Monday sparks a new week of betting on sports at

To kick off a new week of online sportsbook betting here at, we look ahead to some great games in store for today, and for the week to come, as the Stanley Cup Finals continue today, the NBA Finals gets underway on Thursday, and as always Major League Baseball speckles the sports betting landscape everyday to give you plenty of options for online sports bets. For our venture into the stack of wagers available for today, we’re visiting one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed at the sportsbook (read the review of, which features easy options for betting on any type of game available, as well as a very clean and navigable website on which to wager any day of the week. With Game 2 on tap for the Philadelphia vs. Chicago final in the Stanley Cup playoffs on the horizon, and with 13 games for baseball as well, we’ll break down the best bets available to give you a little insight into what’s possible for betting on sports.

For Hockey, it’s a big test for the Philadelphia Flyers taking on Chicago at home once again, and after Game 1’s wild and crazy 6-5 finish, expect a different animal to come out for Game 2, as inevitably adjustments will be made, and two great goalies will no doubt tighten up after the Game 1 jitters. Michael Leighton and Antti Niemi are keys to this game today, and there’s a few ways to wager that might reflect the changes that get made to each teams’ playing style that should shut down the unrelenting flow of goals notched on Saturday. So, as we look across’s options for this game today, total points is an instant lure at 6 goals, and while the favored team happens to be Chicago once again, there is little doubt that the Flyers scrappiness will amount to covering the 1 goal differential, and possibly even result in a series-evening win. We’ll play conservatively and take the under wager on total points, and count on a great and close game for later on tonight.

Moving to Major League Baseball today, there’s plenty of action to get excited about for betting on sports, including a great pitching duel between Ubaldo Jimenez (looking for win #10 already) and Tim Lincecum as the Giants and Rockies do business in a late game on the West Coast. Continuing action in the National League finds the Atlanta Braves looking to keep the Philadelphia Phillies in their current downturn while heading towards a possible 1st place seat in the NL East. With Joe Blanton struggling this year generally for the Phillies, it’s a great pick for the Braves today at home, and keep an eye out for some run production as the Braves have a good chance to put up big numbers at home today. With Andy Pettitte on the mound at home for the Yankees, the Indians find themselves in a tough spot even with Mitch Talbot pitching well, so certainly look to throw the Yanks into a parlay wager for an added boost (even if the odds aren’t too favorable for making big money). Look for more action as the Blue Jays and Rays do battle in the AL East, the Minnesota Twins look for their 5th in a row against the Mariners, and the Cardinals and Reds should be putting up big numbers today with heavy hitters on both sides. Enjoy all the betting action available in baseball and hockey this afternoon, and as always good luck!

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Sunday features Indy 500, bounty of Major League baseball for bets at Bodog sportsbook

With Friday and Saturday hosting a wild set of games as the NBA and NHL playoffs were underway, this Sunday happens to be a bit more subdued for betting on sports, as for one of the first times in the past month there aren’t any playoff games available for online sportsbook bets! Fear not however, as while there aren’t any games being played in the NHL Stanley Cup Finals or the NBA Finals (due to get underway this coming Thursday between the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers), there is the running of the fabled Indianapolis 500, as well as America’s pastime, Major League Baseball, which features plenty of options for betting on sports at one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed here. For our wagers on the available sporting events today, we’re traveling to the Bodog Sportsbook (read the review of Bodog Sportsbook) for our fill of sports and poker for Sunday afternoon, as Bodog is one of the nicest, easiest to use and navigate sports betting sites available on the internet. With easy options for betting on sports, cards, whatever your game happens to be, check out Bodog today and find out why it gets a coveted spot as one of the best sports betting websites we’ve reviewed and tested over the past 3 years.

