Online sports betting at, a great way to get into midweek games on Wednesday

The week surprisingly has moved along quickly, especially in light of an unexpected Good Friday holiday for myself and co-workers at the normal daily grind, and the action in the best online sports betting sites has gone as equally quick, with tons of exciting bets available at just about all times of the day over the past few months. With the looming start of another month, which will include the playoffs in NBA Basketball and NHL Hockey, as well as the conclusion of the NCAA Tournament, it’s a great time to check out a new online sportsbook, or if you’re a first time online sports bettor, try your hand at one of the select few, best-of-the-best top sportsbooks found anywhere. For today, our best-of-the-best happens to be at the sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), one I’ve personally used for going on 3 years. Immediately offering the best service and great bonuses to make you assured in your selection, the sportsbook is one of the prime places to place your wagers, and feel confident in getting all that money back someday and more!

As the NBA is in full swing today and well on its way towards the post season, find the 13 games in store for betting on sports to have numerous combinations of wagers, and plenty of excitement between top teams at the sportsbook. The Los Angeles Lakers look to regain ground after a loss last night, but facing the Atlanta Hawks, who are 30-7 on their home court, is one tough win to take. Speaking of great home teams, the 33-4 home record Cleveland Cavaliers host the Milwaukee Bucks, in what will be a possible playoff match-up on down the road. The Portland Trail Blazers look to secure a playoff berth with a win against the visiting down-and-out New York Knicks, the Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs showdown in Texas, and the Dallas Mavericks and Utah Jazz each look for win #50 against Memphis and Golden State respectively. No matter which way you go for betting on basketball, it’s a great day for NBA bets at the sportsbook!

The NHL Hockey season is winding down towards the playoffs, and if you haven’t felt like getting in to the game of hockey, today and the month ahead will be prime time for checking out one of the fastest, hardest hitting games around. With great games including the Phoenix Coyotes trying to hold the Calgary Flames from a playoff spot, as well as Montreal still in the hunt for an Eastern Conference Playoff berth, action in the NHL will continue to be great today, tomorrow, and all through next month. With a great experience at the sportsbook, and all the great games available for betting on sports today, find out why right now is a great time to get down and get in on all the fun!

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Sportsbook bets at for Tuesday’s top sports events in NBA, NHL play

It continues to be a bit of a slow week for sporting events around the globe, however for Tuesday sports fans can take a venture down to one of the best online sportsbooks and find at least a few great potential wagers for helping to bolster the excitement of sports action in place for today. With a trip to the best-of-the-best at the sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), we’re highlighting the top sportsbook available for online sports betting any day of the week, as is a featured site on many sports websites, including, and Yahoo! Sports. A winner in anyone’s book for great customer support, clean and easy ways to wager every day, and the industry standard for lines, spreads and total points wagering, make sure that is bookmarked as one of your go-to sites for betting on sports any time, and day.

With featured sports action focusing mostly on the remaining games in the NBA and NHL seasons, we turn first to the NBA, which holds 5 games for a few good potential online sportsbook bets. The Oklahoma City Thunder look to continue their march towards their first playoff berth as they take on the struggling Philadelphia 76ers, and have amassed an impressive 20-15 road record thus far. Always a fan of watching Kevin Durant pick apart opposing defenses, check out this game as a potential wager, and  good game to watch some young talent excel in. Meanwhile the Phoenix Suns are hot headed to the playoffs, and picking up their road game they face the Chicago Bulls in what should be a great Tuesday night match-up in the Windy City. Looking to officially clinch their playoff spot today, count on a Suns victory, and some high scoring (as has been indicative of any Suns’ road game this year). The Houston Rockets look to hand the Washington Wizards their 16th straight loss (as the T-Wolves just accomplished that feat yesterday as well) and money says they will succeed on the road against the Rockets. The Bucks look for yet another win to close out the month of March against the LA Clippers, and the Pacers look for their 8th straight at home against the ailing Kings.

