Tuesday’s sports betting activity continues with Olympic, NBA, NCAA basketball

Welcome to yet another exciting installment of the great action taking place in the 2010 Winter Games, and all the online sports betting action to go along side it! As we venture into another week of betting on sports at the best online sports betting destinations, you’ll find all the challenges of wagering on the Exotics, which should be taken with a grain of salt, but are more than worth the few bucks for getting to participate in competitions that only take place once out of every four years. Within continuing action in Ice Hockey, Speedskating, and even the more unique sports such as Ice Skating, the top online sportsbooks will always have a corner carved out for wagering on the 2010 games. With all the action, one must seek out a great online sportsbook for placing wagers, and as we’ve found out, one of those spots happens to be at the Bookmaker Sportsbook (<a href=”https://casinoreview.org/sports_betting/bookmaker.html”>read the review of Bookmaker Sportsbook</a>). A very sleek, very well laid out website, this sportsbook sees action from our staff on the weekly, and has always given us prompt payouts when requested, great bonus opportunities, and a vast range of sportsbook, casino, poker, and horse race wagers to be had day in and day out. For a first timer looking for that right start to all the excitement that comes with betting on sports, look no further that the Bookmaker.com Sportsbook.

To start the action for sports today, first take a look at the games in the European Football Leagues, with great contests such as AC Milan vs. Manchester United, and Lyon vs. Real Madrid in UEFA Champions League competition. Round of 16 action here gets underway in just a short while, so don’t miss out wagering on and hopefully getting to watch these two exciting matches later on. With one match between Stoke City and Manchester City in English Premier League action, and a handful of English League Championship contests, Football is alive and well today, and worth a shot for your online sports betting wagers at the Bookmaker.com sportsbook. Throughout Europe and South America, there are always a number of great betting opportunities to be had, so check into some betting trends, research the teams in the top leagues, and make some money off a great game today!

Closing out today’s online sports betting choices, the NBA gets back in action after All-Star Weekend, and will feature 10 games for your wagering today. The game of the day will feature the Dallas Mavericks facing the Oklahoma City Thunder, as Kevin Durant continues to make headlines every night for the home town team tonight. With three new players debuting tonight for Dallas, it could be a learning experience for the Mavericks, and a chance to steal a win for the Thunder. Charlotte should be an easy pick for a parlay wager addition, the Miami Heat face Allen Iverson’s return to the 76ers (which shouldn’t make any difference, as the 76ers can’t score any which way), and the Jazz and Rockets round out some of the better choices for betting on sports in basketball. Check out the NCAA’s picks for betting today, including #25 Wake Forest against Virginia Tech, and #2 Kentucky at Miss. St., and enjoy another well rounded day of betting on sports at the top online sports betting sites reviewed here!

Aaron G.

Sportsbook betting online at Superbook.com

With the Olympics fully underway this week, and with a hiatus for the NBA for the All-Star break, as well as NHL Hockey’s closure for the games, sports fans will have to dig a little deeper to get into some good online sports betting today. However, when there are wagers to be had, you can be sure that any one of the top online sports betting sites reviewed here will have just what you’re looking for, to add a little bit of excitement to an otherwise pretty boring Monday back at work. For today’s online sportsbook action, look no further than one of the top sportsbooks reviewed here, at Superbook.com (<a href=”https://www.casinoreview.org/sports_betting/superbook.html”>read the review of Superbook.com</a>). A staple for us personally, and for any type of sports fan, Superbook.com sportsbook will provide you with a great user experience, excellent customer support, and an easy path to sign up and start wagering quickly. For a relatively light day of online sportsbook bets, checking out a new sports betting site for yourself might be just what the doctor ordered today!

Getting into the action today, NCAA College hoops has some good bets to get behind, including a rematch between Connecticut and #3 Villanova. It’s been a shame to see the fall of UConn out of the top tier of College Basketball, however at the same time, the rise of ‘Nova has been an impressive one, and many fans will be happy to see a change of the ol’ guard coming out of the Big East. With Syracuse going down in flames to Louisville in a big loss for the Orangemen at home, Villanova has the opportunity to get a #1 seed heading into the NCAA tournament, and also possibly take the Big East Conference for the first time since 2004-05. Elsewhere in Top 25 action, #1 Kansas will get another road test against #23 Texas A&M, in what will be one of the few final hurdles Kansas has to get over before claiming their #1 seed, and tops of the Big 12. With just 6 games remaining on the Jayhawks schedule and only a few tests left, it looks like Kansas will have no problem cruising into the tournament on top this year. With a couple more wagering choices in NCAA basketball today, make sure to check out the offerings at Superbook.com, and cash in now!

