End of the week wagering on the top sportsbook at Intertops.com

Finally the weekend has arrived! Well, almost…for Friday, sports fans are treated to a number of great potential options for betting on sports, which no doubt will help add to the excitement of a another weekend away from work, firmly settled in on the couch for the great sports contests ahead. With Thursday seeing the closure of two NBA basketball playoff series, as the Phoenix Suns and San Antonio Spurs finished off the Trail Blazers and Mavericks respectively in 6 games, even more elimination games in the NBA happen to be on tap for betting on sports today, and there’s no better place to try your luck than at one of the best online sports betting sites at the Intertops.com sportsbook https://www.casinoreview.org/sports_betting/intertops.html read the review of Intertops.com. With continued Game 6 showdowns in the NBA, Confesrence Semifinal action in the NHL playoffs, and with a bounty of Major League Baseball games and European Football matches in store for today and/or tomorrow, any which way you like to wager, you’re sure to find options at Intertops.com today!

As the NBA features elimination games, naturally we have to take our first crack at wagering on these 3 games in action, featuring the Milwaukee Bucks up 3-2 in the series with Atlanta, Los Angeles looking to close out the series on the road against Oklahoma City, and Utah looking to once again dominate at home and send the Denver Nuggets home much earlier than anticipated. While anything can certainly happen in the playoffs, we’re anticipating a tough and close game between the Hawks and Bucks with a Bucks win on home court (fear the deer!), the Lakers making adjustments on defense to keep up with OKC’s top performers, and dominating on offense with the presence of Andrew Bynum to win the series tonight, and the Utah Jazz to wrap up business where they are strongest; on home court, in front of the great Salt Lake City fanbase. Expect big scoring in the latter game today, and two match-ups going down to the wire as both Atlanta and Oklahoma City should be fighting tough for survival today. If one thing is for certain, if Atlanta doesn’t clutch up today, it will likely go down in history as one of the biggest disappointments in the playoffs, as Atlanta looked to easily sweep this series after winning the first two games, and now faces the possibility of 4 straight losses in a row by a Bucks team heavily outmatched, and missing their biggest asset.

For NHL Hockey today, Semifinal action gets underway once again, after an exciting 4-3 victory for the San Jose Sharks over the Detroit Red Wings last night to kick of the next round of play. For tonight, the underdog Montreal Canadiens look to repeat their shocking victory over the Washington Capitals, as they face the Pittsburgh Penguins tonight in Game 1. Even more great options for betting on sports falls on Major League Baseball today, as 15 games are on tap for online sports bets at Intertops.com. Find more action for Football fans as English Premier League games get underway tomorrow, and no matter how you wager, get into the excitement at one of the top sportsbooks reviewed here and enjoy the great weekend of sports ahead!

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A Thursday trip to the Sportsbook.com sportsbook for NHL, NBA playoff games, MLB baseball

This week surprisingly has flown by with relative ease…at least on the work front. However for online sports betting, we’ve taken a few hits on some exciting but unexpected results as yesterday’s sports action in particular saw the Montreal Canadiens shut down the #1 seed Washington Capitals in 7 games, the Milwaukee Bucks move up 3-2 in the series with Atlanta with a win and the San Francisco Giants had a meltdown in the 9th to eventually lose to Philadelphia 7-6. However, Thursday is yet another great day for betting on sports, so we’ll pick up our hat, head back to the best online sports betting site at the Sportsbook.com sportsbook https://www.casinoreview.org/sports_betting/sportsbook.html read the review of Sportsbook.com), and start placing wagers for a few of the best prospects for sports betting today. Sportbook.com has been our favorite for a number of years here at Casinoreview.org, offering the standard in betting for every game around the globe, as well as having great customer service, solid bonus opportunities for extended play and deposits, and a clean and simple website to quickly navigate to the heart of the sports betting action!

