an exciting addition to the Olympic competition throughout the evening. Of note today, I’m checking out Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder who get a good match-up with Phoenix. With 26 straight games over 25 points, and a 29.8 point average, Durant is someone worthy of watching any day of the week, and specifically today I’m wagering on him and company against a pretty weak road team. The Los Angeles Lakers have an interesting draw on the road without Kobe Bryant against the Memphis Grizzlies, and the Dwayne Wade-less Miami Heat will have to be on point without their star, even against the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Cleveland Cavaliers, plus Antawn Jamison but also plus three straight losses, look to get back to their winning ways at home with the New Orleans Hornets. With a newly diversified line-up, I expect good things from the Cavs, and lots of points tonight against New Orleans. With plenty of bubble team action in the NCAA basketball world today, check out the games including #13 Georgetown traveling to Louisville in Big East play. Louisville is in the tournament with a win…and could have a tough battle getting there without. Georgetown has lost all but one game of their 7 losses in conference, so I’m expecting a close game, and a possibility of an upset. Meanwhile #17 Tennessee faces a tough challenge at Florida, who stand equal with Tennessee in the SEC at 8-4, and seek their 20th win of the season. I’m going with home team here, and hoping for a good performance from their starters (as Florida is not deep at all this year). With these games and more in the NCAA, and elsewhere throughout the sporting world, make sure to check in to Bookmaker.com sportsbook for a great time wagering on all the activity, and hopefully come out a winner today! Aaron G.

Monday’s online sports betting update, wagers at Superbook.com sportsbook

With another week comes another fresh start to online sports betting, and for today yet another venture to a top sports betting site reviewed right here at Casinoreview.org. With just a few medal competitions in the Winter Olympics after a hectic day of sport yesterday, the focus for sports betting fans has to be the games taking place in the NBA, and NCAA basketball later on, as well as some future wagers to fill in the gaps. For today’s bets, it’s a visit to the Superbook.com sportsbook (<a href=”https://www.casinoreview.org/sports_betting/superbook.html”>read the review of Superbook.com</a>), which is another great site amongst those featured here for your perusal. Simple, with no frills and no gimmicks, you can count on the Superbook.com sportsbook, casino, poker rooms, and horse wagering sections to be a great way to wager any day of the week.

For top wagers today, it’s plenty of wagering on the points spread, featuring mostly games in the NCAA. As the bubble teams start to become exposed this week, A few big names are standing out as potentially missing out on a NCAA Tournament bid, including one tonight as Connecticut hosts #7 West Virginia at home. Everyone’s taking UConn with the points today it looks like, and it’s not a bad bet that the Huskies will give all that they have while facing tournament exile for the first time in many years. A big win today for the Huskies and immediately their tournament number gets quite a lot better. A loss, and well, we’ll have someone new in the Final Four for sure this year! Elsewhere in NCAA ball, #1 Kansas hosts Oklahoma in what should be an all but crushing victory for the Jayhawks, who are poised very nicely heading into the tournament this year Though a little light today, NCAA basketball is always an exciting sport to watch and wager on, and you’ll find great betting action each and every day at Superbook.com

In the NBA today, 5 games are on tap, including a tough game between the Atlanta Hawks and the Utah Jazz, with the latter favored in tonight’s competition. The Jazz are rock solid at home, the Hawks are not so much on the road. I’ll take the Jazz with the points spread here today at the Superbook.com sportsbook. The LA Clippers host the awful road play of the Charlotte Bobcats, and although sketchy at best, I’ll bet on Charlotte keeping the points down, and pulling out a rare road win tonight at Staples Center.     The Mavericks over the Pacers, and the Bulls over the Wizards round out the wagers for this guy today, and until tomorrow, I wish you all the best luck wagering on your best picks! Thanks for stopping by, and make sure to check out the Superbook.com sportsbook today!

Aaron G.

Sunday sports betting on 2010 Olympics, NBA and NCAA Basketball, Premier League Football

It’s yet another fine weekend morning, and ahead for sports fans today is a wonderful heaping of sporting events from the Olympics to Basketball, and even a dose of great Football action taking place all throughout Europe and South America. With just one day left in the weekend before we all must inevitably return to the daily grind, today’s online sports betting at one of the top sportsbooks reviewed on our website will no doubt give you an exciting boost to a hopefully relaxing afternoon, watching sports while planted firmly on the couch. With betting getting underway before today’s sports events start, we’re headed to Betus.com sportsbook (<a href=”https://www.casinoreview.org/sports_betting/betus.html”>read the review of Betus.com</a>), one of the tried and true amongst a small handful of the best online sports betting sites reviewed at Casinoreview.org. With all the top wagers available at the click of a button, and a simple website to navigate, check out the Betus.com sportsbook and see what the fuss is about.