For the remainder of the day’s online sportsbook betting action, take a stab at Men’s Hockey in the Olympics, as odds have been posted for the overall Gold Medal winner, with Canada getting the nod as the favorite. It’s always exciting getting to wager on the Olympics where possible, as you know they only come around once in four years (per each Winter or Summer games of course). With further football games throughout Europe, as well as the NBA getting started back up again tomorrow, make sure to check out some future wagers as well, and add a bit of excitement for both today, and in anticipation of tomorrow. Check into the Superbook.com sportsbook for all the action available, thanks for check out our website, and as always good luck!

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All-Star game, opening competition in the 2010 Olympics adds to sports betting today!

With the start of the 2010 Olympic Games from Vancouver, it’s a little bittersweet for fans of online sportsbook betting, as the NHL Hockey season will close it’s doors for the 2 weeks after today, and regular season NBA action comes to a halt for the All-Star festivities taking place this weekend. However, that certainly doesn’t mean that there won’t be online sports betting options for you today, as a number of futbol games across Europe will be getting underway today, as well as the last set of NHL games, and NCAA basketball contests. With a reduction in options for betting on sports in the next week (albeit a massive influx of great Olympics action each and every day), sports fans would be well off checking into one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed here, and placing some wagers in preparation for a bit of a slower sports betting week ahead. For today, we’re taking a trip back to the tried and tested sportsbook, at Sportsbook.com (<a href=”https://www.casinoreview.org/sports_betting/sportsbook.html”>read the review of Sportsbook.com</a>). Always offering the go-to lines on all the games in action in any given day, as well as being consistently one of the smoothest, easiest to use sportsbook. Sportsbook.com never disappoints us, nor will it you.

For betting on sports on NHL Hockey, we get things started with 6 match-ups, including some tough calls to make on a few of the key games taking place. The Pittsburgh Penguins will have a tough challenge hosting the Nashville Predators, who have really stepped up their game and find themselves well positioned for a slot in the post season shakedown. Though many of the players on-ice in this game will undoubtedly be thinking ahead towards their Olympic competitions later this week, tonight’s games will be a big exclamation point for the first half (a little more than that, but whatever) of the season. With a few more good games, including the Minnesota Wild vs. the Vancouver Canucks, the Chicago Blackhawks on the road against the Columbus Blue Jackets, and the Tampa Bay Lightning taking on the New York Rangers, it’s a good final look at the NHL, before we’ll have to do without while each nation brings their best players foward in Vancouver.

For a few last wagering choices today at the Sportsbook.com sportsbook, check out #Syracuse in action hosting Louisville in NCAA play, as well as #8 Georgetown who travels to Rutgers and #16 Ohio State against Illinois. While I’m not banking on any upsets for the visiting ranked teams, make sure to learn up on each of the games’ match-ups before wagering using all the great statistical and journalist input that can be found around the web. With the NBA All-Star game getting underway this afternoon as well, throw your luck behind a wager there too, and enjoy a fun, once-in-a-season addition to your online sportsbook betting. Until tomorrow, thanks again as always for stopping by, and have a great Sunday afternoon and evening!

Aaron G.

Saturday’s online sportsbook betting on NCAA, NHL, European Football

With the 2010 Olympics beginning the first day of medal-awarding competition today, as well as the usual bevy of NCAA basketball and NHL Hockey  on Saturday taking place, it’s a great day to be a sports fan, and an even better day to get down to one of the best sports betting sites reviewed here at Casinoreview.org for all the action. With Olympic sports such as the Biathlon, Luge, Speedskating, and Freestyle Skiing taking place today, there is no doubt that sports fans will find plenty of exciting things to watch today, albeit relatively few wagering possibilities up for grabs during the Games. However, with a trip to one of the top sportsbooks today, sportsbook betting fans will find plenty of other action to get involved with, and we’re jumping into the mix right away at the Sportsbetting.com sportsbook (<a href=”https://www.casinoreview.org/sports_betting/sportsbetting.html”>read the review of Sportsbetting.com</a>)! Featuring all the usual attributes of a great sports betting site, Sportsbetting.com cuts out all the flare, and gets down to business with a no-frills, no-fuss style to betting on sports. A good bet for your wagering needs any day of the week, we’ve relied on Sportsbetting.com over the past few years to provide our readers with one of the best online sports betting experiences found anywhere.

