Midweek sportsbook betting at Sportsbook.com for Major League Baseball

After the conclusion of another exciting College World Series, and the end of the Second Round of the 2010 World Cup from South Africa, we focus our online sports betting attention to the staple of the sportsbook bettor; Major League Baseball. After seeing South Carolina emerge victorious in a classic end in 11 innings over the UCLA Bruins, the last game at storied Rosenblatt Stadium was no doubt an exciting one, albeit we ended part of our wagers on the game with a tough loss taking UCLA to even the series up. However, with a consolation of scoring one win taking under on total points, there can at least be a shred of dignity to close out what has been a tough College World series to pick day to day, but no doubt one exciting tournament to watch. With baseball in the veins today, we turn to the Sportsbook.com sportsbook (read the review of Sportsbook.com) for continued wagering this week on Major League Baseball, as Sportsbook.com always features a quick and easy way to place wagers, with a great website, great customer support, and solid bonus opportunities. If you haven’t checked out Sportsbook.com as of yet, find out why we hold it as one of the best online sports betting websites reviewed on Casinoreview.org.

With the All-Star break quickly approaching, and teams eyeing the trading deadline ahead, Major League Baseball is in an exciting time, with teams looking to pick up new boosts to get them in line for the playoffs, which even when 80 games remain seem to be knocking on the door every day. Great baseball series continue today as some of the best match-ups of the season to date emerge for the middle games in the series starting this week, and to highlight some of the best, we’re placing a series of 3 item parlay wagers on the top betting options available at Sportsbook.com. Being a Seattle Mariners fan at heart, and after watching a great victory for Cliff Lee last night, I have to try and parlay another win for the Mariners, who send King Felix Hernandez to the mound against Javier Vasquez, who has been really nothing more than ho-hum this year. The Mariners will need to get some support for their second ace, and we’ll rally for a Mariner victory to nab a series win against the Bronx Bombers. Checking out the other great pitcher to highlight today, Roy Halladay takes the mound for the Philadelphia Phillies, who has an advantageous start against Aaron Harang. Count on Halladay to put in some innings, and keep the Reds run production to a minimum, while hopefully keeping the points to a minimum (at least for my wagers!).

An interesting wager should be worth looking into as Kevin Slowey and the Minnesota Twins host the Detroit Tigers and 22 year old Andrew Oliver who looks for his first Major League win. However for Oliver, the month of June may be telltale for him having to wait another start to get #1, as Slowey has teetered back and forth in wins and losses in his last five starts. At home, we take the Twins as a good bet to add into a parlay wager for anyone’s book. For further bets to finish off some great baseball sports betting today, check out more exciting games in the Padres v. Rockies, Red Sox v. Rays and Dodgers v. Giants series to name a few, and enjoy an exciting experience at Sportsbook.com any day of the week.

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College World Series, World Cup Football highlight online sports betting at Superbook.com

It’s an exciting day for sports fans, and those looking to take part in a little online sports betting for Tuesday, as the 2010 World Cup continues action in the Second Round of play, the College World Series comes down to a possible champion crowned this evening, and as always, plenty of Major League Baseball to go around. For online sports betting today, take a trip with us down to one of the best online sports betting sites at the Superbook.com sportsbook (read the review of Superbook.com), which as always has been a rock solid place to place your online sportsbook bets, and keep your hard-earned cash handy. As such, we give Superbook.com frequent rotation for our online sports betting, and to get things started early this morning, it’s bets first and foremost on the first World Cup match, between Paraguay and Japan, and without a doubt a wager on two neighbors, in the Portugal vs. Spain showdown. Make sure to check into these exciting additions to online sports betting, as soon enough, the number of history making football matches will be gone again for another four years!

