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With another weekend oh-so-close to being here, Thursday is a day of optimism for the working folks, and another great opportunity for cashing in on the top opportunities for betting on sports online at one of the top sportsbooks reviewed at As continued action in the Olympics becomes progressively more exciting, and more medals begin to be doled out, the excitement of placing a few wagers on these contests at a top online sportsbook couldn’t be greater…and won’t last for long! Although trying to place a well-researched wager on individual Olympians can be trying at best sometimes, the added buzz created by betting on your ‘horse’ across a number of sports is just too fun to pass up. Besides, in just another 9 days, these games won’t be back for another 4 years! Making a trip around our collection of the best online sportsbooks we’ve reviewed here, today’s spin lands on the Players Only Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>) for all your wagering needs. What’s consistent across each of the sports betting sites here is mirrored here at Players Only; simplicity, ease-of-use, and great support. Always hosting each and every sporting contest available around the globe each day, the Players Only sportsbook is your one-stop shop for a quick and easy way to place your bets on sports today.

Starting off with some exciting contests in NCAA ball, a big game between #5 Syracuse and #10 Georgetown could have big sequences for either teams’ tournament rankings, and this game shouldn’t be missed by any basketball fan. We’ve seen many Top 25 teams go down to other Top 25 teams further down the rankings, and Georgetown could be an interesting decision as a winner in today’s game. In other exciting action for betting on sports, find the Marquette vs. #21 Pittsburgh game to be of interest, in a good Big East match-up where Pitt looks to extend their current win streak to 4. Switching to the NBA, just two games command sports betting attention, but those two will certainly be tops in excitement today! In the first of two, the Cleveland Cavaliers play host to the Denver Nuggets, as the Cavs face their biggest threat to the current 13 game winning streak they’ve amassed. While I’m not sure of victory for Denver based on their performance on the road so far this year, I am sure that we’ll see stars shining on the national stage, and big points being put up on the scoreboard. For the second game, count on the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics to be just about even tonight, as the Lakers do without their star, Kobe Bryant. My bet says Boston, but without the scoring of one of the games’ best, a wager under total points might be a good call.

In Olympic medal-round competition today, take a stab at wagering on the number of games in competition, which can always make for a twist to each one of the sports available for watching later on in the day. From Women’s Super G to Men’s Figure Skating, to Ice Hockey and Snowboarding, it’s a whole new world of online sportsbook betting under the Exotic section at Players Only Sportsbook. Don’t miss out playing a few of your online wagers at this top sports betting site, enjoy all the sporting action from the Olympics to Basketball, to European Football, and good luck!

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