With NHL Hockey left on the online sports betting plate today, look for the Boston Bruins trying to hold on to a playoff spot against the New Jersey Devils, the Senators and Capitals in a tough match-up that should provide plenty of excitement and scoring, as well as the Canucks and Coyotes who look to give a preview of a possible playoff match-up, should these two teams get past the first round of playoffs. is a great place to capture all the action on any given day of sports betting, so put in your best effort, check out the excitement of betting on sports, and as always good luck from us at!

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Sports betting update for Monday, wagers at

It’s a bit quiet in the online sports betting world after such a wild weekend of NCAA tournament play, great NBA, NHL and European Football action, however with Monday comes a chance to take a little breather, and focus on just a small handful of opportunities for betting on sports at one of the top online sports betting sites reviewed at For kicking off a new week, check out one of the best online sports betting sites we have featured here, at the Sportsbetting sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>). A staple for sports betting fans, and a featured sportsbook on our site for the last 4 years, has been proven to have all the great features expected of a top online sportsbook, including plenty of wagering choices, great customer service, and lots of bonus chances for extended play in any one of the betting areas available on their site. If you’re looking for a simple, quick and easy solution for betting on sports, as well as a proven track record for reliability, count on the Sportsbook to be just the right fit for you.

With the Major League Baseball season coming ever-so-close, take a little time this week to check out some of the remaining spring games across the league, and start preparing for which team, and which players are going to be driving the 2010 MLB season. Check out Clayton Kershaw up for the LA Dodgers against the Reds, as he looks for yet another solid season as a young pitcher, as well as Scott Feldman for the Texas Rangers, who looks to take down the Chicago White Sox today and further prepare for the regular season. The San Francisco Giants continue their tear through the pre-season, and while not a definitive measure of success for the regular season, sports pundits are all looking to San Francisco to be a dominant force in the National League, and specifically a prime candidate for the NL West pennant this year. While betting on the preseason might not be the most advisable thing to do, it’s certainly advisable to start preparing for the 2010 regular season in MLB action, as its top players will be honing their skills in the final weeks of preseason play leading up to the April 4th start.

On to actual sports betting choices today, the NBA is featuring 5 games to check into at the sportsbook including Toronto vs. Charlotte, Denver vs. Dallas, and the Los Angeles Lakers vs. New Orleans Hornets. Charlotte has been great all year at home, but the Raptors are digging for an 8th seed, so count on a great, close game there. Denver continues its road mediocrity in the face of the Dallas Mavericks, who are on the verge of another 50 win season, and a solidified 2 seed at least for the post season. With 5 more games in the NHL in store for online sports betting, check out the Sabres v. Bruins, Kings v. Wild and Stars vs. Ducks as these games all have playoff implications. Enjoy another day of fine sports betting choices at, stay tuned for more great online sports betting chances ahead, and as always, best of luck to you when wagering at one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed right here.

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Two Elite 8 games, NBA and NHL wagering for online sports betting on Sunday

Really, it’s Sunday already? With great online sports betting action all weekend, and exciting NCAA Tournament action throughout, it’s been a whirlwind of sports over the past few days, and unfortunately for us in the working class, it’s almost Monday again, and with it another drab week of early wake-ups, meetings, and endless emails (for those of you like myself who find themselves strapped to Blackberries, Outlook, and upper management requests ;). However, all is not said and done for this weekend as sports is concerned, and for this Sunday, sports fans get treated to another day of NCAA tournament action, including the last of the Elite 8 games, as well as continued exciting action in NBA basketball and NHL Hockey. With two big names now out of the tournament in college ball (Kansas State and Kentucky both fell in exciting competition yesterday), it’s now down to the games pitting #1 Duke vs. #3 Baylor and #6 Tennessee taking on #5 seed Michigan State. I certainly can’t imagine anything but two very tight games today here, so choose your wagers wisely at one of the top online sports betting sites, such as the sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>).

