College World Series, Major League Baseball, World Cup Soccer for sportsbook bets on Monday

After another nice, long weekend filled with exciting sports and sportsbook betting options at the top sportsbooks reviewed at, Monday continues on what has become a tradition of early mornings spent in anticipation of the upcoming games in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, with more action in the elimination round stages of the tournament featuring two more exciting matches for sports fans to get involved in. Without any further adieu today, we’re headed to the Players Only sportsbook (read the review of, for wagering on one of the safest, most secure places to place your wagers online. With another set of matches featuring showdowns on two continents, look first to the Netherlands vs. Slovakia, and then to Brazil vs. Chile for the most exciting sports betting options of the day. Once again, we’re faced with taking the favored teams, as the Dutch and the Brazilians have shown that they have superior talent in this year’s Cup challenge, and have been playing very well against all levels of opponents thus far. While it’s been a great run for both Chile and Slovakia, who have played with heart and strength throughout Group stage play, it’s up against world class talent for both teams, and we’re calling for wins from the big guns in today’s matches.

Moving on to other exciting sports action to kick off a new week of online sports betting, Major League Baseball settles back into the normal routine, featuring 11 games in typical league play, with new series getting underway starting this afternoon. For online sports betting today, take a close look at some key matchups, as Tim Hudson faces phenom Stephen Strasburg as Atlanta hosts the Washington Nationals in an NL East showdown. We’re putting our money on Atlanta, and experience today, as Tim Hudson is another breed of pitcher, and is at another level of craftiness than the young gun Strasburg. In a game taking place in Puerto Rico today, check out the Florida Marlins in a good match-up against the New York Mets, featuring solid pitching as the Mets’ R.A. Dickey looks to continue his undefeated season (6-0). In a battle for the AL Central, the Twins and Tigers meet up in Minnesota for what should be a close and exciting game, the Phillies and Reds get down to action in Cincinnati, and the Rockies vs. Padres and Dodgers vs. Giants round out some great action for betting on sports in the National League.

Finishing off the options for betting on sports at today, check out the final series in the College World Series between UCLA and South Carolina, as the two square off in the first game of the best-of-three showdown to close out what has been an exciting College Baseball postseason. Ace Blake Cooper gets the nod on short rest for the Gamecocks, and looks to set the tone with a win in the first game, to force UCLA to the brink. With great baseball action available all day long, and with a morning round of World Cup games to provide excitement on a global scale, betting on sports at is a great way to get further into the action, and make a few extra bucks as well. We hope you have a fantastic start to a new week, thanks for stopping in to for reviews on the best online sportsbooks around, and as always, good luck in your top sportsbook betting endeavors!

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