With the 15 games in Major League Baseball today comes plenty of fun opportunities for getting into the action today, as a number of exciting series close out with the final games this afternoon. After seeing Roy Halladay throw only the 20th perfect game in MLB history, we have no choice but to push our winnings from yesterday’s game onto today’s, as another interesting pitching match-up comes up between veteran slow-baller Jamie Moyer, and the youngster Anibal Sanchez for the Marlins, who has been outstanding so far this year for the Fish. In other exciting games worthy of sportsbook bets on baseball today, Jake Peavy and James Shields go head-to-head as the White Sox take on the Tampa Bay Rays, Adam Wainright and the St. Louis Cardinals finish off the series with Chicago, and the Dodgers and Rockies get down to business with youngsters Clayton Kershaw and Jhoulys Chacin getting the nod in today’s game. With more great options available around the MLB today, it’s a great opportunity to pick a couple of great games, throw down a few wagers, and kick back for some baseball fun on Sunday.

For continued sports betting action ahead, look for another great game in the Stanley Cup Finals on Monday, as Philadelphia tries to get back to even after a wild 6-5 loss to Chicago yesterday, and further anticipation for the NBA Finals to start on Thursday of this week. Before the day is over though, check out options for wagering on the Indy 500, peruse some of the exciting games available at the Bodog Casino and Poker rooms, and enjoy what will hopefully be an extended weekend for you. Thanks for stopping by today, where you can always find a bevy of the best online sports betting sites found anywhere!

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Big day for NBA, NHL playoffs, more MLB betting on the horizon at

What a fantastic Saturday it is for sports fans eager to place some wagers on the most exciting sports action available online at the best online sports betting sites on the web! With Saturday hosting tons of action across various sports leagues, now is a great time to set your sites on your favorite types of wagers, by heading down to one of the best sportsbooks reviewed here, such as the one we’re visiting today at the sportsbook (read the review of For betting on sports today, it’s all about Game 6 in the Western Conference Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Phoenix Suns, as the Lakers look to dispose of the Suns in the same fashion that Boston removed the playoff hopes of Orlando just last night with a 96-84 win at home. Luckily for the Suns, at least their Game 6 hopes hinge on them being able to knuckle up at home to send the series back to Los Angeles for Game 7. However we can already see the Boston-Los Angeles series on the horizon, knowing just how badly the Lakers would like to take another championship from the all-time most winning team in the NBA, so look for the Lakers to come out swinging with plenty of offensive brunt to take on the smaller, faster Suns.

Moving to the NHL for online sportsbook bets today, the start of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals get underway in Chicago with the Blackhawks hosting the Philadelphia Flyers in Game 1, in what should be a very exciting final series to cap off another great season of NHL Hockey. If one thing may be of note in this series, it’s the route that each team has taken to get this far. Chicago has played outstanding hockey on the road, and now at home, meanwhile the Flyers have had to fight for every game of each series, and could be facing some burn out heading into the series with one of the toughest, youngest teams in the league. If there is one player that Philly needs to focus on in this series, it’s Dustin Byfluglien, who has been simply outstanding in front of the net in all series thus far. Compound that with the likes of Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Duncan Keith and the rest of the Blackhawks attack, and Philadelphia certainly faces an uphill battle once again; at least this year their fully capable of playing the underdog role, and coming back from oblivion when it looks like the lights are out on them. For today’s match-up, we’re looking for some opening game jitters from both teams, with plenty of offense, and a win for Chicago to start the series off.

In Major League Baseball bets at today, definitely make sure to check out the featured game between the Phillies and Marlins, as the pitching duel between Roy Halladay and Josh Johnson is not to be missed. Low scoring should be the emphasis for betting on sports in this one, as both pitchers are on fire this year, and should be up to the challenge facing one another this afternoon. For further great baseball betting options, check out Carlos Silva for the Chicago Cubs who looks to go 7-0 with a start against St. Louis, as well as Carl Pavano at home for the Twins vs. Rangers, and Boston vs. K.C. with Clay Buchholz starting against the struggling Zach Greinke (1-6 so far this year). Any which way you like to place your wagers at one of the best online sportsbooks, check out these games and more for Saturday, and hopefully score some added cash for future bets on all the great sports action available every day!

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Friday greets sports fans with upcoming playoffs, baseball action for sportsbook bets

Thank goodness that once again it’s another fine weekend ahead of us sports fans and for Friday, we are once again treated to NBA Playoff action, continuing Major League Baseball excitement, and a host of upcoming sporting events available for wagers throughout the days to come. With an added sense of excitement for the three day Memorial Weekend in the states, the running of the Indianapolis 500, and the start of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals, it’s a great time to check into one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed at, and find your picks for the outcomes of all the weekend sports activities. For betting on sports on Friday, check out the featured sports betting website of the day at the Players Only sportsbook (read the review of, which features all the available games and sporting events to wager on, along with a great online casino and poker room to keep you entertained no matter what type of betting you like to take part in.