In the NBA, two potential elimination games are on tap at Sportsbook.com, including the series between Phoenix and Portland, as well as Dallas vs. San Antonio. It’s all about setting a proper pace in the Trail Blazers v. Suns game tonight, as Portland has been unable to content when the Suns are allowed to score at free-will. The key to this game will be Portland’s ability or inability to play solid half-court defense, and to shut down Amare Stoudemire, who has dominated the Trail Blazers with hard, aggressive play inside. Phoenix gets the nod, but I’m rooting for Portland to win, if only because we love some Game 7 action in the playoffs! In the Mavericks vs. Spurs contest, the money favors San Antonio, if mainly due to their poor performance by their star players over the series thus far. It’s going to be a gritty game, but we’ll lean to Dallas to even the series and send it back home, based on the Mavs recent shifts to contain Tim Duncan in the paint, as well as Manu Ginobli’s broken nose, which saw his shooting reduced to 26% from the floor in Tuesdays whooping. It’s a day for survival in the NBA, and with these two exciting games ahead, join in on the fun with bets at Sportsbook.com today.

The NHL reaches second round action in a fervor, as just one day after the last game in the Eastern Quarterfinal round ends, we move to the first game of the Western Conference Semifinals between the Detroit Red Wings and the San Jose Sharks. Either way, this will be one of the best series of the playoffs, with similar playing styles between the two teams, and the two best records in the NHL since the 2005-05 campaign, this rematch of the 2007 series will find Sharks fans grasping for retribution, and will find sports fans with exciting and fun action for betting on sports. Also for today, make sure to not pass up betting on baseball, as 10 more games continue and series shift once more for a new look on the top sports betting sites reviewed here. Any way you like to wager, find great options for betting on sports at Sportsbook.com, or any of the best online sportsbooks reviewed at Casinoreview.org, and as always best of luck to you!

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Midweek sportsbook betting update, bets taking place at Playersonly.com

As yet another week flies by, sports fans continue to be treated to a boon of online sports betting options, as the NBA and NHL playoffs quickly approach the second round of action and the Major League Baseball season continues forward with full force as each day of the week packs even more great options for betting on sports at a top sportsbook reviewed here. For Wednesday, the NHL first round reaches a definitive end as all but one series remains in play for online sports betting fans, that being the Game 7 match-up between the overall #1 seed Washington Capitals and the lowest #8 seed Montreal Canadiens. After impressive performances by the Habs’ goal tender Jaroslav Halak in the past few games, Montreal finds themselves in a tough position on the road, but still playing in the playoffs nonetheless. For the starting wager of the day, count in this great game to provide plenty of added excitement to your online wagering, and we’ll make the call at the Players Only sportsbook https://www.casinoreview.org/sports_betting/playersonly.html read the review of Playersonly.com, one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed at Casinoreview.org.

In NBA action today, two games get underway to add to the fun of sports betting at Playersonly.com, as the Milwaukee Bucks and Atlanta Hawks find themselves deadlocked at 2 games apiece in their series, headed back to Atlanta for Game 5. The Atlanta Hawks are one of the toughest teams in the league on home court, and if Games 1 and 2 are any insight as to how this one will go, look for lots of presence from Joe Johnson and Mike Bibby today, in retaliation for the 50 plus percent shooting the Hawks gave up while on the road in Milwaukee. Getting back to exploiting mismatches will be key in this one for Atlanta, as will be keeping Brandon Jennings in check, who has been the David to the Hawks Goliath (especially in light of the Bucks missing their star Center Andrew Bogut). In the second game of the day, the Nuggets face their uphill battle down 3-1 in the series with Utah, but lucky to be back on home court…if only for today. Another great home team, Denver is going to need to put up some big points, and actually start playing a bit of defense against a powerful Jazz team. Any which way your wagering goes today on the NBA, count on two exciting games, and great options for online sports betting here.