The 2010 Winter Olympics have certainly been exciting for anyone loving good sporting competition, and today will continue that trend with more great action in Men’s Hockey as the United States takes on Team Canada, Russia and the Czech Republic face off, and Sweden and Finland lock horns for battle on the ice. With Olympic Hockey taking place just about every day, hockey fans get at least a bit of excitement while the NHL Hockey season remains on hiatus in the interim. Moving on to other Olympic action for betting on sports today, Alpine Skiing gets down to business as the Super Combines take place, the Biathlon for both Men’s and Women’s competition should be exciting for anyone who enjoy the Nordic events, and Women’s Speedskating and Men’s Ski Cross round out the medal events. All throughout the day you’ll be able to find exciting competition, so don’t miss out on another day for online sports betting on the Olympics!

For Basketball today, sports fans are treated to a great double-header in the NBA, as the Orlando Magic first host the Cleveland Cavaliers, and then the Boston Celtics travel west to meet up with the Denver Nuggets. Both will be great games to watch and wager on, and will be complimented in the online sportsbook at Betus.com with a further 7 great games to watch and wager on. For NCAA basketball, make sure not to leave out some great games including Top 25 action between #3 Villanova and #21 PIttsburgh, as well as #12 Ohio State taking on #11 Michigan State. With a further 5 games in English Premier League Football, Sunday is a well-rounded day for betting on sports, and there’s no better place to do yours than at the Betus.com Sportsbook. Thanks for stopping by today, good luck in your sports wagering, and enjoy all the great action ahead!

Aaron G.

Sports betting at Intertops.com sportsbook for a great Saturday afternoon!

Saturday gets things started early with continued action in the 2010 Olympics making for added excitement for every sports fan, however luckily for all of us the medal competitions getting underway today, the action in the sporting world doesn’t stop with the Winter Games! With even more choices for betting on sports today, you’ll find action across the English Premier League, with 5 games up for watching and wagering, 7 games in NBA hoops, and the 144 games available in NCAA basketball today. With so much excitement across so many leagues, the natural choice for online sports betting has to be the Intertops.com sportsbook (<a href=”https://www.casinoreview.org/sports_betting/intertops.html”>read the review of Intertops.com</a>). Always the sportsbook with the most options of any online sports betting site, Intertops.com, while a little dated in appearance, is a quick and easy way to wager each and every day on the best sports contests around the globe. After playing here for going on 4 years, Intertops.com has always been prompt with payouts, good with adding bonuses for continued play, and always delivers a simple and easy experience. If you haven’t tried Intertops.com sportsbook yet, now is as good a time as any!

With the Olympics being the focus for the coming week, we’ll break down some of the better action taking place, which will be available for online sportsbook betting at Intertops.com. In the Women’s Super G, US skier Lindsey Vonn looks for yet another medal in these games, and is a favorite coming into the competition today. Both Shani Davis and Chad Hendrick seek another medal in this year’s Olympics, this time in the Men’s 1500 meter speedskating final, and the Chinese women are heavily favorite to reach the podium in Women’s Aerials this year. Also, make sure to check out the high-flying Swiss Simon Ammann, who is a favorite for the Men’s Large Hill Ski Jumping competition. With all this great action coming in waves for yet another week, make sure to place your bets for the upcoming exciting Olympic action for the Winter Games, as once it’s all over, we’ll all be waiting another 2 years for the next round of Olympic competition!

With the rest of Saturday offering plenty of great NCAA and NBA action in basketball, as well as a handful of great European and South American Football taking place, sports fans should have no problem finding a ton of possibilities for wagering on games at the Intertops.com sportsbook. With a couple parlay bets in place for NBA basketball, including bets on the Mavericks vs. Heat and Thunder vs. Knicks games, and also a couple choice match-ups in NCAA basketball, including the big contest between #2 Kentucky and #19 Vanderbilt and a big upset warning as #22 Baylor takes on Oklahoma State on the road. Any which way you choose to wager today, there’s a load of great opportunities to not miss out on at the Intertops.com sportsbook. Enjoy another great Saturday of online sports betting action, and we’ll catch you again soon!