For today’s bets on NCAA basketball, look no further than the 140 games, including 19 contests in Top 25 action. In the biggest match-up of the day, find #12 Tennessee traveling to #2 Kentucky for a tough match-up, as Kentucky looks for one more final puzzle piece to close out their bid as SEC champions this year. Elsewhere, #1 Kansas is in action, as head coach Bill Self looks for his 400th win in less than 17 seasons, and 56th straight win at home. Wow. Upset alerts for today include #20 Georgia Tech heading to Wake Forest in an ACC showdown, as Wake is still in contention for the ACC crown. As part of that run, #7 Duke pulls the Maryland Terps at home, and sports fans should expect the Blue Devils to keep hold of their top spot in the ACC for now anyways. With few other close games throughout the Top 25, check into some parlay wagers to be a good source of potential income, and hopefully you can make the right picks towards making some extra money for a night out later on!

With the NHL getting just one more day after today before the season goes on hiatus, check out the 11 games in store on ice, with countries holding their breaths and hoping that none of their superstars go down with freak injuries before the Olympic Hockey action commences. Great action today includes the Buffalo Sabres hosting the San Jose Sharks, the Red Wings hosting the red-hot Senators, the Ducks vs. Flames, and the Coyotes facing the Stars on the road. Day after day find great opportunities for online sports betting at Sportsbetting.com, and look forward to another great weekend packed full of great sports action!

Aaron G.

Friday sports betting update, sportsbook wagers at WagerWeb Sportsbook

The 2010 Olympics are officially upon us folks, and with it brings all the excitement of the biggest sporting spectacle the world will see in the next two years! Although online sports betting may not be kicking off for Olympic competition for a few days, sports fans will no doubt enjoy all the great sporting competition lined up for the next few weeks to come (including my personal favorite, the fight for Olympic Gold in Hockey!). However, for today’s online sports betting, we’ll turn our attention to a fine selection of great games in NCAA Basketball, as well as NHL Hockey, and some smattering of action across the world’s top Soccer leagues. It’s a great day to be a sports fan, a great day to close out another long and boring work week, and a great day especially to try another one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed right here! For today’s bets, look no further than the WagerWeb Sportsbook (<a href=”https://casinoreview.org/sports_betting/wagerweb.html”>read the review of WagerWeb Sportsbook</a>), which while being a new addition to the sportsbook stable right here, provides all the amenities expected of a top online sports betting site, with great bonuses, easy sign-up processes, and proper customer support.

Getting the action going today, first check out the two Top 25 games in action in NCAA basketball, including #4 West Virginia getting a test on the road against #23 Pittsburgh, as well as #22 Cornell (yeah, what?) getting any easy test against Ivy League foe Pennsylvania. While I’m certainly not that interested in the latter, aside from throwing Cornell into a parlay wager, the Pitt v. W. Virginia game is bound to be as exciting as they come. In a battle for the Big East, both these teams have plenty to win and/or lose, and will be on top of their games tonight. As such, I’m a little skeptical to pick the overall winner, but will count on shooters like Da’Sean Butler for the Mountaineers, and Ashton Gibbs for the Panthers to put the points total over the mark. I expect high scoring, and hopefully with that a win at WagerWeb’s sportsbook today! With a few possible wagers abound in the NCAA outside of these, check out some easy match-ups, throw in a few parlay bets on hoops action, and enjoy the anticipated outcome later on tonight!

With NHL action fully underway this Friday, the WagerWeb sportsbook hosts all 7 games for betting on sports, including top games pitting New Jersey vs. Nashville, Montreal vs. Philadelphia and Phoenix vs. Colorado, look no further for sports betting excitement than these games right here. It’s always interesting and challenging to bet on NHL Hockey, so for this sport make sure to use all the analytical breakdowns available around the web to make your most educated bets, and hopefully cash in on the games today. Until tomorrow, thanks for stopping by, check out the best games available for online sportsbook betting, and we’ll see you again soon.