Without a doubt, the next item to check off the sportsbook betting list is Game 2 of the College World Series, with the UCLA Bruins with their backs up against the wall, as South Carolina looks to be the last team to win a championship at the old Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha, Nebraska, while gaining their first title ever. An exciting game pitting two stingy pitching rotations, look for a low scoring affair when betting today, with an attractive total points margin to go under. We’re counting that both veteran staffs will be on their best behavior, and taking no chances with the ball, just as they have done throughout the entire season. We’ll take a gamble and also pick the UCLA Bruins to settle even and push a decisive Game 3…if only just to hope for one more game before the season has to end. For betting on sports, this game is a must-wager, as without a doubt this series will be one to remember in the last one played in the ol’ place.

In Major League Baseball action, 15 games are in store for the baseball enthusiasts, including great match-ups in the National League as Cincinnati takes on Atlanta in the east coast game of the day, and the classic match-up between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants also gets underway in the Bay Area later tonight. In the American League, Texas and the Los Angeles Angels meet up in a clash for the top spot in the West, as Vlad Guerrero returns to action against his former team. Check out Cliff Lee for the Mariners against the Yanks, as even with Seattle’s struggling bats, Lee can beat the best of them single handedly. Rounding out the best games of the day, find the Twins vs. the Tigers in AL Central play, as well as the Tampa Bay Rays vs. Boston Red Sox in yet another big divisional match-up. Great online sports betting like this is available at the best online sports betting sites like the one at Superbook.com, so jump into the action, good luck with your wagers, and catch you again soon!

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College World Series, Major League Baseball, World Cup Soccer for sportsbook bets on Monday

After another nice, long weekend filled with exciting sports and sportsbook betting options at the top sportsbooks reviewed at Casinoreview.org, Monday continues on what has become a tradition of early mornings spent in anticipation of the upcoming games in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, with more action in the elimination round stages of the tournament featuring two more exciting matches for sports fans to get involved in. Without any further adieu today, we’re headed to the Players Only sportsbook (read the review of Playersonly.com), for wagering on one of the safest, most secure places to place your wagers online. With another set of matches featuring showdowns on two continents, look first to the Netherlands vs. Slovakia, and then to Brazil vs. Chile for the most exciting sports betting options of the day. Once again, we’re faced with taking the favored teams, as the Dutch and the Brazilians have shown that they have superior talent in this year’s Cup challenge, and have been playing very well against all levels of opponents thus far. While it’s been a great run for both Chile and Slovakia, who have played with heart and strength throughout Group stage play, it’s up against world class talent for both teams, and we’re calling for wins from the big guns in today’s matches.

Moving on to other exciting sports action to kick off a new week of online sports betting, Major League Baseball settles back into the normal routine, featuring 11 games in typical league play, with new series getting underway starting this afternoon. For online sports betting today, take a close look at some key matchups, as Tim Hudson faces phenom Stephen Strasburg as Atlanta hosts the Washington Nationals in an NL East showdown. We’re putting our money on Atlanta, and experience today, as Tim Hudson is another breed of pitcher, and is at another level of craftiness than the young gun Strasburg. In a game taking place in Puerto Rico today, check out the Florida Marlins in a good match-up against the New York Mets, featuring solid pitching as the Mets’ R.A. Dickey looks to continue his undefeated season (6-0). In a battle for the AL Central, the Twins and Tigers meet up in Minnesota for what should be a close and exciting game, the Phillies and Reds get down to action in Cincinnati, and the Rockies vs. Padres and Dodgers vs. Giants round out some great action for betting on sports in the National League.

Finishing off the options for betting on sports at Playersonly.com today, check out the final series in the College World Series between UCLA and South Carolina, as the two square off in the first game of the best-of-three showdown to close out what has been an exciting College Baseball postseason. Ace Blake Cooper gets the nod on short rest for the Gamecocks, and looks to set the tone with a win in the first game, to force UCLA to the brink. With great baseball action available all day long, and with a morning round of World Cup games to provide excitement on a global scale, betting on sports at Playersonly.com is a great way to get further into the action, and make a few extra bucks as well. We hope you have a fantastic start to a new week, thanks for stopping in to Casinoreview.org for reviews on the best online sportsbooks around, and as always, good luck in your top sportsbook betting endeavors!