For Major League Baseball, 15 games grace the sportsbook at Playersonly.com, with exciting series between the Padres and Marlins, Twins and Tigers, Phillies and Giants, and Athletics vs. Rays to name just a few. The Tampa Bay Rays continue to be tops in the league, but try to up their home record (6-4), in light of their impressive play on the road (9-2). In the Philadelphia vs. San Francisco game, the best pitching duel of the day gets underway as Cole Hamels matches up against Tim Lincecum in what should be a great contest to check out. No matter which way your wagers go, make sure to throw in a look at Major League Baseball, as a number of teams have established themselves as early contenders, and a number of great pitchers are leading their clubs forward with wins on the regular. For Wednesday, enjoy the great sports betting options at Playersonly.com, thanks for stopping by our site for continued updates in the exciting world of online sportsbook betting, and as always good luck in your wagers!

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Continued online sports betting options for NHL and NB playoff games, Baseball at Sportsbetting.com

With Monday’s playoff games producing another pair of eliminations in NHL Hockey, and with today’s games in the NBA hosting three 3-1 series advantages, it’s do or die once again for a handful of teams, and for betting on sports before another set of games fall of the table! As to avoid missing out on the action in the playoffs each day, we’re compelled to travel to a new online sports betting site and place wagers on all the playoff games in store, as soon enough there will just be Major League Baseball on tap every day and very little else. Not that there’s anything wrong with the constant flow of Baseball as the 162 game campaign rolls through the Summer, however this is one of the best times for betting on sports throughout the whole year, so you certainly don’t want to miss out on all the exciting action available at your fingertips! For Tuesday, we’re back at the Sportsbetting sportsbook https://www.casinoreview.org/sports_betting/sportsbetting.html read the review of Sportsbetting.com, which continues to be a bright spot in a landscape of shady sports betting sites across the internet. Along with the other top sportsbooks we’ve reviewed and used on a daily basis, bet with confidence and trust in Sportsbetting.com, and you won’t be disappointed.

In playoff games today, the NBA leads the charge with 4 games on tap for online sports betting options, including as previously mentioned the games with elimination potential including Cleveland vs. Chicago, Miami at Boston, the Mavericks at home trying to hold back the Spurs, and the Lakers who look to regain control at home after an embarrassing road trip to Oklahoma City. For wagering today, the money is off on the Cleveland vs. Chicago game, however the 199 on total points looks like good potential bust, and I fully expect Cleveland to score often and with authority to close out the opening series at home. After an embarrassing slip-up in Boston on Sunday, look for Rajon Rondo and company to bounce back, avoiding another one-star victory for the Heat, who’s only real hope of survival is Dwayne Wade. Again liking the total points at 188 for an over bet, and will take Boston to cover the 6.5 points given to them at the Sportsbetting.com sportsbook today. As San Antonio continues to show that their veteran staff can outplay the Mavs (who’s stars admittedly are struggling across the board), the +5 looks like the right bet for this game, as regardless of the outcome, these are two well-matched teams, and yet again this should be a close one. Lastly for the NBA, Los Angeles dominates on home court, and will have a plan to take back their pride on home turf. Take the money or the line on the Lakers, or the over bet on 183.5 total points and watch it go.

Flipping quickly to the solo game in the NHL playoffs, Game 7 of the Detroit vs. Phoenix series will certainly be a great one to check out, with the Red Wings getting the slight edge in sports betting today. Though Detroit has played well on the road in this series, I’m counting on one man, Ilya Bryzgalov to shut the door ala Jaroslav Halak’s performance last night (53 saves, 1 goal against, win), and send Phoenix to the next round. In additional wagering choices today, check out the UEFA Champions League match between Lyon and Bayern Munich in semi-final round play, with the nod to Lyon. Baseball continues with 16 great games for online sports betting fun at Sportsbetting.com, so find your favorite wagers on your favorite teams, and enjoy the exciting sports action available right now.