For the NBA, it’s do-or-die time for the Orlando Magic, as Dwight Howard and company travel back to Boston for Game 6 trying to become one of the very few teams that has managed to come from a 3-0 deficit to win a series. However, history is certainly against them, as the starting 5 for Boston has never lost a playoff series when all are healthy and playing, so it will be up to the Orlando Magic to actively contain at least a few of Boston’s scoring threats this evening in order to put the series even at 3 games apiece. Oddly enough, tonight’s game is in the same building where the Philadelphia Flyers came back from 3 games down to win 4-3, however for one sports season, we’ll bet lightning doesn’t strike twice, and count on Boston, with its tried group of veterans, to prevail at home to finish off the series. Defense once again will be the name of the game, as both teams try to stymie the stars on the other side, so a wager on Boston to win, or the under bet on total points are our best options for betting on sports at for Game 6 today.

Major League Baseball is hot for Friday night, with 15 games being played across the U.S., and at, find great match-ups in both the National and American League for betting on sports. Highlighted games worth checking into today include the Detroit Tigers vs. Oakland A’s, Chris Carpenter and the St. Louis Cardinals take on the Chicago Cubs, and the Philadelphia Phillies looking to put breaks on their current 5 game skid. Great pitching is available in the various games on tap, so look further to Matt Cain for the Giants, David Price for the Tampa Bay Rays, and Kevin Slowey for the Minnesota Twins to have solid match-ups and good starts for their respective teams today. Make sure to check out all this action and more today at, and look forward to another great weekend of betting on sports at the top online sportsbooks.

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Thursday’s online sports betting gets underway at the Sportsbook

With the NHL playoffs on hold until the start of the Stanley Cup Finals this weekend, sports fans can center their online sports betting attention to the Western Conference Finals Game 5, as the Phoenix Suns look to do what they haven’t been able to do this series, or during the regular season; win on the road in Los Angeles. As the playoffs wind down further towards the end of what has been a pair of great sports seasons, sports fans will also become more accustomed to seeing just Major League Baseball on tap for betting on sports regularly. As such if you haven’t spent too much time focusing on the MLB, now’s a great time to get into the game as most teams have established their playing styles for the year in order to help you pick winners day in and day out at one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed here. Speaking of one of the best sportsbooks, for today we’re taking wagers with the Betonline Sportsbook (read the review of Betonline Sportsbook), which as always features all the great sports betting choices each and every day, and does it with a great website, great customer support, and plenty of bonus opportunities for piling up more cash towards some future wagering.

With Los Angeles hosting Phoenix tonight, it’s clear what the go-to wagering option will be for Thursday, and for this game in particular the whole series may ride on the outcome of this match-up from Staples Center. In order to come out victorious today, Phoenix will have to step up its defense to prevent another 110+ point effort from the Lakers, who have easily been able to maintain pace with the Suns’ potent offense, while putting key players at bay. Although Phoenix managed to reign in the Lakers over the past two games to make the series interesting at 2-2, tonight’s game is the Lakers to lose, and no doubt will be the best game of the series to watch and wager on. Our wager falls on the under bet for total points, and for an eventual winner in the Lakers. Count on a tight game though, so the point spread for the Suns could be just the right ticket for betting on sports today as well.

For Major League Baseball this Thursday, count on 12 games across the league to broaden the horizons for online sports betting, including the Boston Red Sox looking for 5 in a row at home facing the K.C. Royals, the Dodgers vs. Cubs in a classic match-up, and the Nationals vs. Giants in what should be an evenly balanced contest set for later in the evening. However for the top games on today’s online sportsbook betting plate, count in the New York Yankees at the Minnesota Twins, St. Louis at San Diego, and a great Phillies vs. Mets showdown to close out their series. Great bets around the sportsbook are where it’s at today, so good luck in your wagers, thanks for dropping into, and we’ll catch you again soon for more online sports betting updates!