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World Cup elimination games continue, great online sports betting on MLB, CWS Baseball

While we say goodbye to the US Soccer team in this years’ World Cup after a tough loss to Ghana, sports fans are welcome to another day of exciting and nervous action as two more elimination games set the tone for sport and online sports betting, with two of the biggest match-ups so far in the 2010 FIFA World Cup from South Africa. Today’s online sports betting starts off with a bang early this morning, and with another day comes another trip to one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed right here, this time at the Sports Interaction Sportsbook (read the review of Interaction Sportsbook). Sports Interaction Sportsbook provides sports fans with a quick and easy glimpse into all the days’ options for betting on sports, and with two great matches like Germany vs. England and Argentina vs. Mexico, two huge options are available for two of the biggest intercontinental rivalries still waiting to be decided in this years’ tournament. For opening wagers, we’re going with the favored teams today, as Germany has certainly shown that it’s a top contender, as is Argentina. Both have outclassed opponents thus far, though haven’t shown that they’ve peaked in competition yet. Expect plenty of goal scoring with the strong striking lines of all teams playing today, and prepare for some of the most exciting sports action of the day right from daybreak!

For Major League Baseball bets on Sunday, the Sports Interaction Sportsbook features another 15 games, 14 of which fall under Interleague play, which will be the last chances to make wagers on these contests as Baseball resumes with normal League competition on Monday. To finish off another exciting foray into National vs. American League games, check out the Chicago Cubs and White Sox, as Ryan Dempster tries to be the one to shut down the 11 game win streak of the cross-town foes. A good match-up for the Detroit Tigers today finds Justin Verlander getting a favorable start against Tommy Hanson and the Atlanta Braves, and certainly not to be missed is another fine pitching duel in the Boston vs. San Francisco game, as Jon Lester meets with Tim Lincecum in what should be a low scoring, down to the wire game today. Elsewhere, Ervin Santana continues his turnaround with the Angels today as they host Colorado in a favorable match-up in Anaheim today, the Phillies put veteran Jamie Moyer on the mound in their last game against the Blue Jays, the Reds try to stay atop the NL ranks with a win over the Cleveland Indians, and the Twins and Mets finish off an exciting series today in New York.

With great options for betting on sports spanning plenty of games today at the Sports Interaction Sportsbook, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find the right wagers to suit your betting ways, as well as plenty of other fun betting options to get involved with. Sports Interaction Sportsbook may be a newcomer to Casinoreview.org, but it’s been found to have all the best features we look for in a top sportsbook, and with over a year of play at this site, it’s certainly earned it’s honor as one of the best in the business for providing sports fans with a fun, exciting and secure way to wager on sports online. Make sure to check out this sportsbook if you haven’t already, place your wagers on the exciting Soccer matches in the World Cup, as well as the remaining games in Major League Baseball’s Interleague play, and as always best of luck to you! Thanks again for stopping by Casinoreview.org for reviews and updates on the best online sports betting sites on the web, and we hope to see you around here again soon.

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Saturday’s online sports betting on World Cup, MLB, CWS baseball at WagerWeb.com

Up again early before the crack of dawn, die-hard Soccer fans diligently await the coming matches in the 2010 FIFA World Cup today, however on this lovely Saturday morning specifically, there is no work to grumble about, and only a fine day full of great opportunities for betting on sports to be had! It’s finally time to break down into the Second Round of action in what has been a wild and unpredictable World Cup this year, with plenty of interesting options for online sportsbook bets at one of the top sportsbooks reviewed right here at Casinoreview.org. For today, we’re venturing to one of the best online sports betting sites that graces our presence, at the WagerWeb Sportsbook (read the review of WagerWeb Sportsbook). WagerWeb.com is a relative newcomer here, however with a great website, easy betting options every day, and solid customer support, we’re backing WagerWeb.com as a safe and secure place to make your wagers, and get into the excitement any day of the week. To start wagers off, look no further than the matches getting underway, especially as the US faces Ghana and Uruguay meets South Korea in the first elimination games of the tournament.