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New online sportsbook betting on Monday at Bodog Sportsbook

It’s been another great weekend of sports and online sports betting, and to continue on with the great opportunities for betting on sports during the NBA and NHL playoffs, Monday will also have plenty of choices for getting into each and every game by placing a wager or two or three at one of the best online sports betting websites reviewed here at Casinoreview.org. After a Sunday of exciting wagering action that saw a number of unexpected outcomes, we might just expect a bit more of the same as 1st round action in the NBA playoffs could see another possible elimination coming as the Orlando Magic look to finish their sweep of the Charlotte Bobcats, up 3-0 in their series. The Milwaukee Bucks were able to secure a victory in their series with the Atlanta Hawks to reach a 2-1 deficit in preparation for the other Eastern Conference 1st round game taking place today, and the Portland Trail Blazers are hanging on after getting even in the series with Phoenix splitting games at Phoenix and at home this last week. With these three games on tap right now for betting on sports, we’re traveling today to the Bodog Sportsbook https://www.casinoreview.org/sports_betting/bodog.html read the review of Bodog Sportsbook) for our wagers, and the NBA playoffs are certainly some of the best options for sports wagering on this new week of play.

The NHL has had a wild and exciting opening round of playoffs for the 2010 campaign, and after last nights’ Vancouver Canucks win over the Los Angeles Kings, yet another team moves on to the next round, and will wait to see the outcome of today’s Chicago vs. Nashville series in order to see who they’ll be playing in the Western Conference Semifinals. As there are three games in NHL play today all knotted up at 3-2, make sure to check out Bodog Sportsbook for wagering on these games, as they could very well be the last ones in the Quarterfinal round of play. Along with the Chicago vs. Nashville game, which heads back to Nashville with the Blackhawks up 3-2, the Boston Bruins look to also close out the series as they host the Buffalo Sabres in Game 6, and the Washington Capitals will also attempt to close out in Game 6, this time on away ice in Montreal. If you haven’t had an opportunity to check out the NHL playoffs this year, and add a few online sports bets on hockey, today is a great day to do so, as these opening round series have been some of the best in recent years, with hard-hitting, high-intensity action you won’t want to miss out on.

For further sports betting fun today at Bodog Sportsbook, check out the 11 games on tap for Major League Baseball, with new series’ starting up around the league. Josh Beckett looks to help himself and his team get back into winning ways as they face Dana Eveland and the Toronto Blue Jays, King Felix Hernandez gets the start for Seattle against Kansas City, and Jered Weaver and David Huff face off as the Angels and Indians get down to business. In the National League, check out the Phillies vs. Giants series, the Braves vs. Cardinals, and the surprising San Diego Padres (11-7 to start) vs. the Florida Marlins which should all make for exciting online sports betting at Bodog today. With all this action and more for Monday, it’s a great start to a new week of sports, so place your bets and get into the excitement of playoff season right now!

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Sunday closes out the weekend with great sportsbook betting choices at Betonline.com

While it’s never the best of times to finish off a weekend of relaxing and watching sports on your own time, this Sunday features such a great mass of online sports betting action, that any sports fan will rejoice that it’s Sunday and that playoff action continues with even more great games in store for betting on sports. For today, we’re making another visit to one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed here at the Betonline Sportsbook https://casinoreview.org/sports_betting/betonline.html read the review of Betonline Sportsbook. If you’re sportsbook betting days have just begun, Betonline.com is a great place to try out a new online sportsbook, with great customer service, an easy-to-use website, and plenty of great information available to help you place the right bets at the right times. On this lovely Sunday afternoon, find great games throughout the NBA and NHL playoffs, as well as the ever-present offerings provided by Major League Baseball as well as Major League Soccer and English Premier League action to boot.