NBA basketball will provide plenty of great games before, during and after the two Elite 8 games in play today, so make sure to check out and read up on the 10 possibilities for betting on sports in NBA hoops action. Great games today include the Milwaukee Bucks against the Memphis Grizzlies, as the Bucks look to fully secure their playoff positioning, as well as the Atlanta Hawks who look to stymie the current 5 game win streak that the Pacers are currently enjoy. A dominant home team, bets are on Atlanta to maintain home-court supremacy, even in the face of a hot streak for the Pacers. Check out the Denver Nuggets traveling to Orlando to meet up with Dwight Howard and the Magic, as the Magic should pull through with a victory as the Nuggets have just not played well on the road all year. The San Antonio Spurs look to take on the Boston Celtics, The Phoenix Suns could send the Minnesota T-Wolves to an appalling 16th loss in a row, and Portland tries their hand against the OKC Thunder, who have been playing very well on home court in the last month. Any which way you slice it, count on great sports betting choices for NBA hoops at the sportsbook.

Rounding out the weekend with more sports betting for NHL Hockey, check out Calgary vs. Washington in what will likely be a hard-fought battle, as well as the Colorado Avalanche who look to hold on to their 8th seed in the west against San Jose. Philadelphia could jump to a 6th seed in the East with a win at home against the New Jersey Devils, and the St. Louis Blues face a must-win against Edmonton to keep their playoff hopes alive. With all this great action to end regular seasons, as well as tournament games, and upcoming Major League Baseball, right now is as exciting of a time as ever for sports fans, and those looking to do a little betting on sports at one of the best online sports betting sites found on the internet. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and the rest of the action today, and thanks as always for stopping in!

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Weekend sportsbook bets feature great NBA, NCAA Elite 8 games, NHL and Football!

Saturday is always one of the best days of the week for sports fans, and specifically those looking to do a little online sports betting at one of the best online sports betting sites found right here! For this Saturday, the NCAA Tournament games no doubt get sports fans’ full attention, as there is no more exciting time of year than the conclusion of the wildest, weirdest tournament in all of sports. With that in mind, the first thing on anyone’s plate for betting on sports should be the first two great games in Elite 8 play, pitting #5 Butler vs. #2 Kansas State, and #2 West Virginia vs. #1 Kentucky. These are most likely two of the toughest match-ups to try and pick for betting on sports thus far in the tournament, however as we’ve noted over the past week, these games are completely up for grabs each day, so expect two close games, plenty of back and forth action, and a surprise ending at the end of 40 minutes of play. For today’s exciting sportsbook betting fun, check out one of our best reviewed sportsbooks, at the sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>).

NBA contests today will no doubt provide a nice addition to all the sportsbook betting opportunities found at the sportsbook, as there are a few heavy favorites to throw into parlay wagers (including Utah over Washington, Chicago over New Jersey, and Dallas over Golden State), as well as two tough match-ups that will require a bit more attention before picking the winner, spread� or total points wager. Brandon Roy and the Portland Trail Blazers hope to keep their playoff chances alive on the road against Chris Paul, Darren Collison and the New Orleans Hornets, meanwhile the Los Angeles Lakers look to bounce back after an embarrassing loss last night in Oklahoma City, and take advantage of the Houston Rockets who will be minus Kevin Martin and Shane Battier.     Expect high scoring as per usual in Lakers/Rockets match-ups, with the nod to LA in today’s game. For NBA action this year, we’re getting ever-so-close to the playoffs, so make every day count with NBA wagers while betting on sports at one of the top sports betting sites reviewed here.

With MLS and English Premier League Football abound for Football fans today, make sure to also place a couple wagers on the best games offered, and also check out the final games appearing in the NHL Hockey regular season, as great games such as the Flyers v. Penguins, Devils v. Canadiens and Canucks v. Sharks highlight just a few of the 12 exciting games in store for hockey fans this Saturday. Per usual, count on the best online sportsbook at to have all the games, great statistics around betting and team match-ups to help you pick your winners, and make a bit of extra money for your weekend adventures. As always, thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you again soon!

