World Cup elimination games continue, great online sports betting on MLB, CWS Baseball

While we say goodbye to the US Soccer team in this years’ World Cup after a tough loss to Ghana, sports fans are welcome to another day of exciting and nervous action as two more elimination games set the tone for sport and online sports betting, with two of the biggest match-ups so far in the 2010 FIFA World Cup from South Africa. Today’s online sports betting starts off with a bang early this morning, and with another day comes another trip to one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed right here, this time at the Sports Interaction Sportsbook (read the review of Interaction Sportsbook). Sports Interaction Sportsbook provides sports fans with a quick and easy glimpse into all the days’ options for betting on sports, and with two great matches like Germany vs. England and Argentina vs. Mexico, two huge options are available for two of the biggest intercontinental rivalries still waiting to be decided in this years’ tournament. For opening wagers, we’re going with the favored teams today, as Germany has certainly shown that it’s a top contender, as is Argentina. Both have outclassed opponents thus far, though haven’t shown that they’ve peaked in competition yet. Expect plenty of goal scoring with the strong striking lines of all teams playing today, and prepare for some of the most exciting sports action of the day right from daybreak!

For Major League Baseball bets on Sunday, the Sports Interaction Sportsbook features another 15 games, 14 of which fall under Interleague play, which will be the last chances to make wagers on these contests as Baseball resumes with normal League competition on Monday. To finish off another exciting foray into National vs. American League games, check out the Chicago Cubs and White Sox, as Ryan Dempster tries to be the one to shut down the 11 game win streak of the cross-town foes. A good match-up for the Detroit Tigers today finds Justin Verlander getting a favorable start against Tommy Hanson and the Atlanta Braves, and certainly not to be missed is another fine pitching duel in the Boston vs. San Francisco game, as Jon Lester meets with Tim Lincecum in what should be a low scoring, down to the wire game today. Elsewhere, Ervin Santana continues his turnaround with the Angels today as they host Colorado in a favorable match-up in Anaheim today, the Phillies put veteran Jamie Moyer on the mound in their last game against the Blue Jays, the Reds try to stay atop the NL ranks with a win over the Cleveland Indians, and the Twins and Mets finish off an exciting series today in New York.

With great options for betting on sports spanning plenty of games today at the Sports Interaction Sportsbook, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find the right wagers to suit your betting ways, as well as plenty of other fun betting options to get involved with. Sports Interaction Sportsbook may be a newcomer to, but it’s been found to have all the best features we look for in a top sportsbook, and with over a year of play at this site, it’s certainly earned it’s honor as one of the best in the business for providing sports fans with a fun, exciting and secure way to wager on sports online. Make sure to check out this sportsbook if you haven’t already, place your wagers on the exciting Soccer matches in the World Cup, as well as the remaining games in Major League Baseball’s Interleague play, and as always best of luck to you! Thanks again for stopping by for reviews and updates on the best online sports betting sites on the web, and we hope to see you around here again soon.

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