As four games get underway in the NBA today and tonight, make your first wagers of the day on some of the best basketball games in the opening round of playoff competition at Betonline.com, and be prepared to see some very exciting games take place in just a few short hours. With 2-1 series leads for Cleveland, Dallas and Utah, there are pivotal Game 4 contests in store for online sports betting, and for starters we’ll take a look at the Utah vs. Denver game, as the Jazz get home court advantage and could very well squeak out a win to move up 3-1 in the series with the Nuggets. Look for Carlos Boozer and Deron Williams to be the difference makers in this game, so long as they can help curtail the production of Carmelo Anthony and crew. I’m taking Utah for the win today, and also another addition to a parlay wager with the over bet on total points. Meanwhile, the Spurs are showing their veteran playoff moxy against the Dallas Mavericks, and once again tonight’s game will come down to solid defense, and who has the ball in the final possession. For Cleveland, look for a big comeback after a surprising road loss in Chicago, and in the Boston vs. Miami contest, I’ll vote for a clean sweep 4-0 for the Celtics to close out the series.

For NHL hockey wagers today, check out the exciting action in Conference Quarterfinal action, which to this point has been spectacular. Phoenix looks to even the score with Detroit to avoid elimination, and Vancouver tries to make it 3 wins in a row to close out their series with Los Angeles. For MLB baseball, look for another 15 games featured for online sportsbook betting at Betonline.com, which should help round out another great Sunday of sports action around the globe. With even more excitement across Europe as English Premier League Football continues, and more action in the States with Major League Soccer, it’s a fantastic day for sports fans of all types to get in on the action, and make some money today.

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Great weekend wagers for NBA, NHL playoffs at the Bookmaker.com sportsbook

Any weekend where playoff games are on the line has to be a great one, and for today that holds especially true as the NBA and NHL playoffs roll onwards with even more exciting action every day, not to mention the budding Major League Baseball season which continues to provide sports fans with a constant bevy of options for betting on sports at one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed at Casinoreview.org. For this Saturday, join us as we take another visit to the Bookmaker Sportsbook https://casinoreview.org/sports_betting/bookmaker.html read the review of Bookmaker Sportsbook, which hosts betting options for the 4 NBA playoff games, the 3 contests in the NHL, 16 MLB games and 6 games apiece for wagering on MLS Soccer and English Premier League Football. A dandy of a time for anyone from an experienced online sports bettor to an amateur just starting their first wagers, check out Bookmaker.com today and experience online sports betting on one of the finest platforms on the web.

For starters today, we’re headed for the Football/Soccer wagers around the globe, and with a few parlay wagers open for bets, the best games in Europe feature the matches between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur, as well as Arsenal and Man. City to start off the tip of the iceberg for Football bets today. In Major League Soccer action, I have to take hometown Chivas over the visiting San Jose Quakes, as well as Los Angeles to keep their record perfect to start the new season. Colorado looks to get off to an impressive start, if they can get past New England today on the road. If Football/Soccer hasn’t been your bag so far in your sports betting career, dive into this great game by doing a little research to gather all the information on each match-up, each day, and enjoy the world’s most popular game with a few wagers at a top online sportsbook like Bookmaker.com

With playoff action abound today, spot your bets wagering choices on the NBA as the Orlando Magic face off against Charlotte at home, the Trail Blazers try to split the games on home court with a hopeful win over the visiting Phoenix Suns, and the Bucks vs. Hawks and Lakers vs. Thunder get underway in some tough calls for betting on sports. For NHL hockey, find the exciting action between Nashville and Chicago, Pittsburgh vs. Ottawa and San Jose vs. Avalanche, with both the Pens and Sharks looking to shut down the opening series with wins today. As always Major League baseball is on tap and in full swing for sports book bets, so no matter what your game of choice is, find all the right wagering opportunities at Bookmaker.com today, and enjoy another exciting weekend of the best sports in the world!

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A rare action-packed Friday for betting on sports at the Sports Interaction Sportsbook!

It’s usually pretty standard to reach the end of the week and not have too much available for betting on sports at one of the top sportsbooks reviewed on our site, however this Friday happens to be something special as the NBA and NHL playoffs, as well as the Major League baseball season carry on the torch for exciting options at any one of the best online sportsbooks found on the web. As we cycle through our wagering at the top sportsbooks reviewed on our site, the Sports Interaction Sportsbook https://casinoreview.org/sports_betting/sportsinteraction.html read the review of Interaction Sportsbook gets the start for us today, to hopefully help bring a bit of added cash in to cover the expenditures of a night out on the town in celebration of no work tomorrow. Getting started right away for betting on the playoffs, we’ll break down the possibilities for betting on sports in NBA and NHL games.