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Midweek online sports betting update, wagers on the sportsbook

We’re midway through another long and arduous work week, however with today’s continuing action in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals, as well as plenty of Major League Baseball action ahead, online sports betting today will offer plenty of options to add to the excitement of the sporting contests available. Flipping through the best online sportsbooks reviewed, our sports betting needle points to the sportsbook (read the review of for wagering options on Wednesday, and we’ll be taking a look at the pivotal Game 4 between Orlando and Boston in the NBA, as well as the 16 games slated for Major League Baseball. It’s a great time to check out the sportsbook if you haven’t ventured to their website as of yet, as offers some of the best bonus opportunities around, great customer service, and a simple and easy-to-navigate website. After years of play on this sportsbook (and also their great casino and poker room), we happily place our stamp of approval on as one of the best online sports betting sites found anywhere on the web.

For NBA basketball today, Orlando faces another must-win game in Boston, in order to tie the series at 2 games apiece and send it back home for Game 5. After playing with the heart that sports fans are used to seeing from the Magic in the last game, tonight’s contest will be an interesting look at how well Orlando can stay focused, and how Boston can keep their team churning on all cylinders after dropping Game 3. We’ve seen Rajon Rondo’s presence recede in the last few games played for Boston, while at the same time Jameer Nelson and J.J. Redick look to be finally stepping up, as well as some worrying signs that Boston might be beginning to labor as some of their older players feel the pain of playing throughout the tough playoff season. Any which way you look at it for today’s game though it’s going to be a rough and tumble fight in the paint as Boston tries to hold back Dwight Howard, and for Magic fans hopefully Orlando will get back to their outstanding presence at the perimeter to balance out the offensive attack and keep the Celtics guessing. Our pick for tonight’s contest; Orlando 101, Boston 97.

For Major League Baseball, sports fans are treated to a double header between two of the leagues’ best after yesterdays’ rainout, as the New York Yankees and the Minnesota Twins do double battle from the Twins new outdoor ballpark. A.J. Burnett gets the nod looking for his 5th win on the year against Scott Baker in the first of two games, while Andy Pettitte goes for win number 6 in the second game against Francisco Liriano. In other exciting action, check out the San Diego Padres hosting the St. Louis Cardinals in a good match-up, The Red Sox vs. Rays in AL East play, Tim Lincecum looking for number 6 as well as the Giants take on the Nationals, and the Mets looking to hand the Phillies another loss as Hisanori Takahashi continues his great start this year against Joe Blanton. Any which way your wagers fall today, count on to be the top online sportsbook of choice, with plenty of excitement available for sports betting, and as always thanks for stopping by and good luck!

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Tuesday sportsbook bets hedge on Lakers vs. Suns, MLB action at

As the NHL prepares for the upcoming Stanley Cup Finals by taking the week off, sports fans look to the remaining games in the NBA Conference Finals for exciting sports betting possibilities, with Major League Baseball getting back into full swing on Tuesday with 15 games on tap for betting on sports. As we cycle through the best online sports betting sites reviewed here, today’s wagering takes place at another of the tried-and-true sportsbooks, at (read the review of With sights set on the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Phoenix Suns game for kicking off sports bets today, as always it’s expected that the contest will feature fast-paced, high scoring action in Game 4, as Phoenix faces a must win situation in order to put the series back to Los Angeles even at 2 games apiece. We’ll mark our wagering scorecard with a notch for Phoenix to win today at home, in the hopes of making this series extended out to 7 games, and furthering the NBA season just a little bit longer.

For Major League Baseball bets on Tuesday, a full 15 game offering is available for online sports betting, including a featured game of the day between the New York Yankees and the Minnesota Twins. With both teams standing at a 26-18 record on the year, something has to give today, with two great pitchers facing off as A.J. Burnett and Scott Baker are set to take the mound later this afternoon. Further options for betting on baseball include the New York Mets at home hosting the Philadelphia Phillies, who once again will send veteran slow-baller Jamie Moyer on the mound to take on the knuckleballer R.A. Dickey, looking for his first win of the season. With the Mets looking to get to .500 on the year, look for a close game today, with likely some big bats marking up the scoreboard. In yet another game we’re liking for online sportsbook betting, make sure to check out the Boston Red Sox against the Tampa Bay Rays, as Jon Lester and James Shields should make for an exciting pitching duel, and a tight, low-scoring game in this contest.