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Sweet 16 NCAA Tournament Games, NBA hoops highlight betting on sports for Friday

We’ve come once again to another glorious end of the week, and for this week specifically, sports fans can rejoice in the fact that Friday is chalk-full of basketball action at both the collegiate and professional levels, which will make for some great action at one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed at! With the Sweet 16 getting underway today again with 8 more teams in action this afternoon and evening, there are at least 4 solid options for today’s online sports betting, with some interesting match-ups worth doing some extra digging on before placing your wagers today at one of the top sportsbooks. For today’s highlighted action, we travel to one of the best online sports betting sites, at the Diamond Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of Diamond Sportsbook</a>). A relative newcomer, but a great online sports betting destination nonetheless, find Diamond Sportsbook to provide you with all the great wagering options expected every day, with an easy-to-use website, good bonus opportunities, as well as plenty of variety for wagering online for any type of sports betting, casino, or poker room play.

To start out today’s wagers, it’s natural to take a look at the NCAA tournament games, with perhaps the most anticipated match-up taking place between Cinderella story #9 Northern Iowa taking on Tom Izzo and his #5 seed Michigan State Spartans. While NIU may have run out of luck heading into this game, it’s still going to be a great contest to watch, as Northern Iowa has accomplished more this year than anyone ever has in their conference, so they will be playing with the freedom of no expectations. For today’s online sports betting on this one, I would expect to see a lot of zone defense, low scoring, and the victor going to MSU. In further games today, check out wagering options at the Diamond Sportsbook for #4 Purdue against #1 Duke, #6 Tennessee vs. #2 Ohio State, and #10 St. Mary’s against #3 Baylor. Baylor is playing right near home, and has a big advantage over their West Coast Conference opponent today, so I’m betting on a big win for the Bears today. Tennessee vs. Ohio State should be a great game for watching and wagering, and make sure to check out Evan Turner play, as he’s one special player headed towards the NBA draft. Purdue may have finally met it’s maker vs. Duke, who is looking for their first Elite Eight trip since 2004.

For NBA basketball in sportsbook betting action today, 11 games grace our collective presences, as the regular season quickly winds down, and there are relatively few wagering chances to make left in 2009-2010 season! The game of the day might just end up being the Los Angeles Lakers on the road against the OKC Thunder, or perhaps the Cleveland Cavaliers against the San Antonio Spurs, and the Bucks vs. heat in a potential playoff match-up. Great games like these are in store right at your fingertips for betting on sports today, so check out Diamond Sportsbook if you haven’t already, good luck in your wagers, and have a great weekend hopefully full of some great sports betting wins!

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NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 kicks of a great Thursday of betting on sports!

Finally a new day of NCAA tournament basketball has arrived! After a long week of speculation, injury reports and team vs. team comparisons, we’ve finally reached the day where the first set of teams entering the Sweet 16 get to duke it out, and we get to be lucky enough to place a few wagers and watch the outcome of the games later on this evening! It’s quite an exciting time to be a basketball fan in general, as the NBA also winds down towards the post season, which just over 10 games left per team before the playoffs begin next month. With an eye for basketball today, we’re taking a trip to one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed here at, for tried-and-true sports betting that will be sure to meet all your expectations. With just 3 NBA games and 4 NCAA Tournment match-ups in store, we’ll kick off the day’s sports betting action, and move forward into a bit more NHL and even some Football as well.