The NHL has an especially exciting offering today, with three games taking place holding a 2-2 series tie between the teams involved, and the turning point coming in today’s exciting competition. The Buffalo Sabres likely have the best option for victory today, as being at home with Ryan Miller in the net is a tough task for any team to take on. With Tuukka Rask in goal for the Bruins however, expect this game to be close, exciting and worth of a first wager at the Sports Interaction Sportsbook. Jaroslav Halak could be the decider in the series for the Montreal Canadiens, who are up against the wall down 3-1 in the series with Washington, and on the road in hostile territory. Count on a low scoring affair in this one, and I’ll take the #1 seed Caps to finish off Montreal on home ice tonight. The Red Wings vs. Coyotes series has been a great one for watching and wagering on, and for today I’ll hedge the wager on the Coyotes at home, hopeful that they’ll be able to turn around their dismal power play in this series. Speaking of power plays, Vancouver needs to be able to stop the L.A. Kings and their potent 5-on-4 attack to overcome at home. After a big win on the road to even the series at 2 games apiece, look for the Canucks to have a new lease on life, and a dominant presence at home in front of a rabid Vancouver crowd.

For NBA hoops action today, three games including those between Boston and Miami, San Antonio and Dallas, and Utah vs. Denver take place to give sports fans an exciting Friday evening of watching and wagering on playoff basketball. Further, 15 games dot the landscape of MLB baseball so no matter what your sports fancy happens to be Sports Interaction Sportsbook will have all the right wagers for you, provided you get to their site before the games start! From all of us at Casinoreview.org, we wish you a very happy and productive weekend, enjoy all the playoff games and sports action around the globe, and thanks for stopping by for the best online sports betting sites reviewed on the web!

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Playoff wagers for Basketball, Hockey highlight betting on sports at Players Only Sportsbook

If you happen to be new to the game of online sportsbook betting, really there is no better time than right now to try your hand at one of the top online sportsbooks reviewed at Casinoreview.org, and get into the action during the hottest time for sports. Thursday’s playoff games continue in the NBA and NHL, and with all the drama and excitement as the best teams do battle later on this evening, you certainly won’t want to miss logging on, placing your bets, and waiting for the games to begin. As we get into the betting fever for the offerings today at the Players Only sportsbook https://www.casinoreview.org/sports_betting/playersonly.html read the review of Playersonly.com, we find ourselves face to face with a few tough decisions at least for the NBA, and also for NHL Hockey. With three games on the plate for basketball wagering, and another 4 games in the NHL, we edge ever so much closer to the first eliminations of the playoffs, and as such, one less set of teams to wager on. For today, make sure to cash in on these upcoming games before we run out of all of them!

As the NHL wagering features possible elimination games tonight, we’ll look to wagering on Eastern Conference games featuring Philadelphia vs. New Jersey and Pittsburgh vs. Ottawa. As the Flyers head to New Jersey looking to try and secure a surprising series win after just 5 games, it’s do-or-die time for Martin Brodeur and the Devils, and luckily for them the Flyers will be down Jeff Carter and Simone Gagne, both due to puck shot injuries. New Jersey is a veteran team, and while I don’t think they’ll make it in the long haul for this series, they’ll make the Flyers get the series back home before biting the big one. On the flipside of teams looking to close out, Pittsburgh is on home ice after having all but completely dominated Ottawa for the last 4 games, and tonight the Penguins will do it behind their stars, and solid net minding. Not to be overlooked though, make sure to take a look at the other two games available for sportsbook betting online at Players only Sportsbook, between the San Jose Sharks and Colorado Avalanche and the Nashville Predators taking on the Chicago Blackhawks up 2-1 in the series.