Aaron G.

Friday online sports betting update, wagers at Sportsbook.com

It’s finally another end of the week, and not a moment too soon! With too much great sports action taking place in the 2010 Olympics from Vancouver, not a day goes by without exciting contests taking place, with more medal round competition coming up to add to the normal sporting events available day to day at the top online sports betting sites reviewed here. As this week winds down, normally Friday doesn’t offer too many potential wagers for betting on sports, however with medal rounds coming into play today, and with continued sports betting chances for NBA and NCAA basketball, there’s a tidy number of betting choices to make Friday evening an interesting and exciting way to try and make a little extra cash before the weekend starts. To kick off the weekend, the featured top sportsbook will be one of the best you can find, at the Sportsbook.com sportsbook (<a href=”https://www.casinoreview.org/sports_betting/sportsbook.html”>read the review of Sportsbook.com</a>). An original best of the best online sports betting site, Sportsbook.com is featured on a number of the top sports websites, including ESPN.com, Yahoo! Sports, as well as plenty of others. With the backing of our own staff, who have counted on Sportsbook.com over the years as a top sportsbook, you can rest assured your money will be safely and properly handled when wagering on this website.

For the Olympics today, the opening medal round of Super G skiing features some great competition, and a couple of hopefuls standing out among the pack as potential gold medalists. American Bode Miller seeks the elusive Gold Medal today, along with fellow American Andrew Weibrecht. Norwegian Aksel Lund Svindal will look to squash both of their dreams today, as will a host of Swiss and Italian skiers who all stand a chance at the podium. In Ice Hockey today, the Czech Republic looks to put Latvia out of the medal competition early, as Jaromir Jagr and company should have no problem with the Latvian team who only has two NHL players in action for them. Slovakia on the flipside, which is loaded with high-level NHL talent takes on Russia, in what will be the most exciting battle so far in Olympic Hockey. Sweden faces Belarus as well, in which the Swedes should have little trouble, as a favorite to medal in this Olympics. With even more action available for betting on sports for the Olympics, get your wagers in early and check out the competition later on this evening!

In the NBA tonight, 12 games get underway, and all are featured at Sportsbook.com for wagering today. In some of the top games today, Cleveland faces a tough road trip to Charlotte, to face a Bobcats team that is 19-7 at home this year. With Antawn Jamison getting his first start for the Cavs tonight, it’ll be interesting to see how he fits into the Shaq-centered offensive front, and Charlotte will be sure to make for a tough opponent in his opening performance for Cleveland. With the Celtics and Blazers, the Suns and Hawks, and the Mavericks and Magic all playing games tonight, there should be no lack of excitement betting on NBA basketball, as well as all the other highlighted games in store for online sports betting at Sportsbook.com. Enjoy the last day of the work week, good luck in your upcoming wagering this weekend, and as always, thanks for stopping by!

Aaron G.

Players Only Sportsbook featured for online sports bets on Thursday

With another weekend oh-so-close to being here, Thursday is a day of optimism for the working folks, and another great opportunity for cashing in on the top opportunities for betting on sports online at one of the top sportsbooks reviewed at Casinoreview.org. As continued action in the Olympics becomes progressively more exciting, and more medals begin to be doled out, the excitement of placing a few wagers on these contests at a top online sportsbook couldn’t be greater…and won’t last for long! Although trying to place a well-researched wager on individual Olympians can be trying at best sometimes, the added buzz created by betting on your ‘horse’ across a number of sports is just too fun to pass up. Besides, in just another 9 days, these games won’t be back for another 4 years! Making a trip around our collection of the best online sportsbooks we’ve reviewed here, today’s spin lands on the Players Only Sportsbook (<a href=”https://www.casinoreview.org/sports_betting/playersonly.html”>read the review of Playersonly.com</a>) for all your wagering needs. What’s consistent across each of the sports betting sites here is mirrored here at Players Only; simplicity, ease-of-use, and great support. Always hosting each and every sporting contest available around the globe each day, the Players Only sportsbook is your one-stop shop for a quick and easy way to place your bets on sports today.