With the NCAA Tournament comes 4 very interesting and quite unexpected match-ups today. The two early games this evening will find #1 seed Syracuse looking to fend off #5 seed Butler. Having been seeded as high as any tourney taking place previously (2007 was also a 5 seed) , Butler finds themselves back on familiar ground as an underdog (no pun intended on the Bulldogs), though with a #11 national ranking this time. What is also true in this contest is that Syracuse will be without Arinze Onuaku again, which didn’t seem to matter much in their two blow out wins over Vermont and Gonzaga last week. For the opening pick of the day, I certainly like Butler with the 6.5 points given to them, and would expect Syracuse to run a 2-3 zone which should slow scoring down, making the under wager look pretty decent on total points (138). In the other earlier game, #11 Washington is a surprise entry, playing very well to this point, and will get an interesting break as West Virginia’s starting point guard Darryl Bryant will be out with a broken foot. Nonetheless, with the clutch performances seen by Da’Sean Butler, we’ll likely see a tight game either way, with a slight nod still to the Mountaineers. Being hometown biased though, I have to take the Huskies on the line +4.5 points. This should be a close one as well.

Rounding out Tournament action today, find #2 seeded Kansas State facing #6 seed Xavier in a great match-up of two of the hottest shooters in College Basketball. Jacob Pullen and Jordan Crawford should be worth checking out tonight, and wagers will find KSU with the advantage, but I expect plenty of points to be doled out across both teams, making an over wager on points a good opportunity. Last but not least, Kentucky gets a test against a nothing-to-lose Cornell team, however Kentucky is certainly the team to beat, and my guess is that they’ll survive on great play from John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins. With even more great bets in store for the NBA, NHL and Football in the US and Europe today, check into all this great action at right now!

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More great sports betting options for NBA, NHL, Football at!

With just one more day before the start of the Sweet 16 in the NCAA tournament, it’s a great day for sports fans to check into one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed here at, and get into the action ahead of time! With 4 tournament games in store for tomorrow and plenty of reviews, stats and editorial quips for each one, there is no doubt that any wagers you choose to place on the games can be justified with good information found all over the sporting world websites today. It’s always one of the best times of the year for betting on sports, so if you haven’t jumped into the action yet, pick through on of the top sportsbooks reviewed here, and check out what’s in store for the upcoming action in the NCAA tournament. However, for today, we have even more great action ahead in NBA basketball, NHL Hockey, and European Football, so head on down to a great online sportsbook like, and get in while the getting is good!

To start the online sports betting for today at the sportsbook, the 11 games in the NBA look to highlight the offerings with a handful of great match-ups to watch and wager on. For starters, check out the marquee match-ups pitting Orlando and Atlanta, as the Hawks are at home looking to secure their 3rd straight trip to the playoffs. Their 28-7 home record should be good indication that they stand a very good chance to hit that tonight, but otherwise this should be a close team, as Orlando is certainly one of the top teams in the league, and will keep this game close. Elsewhere, Denver and Boston get underway in another great game, with Boston looking to secure it’s playoff berth with a win in front of their home crowd. Expect big numbers as usual out of Carmelo Anthony for Denver and Paul Pierce for Boston in this one, with a high scoring finish expected either way. For other good potential wagers to through into parlay bets, the Bobcats are a great bet at home against the Minnesota T-Wolves, The OKC Thunder looks for a win against the Rockets at home, and the Lakers vs. Spurs should be a classic match-up for any sports fan to want to check into.

For the NHL today, the season is winding down to less than ten games, and as such, the action on the ice will be hotter than ever. With 6 games in store including big games for Colorado (playing Los Angeles), and Vancouver (traveling to Anaheim), there should be no doubt that at least a few games should be worthy of online sports bets today. The game of the night is sure to be the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Washington Capitals, with the two brightest stars in Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin in play in this one. Further, in Football action, English Premier League matches are underway shortly which should be a nice little addition to betting on sports today!

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Tuesday’s online sports betting action at sportsbook

With a fairly quiet start to this weeks’ online sports betting action in light of the weekends’ great college basketball showdowns, Tuesday kicks things off with the focus mainly on the 10 games featured for NHL Hockey, as well as 4 games in the NBA, as well as a handful of English League Championship action for football fans on the European continent. With a bunch of games taking place outside of the US today, there is no better website for betting on sports than the sportsbook, which always has been found to provide the most comprehensive set of sports bets on any given day. Being one of the less flashy websites we feature here as one of the top sports betting sites, has built it’s reputation on providing simple features, an easy-to-use website, and quick betting options to get you in and out quickly, and watching the games with as little hassle as possible on the wagering side. Find all of your bets for today’s Football action right here, along with continued sports betting for NHL Hockey and NBA basketball as well.