In the NBA today, the underdog teams get their turn at home tonight, as the Oklahoma City Thunder tries for their first win in the playoffs, and behind a home crowd, I like them as a winner behind a big game from star player Kevin Durant. The Lakers have been a bit rusty on the road down the home stretch of the year (partly due to the absence of Andrew Bynum), and the Thunder shoot the ball very well in home court, so count on a close one with a lean to the Thunder to get at least one win…this game might be the only time they do it. Chicago gets home court as well, only this time it’s not going to make a difference, as I’m sticking with a Cavs series sweep. Lastly, Portland tries to fend off the Phoenix Suns with a hurt squad at home, but Phoenix offensive production will be too much, scoring well over 100 points on the road in just about every away game this year. Normally opposing teams take advantage of the Suns atrocious defense on the road, but without their most productive players, the Trail Blazers are in trouble tonight, and in the series.

As Major League Baseball continues on today as well, count on a number of great online sportsbook betting possibilities in the big leagues, as a number of teams are coming out hot this season, and a number of pitchers are sticking out already as great potential ‘horses’ to place your bets on. For Thursday at Playersonly.com sportsbook, check out the Oakland vs. New York series, Phillies and Braves, and Tigers and Angels for just a few of the best wagering options for the MLB today. At Playersonly.com, find a great home for any types of online sports betting, and find out why betting on sports for playoff games is just about one of the most exciting ways to add to an already exciting experience. Until tomorrow, good luck, and enjoy the playoffs!

Aaron G.

Place your midweek sports bets at the Betus.com Sportsbook today!

After another exciting day of playoffs yesterday, Wednesday continues with more of the same great online sports betting action available, and for this great day we venture to one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed at the Betus.com sportsbook https://www.casinoreview.org/sports_betting/betus.html read the review of Betus.com. Having a well-established reputation as a consistent and trustworthy place to set your wagers any day of the week, we’ve been using the Betus.com sportsbook for going on almost 4 years straight with no complaints, with the site offering great bonus opportunities, solid customer support, and one of the easiest websites to use amongst a sea of pretenders. Bet with confidence when you bet at Betus.com, and for today check out the great offerings across the NBA and NHL playoffs, as well as a strong dose of Major League Baseball games and even an English Premier League contest and UEFA Champions League match to boot. No matter what your fancy is for betting on sports, find options just about any day of the week at Betus.com.




As the NBA playoffs roll along, not too many surprises are rolling around, at least for the first round of playoff games taking place this week. Up on the plate today, just two games are available for online sports betting, between the Charlotte v. Orlando match-up, and the Dallas vs. San Antonio game taking place late this evening. In order for Charlotte to win its first playoff game in franchise history, they’ll need better containment of a very big, and very powerful problem; Dwight Howard. The NBA Defensive Player of the Year will likely put up another impressive game today, however as was emblematic in the first game, it seems not to matter whether the Howard-Carter alignment makes any contribution offensively…they just win. Expect an outpouring of offense early, and likely another trickle down of production through the second half. As for the second game, Dallas looks to take an early 2-0 lead in the series against cross-state rivals San Antonio, and it will take a combined effort from the Spurs to stop all the weapons available in the Mavericks arsenal. For wagering today, again the nod has to be to Dallas for the win, however this should be another tight game, with likely even more point production than the last game.




Switching to the NHL playoffs, find three great series in play today, including Vancouver vs. Los Angeles, Buffalo vs. Boston, and Washington vs. Montreal. For MLB wagers, watch out for the surging Tampa Bay Rays, who are now 7-0 on the road to start the year (meanwhile putting the Boston Red Sox down to their worst start in 14 years early this week). Great games today include the Phillies vs. Braves, Twins hosting the Indians, Tigers and Angels, and Yankees vs. Athletics. With more great online sportsbook betting available at the Betus.com sportsbook today, find a number of options for adding some excitement to your day, and hopefully a bit of added cash in your sportsbook account!




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