Rounding out the online sports betting for today, a few key betting choices pop out, including the Texas Rangers at Kansas City, which should feature a tight contest with Rich Harden squaring off against Gil Meche. We give the nod to Texas, behind the heavy bat of Vlad Guerrero, who has blitzed to an amazing start, batting .345 with 12 home runs and 37 RBI. We’re liking the Cardinals vs. Padres today as well, in another pitching duel between Adam Wainwright and Jon Garland, as two of the league’s best pitchers go to work in San Diego. With great Major League Baseball bets all-around at the sportsbook, dig into all the available action, get your wagers in order, and enjoy all the baseball, plus Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals today!

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Starting off a new week with new online sports betting at the WagerWeb Sportsbook

Monday happens to be an inevitable part of all us working folks’ week, however with Monday comes more opportunities for online sportsbook betting, to at least add a little bit of flavor to an otherwise pretty boring and drab day returning back to the daily grind. For this week, sports fans can check out the continued action remaining in the NHL and NBA playoffs, as now only 5 teams remain in playoff competition (after the San Jose Sharks fell in a sweep to the Chicago Blackhawks), with only three series still left to be played before the final rounds commence. With Monday being a big day for potentially finishing off two more series, you’ll definitely want to head down to one of the top online sportsbooks, such as the one at the (read the review of WagerWeb Sportsbook), in order to cash in on all the great action before it’s come and gone. It’s been a great ride for this 2010 postseason in both the NBA and NHL, and with the sportsbook, look for the same exciting bets, great bonus chances for initial deposits, and a great website providing trustworthy support and prompt payouts. For Monday, bet with confidence and excitement at

After a victory for the Phoenix Suns yesterday to reach a manageable 2-1 deficit against the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals, Orlando once again looks to catch any sort of break they can in their plight to avoid an embarrassing sweep against the Boston Celtics in Game 4 from Boston today. One of the big key items for today’s game will certainly be turnovers, and whether or not the Magic can overcome their knack for giving up cheap points to the Celtics, who have done a great job capitalizing on Orlando’s mistakes so far in this series. One thing is for sure in tonight’s game; we won’t see any giving up like we did in the Cleveland vs. Boston series, as Orlando’s head coach Stan Van Gundy should be coming with a proper response to his team’s lackluster performance thus far. For wagering today, we’ll go out on a limb, praying once again for a series continuation, and root for Orlando to cover the points and carry on the series for at least one more game back home.

In Major League action, just a small handful of games will be available today as Interleague play closes and a return to the normal will take a day for all the teams to get back in order and playing in their respective leagues. For the biggest match-up of the day, once again we turn to the American League East, as league-leading Tampa Bay takes on Boston, who look for their third straight win. Meanwhile, the Toronto Blue Jays look to extend the East Coast dominance out West as they battle the Los Angeles Angels, the White Sox face the Indians in Cleveland, and the Reds continue to be red-hot taking on the Pittsburgh Pirates, who look to be headed towards another sub-.500 season for the 18th year in a row. With these games and more on deck for online sportsbook bets at (don’t forget Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals between Philadelphia and Montreal in the NHL!), hop into the action right now, place your wagers, and get ready for another fun evening of sports excitement ahead!

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Lakers vs. Suns Conference Final, NHL, MLB online sports bets for Sunday

As always, the weekend has come to a close all too soon, but before it does…there’s plenty more online sports betting action available across the NBA, NHL, and MLB to satisfy the appetites of any sports betting fan! With a shocking Game 3 in the NBA last night between Orlando and Boston culminating in a crushing 3-0 advantage for the Celtics after dismantling the Magic 94-71, we pretty much have to call that series a washout, even if Orlando can pull in a win in Game 4 and send the series back to Florida. Unfortunate, yes, but moving on, we will. For today’s NBA action, look to the Los Angeles Lakers heading towards the desert for a showdown with the Phoenix Suns, and looking to do a bit more of the same, as the Lakers hold a 2-0 lead in the series. For kicking off the wagering today, we’re off to another of the best online sports betting sites at the sportsbook (read the review of, and taking a stab at Game 3 tonight, banking on some improved play and speed at home for the Suns, coming out as the eventual winner to make this series a bit more interesting.