While Soccer will no doubt fill the morning with plenty of excitement, there’s even more great sports betting in store for fans today, especially with the Major League Baseball still hosting Interleague games, and the 2010 College World Series setting the tone for the final 3 game series after two games today. For bets at WagerWeb.com on baseball, look no further than the 15 games made available, which will be some of the last Interleague competitions of this season. Take note of some interesting match-ups today, which include games like Minnesota vs. the New York Mets, featuring Carl Pavano again Johan Santana. Santana has not fared well this year against other top echelon pitchers, however with the Mets usually playing very well at home (27-12), it’s a bit of a tough call taking a road team in this one. However, our money rides on Pavano today, looking for a big 9th win. In other MLB games, check out the Braves and Tigers, as Kenshin Kawakami still looks for win #1 after what would be 10 decisions to start his year. Shaun Marcum and the Toronto Blue Jays host Philadelphia and Cole Hamels in a good pitching duel, the Dodgers look to get out of their recent funk at home against the New York Yankees, the Cubs and White Sox get underway in Chicago, and Boston and San Francisco round out some of the better games on tap for baseball fans today.

To continue on the Baseball trends for online sportsbook bets at WagerWeb.com today, check out the College World Series games from Omaha, NE, which will no doubt add a bit of excitement to the daily offerings of Major League Baseball wagers. Two elimination games take place as UCLA and South Carolina look to fend off upstart TCU and Clemson respectively. We have UCLA down to take the tournament, which of course would require a win today against the Horned Frogs, and South Carolina has played some magical baseball this post season, and looks to be a strong bet against their fierce rivals of over 100 years. Look for some fun and excitement today between the World Cup, Major League Baseball, and the College World series, place your wagers at WagerWeb.com today, and enjoy another solid weekend of online sports betting at the top sportsbooks reviewed on the web!

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Big World Cup matches, CWS and MLB baseball top sportsbook betting options on Friday

The weekend has finally arrived folks, and with it comes another great and exciting day for betting on sports at one of the top online sports betting sites reviewed right here at Casinoreview.org! After a shocking day of play in the 2010 FIFA World Cup which saw the exit of Italy at the hands of Slovakia, we now have even more teams set for the Round of 16 coming up in a few days, which will now include the likes of Japan, who won their match against Denmark in solid fashion, while the Netherlands once again solidified that they are a top threat, easily knocking off Cameroon. For Friday, a whole new set of matches are available for the most exciting games of the week, and without a doubt we’re headed today to the best online sports betting site at Sportsbook.com sportsbook (read the review of Sportsbook.com) for wagers today. Not to be missed for any sports fan, head to the Sportsbook.com sportsbook and check out the options on the huge matches today, between Brazil and Portugal, Honduras vs. Switzerland and Chile vs. Spain, with each game having big influence on the next round of competition.

For Baseball action on this wonderful Friday, look no further than to first check out the two big games taking placing in the College Baseball World Series from Omaha, Nebraska, featuring two great match-ups between TCU and UCLA, as well as South Carolina vs. Clemson. Facing elimination today, TCU has the biggest challenge of the day against UCLA, but with undefeated freshman Matt Purke on the hill, chances are solid that the Horned Frogs can keep the Bruins at bay, at least for one more day. Purke, with his stunning 97 mph fastball, looks to shut down the UCLA offense, and combat Bruins’ ace Rob Rasmussen, who finds himself already headed to the majors. A great pitching duel, and likely some subdued scoring, check into this game for your first baseball wagers at Sportsbook.com today. In another solid pitching outing, South Carolina brings lefty Michael Roth to the forefront, trying to keep SC alive against a very strong and determined Clemson Tiger team. We’ll ride SC today for the win, putting them one game away from the 3 game series to determine the winner starting this weekend.