Aaron G.

Great games in NBA, NCAA Basketball, NHL Hockey, start of Winter Olympics ahead!

It’s a very exciting time for sports fans, as the 2010 Olympics get underway in just one more day, and the action across the various sports leagues start to focus on the upcoming post season activities, making for great games and great betting on sports everyday! For Thursday, a great scattering of wagers will be available across a few different sporting leagues, including NBA and NCAA basketball, NHL Hockey, and even some European Soccer choices for those who are fans of the most popular game in the world. For this guy however, today’s action starts with wagers on basketball, and those wagers will be placed at one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed, at the Betonline Sportsbook (<a href=”https://casinoreview.org/sports_betting/betonline.html”>read the review of Betonline Sportsbook</a>). Another one of the newer additions to our fine crop of the top sportsbooks reviewed on the web, Betonline.com has immediately caught our attention as a proven favorite, and always has the best action and a great website to do your sports betting at. If it’s your first day running across Betonline.com, waste no more time and click through to begin the excitment at their website!

For basketball today, the NBA has a short list of games (2) for sports fans, however for today, those games are as good as one might find on any given day of the NBA season. In the first of the two great games, the Cleveland Cavaliers look to extend their win streak to 13 games today, as they host the Orlando Magic at home. Looking to match their team record in consecutive wins, the Cavs will get a big test in order to reach that landmark, as no doubt the Magic will want to upset their chances. For betting on this game however, I’m counting on these two top teams to put up big numbers, and bust the total points offered online at Betonline.com. In the second game, I’ll look for more of the same as well, as the San Antonio Spurs travel to Denver to face Carmelo Anthony and the Nuggets. San Antonio has struggled to find consistency in play this year, however if they can find a way to keep down the Nuggets’ top scorers, this game could be theirs on the road today.

With another great day of NHL hockey, make sure to peruse the offerings found at Betonline.com, including the games between the Washington Capitals and the Buffalo Sabres, the San Jose Sharks facing the Detroit Red Wings, and the Dallas Stars and Calgary Flames. It’s always a great day to throw in a wager or two on NHL Hockey, as it is and always will be one of the fastest sports in the world. With plenty of great choices for betting on sports at the top sportsbook at Betonline.com, check out Thursday’s action right now, enjoy another one of the best online sports betting sites around, and as always good luck!

Aaron G.

Plenty of great action for betting on sports on Wednesday at the Betus.com Sportsbook

The middle of the week comes with great fan fare, as today happens to be one of the better line-ups for betting on sports this week, including games across English Premier League Soccer, NBA and NCAA basketball, and NHL Hockey for online sports betting fun! With so much action in store today, there’s little time to be dilly-dallying around, so we’ll cut to the chase and break down all the exciting action in store at the best online sportsbooks reviewed right here. For starters, we’ll start off the wagering for the day at another of the tried and true websites, at Betus.com sportsbook (<a href=”https://www.casinoreview.org/sports_betting/betus.html”>read the review of Betus.com</a>). The first sportsbook yours truly ever signed up for, you can count on this website being a solid choice for any day’s action online. For today, we’ll break the action off right with a few parlay wagers on NBA basketball, out of the 10 games featured for betting on sports.

For starters, check into the Atlanta Hawks vs. Miami Heat, as the former team has run into some injury problems that may even this match-up out today (as Miami is undoubtedly not a very great road team). Other good games to check out include the Celtics traveling to face the New Orleans Hornets, in what should be a closely contested game tonight. With games featuring the Lakers vs. Jazz, Trail Blazers at Suns and Magic at the Bulls, NBA basketball will be a great starting or ending point to round out your day of online sportsbook bets. In further sports betting action on basketball, there are 51 total games in NCAA action, including #3 Syracuse hosting Connecticut, #7 Duke vs. North Carolina (of note, UNC has fallen to 2-6 in conference, a first), and #16 Ohio State vs. Indiana. With basketball alive and well for Wednesday, take a trip to the Betus.com Sportsbook, place your bets for all the excitement in store for later this evening, and hopefully come away a winner!