With the NHL Conference Finals winding down, Sunday marks the first day with elimination potential, as the Chicago Blackhawks have stunned the San Jose Sharks to take a 3-0 lead in the series, and can close out tonight on home ice, in front of a home crowd looking for their team to get back into the Stanley Cup finals for the first time in 18 years. In this series, Chicago has proven that they are just the all-around better, bigger team this year, counting on a deep bench, excellent play from their stars, and superb coaching from Joel Quenneville to dismantle and frustrate opponents. With another favored day for the Blackhawks, we’ll ride the series sweep in this contest today, and put our money down at the sportsbook to call Chicago the Eastern Conference Champions, who will await the winner of the Philadelphia vs. Montreal series. Only time will tell in this one…

For Major League Baseball today, plenty of games should fill up your betting ticket easily, as there are some great games slated for Sunday afternoon worth putting a few wagers on. Interleague play continues onward with some interesting match-ups around the league, including the Boston vs. Philadelphia contest featuring Tim Wakefield against Roy Halladay, the Detroit Tigers looking to avoid a sweep against the Los Angeles Dodgers and the big Subway series revisited between the New York Yankees and Mets as C.C. Sabathia faces Johan Santana in the game of the day. All around the sporting world find great action like this for betting on sports, enjoy the remainder of the weekend with great games ahead to watch and wager on, and as always, thanks for stopping by for sports betting updates and wagering at the best online sportsbooks found on the internet.

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Weekend Sports Update, wagering at the sportsbook

As we move our way through another exciting weekend of sports and online sports betting at one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed here, we can’t help but think about just how few playoff games are left on the plate this year, and how every day gets a little more exciting with more importance on each and every game being played. For this Saturday, we’re finally back to playoff action in both the NBA and NHL, as the Conference Finals resume once again on a perfect Saturday where there’s nothing more to do than place a few wagers and kick back on the couch for the upcoming games. For the playoffs, two critical games take place today, the first being the NBA Eastern Conference Finals between Boston and Orlando, and secondly the NHL Eastern Conference Finals between Philadelphia and Montreal. To get cracking on the online sports betting available today, we travel to one of the top sportsbooks reviewed here, at the Sportsbetting sportsbook (read the review of, and get ready to place some of the key bets of the day, on the playoffs, as well as continuing Major League Baseball action, and even one final bet for the UEFA Champions League Final between Inter Milan and Bayern Munich.

With the NBA Eastern Conference Series heading back to Boston for Game 3, it’s time for Orlando to buck up and show the nation why they are here to begin with. Having played two very lackluster games at home to go down 0-2 in the series against the Celtics, the Magic need to step up their defensive effort, and get their All-Stars engaged in the battle. Rashard Lewis, Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson must be the keys to the game for Orlando tonight, but if there is one thing to notice in this series, it’s that Boston has peaked at just the right time, with a well-rounded offense and defense that is simply outplaying Orlando. Stan Van Gundy must rely more on his bench to step up to attach of Boston, and without their contributions, Orlando stands no chance tonight as Boston stands at home. We’ll go out on a limb for today, and root for Orlando to get one game back in this series, as going down 3-0 will pretty much be a buzz-kill for the rest of this series, as likely it won’t make it past 5 games even. Get your wagers down for this game before the Eastern Conference fades away just like the rest of this Spring’s postseason!

For the NHL, Philadelphia tries to get back to their winning ways on the road against Montreal tonight, coming off a tough loss a few days ago. Again, it’s going to be down to the two goalies in action today, and our wagers fall on Michael Leighton to bounce back and get another win to push the Flyers 3-1 in the series, and a commanding lead going into Game 5. With further sports betting ahead today as the UEFA Champions League Final wraps up, and with tons of Major League Baseball bets to be had at the sportsbook, check out all this great sports betting today, and as always good luck!

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