In Major League competition today, Interleague play once again in the name of the game, and for betting on sports a number of games stand out as having good potential for sports fans to cash in. The New York Mets send ace Mike Pelfrey to the mound at home against Minnesota, to face Kevin Slowey, who has given up his fair share of runs as of late. We’ll go with a Mets victory, covering the points spread at home. In a Windy City battle, the Cubs and White Sox do battle, with the latter team looking for their 10th win in a row at home. With Jake Peavy coming on strong this year after a slow start, we like the White Sox for at least one more win, judging on the struggles of opposing pitcher Carlos Zambrano this season. Roy Halladay is always a solid choice for betting on sports, especially as the Phillies look to have found their bats, and Halladay is up against his former team, the Toronto Blue Jays. Expect great things out of Halladay today. With further excitement in the Red Sox vs. Giants series, as well as the Dodgers vs. Yankees and Rockies vs. Angels, find all kinds of great MLB action for online sports betting today, and round out your Friday of betting on sports with plenty of exciting options found at Sportsbook.com

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Top sportsbook betting on 2010 World Cup, Major League Baseball and College World Series

We’re getting ever-so-close to yet another glorious weekend, however at least for sports fans, and those with a taste for betting on sports, the interim time before the end of Friday has a number of great options for online sports betting, including continuing action in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, as well as exciting action in the College World Series of Baseball, and of course the usual string of Major League Baseball games, which are always present every day of the week. For our incursion into the depths of great potential wagers today, we’re headed back to one of the best online sports betting sites at the Bookmaker Sportsbook (read the review of Bookmaker Sportsbook), which features great bonus opportunities, solid customer support, and a reliable and easy-to-navigate website which will have you placing your wagers in no time.

Wrapping up the Group Stage of competition this week, the 2010 World Cup has already been one of the most dramatic and exciting tournaments we’ve seen as of late, and is certain to provide all sports fans with some great opportunities for making a little added cash any day of the week. For Thursday, the third and final games of the Group round take place, including some interesting match-ups in Group F and Group E play. Strangely fighting for survival of their own, the Italian team takes on Slovakia needing a win to secure a top 2 finish in their group, and while definitely on a different class level, Italy will face a tough match against a very physical Slovak team with nothing to lose. Expect a close match, with a goal separating the eventual winner, and for this one, we’re going with Italy 2-1 over the upstart Slovakian team. In other matches today, Paraguay looks to hold off the pesky New Zealand squad, who have already made their mark drawing Italy in the second game of the Group Stage. Paraguay will need a win to advance today, with help from Italy, and our money is on New Zealand’s luck finally running out, after a good tournament showing this year. Lastly for World Cup wagers, check out Japan who looks to hold off Denmark for a shot at a Round of 16 entrance, and the Netherlands, playing some of the most solid ball of the tournament, looks to send off Cameroon with a possible 3 game sweep of their Group.

Baseball action is the anchor leg for online sportsbook bets today, with 12 MLB games, and a very interesting College World Series match-up between South Carolina and Oklahoma. Both teams sit at 50 wins on the year, but something has to give, and we’re backing South Carolina with Blake Cooper against Zach Neal in a great young pitchers duel. Count on some low scoring in this contest, at least through the starting pitching today. For the Majors, look to continuing action in Interleague play to lead to some exciting online sports bets, as the Padres take on the Rays, the White Sox look for win #9 against the Atlanta Braves, the Dodgers vs. Angele duke it out in SoCal and the Toronto Blue Jays face a tough task to avoid a sweep at the hands of Adam Wainwright and the St. Louis Cardinals. Jump on to the Bookmaker.com sportsbook this morning or afternoon, enjoy all the great options for betting on sports, and as always good luck!