For Hockey today, playoff implications are once again all over the place, as teams in contention jockey for the best seeds in each conference, and/or just look to find their place among the top 8 teams period. For starters in sports betting on Hockey today, the New Jersey Devils look to regain control of the Atlantic Division with a win against the visiting Columbus Blue Jackets. The Devils offense has been potent of late, and looks for more of the same against a Blue Jackets team that looks to be fading farther and farther out of playoff contention. In a great contest up north in Canada this evening, find the Philadelphia Flyers doing battle with the host Ottawa Senators, as both teams try to hold on to a final seed in the very hectic Eastern Conference. The Nashville Predators look to continue their hot streak at home against Dallas tonight, and the two best teams out west, the Phoenix Coyotes and the Chicago Blackhawks do battle for supremacy of the Western Conference. This one should be a great, low scoring affair, with my nod to the stud-packed Blackhawks team.

As for football action kicking off in just a short little while, find some great games in English League Championship action, and one English Premier League game pitting West Ham United vs. Wolverhampton that should make for a few nice additions to betting on sports at the sportsbook. With great NCAA tournament action headed your way later this week, as well as continued excitement as the NBA and NHL seasons gear up for the playoffs, there is no better time for online sports betting, and no better place to do so than at one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed right here. Until tomorrow, good luck, and thanks for stopping by!

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Monday gets back to NBA basketball wagering at

After what has easily been one of the most exciting and thrilling weekends in sports this year, Monday definitely will be a slower day for betting on sports, however with new games on the plate at any one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed here, there is no doubt that you’ll be able to find at least a couple great games to wager on, and hopefully catch on TV later tonight! For our online sports betting adventures this afternoon, we’re taking a trip back to the newly revamped online sports betting site at the sportsbook. Always having been one of my favorites in the past, the newly updated website at is worth checking out, with a much improved layout, even easier to navigate sportsbook sections, and always great customer support and bonuses. Serving up free wagers for the NCAA tournament for existing fans, and great bonus opportunities for new buy ins right now, there’s no better time to check out this website and place a few wagers today.

With the NBA hosting 10 games today and this evening, the focus for online sports betting will definitely be on the professional courts across the US, with many of the top teams in the league getting down to business. Teams of interest in action include the Orlando Magic, who look for an easy victory on their way to a 3rd straight 50 win season. Very impressive to say the least, but we’ll have to wait to see how they hold up in the playoffs once again. Tonight though, Orlando should have no problems with Philadelphia, who has played worse at home than on the road. In another pretty easy pick, the Miami Heat continue a solid March of basketball, taking on the lowly Nets in New Jersey. Chris Paul finally comes back to the New Orleans Hornets line-up, but he is doubtful to have a big role, and as such the Mavericks get the nod in this one on the road today. The Rockets v. Bulls should be a pretty good contest, as the Bulls are under .500, but playing solid ball at home. Look for a tight game, and a good chance of a second straight victory for youngster Derrick Rose and company. A potential playoff preview between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Atlanta Hawks takes place today, and the OKC Thunder host San Antonio in what should be another great game to check out for betting on sports at

With a few clutch games on ice in NHL Hockey action, check out the Detroit Red Wings hosting the Pittsburgh Penguins, as well as the Montreal Canadiens vs. the Ottawa Senators, and the Los Angeles Kings who play host to the Colorado Avalanche. These should make for some nice online sports betting additions for Monday at, and also remember to start looking for the NCAA tournament Sweet 16 games ahead on Thursday! Until next time, thanks for visiting our website, good luck in your online sports betting, and see you again soon!

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