Starting off with some exciting contests in NCAA ball, a big game between #5 Syracuse and #10 Georgetown could have big sequences for either teams’ tournament rankings, and this game shouldn’t be missed by any basketball fan. We’ve seen many Top 25 teams go down to other Top 25 teams further down the rankings, and Georgetown could be an interesting decision as a winner in today’s game. In other exciting action for betting on sports, find the Marquette vs. #21 Pittsburgh game to be of interest, in a good Big East match-up where Pitt looks to extend their current win streak to 4. Switching to the NBA, just two games command sports betting attention, but those two will certainly be tops in excitement today! In the first of two, the Cleveland Cavaliers play host to the Denver Nuggets, as the Cavs face their biggest threat to the current 13 game winning streak they’ve amassed. While I’m not sure of victory for Denver based on their performance on the road so far this year, I am sure that we’ll see stars shining on the national stage, and big points being put up on the scoreboard. For the second game, count on the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics to be just about even tonight, as the Lakers do without their star, Kobe Bryant. My bet says Boston, but without the scoring of one of the games’ best, a wager under total points might be a good call.

In Olympic medal-round competition today, take a stab at wagering on the number of games in competition, which can always make for a twist to each one of the sports available for watching later on in the day. From Women’s Super G to Men’s Figure Skating, to Ice Hockey and Snowboarding, it’s a whole new world of online sportsbook betting under the Exotic section at Players Only Sportsbook. Don’t miss out playing a few of your online wagers at this top sports betting site, enjoy all the sporting action from the Olympics to Basketball, to European Football, and good luck!

Aaron G.

Winter Olympics continue exciting run of sports betting at Oddsmaker.com

We’ve reached the midway point in yet another long, and grueling work week, however the bright spot for the past few days the continues to shine remains to be the 2010 Winter Olympics taking place in Vancouver, BC, Canada. A beautiful venue for this rare collection of top sports competition, the sports betting activity around the games has become something of an added bonus to the regular flock of sports betting options at the bets online sports betting sites found here. With Wednesday comes even more medal rounds, more team competition, and more chances to take your best shot at your pick for any of the various oddities of the sporting world. This opportunity doesn’t come around too often, so do your research on the top athletes with chances to medal, pick your teams where applicable, and head down to one of the best online sportsbooks, like the one at Oddsmaker sportsbook (<a href=”https://www.casinoreview.org/sports_betting/oddsmaker.html”>read the review of Oddsmaker.com</a>). One of the most consistent destinations for betting on sports we’ve used this new year, Oddsmaker.com is easy for placing bets quickly, and cashing in on good bonuses for extended play on their site. While recently Oddsmaker.com has been taking a little too much cash out of my pocket as of late, I can’t say that the wagering hasn’t been anything but exciting, and enjoyable using their site.

With the NBA season quickly turning the corner past 50 games completed for each team, the excitement only increases when wagering on each game at a top online sports betting destination. Games of interest for betting on sports will include the Magic over the visiting Pistons (I’d go with just about any points spread for the Magic here, or an over wager on total points. Dwight Howard is a monster in his own house, and seeking their 11th win out of the last 14, the odds are pretty good they’ll take out any and all aggression on a beleaguered Pistons team. Tony Parker returns from absence for the San Antonio Spurs on the road at Indiana tonight, which should be enough to boost the Spurs to victory on the road. Further NBA games with exciting action worth looking at include the Dallas Mavericks hosting the Phoenix Suns, and the Utah Jazz traveling to meet the New Orleans Hornets. With the Suns being weak performers on the road, and the Hornets still missing their star guard Chris Paul, I’m leaning Mavs and Jazz for the win, and like the spread for both teams in today’s wagering.

With a healthy dose of action available for betting on sports on NCAA basketball, find great games like #4 Purdue on the road against #12 Ohio State. With big consequences for the top seat in the Big ten, this one will be well fought throughout, and tight to the finish. In other top action, look out for the ACC battle between #7 Duke at Miami. #17 Texas looks to stop the bleeding as they take on Missouri, who no doubt will be looking for a Longhorn defeat to pad their number for the NCAA tournament. In what could be 6 losses out of the last 9, Texas could look to fall from #1 to out of the Top 25 in under a month’s time. Unreal. With the ebb and flow of teams comes great opportunity to make some well-researched wagers, and come out smiling at one of the top online sports betting sites such as Oddsmaker.com. Enjoy your shot at the great offerings, enjoy a trip to the Oddsmaker.com sportsbook, and look forward for more great action online in the days ahead!

Aaron G.