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Midweek online sportsbook betting feature World Cup matches, MLB, CWS baseball

Today marks do-or-die time for the United States in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and to start off the online sports betting options taking place early today, there’s no better place to turn than the 4 matches taking place in just a few hours that will help to define the Round of 16 in this year’s tournament. Mixing up the online sportsbooks today, we’re turning to the Bodog Sportsbook (read the review of Bodog Sportsbook) for betting on sports, as Bodog has consistently been one of the top sportsbooks reviewed at Casinoreview.org, and provides one of the nicest, well-built online sportsbooks featured on any sports betting site around. To kick off wagering at this website, we’re hedging a bet on the United States to emerge victorious against Algeria in order to advance with the winner of the Slovenia vs. England match-up also underway today. Check out these games, as well as the Australia vs. Serbia and Ghana vs. Germany matches to get your sports betting fill for World Cup action today!

In Major League Baseball action later on today, the Bodog Sportsbook features all 15 games for Interleague play today, including another look at the young phenom Stephen Strasburg, who gets another favorable start against the Kansas City Royals. While Strasburg hasn’t faced top caliber teams yet, he’s certainly been cleaning up the bottom ranks of the league, so expect more of the same today in another low scoring game worth of an under wager on total points. In likely another low scoring affair Chris Carpenter looks for win number 9 against the Toronto Blue Jays and another great pitcher, Ricky Romero. Mark Buehrle faces Tim Hudson as the white-hot White Sox host the Atlanta Braves looking for their 8th straight win, Cliff Lee looks to once again be Seattle’s only bright spot, facing the Chicago Cubs at home today, and the Dodgers and Angels square off once again in Anaheim. With great games around the league featuring exciting match-ups that are only seen during one series a year, check out why interleague baseball is an exciting addition to the daily routine of betting on Major League Baseball games.

The College World Series wraps up options for betting on sports today, and while there is only one game available for betting on sports today (with the continuing game between Clemson and Oklahoma carried over from yesterday still going), check out a great match-up as TCU faces Florida State in an elimination game that will send home one of the best teams in this years’ series. The winner in both games carries the victor into the Championship round, and the winner today in the TCU v. FSU game will face UCLA for what will no doubt be another great series to watch and wager on. With great games all around for betting on sports for Wednesday, check out the Bodog Sportsbook, get your wagers placed in anticipation of all the top sporting events available, and as always good luck!

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Baseball in full swing, World Cup Soccer bets lead to exciting sports betting at Intertops.com

It’s been a great month of June with the progression of games in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, not to mention the Major League Baseball interleague sessions, as well as College Baseball’s World Series taking place from Omaha, Nebraska. With continuing action for betting on sports each and every day, it’s a special month to be a sports fan, and a fan of online sportsbook betting, as typically it’s all baseball and nothing else throughout the summer months. However, with the World Cup providing great opportunities for betting on sports everyday throughout the month, it’s a once-every-four-years experience that no sports fan should do without. Tuesday is no different than any of the last few weeks of great sports action for online sports betting, and for today we visit one of the top online sportsbooks reviewed at Casinoreview.org, at the Intertops.com sportsbook (read the review of Intertops.com). One of the best in the business at being simple and easy-to-use, check out why Intertops.com remains as one of our most highly suggested online sports betting sites listed here.

As the Group Stage of competition in the World Cup comes to a close this week, it’s do or die time for a number of nations, including the beleaguered French team, which has had its share of drama spilled all over the global press pages. Facing host country South Africa, France can only hope to try and save a little face after the embarrassment that their players have put their country through this year. It’s no doubt that many will turn to one of the few African teams still left with a shot at advancing, and for today’s game, we’re taking a gamble on Bafana Bafana to emerge victorious, and send France home with one of their worst showings in World Cup history. Meanwhile, exciting competition continues as Mexico faces an upstart Uruguay team, with both teams looking to advance into the next round. Argentina, one of the favorites after the first two matches, takes on Greece, who faces a huge uphill battle to advance. Expect Argentina, riding high after two wins, to emerge victorious in this match today. Lastly, Nigeria and South Korea face off, with South Korea needing a draw or better in order to advance, while Nigeria is already on their way out.