Closing out the betting options on another fine day of online sportsbook betting, check out the action in English Premier League Soccer, as Arsenal squares up with Liverpool, Aston Villa gets Manchester United, and Everton faces a tough draw against Chelsea. With the top teams in the league playing today, there will definitely be even more excitement for European Football today, so get your wagers lined up now as the games will be starting in just an hour or two! Find all this great action and more every day at Betus.com, and all the best online sports betting sites featured at Casinoreview.org. Enjoy the games, enjoy the excitement of betting on sports, and we’ll see you again soon!

Aaron G.

Arizona Cardinals 2009 – ATS History

Week Opponent Score SU Line ATS Over/Under
1 vs. San Francisco 16-20 L -5.5 L U 46
2 at Jacksonville 31-17 W +3 W O 44
3 vs. Indianapolis 10-31 L -3 L U 48.5
4 Open          
5 vs. Houston 28-21 W -5.5 W U 50.5
6 at Seattle 27-3 W +3 W U 46
7 at NY Giants 24-17 W +7.5 W U 46.5
8 vs. Carolina 21-34 L -9.5 L O 43
9 at Chicago 41-21 W +2.5 W O 45
10 vs. Seattle 31-20 W -8.5 W O 46.5
11 at St. Louis 21-13 W -8.5 L U 47
12 at Tennessee 17-20 L +3 P U 44
13 vs. Minnesota 30-17 W +3 W U 48.5
14 at San Francisco 9-24 L -4 L U 45
15 at Detroit 31-24 W -14 L O 46.5
16 vs. St. Louis 31-10 W -16.5 W U 44
17 vs. Green Bay 7-33 L -3 L U 41
Records Points
Straight Up: 10-6

Against the Spread: 8-7-1

Home PF – 174 (21.8)
Home PA – 186 (23.3)
Away PF – 201 (25.1)
Away PA – 139 (17.4)

Atlanta Falcons 2009 – ATS History

Week Opponent Score SU Line ATS Over/Under
1 vs. Miami 19-7 W -4 W U 44.5
2 vs. Carolina 28-20 W -6 W O 43.5
3 at New England 10-26 L +4.5 L U 46
4 Open          
5 at San Francisco 45-10 W 0 W O 39.5
6 vs. Chicago 21-14 W -3.5 W U 46
7 at Dallas 21-27 L +6 L O 47.5
8 at New Orleans 27-35 L +11 W O 56
9 vs. Washington 31-17 W -8.5 W O 40.5
10 at Carolina 19-28 L 0 L O 43.5
11 at NY Giants 31-34 L +7 W O 46.5
12 vs. Tampa Bay 20-17 W -12.5 L U 46
13 vs. Philadelphia 7-34 L +4 L U 43.5
14 vs. New Orleans 23-26 L +10 W U 50.5
15 at NY Jets 10-7 W +5.5 W U 36.5
16 vs. Buffalo 31-3 W -8 W U 40.5
17 at Tampa Bay 20-10 W -3 W U 41.5
Records Points
Straight Up: 9-7

Against the Spread: 11-5

Home PF – 180 (22.5)
Home PA – 138 (17.3)
Away PF – 183 (22.9)
Away PA – 187 (23.4)

Baltimore Ravens 2009 – ATS History

Week Opponent Score SU Line ATS Over/Under
1 vs. Kansas City 38-24 W -12.5 W O 37
2 at San Diego 31-26 W +1 W O 41
3 vs. Cleveland 34-3 W -13.5 W U 38
4 at New England 21-27 L +1 L O 45
5 vs. Cincinnati 14-17 L -9 L U 42
6 at Minnesota 31-33 L +3 W O 45.5
7 Open          
8 vs. Denver 30-7 W -4 W U 42.5
9 at Cincinnati 7-17 L -3 L U 45
10 at Cleveland 16-0 W -11 W U 39.5
11 vs. Indianapolis 15-17 L +1 L U 44
12 vs. Pittsburgh 20-17 W -7.5 L O 34.5
13 at Green Bay 14-27 L +3 L U 43.5
14 vs. Detroit 48-3 W -14 W O 40.5
15 vs. Chicago 31-7 W -10.5 W U 39.5
16 at Pittsburgh 20-23 L +3 P P 43
17 at Oakland 21-13 W -10 L U 39
Records Points
Straight Up: 9-7

Against the Spread: 8-7-1

Home PF – 230 (28.8)
Home PA – 95 (11.9)
Away PF – 161 (20.1)
Away PA – 166 (20.8)