For Baseball action for betting on sports today, check out the 15 games available at the Intertops.com sportsbook, with continued Interleague series getting underway once again. Among the exciting series, look for the St. Louis Cardinals vs. Toronto Blue Jays to provide some exciting options as Jaime Garcia takes the mound against Brett Cecil, and the San Diego Padres vs. Tampa Bay Rays down South as San Diego ace Mat Latos looks to improve against Wade Davis, who has been shaky as of late. The Chicago White Sox are hot right now, facing the Atlanta Braves at home, Jon Lester looks to continue his winning ways on the road as Boston meets Colorado, and the Angels and Dodgers do battle in Los Angeles, as the Dodgers look to stop the bleeding after a rough series with Boston over the weekend. Check out the College World Series games as well for betting on sports today, with elimination possible for top seeded ASU against South Carolina, and Clemson looking to knock off Oklahoma. A great day of sports and online sportsbook betting, check out all the options for betting on sports at Intertops.com today, hopefully come out a winner in all your wagers on today’s great match-ups!

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New week kicks off with 2010 World Cup action, MLB, CWS Baseball bets at Betus.com

After what has been a fun-filled and exciting weekend for sports and online sportsbook betting, Monday provides a whole new offering of competition for sports fans to get involved with, as wagering at any one of the best online sports betting websites reviewed here continues to thrive with exciting Major League Baseball Interleague play, College World Series action, and of course the 2010 FIFA World Cup taking place from South Africa this month and into the next. After a huge ‘upset’ as Italy failed to better New Zealand yesterday, Group F is now up for grabs, and yet another opportunity for a relative unknown Cup team to sneak it’s way in to the round of 16. As we continue onward into a new week of sports betting´┐Ż we head back to the Betus.com sportsbook (read the review of Betus.com) for World Cup bets early this morning, taking a look at the matches between Portugal and North Korea, Chile vs. Switzerland, and Spain vs. Honduras to start the day of right. If you haven’t gotten a chance to wager on the World Cup this year, head down to Betus.com, with one of the best online sportsbooks found anywhere, and see what all the excitement is about!

Major League Baseball takes a short day on Monday this week, with only 3 Interleague games available as series around the league switch up for another set of Interleague series starting tomorrow. After continuing to slide through the month of June, the Oakland Athletics look to try and conquer the visiting Cincinnati Reds, who are a surprising first-half team this year at 37-33. While the A’s have been solid at home, and have a great young pitcher in Gio Gonzalez on the mound today, Mike Leake is the youngster to watch in this one, as one of the top young pitchers in the league making waves. Coming straight out of college this season, make sure to check out this game today, which should be an exciting look at some great upcoming pitching talent. In the two other games today, we’re backing Livan Hernandez and the Washington Nationals at home over the Kansas City Royals, and taking a shot in the dark for the Arizona Diamondbacks at home over the New York Yankees. A.J. Burnett has struggled mightily as of late, losing his last three outings in succession, and is 2-5 after starting the year 4-0, which could be a boon for the Dbacks today, so at the least expect some runs to be put on the board with weakened pitching on both sides.

Moving onwards to the College World Series for betting on sports today, Clemson and Arizona State are making up their postponed game, with top seeded ASU getting the advantage in today’s match-up as the undefeated Pac-10 pitcher of the Year Seth Blair takes the mound against the underdog Clemson team, the only non-number 1 regional seed making it to Omaha this year. In an exciting in-state rivalry today, check out Florida State vs. Florida, with FSU the favorites having bested the Gators in 3 of 4 meetings this year. Florida could very well be the first team out of the series today, so check out this fun match-up before one team heads home! Lastly, but definitely the best game of the CWS today, check out the UCLA vs. TCU game, with a win for the Bruins giving them a 3 day stretch off, and the loser facing an elimination game on Wednesday. With great teams matching up in all leagues underway today, check into Betus.com for great options for betting on sports, and as always, thanks for stopping by Casinoreview.org for reviews of the best online sportsbooks found anywhere on the web.

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